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Kicked Out With A Happily ForEver After...Starts...Now!

Chapter 1: Finding Out

Bella Point Of View

I woke up to Edward's arms wrapped around me. I flipped over to my side and snuggled closer to his chest. Edward chuckled. "Good Morning, Love." He said as he rolled onto his back and pulled me onto his chest. "Morning." I mumbled. "Time to get ready for school." He said pulling me off the bed. "No, I don't wanna go to school." I whined, leaning back onto the bed. He chuckled and pulled me off the bed again. "You get dressed and I'll make you some breakfast." Edward said as he walked out of my room. I waited to hear the any sound, like the fridge or cupboards opening and closing but they never did. I sighed and walked over to my closet. I pulled out a pair of dark skinny jeans and a royal blue t-shirt, then I slid on my boots. I grabbed my backpack and walked down stairs to the kitchen. "I hope you like pop tarts. It's the only thing I've seen you make besides cereal and you don't have any milk." Edward said, giving me my favorite crooked smile as I sat down. "I love pop tarts. Why do you think we have them in this house? I'm the only one that eats them. Sounds like we need to go grocery shopping soon." I said taking a bite of a warm strawberry pop tart. "We?" Edward asked, looking confused.

"Sure why not? You aren't afraid of a grocery store, are you?" I teased finishing my first pop tart. "No I'm not afraid of a store. It's just that..." Edward looked, nervous? "Just what, Edward?" I asked walking around the table to sit in his lap. He wrapped his arms around me when I sat down. "I've never been into a grocery store." He said quietly looking into my eyes. I stared at him confusion and amusement in my eyes. "Is that all?" I asked. Edward nodded sheepishly. "Well there's a first time for everything. Isn't there?" I said getting up and throwing away my paper towel Edward put my pop tarts on. "I guess there is. Come on, Love. Alice will be here any second with the volvo." Edward said. "Why is Alice picking us up?" I asked as we walked to the front the door. Edward chuckled, "Well, we can't run to school, that would be to suspicious, and we would get all wet since it's raining." "But my truck is sitting right there." I said pointing to my truck in the driveway. "When was the last time you put gas into your truck?" Edward asked, looking me right in the eyes making me lose my train of thought. "Ummm... I... uh... don't remember?" I said, but it came out more like a question. "Exactly. Alice saw that if we took your truck we wouldn't make it back to your house after school." Edward said as Alice pulled up to the curb. "Oh, well thank you Alice." I said as I climbed into the front seat and Alice moved to the back so Edward could drive. "Your welcome Bella." Alice laughed.

School passed in a blur. I was now in Gym, my only class without Edward. I was coming out of the locker room when I was Mike, he looked nervous. He looked up and spotted me, "Hey, Bella." "Hi Mike." I said and walked over to him. "So... I was wondering..." Oh no here we go again. "Are you free tonight?" He mumbled, just loud enough for me to here. "No sorry Mike, I'm gonna be..." Come on, Bella think! "...I need to study for Finals, if not I'm going to fail." I said, quickly making up plans, even thoght I'm free because all of the cullens are going hunting. "Oh ok." MIke mumbled and walked away. I walked in the opposite direction to the door that led out to the parking lot. "Hey guys." I said as I walked out the door, and grabbing Alice's and Edward's wrists and pulled them to the Volvo. As soon as the doors were closed Edward and Alice asked, "What was that for?" I looked at Alice in shock. "You don't know?" "No you probaly made a last minute decision." "Oh ok, I was worried about you for a second there." I teased her. "Yeah, Yeah enough of the teasing. What was that for though?" She asked again. "I'm suprised you guys weren't eavesdropping. Mike just asked me out tonight-"

"WHAT? SO THAT'S WHY YOU WERE PULLING ON US, BECAUSE YOU WANT TO GET HOME SO YOU CAN GET READY?" Edward yelled cutting me off, he looked like he wanted to cry. I hated seeing him hurt. "Edward, Don't be ridiculous, and don't jump to conclusions. Now let me finish." I said pausing. His expression sofened, and he nodded. "Mike asked me out tonight and I said I had to study for finals, beacuse I don't want to go out with him." As soon as I finished Edward was on my side of the car opening the door for me. I got out and he pulled me into a hug. "I'm sorry, Bella. I shouldn't have yelled at you. And I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions." Edward said kissing my neck, cheeks, nose, and forehead, silently pleading me not to be mad at him. "It's fine Edward." Suddenly Alice gasped. "What is it Alice?" Edward asked. We both looked at Alice who was staring at me, she looked... shocked, sad, worried, and upset, all at the same time.

Alice Point Of View

"What is it Alice?" Edward asked. Ever since I got that vision five minutes ago I have been blocking my thought from him. In my vision I saw Bella and Charlie fighting then the picture shifted to Bella sitting on a pourch crying by herself. Just then I realize it's OUR pourch. Then I got another vision. -In this vision I saw Bella sitting in our living room crying on the couch, still by herself but only inside. Then I saw all of her bags sitting by the stairs. Then she sat up and walked to the kitchen. But before she turned her back I caught sight of a chain around her neck with a little white key hanging on it.- "I'm going to have to do that tonight." I said quietly. "Alice what did you see?" Bella asked. I gave her a sad smile and got in the volvo and drove off before my thoughts could give Edward any clues. I drove to the only shop in town that copied keys. "Hello, can I help you?" The kid behind the counter asked. "Yes, Can you copy this key for me?" I asked handing him my house key. "Sure, just go over there and pick out a key." He said pointing to a wall with keys with different patters on them. I picked out the white key I saw in my vision, and handed it to the kid. While he copied it I tried to figure out why the key is white. Then it came to me. Our house is white so it matches! I'm going to have to decorate the key a little. I thought to myself. "Here you go, Miss." The kid said, handing me the keys. "Thank you." I said taking the keys and handing him $1.09 in exact change and walked out the door.

As I was driving I passed the very small mall that Forks had and decided to stop. I wouldn't normally stop at this mall, but knowing that this mall had what I needed I stopped. I walked to the small jewlery store and bought a necklace chain. I was silver colored with a little blue sapphire on it. It wasn't too expensive, if it was then Bella was going to throw a fit. When I got home I took the key and the necklace up to mine and Jasper's room and shut the door. A few seconds later Jasper came in and shut the door again. Then came to sit down next to me. He eyed the key and the necklace. "What's that for?" He asked. "I had a vi- Wait.. you can not think about this at all.. got it?" I inturupted myself. He nodded "Okay, I had a vision of Bella and Charlie fighting then Bella was sitting on our pourch crying by herself. And then I got another vision and in this one Bella was inside sitting on the couch crying, still by herslf and then she stood up and I was this key on her neck." I whispered into his ear so that only he could hear me. "I get it.. you don't want to stop the fight from happening because you think it has to happen for a reason, but you can't let this go without not doing anything." He said just as quietly as I did. "Exactly. Hand me that blue paint would you?" I said. He handed me the paint bottle and I grabbed a brush and painted on a 'C' then an 'M', then blew on it to dry it. "'CM'?" Jasper asked. "Cullen Mansion" I said simply. He chucled. I unclasped the necklace and slipped on the key. I clasped it back up and held it up to look at my work. It was perfect... The little blue sapphire hung down in front of the key but didn't cover up the 'CM'. I placed it back in the box, then grabbed a peice of paper and wrote a note to Bella.


You are going to need this in the future. It is NOT a present exactly just a thoughtful gift.

Please trust me on this, wear this all day, everyday. If you ever take this off I hope you

feel lost and confused. And don't freak out about me spending money on you. I only

spent a whopping $20. I wish I could tell you why I'm giving this to you but I can't. Just

know that all of us CULLENS love you esspecialy Edward CULLEN, and our MANSION

is your MANSION. Please don't hate me, I really can't tell you.

Love the Wonderful,


Jasper chuckled. I looked at him."What?" I asked innocently. "Cryptic much? Thoughtful gift, lost and confused, can't tell you why, Cullens, Edward Cullen, Our mansion is your mansion, the wonderful Alice?" As Jasper made fun of my note, I folded it and put it in the box. "Yes I always am when I can't tell her exactly what's going on. As for the Cullen part it ture. And the mansion part is there to make sure she know what the key goes to. Yes beacuse she needs to know that I am wonderful and she will be thanking me for this gift." I replied to him, as I wrapped up the box in shiny blue wrapping paper and put a little silver bow on top. "Now I need to leave so that I can put this in Bella's room. Leave on the hunt without me, I'll catch up soon after it will only take a few minutes to place this. Oh and don't think about this conversation, or the past hour. 'Kay?" I said/asked Japer. We walked down the stairs and Rose, Em, Esme, and Carlisle were all looking at me. "Please don't think about the last hour. This is important but I can not interfere with what is going to happen. This is the best I can do without messing up the future I have seen. Yes I know the future is not set in stone, so what I saw may not happen, but I just can't let this go." I said looking at each and everyone of them. "Leave without me after Edward gets here, and if he asks where I am tell him I had to run an errand. If he gets suspicious just ignore him. If he tries to come after or wait for me drag him away and on the hunting trip. If he backs out of this trip then the future WILL be changed and I think this change is better in the long run." And with that I kissed Jasper's cheek and ran out the front door and took the long way to Bella's house knowing that Edward is taking the shortcut. When I got to Bella's I quickly and quietly ran up the side of Bella's house into her window. I placed the box on the night stand next to Bella's bed. I kissed her cheek and said "Please Trust me, and be safe." Very quietly. Then jumped out the window and ran to catch up with my family.

Bella Point Of View (Just after her last POV)

After Alice left Edward and I went inside so that I could start dinner. "Do you know why Alice was acting like that?" I asked Edward. "No she started blocking her thougths from me the second she gasped." "Well knowing Alice she'll tell when she's ready." I said just as Charlie walked in the door. "Welcome Home, Dad." I called out to him. "Hey Bells, Edward. Smells good Bella. What is it?" Charlie asked. "Lasanga." "Yumm, I'll be in the living room." Charlie said as he walked into the living room and turned on a baseball game. "Well I better leave." Edward said. "Will you come back?" I whispered with my face in full pout. "I'll never actually leave until you are fast asleep, love." Edward whispered. "Okay, I'll walk you out." I walked Edward to the front door and kissed him 'goodbye'. I watched as he walked down the driveway and down the street, no doubt he was going to cross into the forest and into my window after he was out of sight.

"Dinner's ready, dad." I said as I closed the door. I served Charlie and I some lasagna and set the table. "How was you day?" Charlie asked after his second plate. "Good. How was your's?" "Slow." Charlie said as he put his plate in the sink. I quickly did the dishes and went up to my room. "Hello, Beautiful." Edward said as soon as I closed the door. "Hi" I crawled onto the bed and into Edward's lap. We sat on my bed for some time then Edward asked, "What are you thinking about?" "Still can't get over the fact that you can't read my mind?" I teased. "No, I can't. So?"

"I'm just thinking, well more like worring about Alice this afternoon." I admitted. "Well don't worry about her she'll tell when she's ready." Edward quoted me from earlier. "I guess so." I yawned after I said this. Edward chuckled, "Time for bed, Love." Then I was laying on my side under my covers with Edward laying on his side on top of the covers. He started humming my lullaby and I was soon fast asleep. I was dreaming about laying with Edward in our meadow, when suddenly he leaned over kissed my cheek and said "Please trust me, and be safe." Only it didn't sound like Edward. It sounded more like Alice.

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