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After that fateful Wizengamot session, Minerva McGonagall became increasingly under fire for the educational standards at Hogwarts. She retired a year later and went off to live her life in peace. Before she disappeared, Minerva took a letter to Grimlock to be sent to Lord Potter-Black. In the letter, she made her very sincere apologies for using Harry the way she did along with not helping him prepare for Voldemort. As part of her self imposed penance, she stood up in front of the Wizengamot in her last act as Headmistress and called for an overhaul of their education system. Her main ideas were readily accepted which included replacement of the Board of Governors by more forward thinking witches and wizards along with reducing the authority of the Ministry of Education and placing Hogwarts under the sanction of the ICW. Her last statement was an apology to all her former students and their parents for not pushing for these changes earlier.

As you probably guessed, Kingsley wasn't allowed to finish his term. He was ranked right up there with Fudge as one of the most foolish ministers even though he had done a fine job of stabilizing the ministry after the war. The other leaders of the wizarding world completely lost respect for him when they found out what he had done to Harry Potter who held worldwide fame for his heroics.

In a show of support and respect for Harry, the Phoenix Conglomerate bought the Quidditch team that had used Harry. They went in and fired everyone and started rebuilding the staff and the players. They placed Victor and Harry as the secret CEOs of the team. Through there anonymous guidance, they quickly became a championship team and were the only team in professional Quidditch to fly Bolt Brooms. Their models were called the Blur and were scaled down versions of the Lightning. Harry never created another Lightning as he never found anyone else qualified for one. Harry and Victor continued to remain boys at heart and fly around on their Lightnings. One day after too much firewhiskey, Neville had to take an international portkey to New York to retrieve the two juveniles after they flew there on a bet. Luckily, the girls were away on a shopping trip with Gabrielle in Paris and didn't find out for many years. The boys had sworn each other to secrecy to avoid the wrath of their wives.

The Houses of Potter-Black and Longbottom never had anything to do with the Weasley family ever again. While they were cordial with Arthur, any attempts at reconciliation were quickly rebuffed. Molly made several attempts to see Harry during his Wizengamot time but was intercepted by Katie and Mhor. The last time she attempted it, she made the mistake of saying "I never raised him to be this way."

Mhor quickly responded in a growl "Mrs. Weasley, thanks to the inaction and manipulation by Dumbledore in addition to you and every other adult in my husband's life, he basically raised himself. NO ONE ever gave a damn about Harry. Only what he could do for them. I for one am damn proud of the man he has become no thanks to you. Now do yourself a favor and just LEAVE MY HUSBAND ALONE!"

Percy remained in the Ministry and Harry and Neville made it their goal to make him miserable while they were there. By the time they were done with him, he was lucky to have his job as a clerk in the records department.

Charlie remained in Romania and lived his own life away from his less than honorable family. He managed to keep in touch with Arthur and Bill but that was as far as it went.

Bill and Fleur had a happy life together and raised several children. Gabrielle would make a point of giving Fleur Harry's greetings every time she visited just as a reminder to Bill. Years earlier, Harry had done everything in his power to make sure Gabrielle's wedding was everything she ever wanted. He sufficiently cowered both their husbands with the very real threat of what would happen if his sisters were harmed or hurt in any way. Appoline Delacour passed on shortly after Gabrielle's wedding. She had slowly started fading away after the death of her bondmate. After her death, the House of Delacour was placed under the protection of House Potter-Black until an official heir was of age. That fell to Gabrielle's son Jean Harrison Delacour many years later.

Due to the fact that marriage in the wizarding world was for life, Hermione was forced to remain in a loveless and sexless marriage. Her only relief from Ron was when she taught at Hogwarts. Sadly for her, that ended during the educational reform. She would have gladly gone to the ICW to earn her masteries but Ron had lost his job as an Auror when Kingsley was voted out of office. Ron had progressively gotten lazier and couldn't hold a job. He quickly wasted all the money she had saved while teaching and so she couldn't afford the exams. She and Ron had never moved out of the Burrow as he couldn't leave mommy and they couldn't afford it. Hermione lived with Ron in her own personal hell. Hermione's marriage to Ron permanently destroyed the close relationship she once had with her parents. It was years later that she realized that she had always loved Harry and it was her fault that he was no longer in her life. She died alone many years later and as she passed on the last thing she uttered was "I'm so sorry Harry."

George managed to pay off his debt to Harry but had to sell everything in the process. If he was honest with himself, he would admit that Fred had the business sense of the twins and had made their earlier success possible. Angelina ended up breaking it off with him and married Lee Jordan a few years later. George ended up working for Zonkos as a researcher and prank creator and he remained at that level until he retired. His dreams of pranking fame and wealth were squashed by his greed.

Ginny no name's dishonor at home and infidelity to a national hero was enough to cause her to be quickly released from the Harpies. She had become a public relations nightmare and would be an embarrassment if they kept her on. She found out that Harry's fame which had propelled her to incredible heights could also cause unbelievable lows when you were seen as someone who had betrayed the hero. Draco Malfoy found her at a low point and took advantage of it. He took her home and as payment for her having a place to live, used her for sex. It wasn't long before she was being passed around to his friends in payment for favors or to gain favors. Every time she tried to leave, he would just ask her where she was going to go. At that point, she would just hang her head and return to the manor for she knew she couldn't go home.

Draco incurred some rather heavy gambling debts and found himself in trouble. He had wasted what was left of the Malfoy fortune and couldn't pay off his debts. In true Malfoy form, he offered Ginny as payment to the Vampires that came to collect. She was never seen again as she was used as a feeder until the blood replenishing potions had thinned her blood so much that she was deemed useless. Her body washed up on the shores of the Thames and was cremated under the name of Jane Doe.

Harry and Mhor and their four children began making frequent trips to the Potter Estate. Louie and Blinky had turned the estate into a lush garden and magical creature preserve and Harry was very proud of their efforts. The area surrounding his family's graves was beautifully maintained and was a virtual paradise. Harry and Mhor both told Lily of their desire to be laid to rest amongst his family. Harry stared at the graves for a while and realized something was missing. He conjured a tombstone and placed it beside his father in honor of Sirius.

It read:

Sirius Orion Black







"I Miss You" HJP

The Potter-Blacks and Longbottom were begged to return to the Wizengamot by many of their former school mates. Their answer was to completely disappear again and lock down the Manors, placing them under stasis. They had decided that their children could decide if they wanted to retake the seats as they no longer had the desire to go back.

The elves were recalled to either come live with their family or go live in the colony that had been built on the Potter Estate. Louie and Blinky had been quite busy and had raised ten children. As they grew to adulthood, they would pick one of Potter-Black children as their bonded family. Harry was thrilled that his and Dobby's families would be forever joined. In another show of respect, Harry found out that Winky had been buried beside Dobby and with the permission of their children moved the graves and placed them with his family.

Harry and Mhor stayed in Scotland for the rest of their lives. They were joined in their peaceful existence by their four friends. Their compound had continued to grow over the years as their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren chose to make their homes there as well. Many would leave only to come back after becoming quickly disaffected by the outside world. The families would be forever joined by blood through marriage in the first generation of children. After that, the children were encouraged to seek mates outside the compound as they didn't want to be like the pureblood bigots who intermarried within their families. The children had been taught to seek out muggleborn as mates as they would help keep the family magic strong. They would also be able to avoid the political crap that came from marrying purebloods and would help keep the family safer. The only exception made to this rule was the Delacours which was Gabrielle's children not Fleur's.

When the original six finally passed on, they were surrounded by a lot of love from rather large extended family. Each couple was taken and laid to rest in their family plots. As they left the loving arms of their children, they were immediately welcomed into the loving arms of their parents. Harry held Lily and James for quite a while as Mhor held Monty and Maddy. After several minutes, they switched places. While hugging Lily, Mhor was repeatedly thanked by Lily for giving Harry the love she never was allowed too.

Harry looked around and said "Must be for real this time, never seen this place before."

That got a laugh form everyone and he was quickly engulfed in a hug from Sirius and Remus. Harry stepped back and saw the two men healthier than he had ever seen them. He said "Death must have agreed with you both."

That got a loud laugh from Sirius who merely grabbed Harry in another hug and said "Merlin, I've missed you pup."

"I've missed you too Padfoot."

When he finally released the hug, he noticed Hermione standing near the door of the 'greeting room'. She was looking sad until he held out his arms to her. She ran to him and gave him one of her patented hugs. She whispered "I'm so sorry Harry. You were right, I wasn't listening. I hope you can forgive me."

"Already did, a long time ago." She hugged him tightly again until Mhor stepped over.

Mhor walked up to Harry and placed her arm around his waist. He turned and gave her a kiss. "Mhor my love, I would like to introduce you to Mione. Mione, this is Mhor, the woman who made all my dreams come true."

Hermione stepped forward and hugged Mhor.

Hermione said "Thank you for all you did for him. I was too stupid to see how much I loved him until it was too late. I have to admit that I am a bit jealous; you got the dream while I settled for so much 'less'.

Harry roared in laughter and said "Well Mione, I guess you will just have to join us in this next adventure then. Love, do you have room in your heart for another?"

Mhor waggled her eyebrows and said "Always my love, but you know practice makes perfect. And with two of us, you will have to practice more."

Harry laughed again and said "You are going to be the death of me. Oh wait, we've already done that."

For the first time, Harry looked around the room and saw two doors. The wall between was transparent and they could see Dumbledore, McGonagall, Kingsley, and the Weasleys with faces that were pleading to get in. Harry asked "What's up with them?"

Hermione said "I really don't know. When I arrived, this is where they placed me and told me to wait. I got to see my parents and make up with them but they were allowed to go on while I was told I had to wait. I would guess I have been here for years. Your family showed up not too long ago and I knew you would be here soon."

Harry called Lily over and said "Mum, I'd like you to meet Hermione. The other love of my life."

Lily hugged her and said "I had such high hopes for you."

Hermione looked down and said "I know I blew it."

Lily said "Well, since you were kept here, it means that you were waiting for your true love to appear and hopefully make amends. You have been given a rare opportunity to spend forever with that love."

Tears ran down Hermione's face and stepped over to Harry and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. She said "I promise I won't blow it this time. Well maybe I will."

That earned a snort from Lily and Mhor as Harry turned red.

When he recovered he asked "Mum, what is up with the monkeys behind the glass?"

"Oh that's easy. They are the ones who wronged you in your previous life. Although they weren't bad enough to be sent to the fire pits, they must atone for what they did. Since they never saw the errors of their ways, they must watch from the outside as you are welcomed. They are also forbidden from seeking you out. I would imagine Dumbledore will be there for quite a while as others are due to arrive soon."

"So what's next?"

"Well, we have to wait."

It wasn't long before Katie and Neville and their family came in.

Neville looked at the transparent wall and muttered "Idiots"

Harry snorted and pulled Neville into a hug.

They were soon joined by Victor and Tat and their families. Victor glanced at the window and asked "What's with the monkeys behind the glass?"

Harry, Mhor, and Hermione were on the floor laughing at that and once they calmed down. Mhor said "You and Harry have spent way to much time together."

Victor looked at Hermione and before he could say anything, she said "Don't even go there Victor Krum. I know I screwed up and believe me I paid dearly for it. I have reconciled with Harry and have been given the chance to try and make it up to him."

Victor just pulled her into a hug and said "Good, I just couldn't believe someone so smart could be so stupid."

She said "Believe me I know. Imagine being married to teeny and that was before I hexed him."

Everyone was laughing as Harry caught Ron's eye. He raised his hand and with his thumb and forefinger made the gesture for about a half an inch. Ron turned red and tried to run away as everyone started laughing.

All of a sudden the far door opened and Fred stuck his head in the door. He said "Will you guys come on already?" The fun is out here.

Sirius, James, and Remus grabbed Harry and led him towards the door. Sirius said "Yeah Prongslet lets go. There is mischief to be made."

Before they could get him through the door, Harry stopped and held out his hands. Mione and Mhor both took one and they walked into their future together closely followed by their family.

The End…or is it?

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