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It was a dark night in the World that Never Was, just as it had been all the time in that world. The only real sources of light there were the streetlights and neon signs that were scattered amongst the tall buildings of the world. Floating above that world was a grey-white castle that was home to a group of nobodies, people without hearts thus no real emotions, Organization.

In the Castle that Never Was, Xemnas, leader of Organization XIII was in his office doing whatever leaders of groups in search of heart do. It was then that the door opened to reveal Xemnas's unofficial second in command, Saix, coming into his office unexpectedly.

Xemnas looked up, parts of his long, white hair rested on his shoulder.

"Number VII what are you doing here?"

"Sorry for the interruption Superior but I have some unexpected news for you. A mysterious portal opened up in the Dark City."

Xemnas looked at his blue-haired second in command with surprise.

"Are you sure it was not one of our Corridors of Darkness?"

"I am positive sir. Although it did have the same shape as our portals, it was a fluorescent green color rather than dark purple and black. I had Number IV attach surveillance cameras to Dusk that were sent to investigate."

"Good, I believe it would best to inform the rest of the members of this odd predicament. Tell everyone to come to the computer room."

"Understood Superior I will call for a meeting right away."

Saix left to search for the other inside the castle as Xemnas slowly headed to the Castle That Never Was's computer room.

All members of the organization members had been notified of the meeting and were all going there as a group. Once they arrived, the saw their superior looking at the large computer screens. Xemnas must have heard them for he turned around towards them.

"Hello, fellow nobodies I called everyone here to show you all a strange occurrence in the Dark City."

Xemnas turned to the screen and typed in something that brought out a video of a large, neon green portal floating above Fragment Crossing, a set of roads that lead to their castle.

"Whoa, that is huge portal out there."

"Thanks for the obvious observation Demyx."

"What is that thing doing in the middle of the city?"

"Who cares, what I would like to know is how that thing even appeared."

The comments continued as Xaria, Axel's friend and Saix's girlfriend who had joined the organization a while ago, notice something on the screen.

"Umm… guys, is it me or is that thing changing size?"

Everyone looked at the screen to see that she was right. The portal had started to compress like when you're squeezing your pillow continuously. This continued on for a while until something strange happened.

The green portal suddenly swelled up like a balloon and then popped. As it popped multiple figures could be seen falling to the ground.

The dusk that held the camera that projected the current video aimed the camera to the ground where the figures dropped. As the camera focused, everyone was surprised at what they saw.

All of the people that had fallen to the ground appeared to be teens, but that wasn't what they were surprised at. All of them had ash gray skin, black hair, and orange horns of different shapes. From what they could see, they all had astrological zodiac symbol on their clothes too. The camera zoomed in to see and hear what was going on down there.

The first one to get off the pile was a boy with short hair and nubby horns. This one had a black long sleeve shirt with a gray Cancer symbol in the center. This one slowly got off the pile of before standing in front of the others, all getting up.


The first of the others to respond was a much shorter girl. She had short hair that flared out on the edges that was covered by a hat resembling a cat with her pointy horns acting as the ears of it. Over her shirt, which had a green Leo symbol, she wore a green trench coat with a blue tail on it.

":33 Meooow, I'm okay Karkitty what was that purrtal we went through?"


The one identified as Karkat was helping another one get up. This one had the same hairstyle as the girl, pointy horns, and wore red shades. On her t-shirt was a light-blue Libra symbol.

"WH4T3V3ER TH4T W4S 1T S33MS W3 4R3 1N S0M3 N3W WORLD"

Soon, more of the kids were getting up and helping others up as well. It was revealed that there were twelve of the strange kids. Aside from the ones that had the Cancer, Leo and Libra symbols the other nine each had their own astrological symbol on their clothes.

The one with the Aries symbol had long hair and horns similar to a ram's. This one had a skirt on rather than the pant others wore and her symbol was red.

The one with the Taurus symbol had a Mohawk and his horns were shaped like a bull's. His legs appeared to be made of metal and his astrology sign was a brown color.

The one with a yellow Gemini symbol wore glasses that had a red lens on the right and a blue lens on the left. His hair was spiked up and he had two sets of slightly curved horns on each side of his head.

The next one had a jade green Virgo symbol on her shirt and had her hair style elegantly. Unlike the others who wore gray bottoms, she had a flowing red skirt on. Her horns were more curved and longer.

The next girl had a blue Scorpio on her shirt, which was under an open grey jacket. Her horn was unique since her left was shaped as a claw while her right horn was shaped as a stinger. Her hair was long and a bit messy as her bangs just barely covered her glasses.

The one with a dark blue Sagittarius symbol had his on a tank top. This one had long hair and a widow's peak. He was rather muscular compared to the others. His left horn was shaped like an arrow while the right horn appeared to be broken off. This one also wore sunglasses that were apparently cracked.

The one with a dark purple Capricorn symbol was a bit strange looking. This one's hair was a mess, he had white makeup on his face, and his horns were very long and slender. His pants were somewhat eye-catching since they were black with gray polka dots.

The one with the purple Aquarius symbol was the most eye-catching of all of them. His hair was slicked back and his horns were a wavy shape. He wore a striped, blue scarf and pants, all covered by an extravagant cape. Unlike the others he had fins on the side of his head.

The last one had a fluorescent purple Pisces symbol on a tank top. Her horns were curved inward unlike the others whose horns were curved outwards and her hair was long and wavy. She wore a tiara on her forehead, a few necklaces, and a gold bracelet on each wrist. She also had on a light blue and green skirt and had fins on the side of her head like the others.

"DaNg WhAt In ThE MoThErFuCkInG wOrLd HaPpEnEd? ThAt MiRaClE pOrTaL bRoUgHt Us SoMeWhErE."

"D- It appears that we have all stumbled into an unfamiliar locality that is dependent on technology."


"does that really matter tavv my cape got ruined"

"no one care2 about your stupiid cape eriidan!"

Soon arguments broke out between most of the kids. This continued for a while until the one named Karkat finally spoke.


"Geez, some8ody is kra88y today."


Karkat pointed to the Castle That Never Was as some of the kids responded.

"I Agree With His Decision Perhaps We Will Be Able To Find Some Assistance To Our Current Predicament"

":33 *ac raise her hand to agree with Karkitty's decision.*"

"D- If that is the leader and Nepeta's choice then I shall approve as well."

Everyone else agreed to this decision, afraid to get yelled at by the cancer child again.


Karkat walked down Fragment's Crossing in the direction of the Memory's Skyscraper, the next major point before reaching the castle. The rest of them soon followed, unaware that they were being watched.

All the members stared at the computer screen, seeing the twelve figures walk down the path to their castle.

"What the heck did we all just see?"

"It looks like those kids are going to be coming here."

"Do you think they're a threat?"

"Oh come on, do you really think a bunch of kids are a threat to us?"

"Yeah, the only thing I see as a threat is the one that was yelling and saying profane words constantly."

"Did you not see the one with the Sagittarius symbol? His muscles are huge!"

"Are we just going to let them come in?"

"I say we capture them. Got it memorized?"

"I actually have to agree on that one, I want to research them to see what makes them so peculiar-looking."

Many of the others agreed as Xemnas made his final decision.

"Very well, Saix sends some Dusks to capture them and bring them here. Surely this will be easy but let us still observe this."

"Right away sir."

Saix had left the computer room in order to sends some Dusks after the group. Everybody else stayed to watch the upcoming scene but were aware of what they were about to see.

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