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Holly stirred as the morning light began to filter in through the window.

She hadn't slept very well. She was normally a restless sleeper, but being in a different bed from her own made it worse. Artemis had unconsciously taken all of the blanket and most of the sheets. Besides, she had some very strange dreams. From what she could remember, her dream involved her and Artemis at the partnering ceremony in Haven. Commander Julius Root was performing the rights, and Trouble Kelp sat in attendance, weeping bitterly.

Holly sat up, slipping the thin, expensive sheets from her body. She had to shake the sleep from her head. Once her eyes came into focus, she couldn't believe what they saw. At the foot of the bed, staring back at her were two identical sets of piercing blue eyes. The twins sat cross-legged on top of the covers and looked directly at Holly. Both boys were raven-haired like Artemis, though their hair was not as straight. They seemed to have a bit more wave to their hair, like their mother. They were both very curious about her.

Holly was momentarily stunned. The suddenly cool air against her skin restarted her brain- and it caused her to grab the covers to cover as much of her very nude body as she could. She violently elbowed Artemis in the side in an attempt to wake him.

Artemis was out cold on his stomach. He slept like a stone. Holly nudged at him a few more times.

"Artemis! Wake Up!" Her voice was a hysterical whisper.

A low groan escaped from his motionless form. "Morsleepleazthankyou" he managed to mumble into his pillow.

"Artemis!" Holly cried again, elbowing hard enough to hurt him.

"Ow! Jesus, Holly. I'm awake, goddamn." He sat up, rubbing his eyes. He looked at Holly who had barely covered herself with the sheets. She was looking toward the end of the bed. Her expression was one of panic.

"What?" He said at her while he turned his eyes, still blurry, toward the direction she was looking. Then he saw the reason for her alarm.

"Boys! How did you get in here? I thought I locked the door!" Artemis yelled, quite annoyed.

"Who are you?" Myles said, never looking away from Holly.

Artemis's face scrunched together as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He let out another groan.

"How come you get to sleep with Arty?" asked Beckett. "He never lets us sleep with him" Myles whined, in a voice so eerily similar, it could have been the same person.

Artemis looked at Holly apologetically and sighed. "Holly, these are my brothers, Myles and Beckett." He pointed to each boy as he introduced them. "Boys, this is Holly."

"Hi, Holly." they said in perfect unison.

"Hi." Holly faintly replied. Somewhere in the back of her head she wondered how Artemis could tell them apart…

"Arty, how come Mum doesn't yell at you for not cleaning up? She always yells at us if we don't pick up our clothes." Beckett observed as he looked around the room. Both Artemis and Holly's clothes laid strewn about, including Holly's shirt, still hanging from the back post. Myles held up some black, thin lacey thing as evidence.

Artemis shut his eyes and started rubbing his temples. Now he was severely annoyed. "Boys?" he said with his eyes still shut.

"Yes?" both boys replied.

Artemis flashed his hand out, tearing Holly's panties from his little brother's grasp. Opening his eyes, he shot them a death glare. "GET OUT! NOW!"

Both boys startled, their blue eyes almost popping out. Artemis never yelled at them. Even Holly was taken aback by his tone. The boys quickly jumped off the bed and scurried out of the room. Artemis turned back to Holly who was still looking embarrassed, maybe even more so.

Butler was walking down the hallway, towards Artemis' room, when he heard Artemis angry bellowing. He saw the door fly open and the twins shot out and down the stairs.

He tried hard not to laugh since it would mean him having to explain Holly to everyone now, but still he thought, of all the people to catch him...

"I think I liked it better when I was an only child" Artemis mused to himself. "Sorry about that. At least you've met my brothers." Artemis sank his face into his hands. Holly could barely hear him grumble "I am so going to get it now".

Butler stopped in the hallway just before the doorway of the bedroom. He stayed out of view and spoke quietly to Artemis.

"Would you like me to close the door, Artemis?"

"Please." Artemis growled, still annoyed.

Once the door was shut, Holly turned to Artemis. "So those are your brothers. I'm glad to meet them, though I would have preferred… under different circumstances."

"I'm so sorry. We should probably get up." Artemis crawled out of bed and grabbed his robe from the closet. "I'm going to use the bath down the hall. Please go ahead." he waved an arm (much too formally) towards his en-suite bathroom. "There are fresh towels in the bathroom closet."

"'Kay, thanks." Holly slid off the bed and danced towards the bathroom. As she reached the door she glanced over her shoulder at lingering Artemis. He was ogling her bare ass, again. She scowled at him. "Stop staring!" she said as she shut the door.

"Sorry" Artemis mumbled. Better to apologized as he knew a denial would be an obvious lie. He couldn't tell if she was actually mad. He reluctantly slipped out the door and down the hall.

Holly had been in his bathroom before, but never to really use it. Nothing was 'elf' sized. She needed to climb up onto the toilet, and venture onto the vanity top in order to use the sink and mirror. Holly went to the linen closet where Artemis said the towels were. She noticed they were up too high on a shelf. She looked around, hoping to see something she could use to hook one down for herself, when she noticed a very feminine dressing table beside the closet. There were no cosmetics on it, and she imagined it must still be in this room from it's previous Fowl resident, most likely female. Artemis Senior had three sisters.

She grabbed the chair from the vanity, to stand on it to reach the towels. She grabbed one then climbed back down. Then, curiosity got the best of her. She opened the drawer of vanity. There were a few normal things you'd expect everyone to have in their bathroom. Cotton swabs and cotton balls. A box of tissues. She continued to rummage through. Medicated eye drops. Not that weird, she thought. Then she saw something to make her laugh out loud. A pair of tweezers. I knew it... she thought. She'd always suspected he plucked his eyebrows, though she could never come right out and ask him.

She went over to the double-wide shower stall. It was granite marble tiled all round and had six shower heads. She looked at it a little confused. Aside from the large head that was aimed directly down, she didn't think the other jets would strike her body at her height. Holly frowned but then remembered the tub behind her. She had admired it the last time she was in here. It was a giant, claw-foot style but it was obviously a newer model despite it's old-world look. It was completely rigged with jacuzzi jets and would be large enough to be a small pool for her. She poked around at it, trying to find out how it worked. She started by filling the tub, adding a squirt of soap for good measure, and began to dig around the rest of his bathroom. Under his sink were scented bath salts. Holly giggled that Artemis kept all this stuff on hand. He really was a spoiled rich kid. Still, she was happy he had it and dumped a handful into the tub. It started to dissolve and instantly and the entire bathroom began to smell of lavender. Holly lifted herself over the ledge, and plunged into the warm water.

"Woooo" Holly moaned. "That's nice."

Now just to figure out how the jets worked. She looked at the modern controls but they were a bit confusing. Different massage patterns, time settings, energy saving settings... She wasn't sure if she'd mess something up if just started randomly pressing buttons.

"Holly?" Artemis called out to her from behind the door.

Holly instinctively gasped and clutched her chest. "D'Arvit! Arty, you scared the crap out of me!"

Artemis smiled. I was able to scare her without even trying he thought to himself, thinking of all Holly's failed attempts to spook him, mostly by sneaking into his window at night while shielded. "Do you need anything?" he asked.

"Umm... actually, yeah. Can you show me how to work this?"

"Can I come in?"

Holly rolled her eyes. "Yes, obviously. I asked you to show me, dummy."

Artemis opened the door to the bathroom. His eyes were, ridiculously, closed. When he opened one eye, he found Holly looking very small in the giant tub. She looked up at him with wide eyes. He was wearing his robe still but his hair was wet now and not combed. He probably just came out of the shower. She had never seen him so… natural. She gave him a mock pout. "I can't get the jets on."

"You're taking a bath?" He smiled at her. "Why didn't you use the shower?"

"It's not exactly set up for someone three feet tall. Besides, I always thought this tub looked awesome."

"Oh." Artemis managed. He almost never used the tub. But now, with her in it, and her caramel skin barely hidden by a thin veil of bubbles… it was suddenly a lot more attractive. He inhaled quickly trying to retain his focus. He leaned over the tub to activate the jets. They came thundering on, and the water instantly began to froth.

"Woooo" Holly giggled and sunk down until her earlobes were touching the water. She beamed a smile up at Artemis. He gave her a dirty smirk in return.

"What?" She asked, puzzled by his expression.

"You feel like having company?"

Holly giggled. Sheesh, what's wrong with me, GIGGLING. You'd think I was 45 again she thought to herself. "Sure." Holly curled her legs up against herself and scooted to the back edge of the tub to make room.

Artemis dropped his robe and crawled into the tub, facing towards her. The water level rose as he sat down and Holly had to sit up more in order to not be completely engulfed.

Artemis chuckled. "You want me to drain some of the water?"

"Yeah, maybe" She seemed a little embarrassed.

Artemis reached over to the drain valve release and flicked it open for a few seconds before closing it back up.

They just sat and stared at one another for a long while. Artemis finally decided to speak up.

"So, I can smell that you found my salts" he smirked at her. He wondered what her opinion of that was.

She gave a devilish grin in return. "Oh, that's not all I found."

"What?" Artemis looked puzzled. What else was there?

Holly closed her index finger and thumb together while making a motion like she was pinching her eyebrow. Then she pretended to pluck out a hair with her make-believe tweezers.

Artemis flushed red and Holly knew it wasn't from the hot water. "You know," he started in a quick, defensive tone, "eyebrows are the frame to the eyes which are the focal point of the face. I tried to explain that to Juliet but I think the logic was above her."

Holly let out a shimmering peel of laughter. "Oh gods, Juliet knows? That's too rich." She barely managed to say through her fits of laughter.

"Why does everyone enjoy teasing me so much?" he barked at her, scowling.

"Oh, I'm sorry Arty," she squeaked out from between her giggles. "It's just that, you're such an open target. And you're so cute when you're mad."

"Cute?" he said incredulously. Artemis did not enjoy being referred to as 'cute'. "You're going to pay for that Holly." he said, narrowing his eyes at her.

"Oooh... what 'cha gonna do?" she goaded.

"Don't push me Fairy!" he shot back at her.

Holly started splashing him, squealing with laughter.

"That's it! Now you're going to get it!" He splashed her back except he managed to completely drench her and spill even more water on to the floor.

Holly stopped splashing as she wiped the water out of her eyes and pushed her now soaked hair back from her face. She gave him a playful scowl. "That... was mean."

Artemis was about to apologize, when she gave him a purely wicked grin and launched herself at him, grabbing his hair and plunging his face below the water.

Artemis emerged choking and blinked the water from his eyes. He gave her a livid glare. Holly was afraid she pushed it too far. He ran both hands over his hair to push it away from his face. "Holly..." he said in a dangerously low voice. "Need I remind you, I am nearly twice your size." he sounded threatening.

"I can still take you." she replied very smug.

Artemis looked absolutely fierce. "Try." He flew over to her, pinning her shoulders to the edge of the tub. She pushed back against his slippery chest trying to keep him away from her but she was laughing so hard, her mirth was sapping her strength. Artemis seized both of her wrists and held her back. She tried fruitlessly to swat at him with her wrists restrained but he just pulled her arms up and away. Her soapy peaks emerged from the water. With her arms incapacitated, she had to resort to squirming and kicking. She started flailing against him. Her feet found his knees and she tried to push against them. Artemis could feel how strong her small legs were, and he knew she might even win this little wrestling match if he couldn't pin her. He thrust his pelvis against her. Holly stopped laughing and gasped. The bubbly foam of the water may have hid it, but she knew what she felt.

Her shocked expression turned into a smug grin. "You just can't get enough of me, can you?"

"Of you, Holly? No, I'm insatiable." He gave her a damp version of his vampire smile.

In a single, swift movement, he released her right arm and put his hand against her cheek. He kissed her passionately but kept his restrain on her other arm. Holly took in his bottom lip and began to suck on it gently. Then, very suddenly, she used her free hand to pinch his left nipple while simultaneously biting down hard on his lip.

Artemis pushed away from her quickly. "Christ! Holly, what the hell!" He used the hand he had previously placed on her face to rub his lip. He looked at her quizzically, wondering if maybe he was being too forceful for her. But she just continued to smile at him wickedly.

"You should have thought twice before freeing one of my hands. Rookie mistake." she laughed low, almost maniacally as she voluntarily put her wrist back into his hand. She closed her eyes partially and slowly ran her tongue over her top lip, looking wonderfully seductive. The water wasn't hiding as much of her now, and it was getting hard not to notice. Very hard…

He narrowed his eyes at her. "You are a little tiger! What is it, Holly? You like it rough?" He held her hand up and away from him, mostly to protect himself rather than overpower her. Her eyes widened with excitement. She ground her hips against him, teasing his erection further.

"I love it rough. You think you're man enough?" she taunted.

His grip on her wrists became so tight she was starting to lose circulation. He emitted a low growl from the back of his throat as he eyed her.

Fuck, that's hot. Holly thought. She opened her legs wider. Instead of using her feet to push against his knees, she wrapped her legs around his, placing her heels against the back of knees. Using her inner thigh muscles and heels, she pulled him towards her while lifting her hips.

Artemis pushed her arms over her head and took both of her tiny wrists into his left hand. He splashed his trembling right hand under the surface to align his throbbing member at her entrance. Holly felt him there and started panting. She pushed her hips more towards him, eager for some penetration.

"Is this what you want, Holly?" He stared at her with predatory eyes.

Holly was so impatiently aroused she couldn't even formulate words. She just nodded as she panted.

Artemis grinned at her reaction. He was in control now. He moved his face just inches from hers. "Beg." he ordered.

Shit, where did Dominating Artemis come from? Did he seriously just say that? Holly didn't dwell on it, but obliged. Sometimes, submitting is fun. In the back of her head, though, she was calculating how to get him back for this.

"Please." she begged.

"Please, what?" he commanded.

"Please, Artemis. I need you." Oh he's going to pay for this…

"What do you need? Tell me." he voice was dangerously low.

She took heaving breaths. "Fuck! Artemis! Fuck me!" she screamed, a little too loudly.

"If I let go of your arms, are you going to fight me again?"

She shook her head side to side.

"You promise?"

She nodded her head up and down.

"Good girl." As he released her wrists, she gripped the slick edge of the tub behind her. He put his hands on her shoulders, and pushed down against them while thrusting into her, completely sheathing himself within her in one movement.

"Ahh!" Holly gasped. It was a mix of pleasure and pain. He wasn't gentle at all with her and she hadn't had him inside her in over a week. She was still too tight but the hot water was helping her relax more quickly. The pain was minimal when compared to her ecstasy. She loved this roughness. Pure lust... pure and all mine…

"Holly?" he asked her, trying to keep his voice very controlled.

"Huh?" she huffed. Her eyes almost closed, they were so heavy lidded.

"I'm going to fuck you now." He said it in a matter-of-fact way.

Frond! she thought. Her eyes grew wide. She never thought she'd hear that word come out of his mouth. Dirty talking Artemis almost made her come right then and there.

He pushed her ass against the tub's wall. He started to move in and out of her at a slow pace. Holly threw her head back in euphoria. Her hands now at her disposal, she grabbed him around his dripping neck and pulled him down to her. She tilted her head to the side, indicating to him that she wanted him to kiss her neck. Artemis put his lips on the crook of her neck and began to place open mouthed kisses on her gently. Holly writhed against him but he did nothing to speed up or deepen any further.

"Artemis! Please... more. Harder." she cried.

He obliged. She did say please after all. He drilled into her harder and faster. The water became the loudest sound in the room, sloshing and pouring over the sides in cascades. His gentle kisses on her neck turned into sucking and nipping at her flesh.

Her fingers wound through his soaked locks and pulled his hair as she fisted her fingers together. "Harder!"

He bored himself into her as hard as he could though he was honestly starting to think he might hurt her. Her walls tightened around him and he knew she was close.

"Almost..." She panted. "I'm almost there. Oh fuck!" she screamed and bucked her hips in opposite rhythm with his movements.

Artemis dunked his left hand under the water searching for her throbbing clit against his groin. He used his thumb to rub circles over it while he continued thrusting his cock into her.

His touch shot her right over the edge. "Artemis! I'm going to come!" she shouted.

Artemis loved hearing her scream his name out in ecstasy. She clamped down on his member as her orgasm hit her. The intense pressure of her walls on him with her screaming was making him dizzy, even high. He stabbed into her a few more times, hard, and saw Holly wince. The oddest sensation formed at the tip of his member. It was absolutely spectacular. It drove him to his climax and his hot release shot deep into her.

He dropped his head forward, completely out of breath. Under the water, he thought he saw a few blue sparks shimmer up Holly's body and disappear at her navel. He looked back at her in shock.

"God, Holly. Did I hurt you?"

She managed to huff out a small laugh. "Only for half a second, and it was totally worth it."

Artemis looked at her with real concern. Still, he couldn't past how the sparks felt as they touched his sensitive head.

Holly leaned forward to kiss him. "If I'm going to have this much fun all weekend, I might never leave." she teased.

"That would be fine with me." he whispered against her lips. "Holly?"


"I love you."

Holly felt like she was going to melt. "Oh Arty, I love you too. So much."

They held each other for a while, but then noticed it was getting far too cool. The jets gargled uselessly around them, and the water was only a few inches from the bottom of the tub. Peering disdainfully over the side, he saw there was at least two inches of water covering the entire bathroom floor.

Artemis looked down at her face and gave her the warmest smile. "Butler is going to need a mop"

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