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Wow, you guys sure surprised me.

Kathie says Hai,Anger Issues, Trikster Queen, foodluver, Gifted Shadows, WireWriter, and Curlscat were right! It was SEVEN!

When it said look down, I was referring to how people like Charming looked down at him. Also, they had to look down at him because he was short.

When I refer to him as in the ground, as in the sky, as nothing and everything, I mean that he may be buried in the ground, but his soul continues to fly above. :)

My biggest fear is ET. No, not the song by Katy Perry, the actual creepy little freak from the movie. That might make me sound like a horrible person, but I watched when I was 2 and it scared the living _ out of me. And my parents took me on the ride at Universal less than a year later and I cried the entire time. That was apparently enough to scar me mentally, and now whenever I close my eyes all I see is a red finger coming at me going "FRIEND" in that horrifying voice and... Yeah.

Thank you, Sarah-otherwise known as DopplerGirl- for that hilarious fear! I love it! :D

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Liberty: You know, that's actually a legitimate reason, I never thought of him like that. Ostriches? Hey, I love long stories! (hint, hint)

This chapter is dedicated to DopplerGirl


When you first catch sight of

The Mountain

Few will marvel at its seemingly ordinary surface

The unsuspecting climb along its summit

Not knowing

Of the storm brewing within


I can feel the power

Screaming with impatience

To be unleashed; cause the weak to cower

Still, I must resist the temptation

For the hour is coming

The fury is becoming

A most useful tool

For the destruction of those naive fools


Slowly, bit by bit

The monster gains the upper hand

Molten fire does it spit

Cracking rock, moving land

Waiting for the opportune moment

To erupt

Leaving nothing untouched


It's boiling, hot and enraged

This demon inside me yearns to escape

Just a while longer...just a while longer

Until my scheme is complete

Until we reach the border

And achieve the ultimate feat


Give me all you have...you must...


It is full to the brimming

The very earth starts shaking, shuddering, trembling,

As it prepares

For the lava to flow

And the flames to ignite

Oh, yes, indeed. What a treacherous sight!

You have brought your own downfall!

It was you who caused it to grow!

And grow it shall.




A/N~ I think this one's easy. You should be able to figure it out :)

Since it's a New Year and all, I was thinking about New Year resolutions. You know, the:

"This year, I'm going to be a different person!" routine.

Although I'm not really big on the resolution thing I decided to make a list:

ONE: Get enough sleep.

(Now THAT is impossible. I can never get enough sleep. What? School is tiring.)

TWO: Do not leave things to the last minute.

(I've been trying to change this for years...hasn't worked out so well for me since I'm always hearing, "Oh, Shireen! Why? WHY didn't you do it earlier?" I'll tell you why: I am an excellent procrastinator.)

THREE: Become organized.

(Dude, have you SEEN my closet? I call it Mount Everest. Recently, my sister organized everything (colour coded. School clothes, home clothes, dunno how she does it) but for days my room was under an avalanche. And let's not even get started on my desk)

FOUR: Update more frequently.

(Hahahahahahahahaa-not gonna happen, kids. Sorry to get your hopes up! I stink at time management and write all my chapters at 9:00 on Saturday as it is. But if you all manage to convince me...)

FIVE: I don't have a five. Just seemed like a nice number to end this off with. :)

(Oh, wait! I have one! Be a better person! Cool, right?...Shut up, it's not CHEESY!)


My New Year resolutions are a fail. Oh, well...

QoD: What are your New Year resolutions?

OR (if you don't have any...*high five*)

Why don't you have any? (There is always room for improvement, Missy! Or...mister...)