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Blaine Anderson looked through his school bag, trying to find his history book for the next class. He sighed, reaching up to dial in his locker combination while humming softly. His history book was laying right there as he opened the locker door, and he was just reaching for it when suddenly he was falling forward, face just missing the blunt edge of his locker door.

"Morning homo!" called one of the football players, a chorus of laughs following him.

Blaine pushed himself up, groaning as the pain suddenly hit him. He looked down at his feet, wanting to disappear into the floor. He'd been going to McKinley high school for just over two months now, after having to transfer away from Dalton Academy in Westerville.

His dad's idea, of course.

Since transferring and joining the local Glee Club, New Directions (which was much less organized than the Warblers, but Blaine liked it), he had been quickly called every name in the book, including gay.

Of course, most of the taunts came before he'd actually come out here, and when the jocks actually found out that he was actually gay -

Well, it had been rough.

Blaine took a deep breath, eyes wandering up the door to his locker to the photo he kept tacked up at the very top. It was a tasteful black and white photo from a magazine spread, taken from a summer issue of "OUT."

It was of Kurt Hummel, the guy Blaine had the biggest crush on.

Of course, Kurt was famous and didn't know Blaine even existed.

Kurt Hummel was a year older than him and had hit it big when he was 15 by co-staring in a film with George Clooney as the character's gay son. After that he had more roles in movies, popular among the LGBT crowd and adding a lot of pull to that community. The moment Blaine fell head over heels for him, however, was the roll he had sung in two years ago.

Kurt…had the voice of an angel. It was for a movie where Kurt's character goes to a karaoke bar and sings an emotional rendition of "Blackbird" by the Beatles.

If Blaine hadn't been sure he was gay before that, well, he certainly was sure then.

Since then, Kurt had put out an album of covers, both Broadway and mainstream, and had just put together his own original album.

But it wasn't like Blaine just liked Kurt because he was a fantastic singer and actor. It was him as a person.

Just below the photo was a colorful collage of the word "Courage". That had been in the "OUT" article, too. Blaine remembered what Kurt had said in the interview by heart. He had been asked how it had been to be suddenly out the moment he hit the Hollywood limelight.

"After I came out to my dad, everything else was easy by comparison. I just try not to worry about all the hate."

Then he'd been asked what advice he would give to any gay or questioning youth out there.

"Courage. Above all, you have to have courage."

Blaine wished Kurt could know how much he'd probably saved Blaine in the past. When everything with his family wasn't perfect, there was Kurt and all his courage to turn to. If he could be as out and proud, so could Blaine.

Blaine looked away from the photo. But then, Blaine was just some kid in Lima, Ohio, and though Kurt was originally from the small town, the way he spoke about it in interviews ("The bullies were horrible. The town is filled with a lot of closed-minded people.") he would never be coming back.

"Blaine!" said Rachel Berry, one of Blaine's best friends since coming to McKinley. She was a little over the top, but then, Blaine liked that about her. She knew what she wanted. "You have to look at this duet I had planned for next week! It will suit our voices perfectly."

Blaine smiled at Rachel, taking one last look at the photo and grabbing his book before shutting the locker door. "I'd love to, Rachel," said Blaine, trying to sound as cheerful as Rachel did.


" - I personally feel like we should showcase one of these duets between Blaine and I, then perhaps a song with Mercedes -"

" - oh no, I think Sectionals this year should have some Latina flavor -"

"Santana, you were showcased last year at Sectionals -"

"And we won. Obviously, that speaks for itself.

"We tied with the Warblers. And who was the lead singer then? Blaine. Obviously his vocals are needed to win -"

" - So suddenly this year becomes the Blaine and Rachel show? You are not screwing up my senior year, Berry!"

Blaine sighed, eyes drifting pass Rachel and Santana, arguing over Sectionals (as they usually did during lunch, if not Sectionals, it was Santana lodging personal attacks in Rachel's direction) and looked at Mike Chang, shrugging. Personally, he really like Mike's voice. They were in the musical this year together, West Side Story, and he was just as good in his own way. He could dance circles around them all, too.

Blaine's phone vibrated in his cardigan pocket just as Santana began to mutter things to Rachel in Spanish (never a good sign, which Blaine had learned within a week of being in Glee club here). He pulled it out, happy for the distraction. He never wanted to be the star of Glee club here. He loved singing, but he was also a junior and new here - he hadn't actually thought he'd get a solo anytime soon. But then, New Directions knew his past with the Warblers, and that he could hold his own on stage…

He sighed, looking down at his phone. His heart jumped and smile was already working its way on his face: it was a Twitter alert from Kurt Hummel.

KurtHummel: The allure of all these clothes are too much for me! xo


He opened the twitpic photo, smiling widely at the no doubt designer store photo. If there was one thing Kurt Hummel was, it would be a fashion fiend. He always looked stunning on and off the red carpet, while also pushing the fashion boundaries, though not as extreme as Lady Gaga. Mostly, Kurt liked to say, with a small smile into the mic of an interviewer, "Fashion has no gender."

Especially when he had worn a kilt to the Golden Globes, paying tribute to the royal wedding.

Blaine sighed, wondering what shopping with Kurt would be like…he'd probably hate what Blaine wore. Mostly, Blaine stuck to bowties, high waters and cardigans.

"Blaine! Tell Santana that she is being completely unfair!"

"You better hold your tongue, hobbit, if you ever want it curled around any dick in the immediate future," hissed Santana.

Blaine dropped his phone, narrowly missing the plate of, uh, "food", on his tray.


"What, so he's a blushing virgin, we all knew that," scoffed Santana.

"Look, I don't want to take anyone's spot light," said Blaine, looking down to get his phone (and hide his blush). "I would be happy to do a duet with Rachel, or anyone for that matter, as long as I can audition. And Santana, your voice is amazing, all the Warblers thought so last year."

Santana looked pleased at this, glaring over at Rachel with a superior expression. "And I think perhaps both you and Mercedes taking leads on another song would be great. Maybe Brittany, Quinn and Tina giving you back up vocals?" Blaine suggested. "Then the guys can take on a song after that?"

Everyone at the table paused, thinking it over for a few moments. "He does have a point," said Finn Hudson, looking put out to admit it. "It seems, like, fair."

"Blaine, you should present that idea to Mr. Shuester," said Rachel with a smile. "I'm sure he would love it!"

Blaine smiled at Rachel, thankful that everyone seemed to like the idea. "I'll do that Rachel." He looked away from her for a moment, sparing one more look at Kurt's tweet before turning off his phone and stuffing it back in his pocket, lunch almost over.


"Can't I change the song?" asked Rachel as they drove from her house to the Lima Bean.

"I like this song," said Blaine, frowning over at her for a moment before putting his eyes forward again. Blaine had Kurt's cover CD on his ipod playing, which was now on "Le Jazz Hot".

"While I admit that Kurt Hummel has excellent vocals," said Rachel. "And is amazingly talented for someone so young, something I would kill for (a big break that is), we listen to him all the time, Blaine. Can't I put on my Wicked soundtrack? I know you have it on your iPod. I made sure it was there the last time I was over and synced it."

"Kurt has a cover of 'Defying Gravity'," said Blaine. "It is amazing, Rachel - he even hit's the note at the end that even you struggled with that one time and -"

"I know, Blaine," said Rachel, rolling her eyes. "I swear, I know just as much Kurt trivia as you do, I hear about it all enough."

"I don't complain when you drive and only play Barbra," Blaine reminded her. Rachel let out a huff, crossing her arms in front of her (a sure signal that he had won this round). Blaine laughed just as one of Kurt's original songs from his new album came up and he reached over to turn it up, belting out the beginning of the song himself.

"I just don't understand it, Blaine."

"What? Ordering coffee? It's pretty simple -"


Blaine laughed, stepping forward in line at the Lima Bean. This was their usual haunt since Blaine started hanging out with Rachel at the beginning of the year ("Every gay man needs an attractive hag, Blaine!") where they would go to discuss Glee club over coffee and a cookie.

"I just don't understand why you love Kurt Hummel so much," said Rachel.

"You like Barbra just as much," said Blaine defensively. \

"She is a legend, Blaine," said Rachel, as if explaining it for the millionth time. "Kurt Hummel has been in the spotlight for three years. You don't know if he's even going to last. Really, he probably is just a fad. The real test will be if he can make it big five years from now, when he doesn't look as young as he does, getting the roles of teens."

Blaine really tried not to take the insult personally, because that would be weird, right? Blaine didn't even know the guy…

"I feel like he'll survive the test of time," said Blaine. He had grabbed his coffee and biscotti, walking over to their usual table in the corner. "I don't see why you're so…down on him. He's an amazing inspiration for the LGBT community. He's like, well, Neil Patrick Harris, only he really reaches out to the youngest people who could be gay or questioning. He gives people hope. You of all people should welcome that change. Before him, no gay teen has really had the same impact."

Rachel sighed heavily, taking a sip of her chai latte. "Yes, yes, he's amazing in that respect as well."

"And he donated both his time and money to Trevor Live this year," said Blaine.

"Yes yes," repeated Rachel. "I get it, Blaine. But really…this level of devotion you hold for him is unhealthy."


You could talk, Blaine thought, but didn't say. He wasn't sarcastic or spiteful, like Santana after all.

"I know when someone has a crush, Blaine," said Rachel. "It's really cute, that you look up to him like that, but it's just that, Blaine - a crush. You need to remember that. Blaine, you're getting obsessed. I've seen the photos in your locker and binders. He's a celebrity; he'll probably never even know you exist."

Blaine's heart dropped. He knew Rachel was right on the last notion. "But…he's just so perfect," said Blaine with a sigh. He looked down at his coffee.

Rachel grew sober, looking at Blaine and saying carefully, "No one is perfect, Blaine."

Blaine wasn't sure of that. Kurt Hummel came pretty damn close. He was always so…put together. He knew the right thing to say, in interviews and on the red carpet.

"I think I'm ok, Rachel," said Blaine, trying to humor her. "Really. You are free to stage an intervention if you feel like I'm about to like, stalk him or something. That is where I wish to draw the line."

"Deal," said Rachel, reaching out with her pinky. Blaine laughed, reaching out and linking his pinky with hers for a moment, then sliding away and twisting their hands with spirit fingers. The paused, then Rachel said with a laugh. "We just did the gay high five."

"Yeah," laughed Blaine.


It was a week and a half later that Blaine was home, doing his homework, music playing softly in the background, and his phone vibrated on the bed next to him. Blaine reached for it, ready to take a break from math anyway. When he saw it was a tweet, well, that was even better (if it had been Rachel asking her opinion on a skirt to wear tomorrow, that might have been worse than homework).

KurtHummel: I have some amazing news for all of you guys! Stay tuned!

Unexplained nervousness suddenly creeped its way into Blaine's stomach, making him sit straight up on his bed. He started down at the phone. He wondered how long he wanted them to "stay tuned"….

The answer came just two minutes later. The phone ringing off in his hand surprised him, and he fumbled to open the text.

KurtHummel: I'm doing my first tour! Crazy right? I hope I'm coming to a city near you!

Following the message was a link to a ticket website.

Blaine didn't even want to admit how quickly he flew off the bed and to his laptop on his desk, opening the link for tickets as quickly as he could. He scrolled through the 20 stop tour, punching the air when he saw "Columbus, OH" as the second concert.

Which was in a month.

Suddenly glad that he had started putting away his saved money from birthday and Christmas in his account, Blaine was reaching for his wallet and pulling out his debit card before it had even really registered. He was also dialing Rachel's number, holding the phone between his shoulder and ear as he navigated the website.

"Hello, Rachel Berry speaking," greeted Rachel (as she always did, though she knew it was him).

"Rachel! Kurt Hummel is coming here. Well, not here, but two hours away! He's doing a concert! I'm so going, but tell me if you can, too. It would be much more fun with someone!"

"Slow down," huffed Rachel. "What day is the concert?" she asked and Blaine could hear her flipping through her planner. He rolled his eyes and read out the date. After a moment, she tutted. "Oh I can't, Blaine. That's the weekend of my dad's anniversary. We always have a lot of family stuff planned for that weekend…"

Blaine sighed, a little disappointed. Even if Rachel wasn't a huge fan, she would be someone to go with. "That's ok," he said, clicking and adding one ticket to his cart. It was a perfect seat, just after the VIP tickets (which he could no way afford).

"Maybe you could find someone else to go with?" suggested Rachel.

"I don't want to wait and not get a ticket," he said. "It's really ok. Going alone will be fine. I can make conversation with the people around me."

"That's the spirit!" said Rachel. "You always find the most interesting people at events like that. And, wow, he's coming to Ohio? You must be on cloud nine."

"Well, he is from Ohio," said Blaine. "I knew he would probably be coming, the second I saw the announcement. But I had to see it to believe it." Blaine finished typing in his credit card information. "Oh god. I just bought tickets to see Kurt Hummel live. I think I'm going to puke."

"Deep breaths," laughed Rachel. "I'm happy for you."

"I'm going to go dance around the room now, Rachel," said Blaine in a calm tone, which made Rachel giggle into the receiver. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye, fan boy," said Rachel.

Blaine wasn't lying when he said he was going to dance around the room.


When he told his parents about the concert, they weren't exactly thrilled, but then he had used his own money so they couldn't forbid it. That meant his mother was mostly worried about him driving to Columbus and back again that night.

"If you're too tired, please pull over and get a hotel," she told him at least a dozen times. "Use our money. I'd rather you come back the next day than not come home at all. And get coffee before you leave the city, if you need to."

"Of course, Ma," said Blaine for the last time as he was climbing into his car for the big day. The last month had dragged by slowly, the date on the calendar growing closer and closer. The first concert, which was just two days ago, had gone off amazingly and Blaine couldn't even handle the one video he'd let himself watch. Kurt was amazing live.

"Call me when you get there," she said. "And when you're on your way back. I don't care how late it is when the concert gets out."

"I promise, Ma," said Blaine. "I'll be safe. I swear." He sighed, getting out of the car for a moment and kissing his mom's forehead.

"Bye, sweetie," she said as he got in the car again, buckling up.

Now, Blaine was finally on the highway, practically vibrating in his seat. He had his Kurt playlist blasting, a mix of his covers and originals filtering through the car speaker. He couldn't believe he was on his way to his concert. He was in Ohio, right now. When Kurt had tweeted yesterday afternoon about it, Blaine had given Rachel a heart attack with his reaction.

KurtHummel: Oh, Ohio. I would say I missed you…but then, I just saw a grown man in PJ's in the airport.

KurtHummel: Really? And a woman in leggings without any pants. God help me.

KurtHummel: But I am looking for the concert tomorrow! Only the most fashionable will attend my concert, after all!

"Oh my god, did someone die?" Rachel had shrieked.

"He's in Ohio, Rachel!"

Rachel had thrown her pinkest pillow at him then.

Blaine laughed at the memory, then perked up when he saw the Columbus turn off on the freeway. He follows the directions from mapquest to the theatre, excited to see a small group of people already there, though the concert isn't for a few more hours. Blaine parks (because if he waits, it will be murder) then over to the ticket office to pick up his actual ticket.

Once that was safely tucked in his wallet, Blaine spotted a small diner across the street. He had dinner there, then went back over to the theatre, texting Rachel his excitement as he did. She was having some family time with her dads, but would text him back as much as she could.

In line, Blaine struck up conversation with two girls around his height. "We're from here in Columbus. We can't believe he's here!" said the blonde one of the two.

"I came from around two hours away," said Blaine. "I can't either. Even if my friend couldn't come with me, I had to go. He's such an inspiration."

"Totally," said the brunette. "And so hot."

Blaine blushed. "Yes, well, that too, obviously."

"Oooh, you're gay then?" asked the blonde.

"Yeah," said Blaine softly. "That's why - I get bullied a lot. His stories about overcoming that are just…they get me through the day."

"Aww," the two girls said.

Soon, they were ushered inside and Blaine parted with the two girls, going up to his seat. It wasn't the biggest theatre in Columbus, but it was sizeable, and Blaine's seats were perfect. Not right up front, but they were mostly center with the stage and close enough.

When people began to sit on either side of Blaine, a guy in his 20's on his right and a family on the other side, he started talking to them: What are your favorite songs? Movie? Stuff like that kept them gushing and occupied until the show was just about to begin. The lights dimmed and multi-colored lights lit up the stage. The tension was building in the theatre and Blaine got to his feet, like everyone else around him were. Then -

"Hello there, Columbus!"

The crowd screamed well, so did Blaine. He wasn't ashamed of that.

"I'm so glad you could all come out to night," said Kurt, his voice echoing in the microphone. God, he looked amazing in tight black jeans, a colorful shirt and bowtie with a vest over it. "Let's get down to business, shall we?"

Kurt started out with one of his more upbeat original songs, and Blaine was glad that everyone else seemed to be joining along (Rachel had urged him to save his voice and not, but then, he had all weekend to recover, so he went for it).

The set continued, going from original to cover for two more songs. Then Kurt smiled out into the crowd. "I'm going to slow it down a little bit now," he said. "I hope you like it!"

Then he began to sing his cover of "I Want to Hold Your Hand." Blaine didn't even understand how amazing Kurt's voice could be live, under these circumstances.

Kurt ran off stage a few times, returning with a different costume each time for a certain song (like Le Jazz Hot, complete with dancers) and stuff like that. Then suddenly, the time was gone and Kurt was singing his last song.

"Thank you guys! Drive safe and have an amazing night!'

After he had left the stage and the house lights had lifted, the people around Blaine filtering out of the theatre, Blaine sat there for about ten minutes, trying to realize what had just happened. It really was amazing.

After enough people had left, Blaine left the theatre and walked slowly into the parking lot to his car. He still wasn't able to get out of the parking lot and ended up waiting in his car playing Temple Doom until enough people had cleared out. He drove about twenty minutes away from the venue, wanting to avoid all the traffic at the restaurants and coffee shops nearby. It was around 10pm and though he was wired from the concert, Blaine knew he should grab some coffee to appease his mom.

There was a coffee shop that looked promising and Blaine pulled in, switching off his care and stretching his legs, stiff from standing at the concert. Blaine walked into the coffee shop, mostly devoid of patrons save for a college student aged boy in the corner, typing furiously on her laptop and a barista at the register. Blaine smiled over at her, walking up and scanning the menu (to pretend he was actually thinking about his order, and not some boring guy that got the same thing all the time).

"Hmm, I'll have a medium drip please?" he said.

"Room for cream?" Blaine thought for a moment, taking in the sound of the door opening behind him as a costumer entered absently.

"Sure," he said, a smile as he pulled out a five. "Keep the change, ok?"

"Thanks," said the barista brightly. She looked up at him, eyes taking on a different tone for a moment. "What's your name?"

"Blaine," he said slowly. Surely she didn't need a name to keep track of his order; he was the only one here.

"Blaine," she said. "That's such a cute name. It totally fits you," she said. She wrote on the side of the cup. "You know, I get off in twenty minutes, if you want to like, go somewhere…."

Blaine wasn't a stranger to being flirted with - well, by girls, that is. For some reason, he never really fit anyone's stereotype of "gay", just by looking at him. He'd become really good at turning down girls gently.

"That's very sweet of you," said Blaine. "But I don't really play for your team. If I did, I would gladly take you up on that."

The barstia looked surprised, then giggled nervously. "Oh! Oh! Sorry. I'll get that medium drip for you right now, Blaine." She walked over to the machine, looking flustered. Blaine chuckled, walking away from the register and grabbing the sugar as he pulled out his phone, calling his mother.

"Hi Ma," he said when she answered. "Just calling to tell you I'm safe and sound. I should be back in Lima in about…" Blaine looked down at his watch. "Two hours or so, if I make good time, which I should."

"You be careful, are you getting coffee? Do you feel tired?" she asked.

"I feel fine, Ma," said Blaine. "And I'm getting coffee now. I should be fine. I'm gonna go now. Don't stay up and make yourself tired, ok?"

Blaine hung up when she promised to go to sleep, smiling absently. Though his father might be…distant, his mother was always the more caring one of the two anyway.

"Excuse me," said a voice behind Blaine. He turned, wondering who would be talking to him… "I heard you were on your way to Lima? Is that right? I sort of wondered if I could as you a favor…"

Blaine's jaw hit the floor.

Kurt Hummel was standing in front of him.

"…what?" he said.

Oh wow, that was pretty eloquent of him.

Kurt smiled at him and (wait, could this really be him, or was Blaine just more tired than he thought?) looked embarrassed. "It's just - my car broke down, right? Literally a minute away and I was on the phone and couldn't get a hold of anyone. Then I looked up all the rental car places nearby and of course they are all closed. Same with repair shops, and it's not a break I can fix myself…" Kurt took a deep breath. "And I'm on my way to visit my dad in Lima, but well, it's late and he's already asleep most likely….I was just hoping, well, you're on your way there and maybe you could drive me?"

Blaine stared, wide eyed, at Kurt. Had he just heard that all correctly?

"Oh god, I'm sorry, I must sound insane or something," said Kurt, still nervous. "Look, I hope I don't sound weird or crazy. I just - I heard you…." He sighed. "Let's start over - Hi, I'm Kurt."

"I…know…" said Blaine slowly and Kurt raised an eyebrow. Blaine's face heated up. "Oh god, that sounded weird and crazy, didn't it? It's just - I just came from your concert and I - well, this is kind of weird."

Kurt's eyes widened, as well. "Oh! Oh! You…really just came from my concert?"

Blaine laughed nervously. "Yeah. God. I love your music so much, you have no idea. And your voice in general just - it's amazing. And-and-your style and courage for being who you are - and -" Blaine breathed in for the first time since the sentence began, realizing how "fan boy" he sounded. Kurt was looking at him with an amused expression. "I'm sorry I - you're regretting asking me now, aren't you? You probably would rather risk walking to Lima that hitching a ride from a fan."

"That's not it, I mean, you sound normal enough," laughed Kurt, scratching the back of his neck. Blaine noticed for the first time he was a bit dressed down, though still fashionable: fitted jeans, white shirt and a vest. "I mean, you're just a guy that gives good tips to baristas and lets them down gently when they hit on you. And tells his mother not to worry and go to sleep." Kurt winced. "Wow, I sound crazy."

Blaine laughed, the nervous chuckle bubbling up in his chest.

He was talking to Kurt Hummel.

And he was just - normal. And…didn't really know what to say.

"Here are your drinks," said the barista suddenly, bringing him back to earth. Blaine grabbed the one with his name, opening the lid and sprinkling in some sugar.

"Why did you come to a coffee shop if your car broke down?" Blaine asked abruptly.

"Oh," said Kurt, sipping his own coffee. "I was going to come here anyway, to get coffee so I wouldn't fall asleep at the wheel, either. When it broke down, I thought waiting here and thinking of a plan was better than waiting out in the cold by my car." He shrugged.

Blaine glanced down at his coffee, then back at Kurt. "If you're…still wanting a ride. I could, I could do that. If you don't mind being trapped in a car with me for two hours."

Kurt's face lit up. "I don't mind at all. I'm pretty certain you're not going to kill me." He paused. "To be safe, I am going to tweet right now…" Kurt pulled out his phone and started typing quickly.

Wait, what?

After a moment, Blaine's phone vibrated. He pulled it out and, of course, it was a tweet. He'd actually missed a previous one from Kurt, thanking Columbus for a good show. The most recent on the other hand.

KurtHummel: I am about to take a risk. If I have not tweeted within the next 12 hours, send help! #sortofserious

"Oh wow," laughed Blaine.

"You get my tweets to your phone then," said Kurt, his eyes crinkling with laugher. "Maybe I should be afraid…"

Blaine colored, pocketing his phone. "You sound like my friend Rachel," he muttered.

"I can't wait to hear all about her - on the way to Lima," said Kurt with a bright tone.

"Oh believe me, you probably don't. Rachel is…a required taste."

"Now I really want to know."

Which was now Blaine ended up leading Kurt Hummel to his car, beginning to talk about Rachel Berry and her obsession with gold stars.