Inner Circle

Hello yes I am back from hiatus! And I've brought a fully updated Inner Circle! I hope you all haven't forgotten about little novice me.

Before I begin, I must say that there is most definitely rape in this story. Just because there is rape here does not mean that it is at all okay in real life. No, I'm not trying to make it sexy or at all better. I'm writing this story to explore Stockholm syndrome and the emotions of human beings.

Warnings: Violence, abuse, non-con, cursing, offensive language, etc. M for mature audiences only.


Ichigo's P.O.V.

I came to with dried blood in my mouth and over my right eye, crusting it shut. Someone kept slapping the side of my head, sending bright spikes through my vision. Through my fractured line of sight, I could make out rust, boxes, and the color blue. The hand moved from my head to my jaw, forcing me to face forwards.

"Hey, eyes on me Carrots. Stop drooling like a retard. It's rude to slobber in front of Aizen."

I shook my head free of the hand, reaching up to ruffle my hair and finding out that my hands were tied behind my back.

"Welcome," a smooth voice said. "To Las Noches."

And so a familiar name surfaced. If only it could have been any name but that one. Without the hand hitting my head, I could focus on the situation. Based on what I remembered, it wasn't a good one.

Renji and I had just finished selling a huge shipment of pot to a lonely looking guy. I guess he didn't have a girlfriend-or a boyfriend, for that matter-and needed something to pass the time along with masturbation.

We started to head back to the car when a person who seemed to be more bear than man jumped the fence in front of my car, his feet creating two craters in the hood. I remember him having a ponytail, and orange eyebrows. Go fashion.

"You guys are coming with us." He growled.

I, at the moment, wasn't planning on going anywhere. That car-no matter how shitty the looks-had cost me most of my wages from my new 'job'.

Said job being drug pushing of course. It's crazy how many people let their lives be governed by a tiny bag of plant matter. Money was quickly becoming less and less of an issue for me and that car had been kind of symbolic for changing times.

Renji elbowed be and I noticed the batch on the bear's jacket, a wolf skull with a butterfly trapped within its jaws. Even being fairly new to the game, I knew that sign pretty well. It was the sign of Las Noches, a notoriously successful drug ring that was our only rival. I wasn't going to play nice with this animal.

I strode forwards and shoved him off my car. "Why don't you give me all your money, suck my dick, and get the fuck out of here so I can forget your ugly face before it becomes forever implanted into my memory?"

He simply smiled at me and stepped back onto my car. Before I could pull the switchblade from my pocket, he kicked off of it, using the dented hood as a springboard and landing behind Renji. I turned around in time to watch him smash a fist into Renji's back.

He shoved me into my car when I tried to slice a chunk out of his side.

"Grimmjow! Why don't you take this guy? I've still got six more."

Someone grabbed my neck from behind, effectively pinning me to the car.

"Hey there, slut." My attacker growled into my ear. "This'll sting a little bit."

A needle pierced my neck and was empty before I could flinch. Whoever it was kept holding me down until the world grew hazy and eventually tornadoes into darkness.

But why were we brought here?

The person in front of me began to speak, talking to someone shrouded by shadow in the darker half of the room. He had bright blue hair and his aura radiated one word over and over: douchebag.

"So, Aizen, I was thinking. Why don't we start selling prostitutes along with drugs? I mean, who could refuse a little pleasure with pleasure? Then we'd pass Seireitei in both sales and marketing."

He paused and grinned at me.

"And, I was thinking about how this would work, and it just came to me, why don't we capture the soul reapers and use them? We'd break 'em before we sold them so they would cooperate."

The person replied. "Somebody seems eager to earn a gold star. This is the first bright idea you've had in a while Grimmjow. You've piqued my interest."

The person in the dark raised their voice, speaking to the whole room.

"Divide them and break them. There are nine of you since Halibel left, and nine of them. Grimmjow, you can pick first."

The blue haired man looked straight at me. If I could move my hands, I would have flipped him off.

"I'll take Carrot on the end there."

The words that I would have never expected to change my life.

This story should have had a falling hazard sign with the massive amount of plot holes dotting it. Seriously. And, even after updating, it is still woefully short.

I hope you like the updated version! I'm going to update all of my stories then work on new content. I'm trying for a chapter a day at least.