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Holly pulled into Police Plaza a little after 3:00 a.m. She had to pass by the Ops Booth in order to reach her desk. She knew Foaly would still be there. He and Caballine had been fighting lately, apparently because Foaly never seems to spend any time with her and 'lives at work'. Holly couldn't really blame her. That would tick her off too.

Holly tried to keep her heart rate steady as she strolled past Foaly, a technique she'd learned as a cadet. It wasn't going to prove helpful however.

"Hey, Holly. How did the Ritual go? Was it everything you hoped it would be? Maybe more?" he jeered, his voice laced with innuendo.

D'Arvit, he knows. Holly tried to hide the mortified expression behind the visor of her helmet.

"I'm running hot, if that's what you're asking". She tried to act innocent as lying had never been one of her fortes.

"I bet you are." He let out a huge guffaw at Holly's expense. In the background, Holly saw the screen that displayed her vital read-outs from her suit and saw she was failing at her heart rate control. An alarm sounding that her heart was beating at double speed.

Foaly glanced back at the monitor. "Oh Holly, you sure you don't want to tell me something? I think it would be in your best interests to have a friend in a high position on your side right now."

He was right of course. If the Council found out she had been intimate with a Mud Man, she could lose her job, especially while technically still on duty. However, the embarrassment was just too much to take. His teasing was boiling her blood. Maybe she'd picked up too many habits from Commander Root.

She launched herself towards Foaly, grabbing an angry fistful of his beard. She lifted her visor so he could see her eyes. They were absolutely menacing. "Foaly, I swear, if you say a word, so help me Frond…"

She didn't need to finish. "Hey, hey! Calm down! I got your back on this one, girl. Come on, after all we've been through? You know I wouldn't release you to the sharks… I'll just tease you relentlessly."

Holly backed down. She knew that if anyone under the world that could be trusted with her secret, it would be Foaly, though she much preferred the idea of no one knowing. "I'm going home to sleep." She replied, defeated.

"That's a good idea. It sounds like you had a long, hard night." Foaly was trying to hide the snicker in his voice, trying and failing.

Holly, still pissed off, turned on him. "You know Foaly, why don't you take some pointers from Artemis and go show your wife some attention. It's 3:00 a.m. in the fucking morning! GO HOME."

"Ouch Holly. Harsh, too harsh." Foaly was obviously hurt by her comment. Though Foaly was used to snappy comebacks to his constant teasing, receiving one from Holly about his troubled marriage wasn't something he could just let roll off his back.

"I'm sorry Foaly. Really. I'm stressed out. No one can know. I mean it, NO ONE." She smirked at him. "I may just have to mind wipe you."

"Yeah, like you could even operate the equipment without me."

"Who said I wouldn't just block wipe you? Your IQ might take a slight dip... but I think it would be worth it for me." she smirked.

"Of course, Major Short. You have a good night. Next time you talk to him, offer him my congrats."

Holly rolled her eyes. "Goodnight Foaly. I'll see you tomorrow."

Fowl Manor

Artemis let the hot water stream it's way down his back as he showered, quite absent from his mind. He was trying to figure out how last night's event transpired and could only chalk it up to hormones. It seemed like an illogical choice of action. Although he was now aware he did in fact love Holly, to become physically intimate with her would put her in so much jeopardy. Too much. Artemis felt guilty for willfully putting someone he cared for in such a predicament.

Throughout the week, Artemis tried to focus on his various projects: bankrupting entire corporations before they merged or received more federal bail-outs, writing his new novel under his preferred pseudonym of Violet Tsirblou, as well as a new hobby Butler had encouraged him to learn, fencing. Artemis wasn't one for physical activities though he did enjoy how much technical prowess it required. Of course, Butler was his teacher and sparring partner.

Artemis's weapon of choice was currently the foil. He chose it due to its light weight and enjoyed the challenge that the instrument placed upon the duel. With the foil in his hand, he was limited to strike his opponent solely in the torso. Though, with Butler as an opponent, this still left him with quite a large target.

He managed to survive to Friday. Five days since he'd last seen Holly and she had only called once within that time. Artemis had just finished up a match with Butler, who once again completely defeated him… not that he really figured he'd beat Butler, having little experience against someone who'd been trained his whole life to fight in every style imaginable.

As they put their equipment away, Artemis sighed. These distractions were not… distracting enough. His mind still raced. When he had talked to Holly over the communicator, Holly did not bring up anything personal, keeping the entire conversation casual. Artemis didn't press the issue since she was probably afraid of the line being tapped, or just wasn't ready to talk about it. Meanwhile, he felt as if he'd lose his mind if he couldn't figure out what her thoughts were on 'them'. He knew pursuing a relationship of that nature was most likely too dangerous for her. And besides, he thought, what could really become of it? He couldn't stay with her, she couldn't stay with him. Was acting as if nothing happened the best course of action? Was 'friends' all they could ever be?

Butler didn't have to be trained to read people (although he was) to figure out Artemis had a lot on his mind. Butler had always thought of Artemis as a friend, maybe even family. He was with him almost every waking moment of the day, with only 3 days off a month. Butler wished Artemis would be more apt to confide in him, but he knew first and foremost, he was an employee. Now he simply placed his hand on Artemis's shoulder and gave him a look to demonstrate his concern.

Artemis turned, to look up towards his face. Even at 5'8", Artemis still felt dwarfed under Butler's enormous 7' stature. He saw his friend's concern in his expression, though he didn't know what to say. Aside from Holly, Butler was his best friend. Yet, it's not like you can exactly say 'Hey old friend, I slept with my best friend, who by the way, is an elf, and even though we had both confessed our love for one another, she's acting as if the whole thing never occurred. Oh, and I could have, possibly, ruined her career.'

Artemis just sighed again and said nothing. He did want to talk to someone he could trust about this. But how?

"Butler…" he started but then stopped, unsure how to continue. "I'm sorry I wasn't more focused on our match today. I'll concentrate harder tomorrow I promise."

"Artemis, you can talk to me. You know I won't judge or divulge your secrets to anyone. Can I assume that you have a certain someone on your mind these days?"

Artemis's eyes widened. He wondered what he already knew. He very possibly could have been doing rounds at the very time that Artemis was with Holly. What if he heard something? Artemis eyed him suspiciously. "What do you know?"

Butler laughed. A sound rarely heard. "Artemis, I know you've been terribly distracted lately, secluding yourself, and you have a constant forlorn look on your face. It's a girl. I'm not blind you know."

Artemis seemed partially satisfied with this answer. If he knew something more, he was just going to fake ignorance and that was a more attractive scenario to Artemis than discussing 'details'.

"You are correct my old friend. I am concerned for Holly. It seems certain events have transpired with her that may put her employment in jeopardy. Of course, I am at fault."

"Ah. Does this mean she will not be visiting anymore?" Butler was the only other person in the house who Artemis would let Holly interact with. Even though his mother had knowledge of her, he had never introduced them to one another.

Artemis's heart sank at the thought of never seeing Holly again. Though he knew he certainly didn't deserve any less, it seemed like a punishment too harsh to bear. "I don't know, to be completely honest."

"Artemis, you'll figure something out. I'm sure you will. In the meantime, try not to let it get you down too much. There are certain events in our lives we have little to no control over."

Although he knew he was right about this, Artemis still didn't like the thought of simply sitting idly by while Holly was taken from him. Butler was also correct in the first part of his statement…he'd figure something out.

"Thank you, friend. You are correct as usual. I will figure this out."

Later in the evening, Artemis retired to his room immediately after dinner. Angeline gave a concerned look at Butler, hoping he might be able to enlighten her as to whatever it was that was bothering her son. Butler gave her a nod, and while Artemis Senior told the twins a very animated (though edited) story about one of his adventures with the Italian Mafia, Angeline followed Butler into the kitchen where he was taking the dishes from dinner to be cleaned.

"Butler, what's wrong with him? You know, if he was any other teenager, I would simply regard it as a mood swing. But this is Artemis, and I'm not sure what it could be. Is he in trouble, Butler?" Angeline was not ignorant to Artemis's genius or his shaded past. Her imagination began to run wild with all the possibilities that could have her son so stressed.

"No, Madam Fowl, your first assumption is more correct than you realize."

"So he's not involved in anything illegal? I mean, like maybe he just has a crush on some girl and doesn't know how to tell her?" Her voice betrayed her hopefulness. Although Butler was certain that Artemis's problems stemmed from feelings towards a 'girl', he couldn't reassure Angeline that he wasn't necessarily involved in something illegal.

"Perhaps you should speak with him directly. I wouldn't want to betray his trust, you understand."

"Of course, Butler. I am his mother. I should talk to him myself." With that, she headed after Artemis passing through the dining room on her way.

"Kids, mommy will be right back. Don't give your father too much trouble." Artemis Senior looked up at her curiously. She bent down to whisper in her husband's ear. "I'm going to go check on him".

Artemis Senior nodded and returned to his lively reenactment for the twins.

Artemis had removed his suit jacket and laid it over that back of his desk chair. He had just finished untying his tie when he heard a knock on his door.

Assuming it was Butler, Artemis issued his invitation. "Come."

Angeline opened the door, to Artemis's surprise. "Can we talk sweetheart?"

"Moth-Mum,…" catching himself mid-word. "Certainly, please come in." Artemis picked up his suit jacket and presented the chair for his mother. Angeline came in and sat down while Artemis went to hang up his jacket.

"What is it you'd like to speak to me about Mum?" he asked. He knew full well she was about to pry into his personal life and was not sure of the answers he would be able to formulate that would not be considered 'lying'. He would never tell her more than she needed to know.

"Honey, I'm so worried about you. You've been so distant. You have something bothering you, and I know you don't have many friends…"

Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Mother, Artemis thought as he rolled his eyes, though he knew the door to the wardrobe he was half inside currently hid his insolent facial expression.

"Dear, I just know when something's bothering me, I like to discuss it. It's not good for your health to keep things bottled up you know. Please son, you know I love you. You can tell me anything at all."

Artemis felt horrible keeping things from his mother, almost as badly as he did from Butler. It seems some secrets were just too heavy a burden to bear.

"Mum, I truly appreciate your concern. I am currently facing a difficult situation regarding a friend of mine, one of the few I do have, and although it is troubling, I'm certain I will resolve the situation in time." That was incredibly cryptic he thought incredulously. There was no way she'd be satisfied with such a response.

"Artemis, what's wrong? Who's the friend? Butler? Holly?" she paused trying to think of any other friends Artemis might have mentioned but was coming up short. However she didn't need to think of any other names as she noticed at the mention of Holly's name, Artemis had averted his gaze away from her.

"It's Holly? Are you two fighting?" she asked, though there was a hint of a smile in her question.

"Yes, it is Holly and no, we are not fighting." He replied defensively as he popped the button in the collar of his Oxford shirt. "Mum, what do you want to know? Please just say it so I can get back to my work." He hated being so abrupt with his mother. He was not the typical 16 year old to have an outburst toward a parent, or at least he liked to think he wasn't.

"Very well Artemis. Do you have romantic feelings for Holly? Are you two in a relationship?"

Artemis blushed furiously. How could his mother have been so astute? Or was he becoming too easy to read? Unsure what the correct answer was, he said nothing in reply.

"Your face says it all, Artemis. Do you want to tell me what the problem is then?"

"Uhm..well," he was having trouble breathing. "She's kind of not really the same species as I am, Mum." His response was barely above a whisper.

"I can see how that might present some challenges. So does this lucky girl know how you feel towards her?"

"Mother, I am not comfortable having this discussion with you!" Artemis was more surprised by his outburst than Angeline. She just gave him a warm smile.

"Would you prefer to talk to your father?"

"NO! No, thank you, Mum. I don't think involving Father with the details of my relationship with an elf are necessary."

Angeline cocked an eyebrow at him. "So you two are in a relationship?"

"Argh! MUM! Do NOT pry! This is a personal matter."

Angeline laughed at her son. She couldn't remember the last time she'd seen him so flustered. "Okay, Artemis. Just know if you want to talk to me, I'm here. And although she's an elf, I'm sure that there are many human things to your 'relationship' that would apply. Which makes me need to ask, honey, are you two being safe or is that not an issue between an interspecies couple?"

"MOTHER! LEAVE!" he shouted, livid. Artemis had his hand on the door presenting it as if to show her the way out. Fuck manners. Artemis hated when people pried. Especially when asked not to. Especially when they were… right on the mark.

Angeline got up from the chair, laughing. "Okay son. I'll leave you to your privacy." She turned to him, pointing a finger in his face, and with a tone of mock reproach said "I don't expect you to take that tone again with me, young man."

Artemis, still fuming, shut the door behind her although he had every impulse to slam it. Especially as he could hear his mother's peel of laughter descending down the hallway all the way to the downstairs foyer.

Completely flustered from his conversation with his mother, Artemis sat down at his desk in a huff. He booted up his laptop, and was just typing in the password to open his journal when his fairy communicator began to buzz. Artemis had since placed the circuitry for the device into a cell phone shell and boosted the signal. He didn't need any more jibes from Juliet about weary a gaudy ring, especially after she had caught him tweezing his eyebrows.

He clicked open the communicator nervously. It could only be one person. "Hello Holly."

"Hey Arty, you busy right now?"

"Nothing of dire importance. How are you Holly?"

"Oh, fine. I mean, I'm good. You?"

"I am well thank you. May I inquire as to what the reason for your call is?"

"I need a reason?" she paused, only minutely as she was going to tease him. But realized he would turn it into a debate regarding how there is always a purpose to every point of contact even if that purpose is simply casual conversation. Before he could say the words she knew were already formulating, she continued. "No, you're right. I called for a particular reason."

Artemis caught himself before going into a lengthy explanation about how every time someone endeavors to make contact there is a purpose behind it, but stopped short when she had outright admitted she had something specific to talk about. Artemis suddenly thought that she would want to discuss what really did need to be discussed, and he became nervous.

Swallowing hard, Artemis replied "and what might that reason be?"

"Well, as you know, today is Friday."

"Yes, I am aware of that. Continue."

"Yeah, okay so I finally have a free weekend and Trouble- I mean, Commander Kelp… pulled some strings for me. He knows I hate being trapped behind this desk all week and he finagled a weekend surface visa for me."

"Wow Holly. That's great. Was there something in particular you'd like to… do… up here?" Artemis asked with all innocence intended yet it came out sounding like he had a double-meaning to his question.

"Uhh… Actually yeah. I wanted to see if you were busy. And if not, we could like, hang out, or something…"

Hang out, or something…Artemis sometimes wondered who the teenager was here. "I can clear my schedule. I'd love to have you as my guest Holly."

"Nice. Okay, so, I'll be there in an hour."

An hour? Thanks for the real advance notice Holly. "Very well. I'll have Butler prepare the guest room for you. You are aware my entire family is home, so you will have to make yourself scarce, or we'll need to go somewhere else."

"Yeah I know, that's fine. Don't bother Butler with the guest room business, though. It'll only make your family more suspicious. I'll just bunk with you. See you in a bit then."

The line went dead, and so did his heart. Artemis stared blankly at the communicator. Did I hear her right? She wants to share… my bedroom? Artemis's stomach started doing flips knowing that she was going to be here in an hour's time.

His computer now fully booted up, he activated the security cameras for the manor. His mother had rejoined the rest of the family and they were sitting in the family room, where it appeared the twins were putting on a play for their parents. Butler was still in the kitchen, cleaning. Artemis was about to get up to go notify Butler when a small red blinking light suddenly flashed at the bottom corner of his monitor. This was a new alarm he'd just recently installed. A motion sensor rigged to his bedroom window. He looked at the clock. It had only been 4 minutes and 18 seconds since he hung up with Holly. He spun around on his chair to face the window.

"Goddamn it!" Holly shimmered into visibility.

Artemis was indeed surprised but hid it well. Instead he just laughed quietly at Holly's frustration- yet another failed attempt to sneak up on him.

"What gave me away? I was so quiet! I cut the engine before I even got in here and glided through! A maneuver not easily executed might I add."

Artemis wasn't about to reveal his secret to her. "You are 55 minutes and 42 seconds early." His voice hinted irritation but nonetheless he was thrilled to see her.

Holly unstrapped her wings and put them down against the wall along with a small bag she had brought her personal affects in. Artemis noticed she was not wearing her LEP suit and realized that with the exception of wearing one of his old suits in the past, this was the first time he'd seen her in her own casual clothing. She was wearing dark color jeans with a v-neck dark green t-shirt along with a pair of brown mary jane's. She was …cute. Artemis could feel himself blush and looked away from her before she'd notice.

Holly took in Artemis's appearance. He actually looked a bit slovenly to her. He had actually taken off his suit jacket and had the top two buttons of his shirt undone and his tie rested undone around his shoulders. His hair was a disaster. It looked like he must have been wringing his hands through it. She eyed him skeptically. He looked like a mess. Not only his appearance, which was definitely off from the norm but he had dark circles beneath his eyes like he hadn't slept in days.

"Artemis, you okay?" Her voice layered with concern.

Artemis threw his hands up in the air. "No. Not you too. Look I've had a lot on my mind and everyone's concern isn't actually helping any." Artemis inwardly cringed remembered his discussion with his mother just moments ago.

"All right." Holly held her hands up in mock surrender. "So did you have anything in particular that you were hoping to do this weekend or would you like to hear my suggested agenda?"

Artemis was not about to offer his thoughts on what he hoped was on the agenda for the weekend. "Please, what would you like to do?"

"Well, I was thinking we'd either go to the shore, or go horse-back riding. Or we could always fly to Disneyland." She laughed out loud at the last suggestion. She knew that was the last place Artemis would want to go. "Or I could just tag along on whatever it is you normally do during your weekends."

"Most weekends are spent like my week days and involve being in front of a computer for hours on end. I highly doubt that would be entertaining for you."

"You're right. Okay so I guess tonight we'll just stay holed up in here. But tomorrow, we are definitely doing something outside! I don't care if the air is polluted. I want to breathe it all the same."

Holly kicked off her shoes, and walked over to Artemis, still seated at his desk chair. She was about at eye level with him. She began to run her fingers through his messed up hair, a vain attempt to tidy it up. Artemis closed his eyes and sighed. The simple contact of Holly's touch brought him such happiness. Artemis placed his hands on her hips and opened his mismatched eyes to look directly into Holly's identically mismatched eyes.

"Holly, I've been so worried about you." He finally said.

"Worried? Why?"

Artemis let out a huge sigh. If there was anyone he could truly be entirely comfortable around, it was her. "Holly, I'm afraid that our… screwing around… has screwed you over… if you catch my meaning. Holly, aren't you going to get in trouble if someone finds out?"

Holly gave him a warm smile. "Arty, don't you worry about that. My choices are exactly that… mine. And everyone takes chances with the choices they make. They just need to weigh the possible consequences. I just feel like this is…" she sighed too. "…well worth the risk."

"I just don't think it's fair for you to be putting your life-long dream job in jeopardy for a relationship that, well- what can honestly become of us? It's not like I could give you elf children, or, or anything."

"Actually," Holly averted her gaze. "there have been human-elf hybrids before in history. Just not for a long time."

Artemis's expression was some strange mixture of stunned curiosity and horror. "Holly! We… we were unprotected! Why didn't you tell me this …before!"

Holly laughed so hard, she had to clutch her middle. "Oh Arty, I'm not currently fertile, that's why. Elves only ovulate once every 10 years. So, I believe we're safe. For quite some time anyway."

Once every ten years… Artemis slowly absorbed the information as his fear started to calm. Then another thought struck him. "Why did you mention that hybrids were possible?"

His question caught Holly off guard- she realized that she had inadvertently revealed she'd gladly have his babies. D'Arvit.

"I was just mentioning it, since you were the one who brought it up."

The two of them stared into one another, not saying anything. Their relationship had gone from a long comfortable friendship to awkward lovers in such a brief period of time… and now they were talking about children! Artemis wasn't far off from one himself.

"Change of topic." Holly suddenly announced. "What are you writing now?" She peered over Artemis's shoulder to his laptop monitor. He had (just seconds ago) closed out the security program. Forgetting that he had set his preferences to automatically launch his journal document, it now stood open for anyone to see. Artemis spun toward his computer and scrambled to close it before Holly saw it.

"It's nothing!"

"Ahh! What are you hiding? Let me see!" Holly crawled up onto Artemis's lap and stilled his arm in an attempt to keep him from closing out whatever it was he didn't want her to see.

"Holly, stop it! You're acting childish." He grabbed at her wrist with his free hand, closing the program with the other. Still resisting him, he took her other wrist in the same hand. His long fingers had no difficulty at all wrapping around both of her tiny wrists.

"Ooh, you think you can restrain me? I'd like to see you try." Holly taunted.

Artemis gave her a wicked grin just as Butler opened the door.

Butler blinked, trying to make sense of in the sight before him. Artemis sat in his leather desk chair, with Holly straddled over his lap as he restrained both her arms with one hand. They were both smiling as he walked in the door but as soon as they realized he was there, their expressions turned to shock and embarrassment. Both of them were frozen in place.

Butler yanked the door halfway closed, and spoke ludicrously fast from behind it. "I'm sorry Artemis. I was unaware you had company. I saw that the window alarm was set off moments ago, so I thought I should see if everything was all right… Hello Holly" he added.

Holly turned to Artemis, her expression one of surprise. "Window Alarm!" she mouthed, and slipped a hand free from Artemis's grip to playfully punch him in the arm. Artemis just laughed.

"Oh no, my secret's out." He said, laughing.

Butler smiled behind the door. Artemis was carefree and laughing. A welcome change to his mood. "Holly, how long will you be staying?"

"I've got the whole weekend! I'm afraid you're stuck with me for the next two days." Holly was beaming at Artemis.

"How nice. Shall I go prepare the guest room, then?"

"No." Both Holly and Artemis replied in unison. Butler coughed, half choking at the response.

"Very well. Let me know if you need… anything." Butler developed a smug smile as he closed the door. He knew he would have some free time for a while.

Artemis and Holly turned their attention back to each other. Suddenly, Holly planted a kiss full on Artemis's lips. Throwing her arms around his neck, she hugged him tightly.

"Oh, Artemis! You know, I actually missed you!"

Artemis let out a sigh of relief and hugged Holly back around her waist. "I missed you too."

He held her there, cuddled tightly in his chest. For awhile they just listened to each other breathe in the private silence. It felt like the two of them were the only people in the world.

Artemis broke the silence first. "So you're really planning on bunking with me tonight?"

"I should have asked. Are you okay with that?"

"Of course. I mean, if that's what you'd prefer." It was definitely what he preferred…

"It is." She looked at him briefly, then returned her attention to his mouth. Her kiss was far more passionate than previously. She felt Artemis's grip around her waist tighten as he crushed her against his chest. Holly's tongue flicked at his bottom lip, requesting entry. Artemis, granting her access, found her tongue dancing with his in his mouth. Artemis moaned and grabbed Holly by the hips. He pushed her small body firmly down against him. Holly gasped as she felt his throbbing erection beneath her body.

She looked back at him with a bemused smile. "That didn't take much."

"What did you expect? I'm sixteen." He placed his hand back on her cheek to guide her face back to his.

"19!" She insisted, "I'm no cradle robber!"

He chuckled, this time taking her bottom lip between his lips and sucked on it gently. He moved his mouth down the side of her jaw line and onwards to her neck.

"You trying to start something with me, Mud Man?" she said, her voice taking on a husky quality.

"I believe you were the one who started it, Fairy." He whispered against her neck.

The soft brush of his breath against her neck made her shudder. Her longing for him began to take over her bodily movements, as she began thrusting herself against his now rock hard member, straining in his pants.

"God, Holly, what are you doing to me?" Artemis moaned against her neck as she continued slamming herself into his groin.

"Artemis, ever since that last time, I've wanted you… I need you. Please, Arty." She panted and began unbuttoning his shirt.

"Good lord, Holly. I haven't thought of anything else all week!"

Holly pushed his shirt back over his shoulders and Artemis grabbed his sleeves, pulling it off. Once he'd freed his arms, he tossed the shirt and his hands found their way back to Holly's waist. Where his shirt landed he frankly did not care. He tugged at the bottom hemline of Holly's tight t-shirt. Holly closed her eyes, and lifted her arms above her head so he could pull it off of her. It too, was flung without care.

After releasing her from her top, Artemis leaned back to look at his partner. He was pleased to find her wearing a tiny black lace bra, as opposed to that damned one piece body suit. He ran his hands over her covered breasts, and felt her pert nipples harden instantly. Holly arched her back, lengthening the line from her navel to her collarbone. She looked absolutely exquisite to him.

"Please, Arty. I want you to touch me." Her eyes were heavy lidded, and she could feel her panties becoming increasingly damp.

Artemis slid his hands up her smooth back in a painfully slow motion. He found the clasp of her bra, and in a single, swift movement, unclasped it. It fell limply to his lap. Holly whipped her head forward, her eyes widened in surprise. She figured he'd have some difficulty with the clasp.

"Have you been practicing that?" She eyed him suspiciously.

Artemis cocked an eyebrow. "You acknowledge my genius, yet you doubt my ability to work a simple hook and eye clasp? Please give me some credit." In reality, he had stolen one of his mother's brassieres for just such practice, though he would never confess it.

Holly said nothing as she leaned forward, making her mouth quite occupied at the dip behind his ear. Artemis could feel her smiling against his skin.

He moved his hands over her freed breasts, tracing the circle of her nipples. Using his index fingers and thumbs, he gently pinched them causing Holly to take a sharp breath. She threw her head back again- and arching her back further, pressed her breasts firmly into his warm hands.

"Fuck! Artemis that feels so good." She was already out of breath.

Artemis's eyes almost popped out when he heard her curse. He was familiar with her foul-mouthed expressions in Gnommish but never in English. It was… incredibly hot.

He lowered his mouth to her right nipple, filling his mouth with it. His tongue darted at her peak. Holly's lustful moans became louder and louder but Artemis did nothing to quiet her. He didn't care if anyone heard. Only Butler was upstairs anyway, and Artemis knew he probably had an idea of what was happening in his room. He found her moans so erotic, he couldn't force himself to shush her.

"Christ, Holly. Take your pants off." He had already started unbuttoning her jeans, but Holly would have to lift herself out of them. She eagerly complied, and bracing her arms on his shoulders, she climbed up him, placing a small bare foot on each padded armrest of the office chair. She raised one leg at a time as Artemis pulled the jeans down her slim legs. Only wearing a pair of shockingly thin black panties, Holly stood up straight on the chair's armrests. Her mound was eye level with Artemis in this position. He could see right through this garment, and the sight goaded him on.

Artemis instantly hooked his thumbs around the fabric of her panties at her hips and dragged them down to her ankles. Again Holly used Artemis's shoulder's to balance herself while she raised one leg at a time to kick off her panties. Artemis wasted no time, gripping her bare ass in his hands and pressed his lips against her dripping bud. Holly let out a scream of complete ecstasy, tangling her hands into his hair.

He licked the entire length of her slit as she balanced herself above him. He ran his tongue up the left side of her folds and down the right, repeating the circuit over and over until her whole body began to shine with sweat. Only then did he dare to probe her wet entrance. Shallow at first, just tasting. But then, with her knees shaking against his arms, he increased his ferocity, sliding his tongue inside deeply, and darting back out to lick her now very swollen clit.

Artemis tested different combinations of stimulation, lingering on each for several panting, delicious minutes. Soon he had explored every minute detail of her most sensitive skin, her folds thoroughly drenched in his saliva and her own arousal.

"D'Arvit, Artemis, don't stop!" Holly screamed. She was so close to her release. Her juices were dripping off his chin, and formed a long line down his smooth chest. Artemis continued to flick his tongue against her clit until he felt her entire body tense. He kept a firm grip on her hips to hold her steady as her whole body began to tremble as she came. Her legs no longer held, and she collapsed onto his chest, panting hard.

Finally catching her breath, she managed to speak. "Dear Frond, Arty, where did that come from?"

Artemis grinned, just pleased that he had pleased her. He wiped his face on his forearm.

Collecting herself, she managed to look back up at him. His smile was warm and one of love, though she could feel his unsatisfied need throbbing beneath her crotch. Her eyes still heavy lidded, she returned the smile. "Are you going to let me return the favor?" Her tone was extremely seductive to him.

As much as he fought himself from immediately accepting the invitation, he was tempted. Though, he knew it might not be as easy a task for her to perform as it was for him on her.

"Holly, you don't need to do anything you don't want to. It's fine."

Holly gave him a skeptical look. She knew he was trying to hide his actual desire in some kind of act of gentlemanliness. "Go lay on the bed. Finish stripping on the way." She said in a commanding tone. "Now."

Artemis stared back, partly stunned, but extremely aroused. Needless to say, the latter of the emotions won and took control of his body. He gently lifted Holly off his lap and put her down, never leaving her gaze. Getting up himself, he backed up to the side of his bed while shedding the remainder of his clothing. He climbed on, but something caught his eye, and he couldn't help but laugh when he noticed Holly's shirt had somehow managed to get hooked right on top of one of the back posts of the four-poster. As he moved towards the middle, Holly hopped on the large bed. She crawled up between his legs and looked up at him. She bit her bottom lip. She wasn't exactly sure how to do this, but she was certainly going to try her damndest.

Meanwhile, Artemis was ready to pass out. Fellatio was probably at the top of his list of fantasies. He had written it off as impossible. But Holly took his member in both of her small hands and began to stroke his full length. She was shocked by just how hard he had become and realized it was probably at the point of painful. She lowered her mouth to his tip, paused, and lightly licked off the small amount of fluid pooling there.

"God, Holly, that feels… " was all he could choke out. His hands fisted in the bedspread.

She slid her small tongue around the base of his cock, squeezing the shaft with her fist. She thoroughly enjoyed the sounds he made, barely audible now. Her tongue explored his length, there being so much to learn. She noted the places he gasped, throbbed, or bucked his hips. She couldn't believe she was the one doing this to him.

Holly licked her lips, and took a deep breath to gather her courage. She plunged her mouth over him, taking in as much as she possibly could. She swirled her tongue around his head while bobbing her head up and down. He was barely breathing. She used her hands to stroke what she couldn't fit and felt him began to shudder.

Again and again she brought his length into her mouth, awed by it's girth. She swallowed hard against his tip when it reached the back of her throat. He actually shook at the sensation.

"Holly, I'm going to come." It was a warning more than anything else. Always the gentleman.

"Then come, Artemis. Come in my mouth." she spoke quickly before returning to her ministrations.

When did she become such a temptress? He thought briefly before he felt his release overcome him.

"Shit, Holly!" He grunted as he shot his hot release into the back of her throat.

Holly was more surprised to hear Artemis cuss than to have his cum in her mouth. Still, she managed to swallow quickly enough as each wave of his orgasm sent more and more.

She slowly pulled him from her mouth and looked up at him. He was looking back at her with dumb amazement. Holly smirked at his expression.

"Well that was fun, huh?" She said while crawling up him. He took her in his arms in a loving embrace.

"Very much so."

Chapter Notes: Sorry if you felt that Artemis's swearing was to OoC. I felt it necessary for the scene. And hot. LOL.