Date Two Months Ago, August 26

Max started "So Uh Cake and Fionna came back...and they have quite a story for you, so before any questions, IT'S STORY TIME."

Fionna spoke "So it all started when..."

*flashback flashback flashback*

"Aghghg. mshusdhaf" Fionna couldn't talk anymore. She only saw the glimpse of who took her. It was Xena. After that she couldn't remember anything.

"I'm coming sis!" Cake panicked but she knew what to do. The cat walked over to a human boy and his canine brother to tell them one last thing before her rescue. "If I don't come back by tomorrow, you know what to do."

Cake then ran out the window by stretching out her legs. Thankfully her tail can sense where Fionna could be. She hoped they would be near by, but the odds were not in her favor. Unfortunately, Cake had a long way to go before finally reaching her sister, the last possible human in Aaa. The feline then decided to grow in size in hope of making her rescue go through smoother. Only one thing crosses her mind at the moment. Why kidnap Fionna?


Xena was driving like a maniac to get closer to her destination. Beside her in the passenger seat was Fionna. The teen-aged adventurer was tied to her jet black leather seat. She was blindfolded and knock out cold, duct tape was covering her mouth preventing her from making even the slightest sound. Xena discarded Fionna's green backpack and tossed it into the trunk right after the female hero was knocked out cold. Xena hoped that before Fionna could even wake up she would reach of of her dad's hideouts where she would prove her worth. Xena, the daughter of Harley and the Joker or 'Mista J' as her mom would like to put it. She didn't want to live in the shadows of her parents, one of the most notorious villains in Gotham City. No. She wanted more. Her own title as a villain. Xena wanted to outshine everyone so she would be noticed. Noticed not just by insignificant citizens, but by her least for once. Maybe it could be different.

"errhremm" Fionna awoke. She couldn't see anything, or even talk, tape was covering her mouth, spitting on the inside of the tape wouldn't help her this time. On top of that she felt like she was tied something. 'Was it leather?' she thought, but it was no time to think about fabrics. Fionna had to escape, she just didn't know how yet.

Xena noticed some movement in the seat beside her. Oh God. The adventurer finally woke up and now she struggling to get out of her seat. 'Oh great, just great' Xena thought, she hoped that the knock out gas would keep Fionna unconscious the whole ride. They were almost near one of her father's hideouts. So close, yet so far. She pulled the car over on the side of the road and took out two bright green mints.

"Here this should keep you asleep" Xena ripped the duct tape off of Fionna's face

"Ow! What do you want me for? Where are we going? What is-aggajermmr" Xena had shoved those two mints down her throat. She immediately recognized the taste, those two green mints were made out of the sleeping gas substance. Fionna felt sleepy again and the last thing she saw before closing her eyes was Xena about to put a new piece of duct tape over her mouth.

"There." Xena sighed. Those mints ought to put her to sleep. The young villainess swiftly hid the remaining mints in a secret pocket. She hopped back in the car and started driving again. She was really close this time.

Back To Cake

A few hours have passed and Cake still had no clue to where Fionna was. The feline wondered if it was because of her lack of focus or...hey look! A butterfly! It was confirmed that focusing was definately not her specialty. Cake began to chase the butterfly til she ran into Flamba.

"Hi Flama! Have you seen Fionna?"

"ehh, dunno. Although I think a saw a crazy chick with her...or maybe it was an enigma. Eitha way."

"Which way dis she go?"

"That'da way. Then I think they turned right at the end of the forest. Lata Cake!"

"Thanks Flamba, bye!"

Cake was on the track again. She managed to find some tire tracks from the car...noting that the tracks design was Xena's name written in cursive over and over. Cake ran along the tracks and eventually found a cabin made up of black licorice. Cake opened the door.

"Hello? Fi? Are you there?" She then heard someone talking. Cake quickly shrank down to the size of a fly and hid in a near by hole in the wall. She watched and listened.

"Believe me dad, I did kidnap a big hero. I swear. Yes, she's well known. No. I'm not lying this time. I'll drive there tomorrow prove to it to you. Bye dad" Xena sighed, her dad didn't believe her again. She walked over to her car and carried Fionna over her shoulders. Luckily, she was still asleep.

Cake watched as Xena propped up Fionna on an old chair just to be tie her up. Xena was holding up something to Fionna. She couldn't tell what it was, wait. Cake could just barely read the label of the was a freeze ray. The thought of her only little sister frozen just to live her days as a statue was not an option.

"Ayayayayayayayaya!" Cake pounced on Xena and trapped her with her tail. The cat untied Fionna and Carried her to the tree fort..

— — —

Max Cuiously asked " So where'd Cake put Xena? "

"She's in the closet in your room."

"Oh" Max nodded in understanding then realized what Cake had said ". . . What." Max shook her head "Anyway, bmo, first question please"

"Okie It says, 'why is your son ((and PB's BF)) locked in your basment?' And that was for Ice King"

"Aight, care to share?" Max asked

"Sure, its as simple as child birth" Ice King walked over to the couch and sat next to Peebles "Cos he stole my girl, that's why." he put his arm around her
*Simon He fell in love with my only other option of whom can be the possible Betty*

"I don't believe I was ever your girl." Peebles stated calmly while removing the arm from her shoulder

"Yes you are, don't be silly baby."
*Simon I need to know if you're Betty...*

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