Siree woke up, snuggled closer to her boyfriend Lucifer, and fell asleep again.

Lucifer woke up shortly after her and stoked her long caramel colored hair. He loved Siree so much and showed her every chance he got. In fact he thought he did a pretty good of showing her how he felt last night. Though she held her own just fine, Siree was a feisty little angel that was for sure. He smirked at the thought. Yeah, as far as he was concerned he had the best girlfriend in the world. He hoped to change their status soon though.

He kissed her head before stretching putting some boxers on, and heading down stairs. He was met with a very tired looking Michael, whose feathers looked ruffled, but not as ruffled as his. "Hey big bro how's it going. You look well rested." Lucifer full out laughed at his own joke.

"No thanks to you and your girlfriend!" Michael complained.

"Oh, Mickey your just jealous that you don't have that hot little ass to spend Valentine's Day with anymore."

"It's not my fault your slut has bad taste in men and can't stay queit."

Lucifer grabbed Michael bye the wing, "Call her a slut again and the wing comes off you jealous little bastard!" When Lucifer let go of Michael, he just tucked tail and all but ran back to his room.

Lucifer yelled, "Next you get no warning!" He emphasized it with a loud snarl.

He went back to the kitchen and started to make breakfast for Siree. A little breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day never hurt. Just as he poured out the pancake batter his two little brothers came down the stairs, Gabriel sliding down the banister and Castiel walking down tiredly.

"Whoa, Luci, you had some fun last night. I could hear you from the attic. How did you ever score a girl like Siree? Oh wait, I know. Michael's a dick!" He high fived Lucifer and popped a chocolate chip into his mouth.

Another good thing about Siree is that she and Gabriel two of the biggest sweet teeth that he'd ever seen. It was hilarious when they fought over the last cherry lollipop. She always won in the end, her puppy dog pout was killer, he shivered at the thought.

"I heard that you stupid little jerk!" Gabriel just rolled his eyes, and brushed Michael off like he was a piece of cellery in his ice cream.

Castiel, just waking up enough to talk, groggily said, "I swear you too need to sound proof that room."

"Like you're completely innocent. Dean, Oh Dean, Oh fuck Dean." Castiel blushed as red as the cherry pie that Dean loved so much.

"You have to admit, Gabe does a spot on impression of you." Lucifer pulled his little brother into a hug. "My little Cass, all grown up. Oh where has the time gone. I remember teaching you to fly, and now you're off fucking some hunter you met at Supernatural Academy." He started fake crying.

"Lucifer get off me!" Castiel jumped away and gasped for air. When he caught his breath, he couldn't help it and started laughing at the scene of his brother dramatically sobbing into Gabriel's shoulder. When he stopped he composed himself and said, "I'm going back to bed," and marched up the stairs pretending to be angry.

"Say hi to Dean for me!" Lucifer cracked up at that.