Okay, this is an actual duel between both decks I had come up with. It took some time before I actually had it the way I wanted. 1 is a Dragon Deck with newer cards, the other is what most call a Burn/heal deck. I call the Burn/Heal deck a Bullshit deck for a reason. I can turn nearly any hand into a winning move with that deck. The only exception is if my opponent is using a deck they can do the same with.

That's the only way to bullshit a bullshitter.

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The Duel

Shinigami and Gonta were staring at each other, 5d's Standard Duel disk on Shinigami's Arm, a Chaos Duel Disk deployed on Gonta's Arm.

"Life Points at 8000. 5 cards in your hand." Gonta stated.

"Duel!" They cried simultaneously.

"I'll go first! Draw!" Gonta shouted as he drew a card.

"First, I'll set 3 cards Face Down," 3 cards appeared in front of him. "Then I'll activate the Field Spell, Dragon's Ravine!"

"What does that do?" Shinigami asked.

"Basically, it allows me to discard 1 card from my hand, to send a Dragon Type Monster from my deck to the Graveyard. But I won't do that now. Instead, I'll summon Mirage Dragon, and end my turn." Gonta stated.

"My turn! Draw!" Shinigami declared.

"I'll set 3 Cards face down, and set one monster. Turn end." Shinigami said, a little disappointed.

"My Draw!" Gonta looked at his hand. 'Well, this is a little shitty at the moment.' "Turn End."

"Draw!" Shinigami shouted. "I'll set 1 card and end my turn."

"My draw!" Gonta declared.

On the sidelines, Naruto was watching with a little Interest. Sasuke looked a little annoyed. Haku... She was just indifferent. "Why doesn't he attack?" Sasuke questioned.

"It's probably because of those Face downs on Shinigami's field." Naruto stated. "Gonta taught me a little about this game." 'However, this doesn't really make sense. Mirage Dragon's effect would make it so Shinigami can't activate Trap Cards in the Battle Phase. What's he after?'

"I think Gonta is trying to go for something else." Haku suggested.

Anko was still there, but she remained silent. Her thoughts, however, were different from the others. 'If this is some kind of Elaborate Genjutsu, it's obvious those devices on their arms are the cause of it.'

Gonta added the card to his hand. "I'll activate the effect of Dragon's Ravine! By discarding 1 card, I'll send Red eyes Darkness Metal Dragon to the Graveyard."

"Big whoop." Shinigami retorted. 'He wouldn't do that. I'll admit that I don't have much experience here, but he's at least a Decade out of practice.' Were her thoughts.

"Now get this. I'm going tribute my Mirage Dragon to Summon Light Pulsar Dragon!" Gonta declared.

"Nice try!" Shinigami pressed a button. "I'm activating my Trap Card! Bottomless Trap Hole! Your Light Pulsar Dragon is Destroyed and Removed from pla..."

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that." Gonta then pressed a button himself. "I'm going to activate my trap card! Compulsory Evacuation Device!" The card showed itself. "I'll be sending my Light Pulsar Dragon to my hand, rendering your Bottomless Trap Hole useless."

'That was fucked up.' Shinigami admitted in her mind. 'although, it looks like he hasn't really deteriorated in his skills. Or maybe he has, and is just using something that's easy for him to use.'

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "He did all that to protect that Dragon?"

"That... And Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is in his graveyard." Naruto stated, earning the attention of the other 3. "if he can get it on the field."

"I activate Call of the Haunted!" Gonta Shouted.

"Like with that." Naruto deadpanned. "I guess I saw that coming, somehow."

"I'll special Summon Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon!"

"Oh shit." Naruto stated. "Shinigami is in for it now."

"How so?" Anko asked, making everyone wonder if she ever left.

"You'll see." Naruto replied.

"Using Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's effect, I can Special Summon 1 Dragon Type Monster from my hand or Graveyard per turn. Welcome back! Light Pulsar Dragon!" gonta shouted.

Haku saw something else was coming. "Light Pulsar Dragon, ATTACK!"

"You just triggered My Trap Card! Sakuretsu Armor! Light Pulsar Dragon is destroyed!"

"Not so fast! As you activate your Sakuretsu Armor, I'm going to activate my Spell Card, Mystical Space Typhoon!"

"So which one?"

"My Call of the Haunted, of course." Gonta said with a smirk, confusing the Shinigami. "With call of the Haunted destroyed, Red eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is sent to the Graveyard."

"Sakuretsu Armor will still destroy your Light Pulsar Dragon."

"And that's the beauty of this." Gonta retorted, his smirk never fading. "You see, now that Light Pulsar Dragon is destroyed, I can Special Summon 1 Level 5 or higher Dark monster from my graveyard. It Just so happens that I'll be bringing back my Red eyes."

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon reappeared on the field. "Red Eyes Darkness metal Dragon..."

"I activate my Trap Card! Threatening roar! You can't declare an attack from here on out this turn." Shinigami declared.

Gonta snorted. "Fine. Turn End."

"Draw!" 'Please help me out.' He looked at the card. "I activate the Spell Card, Meteor of Destruction! You lose 1,000 Life Points."

"So what? I've still got 7,000." Gonta retorted.

Shinigami was thinking. 'he's right. I don't have much that I can use. To think I actually went to his realm and made a deck. They said my deck was complete Bullshit, but now... I can't draw any of my key cards.' "I'll set one card, and end my turn."


"I'll activate my Red eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's Effect! I'm summoning Light Pulsar Dragon from my Graveyard! Light Pulsar Dragon... ATTACK!" A beam of light emanates from Light Pulsar Dragon and it hits the Face Down Monster.

"You triggered my monster's Effect! When Winged Kuriboh is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard due to a battle, all Battle Damage this turn is negated." 'I'm safe, if only for a little bit.'

"I end my turn." Gonta said, a little ticked.

"I draw." Shinigami held back a growl. "Turn end."

"What's going on?" Anko asked.

"Shinigami is a little pissed at the moment." Naruto stated.

"I see that. Why?"

"She's a god. She hates losing. And She knows that that's exactly what's happening. And what's more is: Gonta can tell." Naruto admitted.

"You sure about that?" Sasuke asked.

"You're not the one that trained under him for years." Naruto retorted, silencing the Uchiha.

Gonta drew another card. "My turn." His voice noted that he was a little bored. "I'll Activate Darkness Metal's effect. Blue Eyes White Dragon, Come to me!"

'Ah, shit.' Was the only thing running through the Shinigami's mind. "Red eyes... Attack!"

"I activate Defense Draw! No battle Damage and I get to draw a card." 'That'll help. Though not much.'

"Light Pulsar Dragon, you're next! Blast him!" Shinigami grunted. "That's not the end of it! Blue Eyes!"

A Pillar of light shot at the God of Death. "You know, I expected more from a Goddess of Death." Shinigami was quiet. "Your move."

Shinigami drew a card, and didn't even say anything. "I activate Tribute to the Doomed!"

"Don't bother explaining it's effect, as I already know it."

"Yo, Gonta!" they heard Naruto's voice. "You seem to be forgetting that we have 3 people in the audience that doesn't know its effect."

"You know it, don't you?" Gonta retorted, with a raised eyebrow.

"Basically, when its activated, the user discards 1 card, and destroys 1 monster on the field." Naruto explained.

"I'll be Discarding Gift Card." Shinigami stated. "Get rid of your Light Pulsar Dragon!"

Naruto sighed. "Shinigami is a sore loser, apparently." This earned the others' attention. "Think about it. Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's effect allow Gonta to Special Summon a Monster from his hand or Graveyard. If that same Red Eyes is in the Graveyard when Light Pulsar is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, Red eyes will come back."

"I'll set 1 card, and activate the Effect of Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight in my hand. Since it's the only card in my hand, I can normal summon it without a tribute." Shinigami was pissed, and everyone knew it.

"Turn end."

"Draw!" Gonta smirked. "Apparently, this is the last turn for you. I'm activating my Dragon's Ravine Field Spell! With it, I'll discard 1 card from my hand to send 1 Dragon Type monster from my deck to the Graveyard. And I'll send a Blue Eyes White Dragon. But it won't be in there long."

Naruto took that moment to sigh. "Unless Shinigami can counter the summon... No. Unless she has a Mirror Force, Negate Attack, or Threatening Roar Face Down, she's screwed."

"With Red eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, I'll bring my Blue eyes that I just sent to the Graveyard to the field!" Shinigami inwardly cursed. "Darkness metal Dragon... Attack his Knight!"

"Urgh..." Shinigami grunted in pain.

"Blue eyes White Dragon," he paused. "I'm going to go for a change of words. Blue eyes! Rape her ass!" The Beam hit dead on, and the Shinigami (Still in the Jack Atlas Form) hit her knees.

Gonta put his hand out to the audience, 2 fingers in a V. "That's game!"

"Fine... You win. But next time, you won't be so lucky." Shinigami stated. "You wanted Naruto to be able to use Reishi?"

"And I won."

"I'm a man of my word... So to speak." She turned into the form she usually appears in in front of mortals. "Naruto Uzumaki, you have the blessing of Reishi, now. I'm out. Gonta, we'll duel again."

"Just because I haven't dueled in nearly 15 years, doesn't mean I forgot how to use my favorite deck. And by the way, my Deck was labeled my Bullshit deck, because I can turn nearly any hand, into a winning duel."

"That's what my deck was like."

"Oh. Just be glad I didn't pull Future Fusion and Swords of Revealing Light on my first turn. You would've lost even quicker. Especially if I drew Defusion. Ultimate Ownage. I actually pulled that off once."

Shinigami turned around. "If I had only drawn 1 card, you would have lost that duel."

"Oh? Which one?"

"I had 2 Face Downs. 1 was Gift Card, the other was The Paths of Destiny trap card. If I had drawn 1 particular Continuous Trap card instead of Tribute to the Doomed, that would've been the end, the moment my turn ended."

"Which one?"

"Bad Reaction to Simochi."

Gonta paled. "Oh shit. No wonder they called it a Bullshit Deck." Shinigami nodded and then left in a flash.

"Anyone want to go for duel?" Gonta asked. Everyone else hesitated. "Not like mine with Shinigami." Naruto eagerly raised his hand. "Alright then." He drew outsider, and Naruto drew his Souba.

"Let's do this." Naruto said, as they both disappeared, reappearing in the center of the clearing, swords locked.

Sasuke, Haku and Anko sweatdropped. "Hey, anyone up for lunch?" Haku asked.

"As long as it's not Ramen or Dango." Sasuke stated.

"Yakisoba?" Haku asked.

"I'm game."

"Might as well." Anko added. "It's not Dango, but it's good enough."

The walked out of the clearing as Naruto went for another slash at Gonta.


Okay, there's the Omake. And this is posted as chapter.

Shinigami and Gonta both used a deck. I had agreed before the duel that he would be playing Gonta's deck, while I would be playing Shinigami's deck. I had to take notes of every move in order to get everything in order.

Meaning, I did not rig that duel like most series owners would. That duel was just as random as an actual, real life duel.

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