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It gazed blissfully into a glistening lake. Having torn many to achieve this reflection. Another had already reached perfection. "Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" "Snow White!"

Thrice did it hide behind magical veils. Only to watch each plan fail. In the real story, the queen came to Snow White in three disguises.

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This poem was inspired by Red.



The tree

of Life

has gnarled knots.

The branches are weaved.

By brutal winds.


For each leaf to fall.


In a blizzard of a storm,

A new leaf blooms.

Hanging on

against vicious pellets

of water and snow.

It does not know.

It has been


In a world of war.


Soon the leaf is carried.


Far away.

From the place,

it should have called home.


The stench,

of Secrets


Hopeless Cries.

Hangs in the air.

But it does not know,

It lives in a lair.


The fates are cruel.

Although its existence,

revolves around fairytales and lore.

There is no happy beginning in this story.

Instead it opens with a door

leading to despair and treachery.



Before its first breath.

Lied to,

Before its first step.

All with the purpose of death.


The leaf is




By powerful turrets

Flashes of lightning

Towers of thorns.

Still Life is an adventure.


Because it does not know.


It has been.


In a world of war.

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Since most people will probably get this I'll make it a little harder:

My brother threw a grape at me but it turned out to be rice.

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I cut my nails with a pair scissors because I couldn't find the nail cutter.

The wheels are turning in your heads, I can see it.

This is Pure Randomness.

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