Title - Five Times Derek Growled At Stiles And One Time He Explained
Chapter –05 – Apartment
Author - Moonbeam
Rating – R
Summary – Derek and Stiles are living together now, a series of small events in their domestic life.
Disclaimer – If I owned this show there would be more of it, lots lots more of it.

Author's Notes – Okay, so I have promised any number of people this would have been finished well before now, unfortunately I have stalled on a couple of the little ficlets that make up this chapter of Five Times SO I thought since I am not posting anything for Valentine's Day - I had a short little fluffy hurt/comfort thing in mind but alas, I thought I would give this to the amazingly patient people who have been so encouraging with their reviews. This is the first ficlet in the chapter, I hope you enjoy.

Five Times Derek Growled At Stiles And One Time He Explained
by Moonbeam

06 – Apartment

The morning after Stiles finally agreed to move into Derek's apartment Derek broke into Stiles' dorm room and woke him up from the small ball he made on his bed to pack his belongings. Between the two of them they had everything packed and in the van Derek had rented by mid-morning. But lunchtime everything was in Derek's apartment. All of Stiles' things spread throughout Derek's - no their - living room. When the last box had been carried up Stiles handed Derek a sandwich and shoved him out the door so that he wouldn't be late for class.

Three hours later Derek came into his apartment, the entire smell of the place subtly changed. The scent of Stiles had always been strong, he spent most of his free time there but the scent now was different, as though in three hours Stiles had been able to claim the whole place. The subtle change made Derek grin as the scent wafted through the open door. He walked into the apartment and found his living room immaculate. Cleaner than it had been when he woke up. None of Stiles' things were still in the room but his scent was everywhere. Derek walked through the apartment the kitchen was spotless, the bathroom smelt clean and the stack of washing that had been there this morning no longer was, the lingering hint of washing powder hanging in the air, he ducked his head into his room but nothing was changed. He finally made it to Stiles' room to find the entire room had been taken over, Stiles' belongings were everywhere and the younger man was lying on his bed, eyes closed the faint sound of Dave Grohl's singing reaching Derek's ears. Stiles was snoring quietly sprawled out on the bed, arms and legs thrown wide enjoying having something more than a single bed again. Derek smiled he did not know how the man had...the adderall? Derek walked into the room, leaned over the bed and sniffed at Stiles' neck. Derek breathed deep, pulling the scent down to the very bottom of his lungs and holding it in, imagining for one fanciful second that the scent might travel through his body in the oxygen he breathed in. Derek scented from the juncture of his neck and shoulder up to just behind his ear. He loved the smell of Stiles, below the soap that always clung to the boy was a sweet scent like ripe fruit and something that always made Derek think of the ocean. Stiles mumbled in his sleep and Derek pulled away swiftly not wanting to wake the other man now that he was sure he had not been overdoing his medication again. The scent was always there but never like it had been the night Derek had found him basically comatose and he had threatened him about overdosing again. Even thinking about how Stiles had smelt that night made Derek want to change and eviscerate something.

Derek shook himself and moved away from the bed and out into the lounge room. He turned on his laptop and started on the assignment he had been given less than an hour ago, anything to get his mind off thoughts of Stiles slowly destroying himself with medication. After a half hour when his heartbeat had completely returned to normal and the sick feeling he got whenever he thought about that night had left he realised he was starving, he hadn't had anything to eat since the sandwich Stiles had made for him at lunchtime. How on earth did the guy get so much done? Derek didn't understand Stiles sometimes - most of the time. The younger man was a mystery Derek wanted to solve, maybe then he could actually step back and let Stiles go; he knew he had to let Stiles go. After the debacle the previous year with Mary he knew that Stiles would eventually find someone to love.

Derek moved into the kitchen when he opened the fridge he found a big dish he did not recognise full of pasta and sauce with a note on it telling him to put it in the oven when he found it and to wake Stiles up when it was ready if he was still asleep. There was definitely something wrong with Stiles but Derek turned the oven on anyway. Even though Stiles often cooked when he came over and they had dinner Derek had not expected this when he had left for class.

Minutes later Stiles strolled out of his room stretching. "Hey Derek."

"Stiles." Derek closed his laptop and turned to face Stiles.

"Good class?"

"Yeah. How did you get all that done while I was out?" Derek asked watching Stiles walk into the kitchen, check the pasta bake before he came back out and sat facing Derek with a sleepy smile that made Derek's heart clench.

"Easy, I really didn't have that much and I just cleaned as I was putting stuff away and then I made dinner and had a nap. Nothing much."

"You don't need to do that."

"Well we never discussed rent and chores and stuff."

"You will not pay rent; you can chip in for food and everything else. Clean up after yourself and we can work out something for the proper cleaning later."

"I want to pay to live here." Stiles said the sleepy look being replaced by his determined and annoyed face which Derek remembered well from the terrible argument about who was paying for university. But this part of their first day together Derek was prepared for.

"And I don't pay rent, or for that matter the mortgage. I own the place so I don't pay anything to live here either. We can split the actual bills we get so that is fair. I don't want you to work anymore than you already are. The library is a great job for you and if you need to pay rent you would need something more and I want you to do the best you can in your classes so I am putting my foot down about rent." Derek let his eyes flash knowing it would do nothing.

Stiles laughed at Derek and his electric blue eyes. "You had me right up to the foot stomping like a two year old throwing a tantrum."

Derek grinned which looked both sexy and sinister when coupled with the electric blue wolf eyes.

"So deal?" Derek asked.

"Deal. I don't really like it but I also don't want to fight about it and I know you are not doing it with nefarious purposes." Stiles grinned easily before reaching for the remote and pausing. "Are you studying?"

"No. I was doing some research but I am bored and if I want I can do it with the TV on. What are we watching?"

"Well we still have a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy on the hard drive." Stiles grinned.

Derek sighed but nodded. Stiles grinned knowing the alpha liked the show even if he pretended to watch it under duress.

"Okay." Derek said putting his laptop down.

"Do you want a drink before we start it will be about half an hour before the dinner is ready."

"I'll get it." Derek said before bouncing up and coming back with two glasses of water knowing Stiles would want it about ten minutes into the show, he always did.

/ * / * /

Living with Stiles was a different experience to what Derek expected.