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2 and a half months later: New York City

"Rachel is almost ready," said Blaine, slipping his cell phone back into his suit pocket, double checking to make sure it was on silent mode first. "She's being dropped off just as soon as she puts her shoes on."

"I hope she wears something sensible, yet still eye-catching," said Kurt with a frown. "It's her first big event, after all, and she's going to realize how long that red carpet can be."

"I'm sure she chose wisely," said Blaine. "It's Rachel."


Blaine laughed, scooting closer to Kurt and resting his head on his shoulder, careful not to mess up his hair in the process. "You ready for this? It's a pretty big step."

"I am," said Kurt, sounding quite confident about it all. "I mean, people already assume. This is just confirming what they've thought for months."

"True," said Blaine, in a similar tone that Kurt had just used for the same statement. He reached down to play with the ring on Kurt's hand, which hadn't left his finger for more than a few minutes since Christmas. "I'm still nervous. I've never been on a red carpet before, let alone dropped big news on one."

"Get used to it. After you drop your album in a few months, I'm sure you'll be on plenty," teased Kurt.

"Will you be by my side?"


"We're here, Mr. Hummel; Mr. Anderson," said the driver from the front of the car. Kurt looked out the window, nodding at the people rushing outside. He could already see the bright flashes from cameras.

"This is the best place we could come out as a couple," said Kurt, turning back to Blaine, who had grown slightly pale at the sight. "People here will accept us no matter what."

"I know," said Blaine. He took a deep breath. "Okay. Let's do this."

Kurt opened the door of the car, stepping out in one fluid motion. He heard the sounds around him - from fans and interviewers - that told him they had seen him already. Kurt turned around, offering a hand to Blaine.

Blaine reached out, shaky, but held firm to his hand. Kurt helped him out of the car, then adjusted their hands so they were clutched tightly together. The sounds of the cameras clicking in rapid secession was almost deafening, paired with all the people calling out their names (mostly Kurt's at the moment, though he could hear a few "Blaines!" in the mix).

Kurt pulled Blaine with him, pausing to take photos down the line of photographers. They all ate up their joint hands and the way they dropped them at some point, putting arms around each others' waists to pose.

Once that was over, Kurt heard Blaine breath a sigh of relief as they entered a lull between the photos and interviews.

"Halfway done," said Kurt. "We got this." Blaine sent him a grateful smile.

The first microphone they walked to, being pointed to by Kurt and Blaine's handler, was for E! news. The interviewer was a younger woman, who greeted them warmly. She looked to the camera, introducing them before turning to them once again.

"Hello you two!" she said. "I'm so glad you could attend the Trevor Project Live here in New York with us tonight!"

"We're happy to be here," said Kurt. "I always love coming to Trevor Live, but I haven't been to the New York event in two years. It's nice to be back."

"Of course, of course," said the woman. "And okay, I have to ask, because there has been rumors speculating about who Kurt Hummel's boyfriend is for months, and then quite a few around you, Blaine - and here you are, holding hands - a girl jumps to a few conclusions. So, spill?"

Kurt grinned and looked to Blaine, who was putting on a confident fa├žade at the moment. "Well," he said, dragging out the word. "I'd be lying if I said Blaine wasn't my boyfriend, wouldn't I?"

"Oh my god, that is so adorable," she said. Kurt knew she had just bagged the story of her career so far, getting the first confirmation of a dating couple. "Why the sudden truthfulness on the subject?"

"We didn't really want to show off our private lives too much," said Blaine, taking over with an easy smile. "I was still in high school when we started dating, and no where near California where Kurt was living, so it was just easier to keep it under wraps. But now it seems like, well, it's going to come out sooner or later and we're definitely not ashamed to admit it."

"Quite the opposite," said Kurt with a nod. "And we felt like here, among friends and allies, would be the best place for news like this."

"I completely agree," said the woman. "I wish all the best to the both of you and I hope you have a fantastic night!"

"Thank you," chorused Kurt and Blaine before moving on to the next interviewer.

After that, most of them asked about their relationship, which they were able to smooth over quickly from there. They were both on highs from being here, together, and proudly open with their hands clasped. Many of the interviewers asked about their career plans.

"My movie is going into pre-production right now," said Kurt with a sly smile. "I wrote it and will be staring in it and I'm so excited to get started. It doesn't have any direct LGBTQ themes to it - but that is just the point I wanted to make. I was always turned down for more masculine, straight roles because of what I look like. I'm no different than Neil Patrick Harris, who everyone seems to be comfortable watching play straight. We're both actors and I just want to showcase that it shouldn't matter what you are, as long as you play the role well."

Blaine even got to talk about his own plans.

"I'm recording an album right now," he said. "I can't believe it. It's with Crescendo Records and I'm having a fun time working with songwriters right now, talking about what I want to sing about and learning a few things as well. One day I would love to write my own things. I'm actually using a song my friend Rachel Berry - who should be around here somewhere - wrote when we were in high school. It's a beautiful ballad and I can't wait for people to hear it."

They finally found Rachel as well, speaking to an interviewer with excited hand motions.

"I've only been in the city since my graduation almost three months ago, but I've just started rehearsing for a music off-Broadway. I'm learning so many things that I hope to one day take to the bright lights of Broadway."

Kurt and Blaine greeted Rachel in the middle of her interview, not able to hold back any longer. Blaine hadn't seen her since the goodbye at Kurt's house and their moves to separate coasts. They crashed the rest of Rachel's interview and then moved inside to the main event a few minutes before it began.

About halfway into the event, all three of them stole away backstage to get their mics to perform.

When Blaine and Rachel were invited along with Kurt to sing at Trevor Live, it was another one of those "pinch me" moments that had been happening more and more often lately. It was almost obviously, however, when Blaine thought of it. Kurt was just as famous as ever, with the added buzz of becoming a writer for his own movie. Rachel was still uploading videos on YouTube and her following was rising, plus she was about to start climbing up the ladder of performance in New York City. Then there was Blaine, about to be a recording artist. Add the fact that all of them had LGBTQ ties and in Rachel's case, already quite vocal about how she wanted to be involved with the community, it was obvious.

When Blaine walked on stage with his boyfriend and best friend, however, all this thought couldn't prepare him for what waited for him.

Everyone had eyes on them, whooping and clapping as they walked on in excitement after the announcer said their names.

The slower melody began as the band in the pit began to play, Rachel taking a deep breath before she began to sing, emotion written plainly on her face.

"Da Da Da Da

The smell of your skin lingers on me now

You're probably on your flight back to your home town

I need some shelter of my own protection baby

To be with myself and center, clarity

Peace, Serenity"

Kurt walked up to her side, looking down at her with a comforting smile and reaching over to give her a side hug with the arm not holding the microphone as he sang the next few lines by himself.

"I hope you know, I hope you know

That this has nothing to do with you

It's personal, myself and I

We've got some straightenin' out to do"

Blaine joined in with Rachel's voice, their tones mixing together well as he stepped up to join her and Kurt in line, slipping his hand into Kurt's.

"And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket

But I've got to get a move on with my life

It's time to be a big girl now

And big girls don't cry

Don't cry

Don't cry

Don't cry"

The repeated the chorus together once more, separating on the stage again and singing out to the audience in front of them. Then they got to Blaine's favorite part of the song - the part he had been waiting for. Kurt sang first, walking toward Blaine with an alluring smile as he reaching out his hand toward Blaine again.

"Like the little school mate in the school yard

We'll play jacks and uno cards

I'll be your best friend and you'll be my Valentine"

They laced their fingers together and Blaine gravitated toward Kurt, stepping closer to him than he would have ever dared to do in pubic. But now they were together to everyone - this was something Blaine could do whenever he wanted. Kurt was his boyfriend - and the world knew it. He couldn't help the smile and laugh that followed into his part of the verse, spreading to Kurt, whose face scrunched up in delight.

"Yes you can hold my hand if you want to

'Cause I want to hold yours too

We'll be playmates and lovers and share our secret worlds"

Blaine could hear the light applause that followed this part of the song, the encouraging whoops and cheers made Blaine laughed as Rachel started her verse. They rejoined in the center of the stage, all holding hands as they ended the song. Rachel hugged Blaine's side as the song faded out, then looked out to the thundering applause and waved happily - she was in her element.

Blaine turned to Kurt, slipping his arms around his waist and pulling him down slightly to press a soft, barely there, kiss to his lips. That, as predicted, gained more response from the crowd. Blaine giggled away from Kurt's lips, pressing his forehead to Kurt's for a moment, before detangling himself from his body and reaching out for Kurt's hand again. He took it, and grabbed Rachel, walking off stage as the next presenter of the night shuffled on.

The rest of the night was a blur of camaraderie and plain fun. Blaine was able to meet some of his idols - Jesse Tyler Ferguson, NPH and David Burtka - and really have some thoughtful conversation with them. They commended him on being so young, as well as out and proud. He and Kurt were asked about their relationship many times, but it was fun to talk about that. They withheld some - they needed some privacy, after all - but were happy to share. Everyone who asked tonight was genuinely happy for them. In the future, that might not be the case, but for tonight, it was enough.


June 28th 2012


BlaineA I'm going on a hot date tonight - have any suggestions for what I should wear? ;)


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BlaineA What would I do without you. And oh yes, completely lucky. But here's a secret: I'm the lucky one, too. 3


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