Emo: I'm back! Did anyone miss me?

Hime: Of course-

Shiro and Senri: Not.

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Emo: Sorry, it's still going to be a senriXhime story, nice try thou!

Mizuki: *Looks down and mutters* Damn!

Senri: *Looks at Hime* Well?

Hime: *Blushes* on with the story!


"How's Shiro?" Hime asked as she gave a worried look, Senri noticed and put his hands on Hime's shoulders to calm down the young girl. Hime looked at Senri, he gave her a gentle smile and she softened up. The nurse smiled at the sudden action between the two, then frowned at the news she was about to tell the two.

"Shiro's in very bad critical condition: right now. I'm sorry but, we don't know if he's going to make it…right now it's all put to him." the nurse sadly stated and watched the young girl's tear soak Senri's shirt as he pulled her into a comforting hug.

(Emo: I'm evil aren't I?

Shiro: No, you're an ass.

Emo: T-T ...gee, thanks...)

'It's nice to see people who hold you dear, what a couple… If only Takashi held me like that, a little longer.' The nurse eyed the couple in a gentle way.

"Ah-I'm sorry Senri-Kun!" Hime loosened her grip on Senri's shirt and Senri frowned as the girl de-attached herself from his grasp.

"Are you an idiot?" Senri looked at Hime and started to wipe away Hime's tears that soaked his once-dried shirt.

"Wha-", Hime looked at Senri with a glare and the nurse was about to yell at Senri until he said, "Idiot, you don't need to be sorry; I hugged you to know that it's alright." He blushed and looked away, having the feeling that nurse was staring with a smirk (which she was.)

"Oh- okay, thank you, Senri-Kun." Hime looked at Senri with a smile and a blush was spreading to her face in maximum speed.

"Ah! Mr. Shiro is awake, you both may see him. But, please be careful." Kaori pleaded as she led the two teens to Shiro's room.

Hime clutched the hem of her shirt, she was eager to see Shiro. Actually- she had to see Shiro but, deep inside she was too afraid.

"Hime, it's alright. Shiro is strong. You need to trust him." Senri said gently as he patted Hime's head which she collapsed her hand over his. Senri sent Hime a questioning look.

"Thank you, Senri-Kun...I really owe you one." Hime said as she smiled and looked at him in the eye.

"You can make it up to me by...coming with me to see Shiro tomorrow and then...we'll go see a movie or something..." Senri said as he broke their gaze and blushed at the wall. He saw in the corner of his eye that Kaori was in an"awe"-state.

"Are at his room yet?" Senri asked the frowning nurse; he just had to ruin the moment.

"Yes, this one," Kaori said as she pointed to the door; leading to the room that kept Shiro in his critical state. She opened the door and let the two pass, "Excuse me, Mr. Kino; you have two visitors." she looked at the three teens and excused herself to go back to ...work.

"Thank you, Kaori-Sensei!" Hime called after the nurse who was speeding down the hall way because she had a lunch break and only to be caught; she was yelled at by a doctor. Hime giggled and looked at Senri whom was talking to Shiro with a soft face; believe it or not Senri Kudou and Shiro Kino work together as SEIYUUs!

(Emo: -Gasp- Shocker! T_T

Hime: -_- Party pooper *sticks out tounge*)

Senri took the chance on sitting on the chair which was located next to Shiro's hospital bed; giving Hime the empty space on Shiro's hospital bed.

Hime took her spot and tangle her hands with Shiro, he smiled in return.

"How are you?" She asked the critical conditioned teen.

"I'm fine...How about you?" This made Senri get up and leave the two some sibling time only to receive a: "Don't go!" from the twins in sync.

Senri smiled and sat down as the twins resumed their conversation.

Later that day, Senri had talked with Shiro, and Hime had left the hospital with Senri having a cheerful smile as she skipped to the car.

Senri smiled as he drove smoothly and Hime had fallen asleep.

Senri took the chance and kissed her forehead as he carried her to her house that had an open door. Apparently her mother didn't care enough to close a door.

"See you tomorrow, Hime."

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Hime finally said she was in love with SENRI and REJECTED Mizuki!

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