"No! Stop it!" Lucy cried thrashing around desperately attempting to hit the creature she saw before her. Tears began to roll down her face as she watched him advance towards her.

"Lulu, you always knew I'd come back for you." He said as his hand stretched towards her.

"No! NATSU!" Lucy screamed pulling against the rope binding her to a cold metal chair. "NATSU!" Lucy screamed trying desperately to pull away from the Umbraphile.

"Lucy." She heard him! She knew she did. "Luce." His voice drifted over to her. No louder than a whisper.

"Natsu! Natsu I'm here! Hurry!" Lucy cried out to the man she knew would save her.

"Lucy. I'm right here. Just wake up." He called out to her. Confusion swamped Lucy's brain. She was awake. She heard chuckling from her side. When she turned she looked into the monsters eyes.

"No matter where you are Lulu, no matter what you do. I'll always be alive in you. You'll always remember me. That's just as good as me being alive." Lucy screamed again as he covered her and her world went black.

Lucy woke up drenched in sweat and tangled in sheets. Natsu felt himself relax as she finally woke up. He slowly began to untangle her from the sheets of their bed. "It was that dream again wasn't it." Natsu more stated than asked. Lucy only answered with a nod, still trying to calm her raging heartbeat. Natsu leaned forward and brushed the bangs from her eyes. "Your safe now Luce. I'm always going to be right her next to you." Natsu said as he pulled her into a hug and kissed the crown of her head.

Every year was the same around the date she was taken she would dream of her first day back at the guild but when the guild doors open, instead of a crying Juvia it would be him coming to take her again. Every year for two months Natsu would have to wake her up to save her from the nightmares. Lucy looked down at the markings decorating her skin. The scars never went away but Porlyusica had found an herb that helped to fade slightly. But still they were there. Reminding her about the ordeal. What he said was right… he would always be alive in her mind. But Natsu would always be there to help her fight him off.

"Papa, is mamma okay?" a small voice called from the door way. Lucy looked over to see her son rubbing the sleep from his eyes. His pink hair was a mess showing that he had been woken from deep slumber but her mother's night terror. "Your mamma's fine Caelian. Go back to sleep." Natsu said to his son not letting go of Lucy.

"But I heard mamma screaming. Did you have a nightmare mamma?" Caelian asked his mother moving over to the bed, trying to pull himself and the small blanket he carried onto the bed only to fall back. Lucy smiled softly at her son. She pulled away from her husband to reach over the side of the bed to help her four year old onto their bed. "Actually, yes sweetheart. I did have a bad dream." She said placing her son between herself and Natsu.

"Do you want me to do what you do for me when I have a bad dream mamma?" Caelian said looking at her with worried brown eyes.

Lucy smiled softly at her son. "And what's that?" she asked him.

"You sing me a song and stroke my hair." He said with his father's trademark smile gracing his face.

"I'd love that." Lucy said lying down so Caelian could reach her head. He wove his fingers through his mother's soft locks and stared humming a tune she quite often sung to him to help him sleep. It didn't take long until his fingers started to slow down and his humming lost its rhythm. It took even less time until he fell asleep between the warmth of his parents who were both smiling softly at their son. "I'll move him back to his bed." Natsu said as he reached to grab his son, Lucy stopped him.

"Can't he sleep here for tonight? Look how cute he is." Lucy said pouting at her husband who only shook his head at his wife's antics.

"Wasn't you who said he needs to stop sleeping in our bed." Natsu said raising an eyebrow.

"That was before he was looking this cute." Lucy said smiling gently at her husband. Natsu sighed as he leaned over is sleeping son to kiss his wife.

"And I was hoping to try for a girl tonight." Natsu said winking as his Lucy. Red flooded Lucy's cheeks at Natsu's statement. Even after all these years he still knew how to push her buttons.

"Natsu! Not while Caelian's in the bed!" Lucy cried slapping him on the arm. Natsu chuckled quietly.

"You'll wake him up if you're not careful. You are quite loud my dear." Natsu said as Lucy pouted at him. He leaned over once more to give her a lingering kiss. "I love you Lucy."

"I love you too idiot." Lucy said as she snuggled down next to her son and her husband. She's been through hell and come out the other side. She knows she never forget the pain of the past but she always knows that no matter what, that pain will never win against her happiness for the present and her hope for the future and if at any point she feels she will lose to her torment. Her family will always be there to show her otherwise. Happiness is what Lucy always has and always will deserve.

Neh, I'm kinda said it's over. But that my friend is the last we will see of this fanfiction. I think I rounded it off quite nicely, don't you?