New story, and this idea wasn't exactly mine. A friend of mine figured I should redo Uzumaki Heritage, but forgo the whole Uzumaki transformation, and instead of the one named Jared Uzumaki who'd basically be teaching him directly and have Naruto on his side the entire time they've known each other, we figured it would be better for no mass interference until a certain point, instead of just going straight to him.

Also, his skills are actually from when he was younger, and they would be even better had he kept up with them. Anything else... Well, I'm not going to spoil them for you. Read to find out!

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Chapter 1

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura just got saved by Kakashi against the Demon Brothers. "Yo." Kakashi said, looking lazy.

"Sensei, don't scare us like that!" Sakura screeched. Naruto flinched a bit, before walking over towards a tree and sitting down.

"Sakura, I'd calm down if I were you. This has just gone from bad to worse, and we don't need your screeching right now." Naruto said, oddly calm. He had a hand out, palm up, fingers outstretched. A flame appeared on the tips of each of his fingers. "Sensei, why don't you find out why Tazuna lied about the mission. I'll see if I can't call an old friend for some back-up."

"What are you talking about dobe?" Sasuke asked, annoyed.

"Someone that would likely make you piss your pants in fear if he ever showed his full strength." Naruto stated, as the flames grew. He then pressed his fingertips together, and made a giant skinny flame. He opened his hand quickly and it became a Deep Blue Fire, with a few traces of Lightning in it, though Kakashi was the only one to notice. "Please, don't ask me questions until after I'm done with contacting him."

Kakashi looked at him and saw something he never thought he'd see in Naruto. He was serious. 'Naruto is never serious. Everyone knows this. Either this is a fake, or everyone that seems to know him is wrong.' Kakashi thought.

"Who are you, and what have you done with the dobe?" Sasuke questioned, his eyes hard.

A face appeared in the flame. "Hey, Gonta. Where are you right now?" Naruto asked.

I'm on my way to Wave Country, and currently passing through Fire Country. Why?

"Well, I'm on a C-rank, that just got elevated to B-rank. Possibility of it going A-rank is present." Naruto said. No one else understood why he said that. "Ironically, our client is from Wave Country, and is building a bridge."

"Why is that ironic?" Kakashi ended up asking.

Well, shit. Where are you right now? I'm coming along, as my target was last seen in Wave Country.

"Who's your current Target, then?" Naruto asked. Everyone else was confused, as they didn't hear anything Gonta was saying.

Zabuza Momochi, Demon of the Hidden Mist. A-rank Rogue, and former member of the 7 Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. My guess is, if it elevates to A-rank, he's the reason. Wait, you're in range. Give me 3 seconds, and I'll be there. True enough, 3 seconds after he finished, a male appeared.

He was wearing a Dark Blue, almost Black, sweatsuit, that seemed to be made of spandex. Then there was the vest, which looked eerily similar to Sayian Armor, but in much darker colors. The only other thing they noticed, aside from the head, was a Dark Grey Cloak. His hair was a Dark Red Color, and his eyes looked a more Brown color. There were also 2 swords on his back, but they were both sheathed over his shoulders.

Kakashi was instantly on guard, as was Sasuke. "Relax guys, he's good." Naruto stated. "I didn't think you'd get this close this quickly. I mean, we're good 2 hours out for Shinobi."

"Did you forget how quickly I can go when needed?" The man asked, before looking at Kakashi. "Kakashi Hatake. A-rank Konoha Shinobi." he looked back at Naruto. "You made Genin and landed him as a Sensei?"

"Yeah, but he hasn't taught me anything but team exercises." Naruto replied.

"This team never seems to work like it should."

"I happen to agree." Naruto stated. "Unless the situation calls for it, teamwork is nonexistent." This surprised Kakashi. "First off, we have an arrogant asshole who think that he's above everyone else because of his Clan. Then we have a fangirl that does nothing and only made it by thanks to her skill in academics. Then there's me. This isn't a team, and it certainly doesn't act like it unless something like the Demon Brothers show up to face us."

Gonta looked around. "Hmm... An Uchiha, a Haruno, Kakashi himself, and then someone I've trained since he was nearly 8... yeah, most of you won't do much good here."

"You downplaying this squad?" Kakashi asked, his voice serious.

"Not entirely. When you think about it, the Uchiha won't work with anyone. He's giving off an arrogant vibe. The girl, which I can easily assume is a Haruno, is weak physically, and doesn't bother to train physically." Sasuke and Sakura bristled at this comment. "In fact, the only ones among you 4 that could handle this happens to be Naruto and you, Kakashi."

"The dobe of our class? He can't be better than me!" Sasuke shouted.

Gonta raised an eyebrow. "You graduated at the bottom didn't you?"

"Hey. You said to hide any and all skills that weren't needed. Besides, I graduated after flushing out a Chuunin level Traitor. I've been playing the fool all throughout the Academy, and even into my Genin days, which is only about a month at this point. I've done everything just how they expected me to from our days in the academy. They have no idea how powerful I truly am, and all my true training goes on in 2 places."

"Really? And how far are you with the master seal?" Gonta asked.

"Currently? 42." Naruto replied. Gonta whistled.

"That's at least 200x for the Gravity Seal, 800 pounds for the Weight Seals, 42 for the Resistance Seals, and 42 for the Suppression Seals. Impressive. Then again, I expected you to be at least at Level 60 by now. What? Did Kurama hold you back for longer than you should have?"

"Only until I could use 1 tail without losing control of myself. Then I level up." Naruto stated, shrugging. "I was closing in on level 43 before I went for this mission, and I've been using a Shadow Clone for the D-ranks while I train on my own in Makai. It's better for me to train there than in the Village."

"Which section?"



"Naruto. Explain." Kakashi ordered.

"I've been training on my own for years, in things you'd never be able to comprehend."

"And why is it that you've never showed any of it off?" Kakashi asked.

"There's a saying in Makai about those that come here. "A Dumb Demon that hides his true skill lives longer than a Smart Demon that Flaunts it like it was everything". So basically, I've been playing the fool for those that weren't smart enough to notice. Besides, you know the council. What would happen if I got too powerful for them?"

Kakashi's lone eye widened in realization. "You mean..."

"Yes. It was for my own survival. They'd call for my execution if I were too powerful for them, or if I could annihilate them within 3 seconds." Naruto stated evenly. "And you know full well why. Unfortunately, Sasuke and Sakura aren't in the loop, and neither is our client. The law prevents it from being let out, you know? That's the only reason they don't know, and I'd very much like to keep it that way."

Kakashi then understood everything. "So, you only hid your skill to avoid the council calling your execution?"

"That, and the fact that if I wanted to turn on the village they likely wouldn't stand much of a chance. I mean, come on! I outran ANBU as an academy student, with myself restricted to the max! What does that tell you?" Naruto retorted. "Anyway, it was better for me to hide what I could truly do, and live another day, than go all out, and possibly kill anyone that got in my path. Civilians included."

Gonta nodded at that. "You've grown a lot since I first met you. I'm kind of glad for that, you know?"

"I'm glad that I took your advice regarding Shadow Clones and Bandit camps. That helped with real-time experience."

Gonta looked at him and nodded. "For the remainder of this mission, Release Restraint will be needed. Especially if my target is still in Wave."

"Yeah. Besides, this is only the Third time we've worked together, and the first we've done so against Ninja. Right, White Devil?"

"Exactly, Shadow Fox." Gonta replied.

"Wait. Did you just call him "White Devil"?" Kakashi asked, thoroughly surprised.

"What of it?" Naruto asked. "It's a name I came up with for him, and Shadow Fox is what he calls me in the field, anyway. It was better that way, since no one should have known I was out there doing shit that I probably shouldn't have been, but when was I ever one to follow the rules?"

Kakashi took notice of the statement, and nodded in agreement. "You know, that's probably the only thing that both sides have in common, isn't it? But still... The White Devil himself Trained you?"

"You sound like you're surprised." Gonta stated.

"Well, yeah, I'm surprised. No one knows where you come from, and anyone that has tried finding you ends up dead with their own bounty cashed in, or their head is sent back to their village."

"Yeah, I know." Gonta waved him off. "Then again... You got a Bingo Book on you?"

"I picked one up a week before I graduated from a Bandit Camp." Naruto admitted, before pulling it out. "Why?"

"Look in the SS-class section." Gonta stated. Naruto did so, and found him in there, but the picture was nothing more than a silhouette of him with his cloak on. "See how many I've defeated?"

Naruto looked at the list and whistled. "Someone's been busy."

"Gotta make a living somehow, am I right?" Gonta shrugged.

"True." Naruto put it up. "Still, I didn't check it that far. Flee on sight, though?"

"Well, I can't help it if I can't keep my targets alive for too long. After they wake up, I can either sedate them, or kill them. After 3 times, I kill them, because they all are annoying as hell." Gonta replied. "Iwa has only put out 2 Flee on Sight orders, and the other was the Yondaime Hokage."

"Damn." Naruto replied.

"And Kushina had a Flee on Sight order from Suna, along with a Kill on Sight order from Iwa, Kumo, and Kiri."

"That's fucked up." Naruto stated.

"Tell me about it."

"You two are obviously close, but I'm sorry, I can't risk my team on this mission." Kakashi stated.

"You didn't ask why he lied about the mission, did you?" Naruto asked. Kakashi sweatdropped.

"Tazuna, right?" Gonta asked, earning a nod. "Well, if I'm correct, Gato is in Wave. Last Island he took control of lost all of its resources. After Uzushiogakure was destroyed, he went there and bankrupted it. If he's in Wave, he's bound to be doing the same thing there."

Tazuna nodded. "I'm sorry I lied but..."

"And that's why that, regardless of them coming or not, I'll be going." Gonta stated. "And Naruto? You're coming with."

"Like I would leave a village that is on the verge of self-destruction when I know I can help. But if my team isn't coming, I'm not going as Naruto, but Shadow Fox."

"Heh, if the dobe's in, so am I." Sasuke stated.

"But Sasuke..."

"But nothing." Sasuke shot at Sakura. "I can't let a Clanless loser outdo me."

"Even when both of my clans are dead, and have been since the day I was born?" Naruto retorted. "Because, correct me if I'm wrong, Gonta, the Uzumaki Clan was supposedly eradicated by Iwa, Kumo and Kiri nearly 30 years ago. A little over 20 years before I was born. Even then, it took, what? 2 months to take out any of them?"

"Records state that it took 3 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days before they actually got rid of most of them. Kushina was one of the last ones, and she was your mother, after all." Gonta stated.

"And then my other clan..."

"No records on Namikaze anywhere." Gonta cut him off. "Unfortunately, I've looked for anything indicating them and found nothing. Last known was your father."

"Damn. And he died against the Kyuubi." Naruto said.

"How do you even have parents? You're an orphan!" Sakura shouted.

Gonta sighed. "Just because he has no parents now, doesn't mean he never did. Hell, he had them for... I'd say a few hours at most. Lost his mother right after Child birth, and Father died against Kyuubi. Or are you so stupid you can't see that?"

"She's got a brain, Gonta." Naruto stated. "She just has no common sense, or sense of a true Kunoichi."

"Oh yeah. I remember seeing myself in the A-rank section of the same Bingo Book. Mainly due to the Crime Lords I've brought in during my Bandit Camp Raids, and always under the name Shadow Fox. Outfit and everything."

"I noticed." Gonta stated.

"Looks like we're continuing." Kakashi stated. "However, I expect to see what you can truly do during the course of the mission."

Gonta and Naruto shrugged. "The Release Restraint was called for. Luckily, I've trained for this with and without the need for it. Mainly so I don't have any problems with the mass adjustments." Naruto replied. "Although, I've only done that in Makai."

Gonta smirked at that. "Let's set up camp. It's gotten late, so it's best if we rest up until morning."

Naruto made a few Shadow Clones, and had them set up the tents, while the original stuck with Gonta. Sasuke lit the fire, after Sakura gathered some logs for the fire. Kakashi and Tazuna were talking.

Sasuke then walked up to Gonta. "Train me."

"Sorry, I don't train Arrogant Assholes, and you give off the Aura of one. Lose the Arrogance, and sense of superiority. Then we'll talk." Gonta stated.

"I deserve..."

"I will only say this once. Power isn't deserved. It isn't given at birth, regardless of what people think. A name has no true strength. It is the person that has it, and humanity has lost all sense of that fact. Power can only be gained through hard work. There are no shortcuts to strength or power." Gonta stated.

Naruto glared at Sasuke. "If you think about demanding training from him, you'll end up in the ditch. The Village has no hold over him, for several reasons. For one, he's not aligned with any village, civilian or Shinobi. Second, he trains people he deems worthy. I know what he looks for. You have none of the things on that list from what I've seen of you."

Sakura noticed the exchange and almost went berserk. What stopped her from doing so is Naruto's glare. It wasn't his blue eyes, but Blood Red eyes with a Black Slit. She visibly recoiled at that. "If you so much as say that he deserves it when it's the choice of the teacher, then you're as good as dead. I'm only teaching those I deem worthy. He only teaches those he deems worthy. Our standards are basically the same, but the levels in mine are higher than his, and so are the penalties for breaking the rules laid out."

Gonta smiled at Naruto. "Taking my teachings to heart, Naruto?"

"Of course I am. I'd be a fool not to. After all, I've found that I can only get stronger with those ideals, and it's a lot better than going with his ideals, which are focused around Revenge." Naruto stated.

"And you really think I wouldn't teach him?"

"Without a doubt. Everything I've seen out of him is about gaining power to kill his brother." Naruto stated, shocking Sasuke. "If I were the same idiot they thought I was, I would've tried filling that spot instead of the one that had it by blood. However, that was before I found out just what happened that night, and the truth behind the whole matter."

"Where did you find out?"

"Kitsune Realm, of course." Naruto replied. "They were celebrating it because they actually hate the Uchiha Clan for what they always did to their kind, along with Kurama. When I asked why they died that night, well, what I found out was both expected of them, and made me feel a little better because Kurama was safer. Thing is, there are 3 Uchiha left. One caused the Kyuubi attack, One performed the Massacre on orders, and the last one is a survivor of said massacre."

Sasuke went pale. "You... you're lying! There's only 2 left!"

Naruto glared at Sasuke. "If by 2 you mean those that have activated the Mangekyo level, then yes. You haven't even activated your Sharingan yet. Itachi has the Mangekyo. And the last one has the Eternal Mangekyo. The Kitsune Clan have been keeping tabs on anyone with the Sharingan, and last week, 2 had it active, and one has the potential to activate it."

"He's right. I've only encountered the Third one once, and he had outmaneuvered me during that time. This is not without consequence, however. He had lost his left eye during the confrontation." Gonta stated. "He now wears an Orange Spiral mask with one hole allowing him to see through with his only working eye."

Naruto caught it being a lie, but didn't comment. Sasuke, on the other hand, bristled at the insult. "Whatever. You obviously can't handle yourself with..."

"The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan?" Gonta cut him off. "I know how the Mangekyo Sharingan works. Itachi can't beat me. The Eternal Mangekyo, however, I have very little knowledge of. For a first encounter with the Eternal Mangekyo, that is far better than most can claim."

"Going up against something you have little to no knowledge of... Survival rate is low, if I remember correctly." Naruto stated, earning a nod from Gonta.

Kakashi noticed most of what they were saying, and sighed. "Gonta, do you mind if I talk to you, Alone?"

Gonta sighed, and got up. "Fine. But if I feel like blowing you off, I will." They both disappeared from the Genin's sight, but not Naruto's senses.

-Forest Clearing-

Kakashi and Gonta were in the center of the clearing. "What is it that you want? I'm only here for Naruto's sake."

"That's just it. Why hasn't anyone heard about you and him partnering up with anyone?"

"If you're talking about the relationship between us, that's his story to tell. Frankly, I have no desire to join up with you, but since he is around, I will partner with him. That is all. My current target is in Wave Country anyway."

"That brings my next question. Who is your target?"

"Zabuza Momochi. My sources, which Ironically are the same as Naruto's, have stated that Zabuza entered Wave Country a few days back. I was passing through Fire Country to get there from Wind Country."

"An A-rank Rogue? You seriously think those Genin can handle that?" Kakashi accused.

"If Naruto doesn't hold back, then he and I can take him no problem. I was originally intending to take him down myself, so you know. The fact that Naruto is already classified as an A-class Shinobi himself in the Bingo books doesn't do him much justice. I've trained him for years, and know he's capable. The way I see it, you, me and Naruto are the only ones that can handle him. Naruto, if you haven't found out by now, has already made his first kill."

"What exactly does his training entail?"

"Mostly Control, manipulation, and a few Jutsu I think he could learn and I know the concept behind. I had him learn Element Jutsu without handsigns, through pure manipulation. I give him the description of a few Jutsu in any given element, and he has to be able to use them to their full effect without handsigns. I had also trained him a bit in Kenjutsu, if you're wondering. He doesn't have a sword of his own, to my knowledge. His Taijutsu and Kenjutsu styles are his own. I gave him basics, and he worked from there."

"And you think that actually works?"

"Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't." Gonta replied. "It makes him more efficient at the Jutsu, because it allows him to know how the Jutsu works inside and out. There are only 2 Ninjutsu I have actively trained him in, and one of those 2 has been marked 'Do Not Use' until he goes for his first Chuunin Exams. The other is when he has a Jounin Sensei, or he somehow gets his hands on a scroll with it in there."

"Which one is for the Chuunin Exams?"

"I am not at liberty to say, since you would not believe I knew how it works if I did. It is an A-rank, and rare, as few knew how to use it properly."

"And the other?"

"He used it to set up the camp. I taught it to him when he was 9." Gonta replied. "My only guess is he has met the requirement for it. However, I have trained him in a massively unknown element. It's the reason he is called Shadow Fox."

"You trained him to use the Yin element?"

"No, I trained him to use Void. It is something he gets because of the Kyuubi, who has a name. When I can't help him out, he can. After seeing what I can do, he is a lot more helpful."

"Do you know..."

"How dangerous it is? Yes, I do." Gonta cut him off. "In fact, I'm the reason he's even bothering to cooperate at all."

Kakashi leveled a glare at him. "How?"

"Well, this is how it went..."


Naruto and Gonta met up in the Kitsune Realm.

"Alright, what are we learning today?" Naruto asked.

"I believe it's time for you to learn of what you have within."

"What I have?" Naruto asked. "What do you mean?"

"I have taught you meditation for finding things far out of your usual range. Now, you need to use it to see inside of yourself." Gonta stated. "I shall be going with you when you make it there. Wherever you end up is your mindscape."

Naruto raised and eyebrow, but nodded. He had realized that Gonta never told him to do anything without reason. After a few minutes he found himself in a sewer.

He saw Gonta come in through a glow. "Sensei?"

"Told you, I'd come." Gonta stated. "Unfortunately, this is your mind. There is a power in here that is not yours. Head to it, and I will follow."

"Why do I need to lead?"

"It's your mind. My sense of direction is useless here." Gonta admitted. They walked for a bit, and found themselves in front of a gate.

Gonta knew immediately what this was, and who was behind it. "YO! FOX! WAKE THE FUCK UP!"

A crimson eye opened. "Quiet down. Some of us are trying to sleep here." After a few seconds, both eyes snapped open. "HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET IN HERE WITHOUT ME NOTICING?"

"Because I meant no harm to his state of mind, so you had written me off as nothing." Gonta stated. "There's a reason I'm here, though."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

"First off, I believe he should know the truth of the night he was born. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to say anything, as I, technically, wasn't there. Hell, I wasn't even in the Elemental Countries once at that point."

"So, you came here, knowing I was here, but not willing to explain what you knew?"

"The reason being, you were there. I wasn't. Better to hear from someone who was there, than from rumors, or second hand sources."

"And you really think I'll just say it?"

"Well, there's more to it than that." Gonta stated. "I also came with a deal, Kurama."

Kyuubi was silent. "Go on."

"I know you don't want your container to be weak. That's a given. So instead of calling him weak, and not bothering to do anything, why not train him yourself? It's obvious that his village won't do a damn thing but stunt his progress."

"And what do I get out of this?"

"Well, first off, a stronger container. Second, I know of several ways for you to have your own body. I simply lack the means to do so myself. When the time comes, I'd be giving the information to him, and he'd do so."

"What good would that do?"

"Some may or may not work. That is the only problem with them, but there are several. However, at that point, he would easily be able to control all 9 tails worth of your Chakra, has reached a SSS-class Shinobi status, whereas his father was only SS-class. When he is good enough to be your successor, then he will get them. Between now and then, I will also be gathering the information I'd need on a few of them."

"Hmm... And I can teach him what I wish?"

"As long as it doesn't clash with the few things I'd be teaching him, yes. Though, there are only 2 that I can think of right now, and could teach him here and now."

Kurama was silent for a bit. "How about this. I train him to my specifications, and you add on to what I give him. However, you give him basics, and I help him improve on them."

Gonta looked at him and sighed. "The only thing that I would want no interference in is the Rasengan. Everything else will be a collaboration, or just you. Unfortunately, I am not that proficient in Ninjutsu, even though I know what to accomplish."

"Then how do you know they work?"

"Knowing something and having the ability to perform it are two completely different things. One of the things he should learn is how to use Jutsu without handsigns. There is only one that I think we can forgo for that. The Mass Shadow Clone technique."

"Mass Shadow Clone?" Naruto questioned. "And why are you discussing my training?"

"Well, I must say I'm impressed." Kurama, the Kyuubi, stated. "I'm in. However, once he is up to snuff, he will become a Kitsune himself."


"I will train him, but not just in the Shinobi arts. You have proven your knowledge to be worthwhile, while your Ninjutsu and Genjutsu ability lacks. However, what you lack is easily covered up by what you have. When he is ready, I will let him know, and he will take my place, and I will leave him be."

"And what will become of you?" Naruto asked.

"It will not matter at that point. I will have no further purpose, and thus, I will wither and die, or you could release me. At that point, the choice is yours. Should you choose to release me, I am free to do as I please. If I stay, you will have to put up with me until I wither away. If I die, you won't. If you die, I will."

"Weird aspect of the seal." Gonta stated. "Am I to assume it binds your soul to his, but not the other way around?"

"That is how it seems."

Just then, a man that looked like an older Naruto appeared. "Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

"Minato Namikaze." Gonta stated. "You are here to prevent him from being released, correct?"

"How did you..."

"I know more than I let on. I believe you sealed part of your Chakra, and Kushina's as well, correct?"

"No one knew about that."

"Wait. You sealed him inside of me?" Naruto asked. "Why?"

Minato looked at Naruto. "You know who I am correct?" Naruto nodded. "Do you think I would ask someone else to do something that I wouldn't do myself?"

Naruto looked at him. Gonta sighed. "The village didn't honor your last wish. They see him as a demon that should have been killed, instead of reborn."

"They did WHAT?" Minato shouted. He looked at Naruto, and then at Kurama. He turned back to Gonta. "How do you know this?"

"The Sandaime was reinstated after your "Death" and the Civilian Council rose in power. He can't eat anywhere but one place in the village, and shops either overcharge him, or don't even let him in. This is only going off of what I can tell for sure, so that's probably sugarcoating it."

"The only ones that are even close to being nice to me are Hokage-Jiji and the guys at Ichiraku's Ramen." Naruto said, his voice low. "I think they know, but they don't seem to care about that, unlike anyone else."

Minato was livid, and Naruto, Gonta, and Kurama could feel the Killing Intent (KI) he emitted. "I should have let them burn to the ground. I should have listened to Kushina. They would never honor my wish, and I didn't listen."

"Wow. I didn't think he'd agree with me there."

Minato looked at Kurama. "Shut it, fox."

"Minato, you're still pissed off." Gonta stated. "Just tell us where you would have put access to your clan Jutsu, Original Jutsu, and anything his mother would have hidden."

"Wait... He's my father?"

"I thought that was obvious with what he said about not doing anything he wouldn't do." Gonta stated.

Naruto absorbed this for a minute. "So... You used your own son to house a demon that was on a rampage."

"And it's something I regret doing either way." Minato stated. "3 Kilometers to the Southwest of Training Ground 44. There's a Space-time barrier that only one of my kin can go into. Kushina and I are the only ones that know of its existence. Sarutobi only had a scroll with a Blood Seal that houses your inheritance. That was what I told him. That was only a partial lie. It only gives directions to the real inheritance. It was to be given to you under one of 3 conditions. One: Godaime is named. Two: You reach Chuunin rank. Three: You are 18 years old."

"But wait. I don't fall under any of them." Naruto stated.

"What they don't know won't hurt them. If anyone asks, say you came across it on accident, but if no one asks, don't say a word on it. The fact that you didn't know I was your father, means that no one knew, or there was a law placed that forbid it from being said to anyone."

"Wait. Is there a complete Autobiography of you anywhere?"

"Complete? Not likely. Autobiography? No. Biography? It's possible." Minato admitted. "If you come across Jiraiya of the Sannin, and so you know, he's a massive pervert, ask him for his first book. It's titled 'Tale of a Gutsy Shinobi'. You got your name from it, for one. The other reason I say this... If you want to know anything about me, you'll need to see what the Main Character acts like. That's what I was like, most of the time. On the battlefield, I could be ruthless, and was easily feared by my enemies. At home, I was compassionate, and caring. The Naruto in that book was basically the same way, with one difference. He didn't kill without good reason."

"Well, I'm training to be a Ninja myself. Gonta here is helping me."

"Is he now?"

"I wouldn't be around all the time. I have no wish to work under the Hokage at this point. At the moment, I am nothing more than a traveling warrior that knows a lot of things I shouldn't. Where I'm from, Ninja do not use Ninjutsu, or Genjutsu. We relied on weaponry and stealth. However, I am familiar with Nin-, Gen-, and Taijutsu. Kenjutsu and Taijutsu I have a good idea to train him for that, however, the style he will use will be of his own making. It would take years to pull this off, so I was going to teach him the Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu."

"You do realize that it's a Kinjutsu, correct?"

"And he's a Jinchuuriki. One of the reasons it is labeled Kinjutsu is because of the Chakra cost, correct?" Minato nodded at that. "The only other reason is because of the mental strain from the memory transfer ability, correct?" He nodded again.

"Being a Jinchuuriki has the Chakra cost down. But what do you plan on doing about the mental strain?" Minato asked.

"Same way he got here. Meditation." Gonta replied. "If he is unconscious, it will allow him to absorb information a lot easier, along with sort through it."

"Not to mention the fact I'll be helping."

Minato thought for a second and nodded. "Alright, I'll allow it. However, there is a limit to what that can entail."

"I know this, and we will find out that limit throughout training. Rasengan, and yes, I know how to perform it, and Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu are the only 2 I'll be teaching him directly, as I know the full aspects of learning them."

"I don't remember showing you."

"You didn't have to. In fact, you and I have never met. I just know how it works."

"Prove it."

"First thing you need is rotation. It has to be in several directions, and go extremely fast. The Second thing you need is power, and a lot of it. The final piece you need is containment and control." Gonta stated. "The end result is a small ball in the palm of your hand that looks a lot more like a Miniature Hurricane contained in a sphere."

"All points correct." Minato stated. "Get him to learn how to use it with one hand. I know there are other ways, but that's taking a shortcut."

"Oh, I know that. However, even after mastering Water Walking, I highly doubt that he could do it like that. It's a matter of control. I have several ideas to compensate that little problem, so he would be able to get there eventually."

"Like what?"

"For starters, the Waterfall Climbing. Then there's Elemental Training, which he'd be getting through learning Jutsu without handsigns. Handsigns are merely a shortcut for Jutsu, after all. Fire, Wind and Water are the main Jutsu he is likely to learn."

"I will also be teaching him from my own Elements. This includes the Void Element. It's not one that can be inherited through blood usually, as anyone can grasp the concept. However, since he will one day become my successor, as per our deal, it will pass through like a Bloodline, but only after I am gone."

Naruto, Minato, and Gonta looked at him. They all nodded. "I think we can all agree on that." Minato stated. "Make sure no one else knows about this, though."

They all nodded.

-Flashback, KAI!-

"and that's it." Gonta stated. He left out the parts that weren't supposed to get out, but gave enough. "Any Jutsu he knows, he would know how to perform without handsigns, aside from the Shadow Clone Jutsu. And this is only to my knowledge. In regards to Genjutsu, I have no idea how far he progressed. He doesn't use them often."

"Oh really?" Kakashi asked.

"If you want to know anything else about his abilities, that is for you to ask him. I managed to get Kurama to cooperate. Don't fuck it up, and no one is to know." Gonta stated, his voice stern.

Kakashi sighed. "Fine. But where is his control level? Surely, you can give that."

"Last time I saw him... it was near perfect. Ask him for a time frame. I move too often to keep track. His full set of abilities, even I am not aware of them."

Kakashi nodded at that. "I guess that's all I'm gonna get out of you. However, I will need to let the Hokage know that he has made contact with the Kyuubi. I'll leave out the name, though. Keep that one on the down low. Just play the name Kurama as a friend of yours, and you're good."

"Not a lie, either. Kurama is a bit of a friend to both of us." Gonta stated. "Let's head back. Nothing else to talk about, after all."

They went back to the camp.

What they found was Naruto meditating, Sasuke was brooding, and Sakura was silent. "What happened here?"

Tazuna spoke for them. "Duck butt got pissed Blondie wouldn't train him, Pinkie got rejected and nearly killed by Blondie. Blondie has a colorful mouth when ticked off, I'll admit. He got them both to shut up. After he did that, they started doing what they are now."

Naruto opened his eyes. "Glad to see you're back Gonta-sensei."

"Looks like you shut them up."

"After this, though, my act will have to drop. Word will spread, after all." Naruto stated.

"No need for that. However, you have outgrown most of what I am supposed to teach you already." Kakashi stated. "I'm afraid I don't know what to teach you, at this point. I would teach you one of my original Jutsu, but I'm not sure if you can learn them easily."

"Which ones?" Naruto asked. "All I need are Element and Rank, to be honest."

"Lightning, A-rank. Both of them, although one is flawed, since it's a straight shot."

Naruto looked at Gonta. "I think I can handle that. Came up with an S-rank Lightning Jutsu, after all."

"Which one?" Gonta asked.

"Pure Lightning Strike. The one with no Chakra usage. One of my 3 Last ditch moves." Naruto stated. "Think I could handle them?"

Gonta thought for a moment. "Chidori and Raikiri, correct?"

Kakashi nodded. "Well, shit. Teach him Raikiri. He should have Chidori down."

Naruto shook his head. "I don't, but I have a short way to go at this point. That kind of manipulation is not easy. Not with Lightning. Out of all 5 Elements, Lightning is the hardest for me to go through, and Wind is the easiest."

"Before we get back, show me your progress." Gonta stated. "Because after the next Chuunin Exams, I'll taking you on as an apprentice myself."

Naruto's eyes widened. "Wait. Does that mean...?"

"Yes. I'm coming to Konohagakure with you. However, I have my own things to do, and as such, I will be giving my own conditions for staying." Gonta stated.

Naruto grinned, but then a thought crossed his mind. "I almost forgot. I need to pick up the Souba Kitodo had made for me. Regaldo in Makai Market is the smith, and it should be ready tomorrow."

"You want me to get, or stick with them so you can?" Gonta asked.

"Well, if I get it, you have to deal with the Emo Bastard, and screeching Haruno." Naruto paused, noticing they were both out of it. "But if you get it, you might miss your target if we run into him."

Gonta tapped his ear. "Are you wearing hearing aids now?" Naruto asked.

"Sorry, I can't hear you."

Naruto mouthed "How?"

"Sound Barrier around my ears. I can't hear anything except what my own body does." Gonta stated. "It helps, if you catch my drift."

"That'll help. But what about the Wind?"

"Unaffected." Gonta replied. "And you remember what I taught you about things you can't see or hear your opponent, and your nose is basically blocked from picking them up?"

Naruto nodded. "Use it to your advantage."

Gonta suddenly remembered something and pulled out a scroll. Naruto came up to him, and watched him make a seal. When it was done, Kakashi was also looking at it.

"What is it?"

"I tend to have random strokes of genius. I just remembered something about Konoha that would help if I had a way to counter it." Gonta stated, before looking at Naruto. "Pop Quiz. What will this seal do?"

Naruto looked at it for a few seconds. "It's going to stop certain sounds, or voices. As to what... Haruno and Youth would be keywords. Aside from that, I have no idea."

"Wait. Youth? As in Power of Youth?" Gonta nodded. "I'll admit that some of the most powerful beings ever have some kind of quirk. Even I do. But when someone has to get loud for that, it gets old after a while, and even more annoying."

"What about the Haruno?"

"Well known to be like Banshee's in their screech. When they get high enough in volume, it'll block out their voice, and your ears won't pick it up. Anything regarding Youth will not be heard."

Kakashi was awed. "Think you could make one of those for the village for the Power of Youth?"

"If I can figure out a way to get it over a wide area, why not? For now, only Naruto's getting it." Gonta stated. "Shirt off. Better to do this now, than later."

Naruto did so, and the Seal was placed on his back. Gonta channeled something into his hand before running it on the back of the scroll making it transfer. Naruto didn't even grunt. "That was oddly painless." Naruto stated.

"Could be Kurama, or it could be your training."

"It's the training. You've been through a lot worse regarding your back."

"He says its the training." Naruto admitted.

"Alright. I'll go for the Souba. You stick around. If he shows, flare the Youki. If I don't get there in 10 seconds, all bets are off. And this includes your father's shit."

"Think I can use Bloodbath during this? I always liked using it, for some reason, and it's close to the Souba in design." Naruto asked.

In response, Gonta held out his left hand which started to glow. He pulled out a sheathed sword, and tossed it to him. "Use it well, and don't break it." He looked at Kakashi. "If your other students ask, tell them I'm on an errand that will help on the mission."

-2 days later-

Team 7 had just landed in Wave Country. Naruto looked calm, but was on high alert. Gonta had yet to return, and they had just landed. He then heard a voice. "Sorry, it's taking so long, Naru. It was just now finished, so I'm bringing it to you now. It needs your blood, and energy for it to be complete."

'Noted.' Naruto replied. 'Also, we just landed in Wave Country. No sign of... Wait. I feel 2 presences. One has no Chakra, so they're obviously suppressing it to the max. They can't tell that I know they're both there.'

"Wait for them to make the first move. Use the Youki Pulse to stop it, if necessary."

'Roger that.' Naruto then caught something moving towards them. And it was fast. "Everyone down!" He shouted, tackling Sakura, Sasuke hitting the ground, Kakashi getting Tazuna to the ground.

"Well well. Looks like the Green Genin picked me up first. I must be getting sloppy." Zabuza Momochi (A/N: If I have to describe his attire, then you should go in a hole and die) landed on the Zanbato that would have cut their heads.

Naruto smirked. "Ever hear of the Shadow Fox?"

"Wait a minute... You're the Shadow Fox?"

"You catch on quickly." Naruto replied.

"Oh shit. That means the White Devil is nearby." Zabuza stated. "Just hand over the old man. I don't have a death wish right now, and I really don't want to fight the fabled White Devil or the Shadow Fox."

No one noticed, but Naruto flared some Youki during his speech. "Unfortunately for you, the old man is the client, so we can't let him go."

"Well, shit." Zabuza replied. "Guess I'll have to fight."

"What about the other one I picked up?" Naruto asked, drawing everyone's attention.

"Dobe there isn't another..."

"So, you picked up both of our presences before I struck once... Yeah, you're the Shadow Fox alright. I have no wish to fight you, but Sharingan Kakashi... You're a good match first." Zabuza stated.

"Hate to break it to you, but..." Naruto paused, only for another voice to pick up where he left off.

"Neither of them are your opponent." This came from behind him, and Zabuza was sent flying towards the Water. Gonta had appeared. "Yo, Shadow Fox." He tossed a sheathed sword to him. "Leave the other one alone. Kitsuki has her under wraps."

"Noted." Naruto replied, catching the sword. "You don't have much experience with it yet, so don't bother using it here."

"Well this sucks!"

"Zabuza Momochi. Surrender or die. Your choice." Gonta stated.

"I choose to fight!" Zabuza charged with Kubikiri Hocho ready to cut him in half. It was stopped dead in its tracks by another blade. "Well, you didn't choose Surrender, so you're going to die here and now." Gonta stated, before pushing him off.

The blade in his hands was 3 Feet 3 inches long, not including the hilt or handle. It had a cerated edge, with hooks along the edges of the blade. It was a Sea Green color, but it nearly demanded death. "Fox, use Bloodbath for this one. I've got Outsider."

"You got it. Fox!" Naruto shouted.

"Devil!" Gonta shouted.

"Combo slash!" They both ended up shouting. When the finished, they both disappeared from all sight, before Gonta appeared right in front of Zabuza, cutting him in the chest.

Naruto appeared behind Zabuza and to the right, and cut off the left leg at the knee, before vanishing. The fact that Zabuza was on the water at that point was not lost to them, as Gonta kicked him into the air. Naruto appeared above him, and cut off the other leg, while Gonta charged from below, and cut off the right arm, passing through cleanly, and then twisting Outsider into a reverse grip, and lightly glancing the blade on his torso on his next pass. It didn't happen that way.

The moment Gonta came within 2 feet of Zabuza's body, the hooks started moving like a Chainsaw. That was when he struck the entire length of the spine, starting at the Cerebral Cortex. Naruto then appeared above Zabuza and instantly decapitated him.

Gonta grabbed the head, and called out. "Body Burner!"

"Right!" He took a deep breath and released a Flame in the shape of a Dragon. There were no handsigns, and this angered Sasuke. The Dragon split into several and instantly incinerated each piece. The head was left, as was his sword, and Headband. "I love headhunting." Gonta stated, before sealing the head in a scroll.

Naruto and Gonta came back to the team, Zabuza's blood all over them both. Sakura screamed, but Naruto was unaffected by it. "What the hell are you doing, looking like that?" Thankfully, Naruto heard this one.

"We're Ninja. It's an occupational hazard. You either kill, or you get killed. Especially when you're up against a Rogue. If you don't like it, then quit." Naruto stated. "But remember one thing. If you quit, that means you are nothing. Not even a coward."

Sakura looked pale. "Hmph. Dobe's right for once." Sasuke stated.

"Out of all of us, she's the weakest. She can't call herself a Ninja. Kill or be Killed is the main occupational hazard for a Ninja. She has not experienced a Life or Death situation, in which her life hangs in the balance. I have, and so has Sasuke." Naruto stated, before turning to Tazuna. "Let's go."

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Gonta asked.

"Nope. 4 Shadow Clones have the other one tied up, a 5th dispelled, and she's in the Kitsune Realm." Naruto replied.

"Well done."

"Best if you didn't know what she was posing as, though. Your rash would return."

"Noted." Gonta stated.

"Let's go." Kakashi stated. "I didn't even have to show my eye."

Naruto cast a knowing look at him. "Even if it wasn't yours in the first place?"

"How did you..."

"I taught him. Few know of that event, though." Gonta stated. "They say knowledge is power. In a way, it's true. Power is incomplete. Little known fact: Strength beats out power, any day."

Sasuke stared at him. "What's the difference?"

"Power is straight brawn or straight brains." Gonta stated. "Strength is the balance between to the two. When you balance out your mind, body, and soul, you have strength. Power is good. Strength is great. A rogue doesn't stay alive on power alone. They unconsciously draw on strength to survive, or they die. Plain and simple."

"What about the other one?" Kakashi asked.

"Not a Rogue. She was an orphan that never participated in an academy." Naruto stated. "If you want to look for her past, just look at Sasuke. The only difference is because of her bloodline, her father did it. She killed him before he could kill her. Kiri Bloodline Purges suck ass, that's all I really need to say. She has repeatedly asked for her own death, simply because she failed Zabuza."

"Who would do that for a monster like him?" Sasuke asked. He was now curious, because of Naruto's strength.

"If someone even showed the slightest bit of interest in you, took care of you, and even helped you when you were on their last legs, you had no formal shinobi training, no clan training, and it was coming up on the coldest winter on record, what would you do? Think about that for a moment." Naruto stated. "Oh. And add in the fact that she noticed his eyes showed the same loneliness hers did. Can't forget that."

Sasuke was silent. Sakura didn't bother speaking. She figured it would be best if she didn't. "She willingly became his tool. Saved his life countless times. All because of a debt she felt she had to repay. Now that she failed him, she thinks she is nothing more than a broken tool. What do you do to a tool that has no use? That's what's going on in her head." Naruto stated.

"And that's what the Kitsune are trying to convince her not to do, right?" Gonta asked, earning a nod. "I'll have to go help myself, sooner or later. You remember my old Therapy Jutsu, correct?"

Gonta smirked at that. "Good idea. Sasuke should go as well. The two of you could relate to her... Although, the Kitsune would not like his presence. Not after what Madara did. You know they tend to hold grudges."

"Have to change their minds somehow. He's going to be working with me. I have no say in that until one or both of us become Chuunin." Naruto stated. "The only reason they hate all Uchiha is because of the whole Clan pride, and Madara's actions against Kurama. They still have no idea that their Sharingan was cursed."

Sasuke stopped where he stood. "If I told you later on, or before I revealed part of my skills you'd think I was lying." Naruto stated before turning to him. "The Sharingan was cursed, and the Mangekyo Sharingan causes blindness when it's used. From history, the only way to truly cure it is..." Naruto's eyes widened, before turning to Gonta. "Itachi has the Mangekyo Sharingan, doesn't he?"

"Last I checked, yeah." Gonta stated, before his eyes widened. "That's why he left Sasuke alive."

Naruto and Gonta turned to Sasuke. "In order to achieve Eternal Mangekyo, as per the way Madara got his, is to take the Mangekyo of a blood relative. The closer, the better. How closer can you get than a brother with the same parents? You activate the Mangekyo, you and him face off, winner gets the eyes of the loser, and achieves the Eternal Mangekyo."

Sasuke's eyes widened. "How do I activate my Sharingan? Surely you know that."

Naruto shook his head. "I know several ways regarding how. Which one will apply to you, I have no idea. One of the easiest ones in the current situation is facing an opponent with speed far beyond your own."

"How is that easy?" Sasuke questioned, his temper beginning to flare.

"Because I hardly opened up during the fight with Zabuza. Tell me. Could you keep up with my speed?" Naruto stated. Sasuke shut up. "You see my point? I'm a lot faster than you are, and my eyes can adjust to changes in speed quickly. What's more is, before my eyes adjust, I'm listening to the wind around me for locations. Something I can do with ease. We'll work on that tomorrow."

Sasuke nodded. "Just know that I won't be showing you any Jutsu that I know. The main reason being, I don't know the handsign chains for them." This shocked Sasuke. "I learned them without using the Handsigns. It's straight Manipulation for me. It would make a Goukakyuu like a high B-rank in difficulty."

Kakashi nodded at that. Naruto then sighed as they reached Tazuna's place. Gonta had disappeared during the trip, but Naruto simply stated he went to cash in.


Several people were in a cave meeting.

"Something strange has happened to the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki." One of them stated.

"What are you talking about?" Another asked, patiently.

"It would appear as if he can use Katon Jutsu without handseals." The first stated.

"This is not good." A Third stated.

"There is more." The First stated. "He is currently traveling with the one known as The White Devil."

"He will be troublesome if he gets involved. No one knows just who, or what, the man is. Would it appear as though he does?"

"Yes. And it would seem as though they are closer than they act."

"Keep an eye on them, but do not engage. If The White Devil becomes a problem, deal with him. If not, leave him alone."

"Understood." He phased out.

"The rest of you, continue with your current objectives." The apparent leader stated. All but the leader disappeared. "Things always go from bad to worse with these fools." He then phased out himself.


Yes, I took a line from How to Train Your Dragon. Well, it's like they say:

If the boot fits, wear it.

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