Here's the story of yours truly Kamen Rider ZER0 the hero of hero's at least in my mind. I own not Kamen Rider or any of the shows (Manga, Anime, or so forth) I will crossover into. Now Follow me on the road to become a True Hero as I am Kamen Rider ZER0 the HER0 0f this world.

Human life is a complex and mysterious thing. It can be glorious and wonderful; we live our lives most of the time not thinking about it. Life however can be taken away in an instant but some get a second chance to live there life but some take this second chance to protect the first chance of others so they never have to go through what they did.

Alarms of all kind sounded as two figures ran thru the hallway of the hidden base. One had a child bundled in his arms he was very young with black hair. They made a mad run for the way out.

"You will never escape Kamen Rider's. This will be were you fall! Ha-ha-ha-ha!" a voice laughed over a series of speakers in side bird like symbols. The Riders continued to run as they saw the exit with another figure at the exit he had a green body suit with a high upturned collar, white gloves, red boots, a silver chestplate with a red segment going down the center and a red helmet that had a wide and white strip going down the middle with green eyes.

"Sempai hurry!" he shouted to the two riders but then a creature with the appearance of a spider stopped them. Nigo tripped letting the child roll out to V3. The riders stayed behind to fight the monster.

"V3 get the child out of here he's the last hope we have hurry." Ichigo said as he grappled with the monster. "Ready to let a new generation take our place partner?" He asked Nigo.

"Sure Shocker is going to be in for a shock when there new weapon fights against them yet again." Nigo laughed. The double riders then pushed the monster back as a large explosion went off. V3 escaped with the child in his hands.

"Ichigo-Sempai, Nigo-sempai!" V3 said looking back to the explosion "So that was your choice then. You must be our new comrade huh little fellow." he said to the child. "Your turn to fight will come soon enough." he said walking away. "I know who can care for you better than me." he said as he thought of only one person for the job.

Several years later

A young man about sixteen walked down the street. He was tall with a muscular build, black spiky hair that reached his neck, yellowish brown eyes, he had an intimidating look to him he seemed to look part American also. He was dressed in a black and silver leather jacket over a black shirt, dark jeans, black fingerless gloves with silver stripes and black boots. He was Hikaru Takashi a young teenager who lives alone as his mother and father died a while ago leaving him to take care of him alone. Well sort of a friend of his dad's friend took him in (a bit of complicated) and he and his wife act like a surrogate family. But that aside today our young friend was walking too clear his head. He then turned into a bike shop with the sign saying 'Tachibana Motors'.

"I'm back Oya-san." Hikaru said coming in.

"Oh Hikaru how are you Doing?" he asked looking up from a bike. He was Tachibana Tobie the mentors of all the past Riders. he was an old man about his fifties with graying hair and he was dressed in a Mechanic suit with a welding helmet on. He then lifted it up showing his face.

"Fine so working hard or hardly working?" Hikaru asked as he went into the Kitchen to get some tea.

"Both you could say. So how is school going?" he asked the teenager already know his response.

"Awful, who's idea was it to make such an awful prison." he griped drinking his hot tea, "Oh! Hot, hot, hot!" he said as he fanned his burning tong. "Why do you ask?"

"I want to know, because I might have found some of your moms relatives." he said making Hikaru look at him in surprise.

"No way!"

"Yes way." he replied "And I called them and they confirmed being related to you mother albeit estranged." he finished.

"So who are they exactly?" Hikaru asked anxious.

"There your mothers sister her husband and there son who is about your age." he said as he drank his own Tea. "So interested?"

"Hell yeah I am. I mean you told me a friend of my dads dropped me of with you because he couldn't care for because he works right." he said as Tachibana had V3 come to mind. "But to think I might have family after all this time." he said at a lost for words.

"That's right it took me a while but I found them they live a while away so I'll go meet them and then come back to get you, I don't think coming in on that motorcycle of your is a good first impression." he joked.

"Well I did grow up in a garage." he joked back.

"Well cant say it doesn't build character." he laughed with the teenager. "Well I want to finish this project well most of it, its this close to perfect." he said using his index and thumb to show the how little he had left. "So I want to finish it. I told them I would come this weekend so I can finish. Now go get some rest you have school tomorrow." he said.

"Uh! Alright…" he sighed as he went up the stairs into an attic bed room where he plopped down on his large bed held up by bricks. He had several normal things in his room like any normal teenager like books, CD's , Posters with scarcely dressed girls, some work out gear like weights, comics/manga, and finally a large TV near his window which over looked the town. "So I do have family out there. I hope they like me." he said as he dosed off in his close.


His alarm went off the next morning as he woke up he slammed his hand on it making it shut off. "Five more minutes Oya-san!" he said tired. He then saw the clock said 7:30 school starts at 8:00 he is 40 minutes away from school by foot. "Oh crap!" he shouted. As Tachibana saw Hikaru come down the stairs struggling to put his jacket on. He then took a piece of buttered toast and ran to his Motor cycle an Old Honda Shadow. "Sorry I'm in a rush later Oya-san!" he said as he started the bike and raced off to school. He jumped sped bumps and ran lights. He then came up to a rode hill and Jumped the hill like in a movie. And kept going. He then sped past several girls with the wind blowing up there skirts. He of course got a peek that made him grin with perversion. He then passed by a police officer and made him spill his drink all over his shirt. "Oh sorry Keiji-san!" he sad as he raced on.

"Hikaru!" he shouted at the boy. Hikaru of course sped on not looking back with a face of 'Oops!'

He then made it to school with several minutes to spare. But he still ended up late when he had to change his shoes. "I'm here!" Hikaru said coming into class but that was the wrong class. "Ah sorry Akata-sensei wrong class again!" he said running to the right class. "Okay now I'm here." he said coming in.

"OI Hikaru-san what the heck man how are you always late?" his teacher asked he was tall young man in his mid twenties with black hair and dressed in nice dress coat.

"Sorry Hongo-sensei." he said. Walking in. "I always wake up late and then I speed here and then I always end up going into Akata-sensei's class by mistake they should really clean these signs." he joked as he stood in front of his class. Hongo than stopped him "Aw come on your not serious?-!" he said as his teacher nodded. Hikaru was now outside the class holding heavy buckets filled with water except where one would hold two per hand he had three hanging from each of his out stretched arms and one balanced on his head. "This sucks…" he sighed doing it perfectly as if it where nothing.

"You sure have gotten use to this huh?" Hongo-sensei asked.

"I'd say shut up but your a teacher." Hikaru grumbled.

"Well then keep going the lesson will begin soon so you wont miss anything we'll been having free time till your done." He said.

"You are truly awful!" Hikaru griped. 'They lets this guy teach what has this world come to.' he thought as his teacher went back inside. The door then opened as a girl about his age with short hair came out to talk to Hikaru.

"You Okay?" she asked.

"I'm holding three buckets per arm, and one on my head what do you think Maki-chan?" he said sarcastically.

"Well don't have to be rude." she pouted.

"Well sorry if every one treats me like crap and hates me." he replied.

"That's not true Hongo-sensei is tuff on you because he knows your smarter then you are your just lazy." she said as Hongo Sensei gave the thumbs up to her. "He thinks you can do a lot better." she said as she helped him take the buckets down.

"Yeah well he has a messed up way of showing it." he said as he shook his shoulders of soreness. "This is why I hate school the teachers are always tough on me and everyone gets away with things that are ten times worse then what I do." he said as he took a bucket and chugged the water in it till it was empty.

"That's because they know your not a lost cause that you can do incredible thing. You know the stuff better then any of us and yet you fail." she said as she put her hands on her hips. "So they just want you to come out on top and not fall into the wrong crowd."

"Yeah well I never asked them for there messed up help any way." he said leaving.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"Bathroom!" he said back. She then sighed and went back inside.

Hikaru was walking down the hall to the bathroom on the far end of the school he likes more because not many people are out there. But today would be different. "You Takashi!" a voice said behind him. Hikaru looked out to see a delinquent boy with sunglasses and long hair with premature facial hair. "We got a score to settle." he said as he walked up to him cracking his knuckled.

"Look man I'm not in the mood." he said as he started walking away again.

"Ah come on you said you would fight me if no one was around." he said.

"Look I'm sorry I'm not feeling well today." Hikaru said leaning against the wall.

"Oh well what's up man?" he asked.

"I don't know its just lately I've felt weird and I just need some time alone." he said massaging his head.

"Well alright but when your a 100% I want that fight man." he said leaving.

"How the hell did I make friends with a guy who wants to fight me." he said as he got up and started walking. 'man I hate this all the teachers treat me like garbage because my parents are gone.' he walked down the hall with one of the school janitors walking past him. He then looked back at Hikaru and spoke into his collar.

"I've found project 0, code named Zeus." he said to the little receiver.

"Understood." a voice said on the other end. "Proceed as planned to capture him." he commanded.

"Roger." he said as he turned around leaving his cleaning supplies and following Hikaru. Hikaru then went into the bath room and exited after a while with a sigh of relief.

"Needed that." he said as he then noticed outside the window a boy running from a group of thugs who chased him towards the sports field. "Oh man!" he said as went outside and towards them in hopes of helping. "Hey cut that out!" he said but when he got there all of them were looking at him "Uh hi…" he said as they all looked at him. One then stepped forward.

"Project 0 you will come with us."he said in a deep almost robotic voice. He and his men then tossed there close off revealing the black suit's the had on with rib-bone like marks on there chest, thighs and upper arms with short white vest over all of them. They then all slid black ski masks on over there faces with only a white rectangular screen for them to see out of. They all had belts around there waist with a black Bird like shape and N-S engraved in white on the belts buckles and there masks. Then the one who spoke earlier also looked like them but his vest was black as well as his bone marks and his screen he also looked a little more muscular. "Last chance 0 return with us or we will use force." he said as they surrounded Hikaru.

"Why do you guys keep calling me zero my name Is Hikaru. Remember that!" he said as he got into a Karate stance. One then attacked him but he grabbed his fist and tossed him into on of the others. He then punched a close by one and kicked another. 'Four out of twenty down.' he said as he looked at the other sixteen. He then ran for towards the school with the rest chasing while the ones he took down were picking themselves up. He then walked near the door and waited for one to attack which one did he threw a punch at Hikaru but Hikaru opened the door so it would hit him in the face. And swung it all the way to block a punch from another his fist broke the glass he then twisted his arm and punched him in the face. "Sorry but epic fail man." he said as he ran away again.

They followed Hikaru thought the school. "How is no one noticing this.?-!" he shouted as he noticed people passed out. "Sleeping gas really!" he said as he ran up to the roof. As the rest followed. 'fourteen left counting there all black commander.' he figured as he faced off the rest. He then punched one across the face and karate chopped another in the throat making him back into his friend as he kicked another one into him making him fall back down the stairs crashing into the others who followed. He then kicked on in the gut making him tumble back as he then needed his gut. Hikaru then took a collapsible baton from him unfolded it and slammed his face with it making him fall down. He then smashed it into anothers face making him fall back. He then collided his baton with another and held him back. "Who the hell are you guys?-!" he asked as he kicked the guy in the groin making him double over in pain. Then one hit his leg with a baton making him fall in pain as one kicked him in the chest Spartan style making him sprawl over the ground.

"We are the great NEGA-SHOCKER and we have come for you project 0." there leader said as he pointed his own baton with a mettle end that looked like a cattle prod. His men then came in to get Hikaru but then the door opened to see Hongo sensei.

"Hikaru-kun!" he said as he punched back one of the soldiers "are you alright?-!"

"Hongo-sensei…" he said as he got up. Until Hongo was electrocuted by the Black Commander's baton making him fall back as one of the soldiers kicked him back in side and falling down the stairs. "Hongo-sensei!" he said as he went and hit the Black Commander in the face with a punch he then growled in anger and hit Hikaru in the gut making him tumble back.

"I was told to bring you back in tact but my superior didn't tell me how much!" he said as he took out another baton and started to smash them into Hikaru making electric energy run through him. He then kicked him making him hit the railing of the roof. "I think a little fall will put you in your place!" he said as he kicked Hikaru over the roof making him fall to the ground below.

'So I find out I have family somewhere and now I die.' Hikaru said as he fell to ground below. He then blanked out from the pain of being shocked.

Hikaru woke up on a grassy hill that overlooked a large field. "Where am I?" Hikaru said looking around.

"Simple this is your mind Hikaru-kun." a voice said Hikaru turned around to see a man dressed in a Black suit with two silver stripes running down his side and arms. He had thick green chest armor and silver gloves and boots. He wore a silvery/teal helmet with Grasshopper mandible like design to his moth plate, his eyes where compound red with two tear like marks under them. and the bug look was increased by his antennas. And finally he had a red belt with a fan in the center of his large buckle, and a small box on his left hip. He was sitting on a small boulder with a flower in his hands. "Greetings Hikaru I am Kamen Rider Ichigo also known as #1." he said looking at him from the rock he was sitting on. He then got up and went over to Hikaru. "Looks like your in quite a jam. Maybe I can help."

"Wait am I…" he gulped scared to ask.

"No you just passed out from the electric shock, but it also awoke your powers." he said.


"Yes you see your parents where both scantest who where forced to work for the evil Nega-Shocker. They didn't want there work to be used for evil but Shocker had collateral there family. So they had no choice but while working there they fell in love and had you." he told him.

"Woah so even in such a dark place they found a light of hope or in this case love." Hikaru said.

"That's right." he nodded. "They soon had a you and Shocker had a more precious thing now…you. So one day they had no choice but to perform surgery to save you from being killed by Nega-Shocker." he said as Hikaru got a confused look

"Wait I' m a…" he started.

"A Kaizo Ningen, a modified human." he clarified as Hikaru was in obvious shock. "But you are also one of us a Kamen Rider!"

"Kamen Rider you mean a Kamen Rider like you and all those other ones on the news and stuff?" Hikaru asked in a state of disbelief . "So then the surgery was done by my family to save me."

"And then we came to save you, but in the process they were killed by a monster. Me and the other riders gave you a gift and made you into a fellow rider and gave you our powers also." he continued. "But they are locked inside of you and you must prove your self worthy of them to activate them. But you don't just have us Showa riders but the powers of the Heisei Riders also. They figured a little more variety wouldn't hurt. You have a lot of powers all your own also Just got to activate them on your own. But I'll help you with this much." he said as he poked Hikaru's heat with his Index and middle finger he then twisted it like a key. "Now go I entrust you to stop Nega-Shocker now go fight… WIN!" he said as Hikaru saw all the other riders Ichigo to Fourze there giving him there poses as a way to show him support.

Hikaru's eyes opened as he woke up. He then aligned him self so as to fall on his feet. Making a crater in the ground from his drop. A metallic belt similar to the one worn by the Zect Riders appeared on his waist, the buckle was Hexagonal and stretched so the flat sides connected to the belt and the two points faced up and down, he had a thin Hexagonal Crystal aligned to the points. Hikaru then put his hands to his buckle as it started to flash to life with a humming sound, he then lifted his arms up to his shoulders. He then twisted his arms around and rested his right hand next to his face and his left near his waist. "Henshin!" he said as he shot his hand forward. with the images off all the main Rider Ichigo to Fourze shooting. They all then combined to his body as his suit formed with his chest armor forming, he was clad in a white suit and boots and gloves that where all gold trimmed and gold circuit lines on his suit and chest. His gloves where armored with two small spheres on his wrists and his boots where thick also. his shoulders had padding like patches that made it look like that of the riders from the First and Next series. he had a popped up white collar around his neck. He then put his hands in the air as his helmet formed he then placed it over his head as his collar formed into a suit around his neck. he had a white helmet like that Of the double Riders from The first Movie only his mouth plate had no marks or engravings he had more armor around his chin like a chin strap. he had glowing Green eyes with gold thunderbolt Antennas on his head. His eyes flashed alive as he got into a ready pose. As the Nega-Shocker soldiers came out of the building, Hongo-sensei then came out looking also.

"Project 0?-!" there leader said looking at the new hero before them. He looked as the rider moved his hand from left to right he then dropped it to the left diagonally and back to the right making a Z shape in the air. "Impossible how is it you activated you powers?"

"You losers keep calling me that project zero I like it." the rider said snapping his finger. "From now on call me, capital Z- E-R-0, ZER0, Kamen Rider ZER0 to be exact." he said looking at the Nega-shocker soldiers. "So who's next?-!" He asked as the soldiers charged only to be punched out by the newly named ZER0. He jumped and kicked one in the chin making him fly, he then came in and kicked one with a flying kick that sent him flying into another one making them fall. Several of them then circled him. "So to weak to go head on huh?" he said as he looked around. He then jumped up and delivered a spin kick hitting them all knocking them down. He then Jumped and hit on in the gut making him fly. He then tossed one into another and took his baton. And hit one across the face and took another one and smashed away two more, four more, six more. There was only 8 left all looking at there commander who was shaking with rage. He then hit two making there screens crack as they each fell back into another. "Come on I'm just getting started." ZER0 said as he blocked there attacks. He then tossed them at two more hitting them square in the chest.

ZER0 then ran towards the outside Bleachers for the football field. "Come on Guys I'm over here!" he said waving them over. 'this would be easier if I had a weapon.' he thought as he got to the top and waited for them to follow which they did. Then the spheres on his wrists started to glow. "Nani!" he said his with circular symbols glowing on them. Things flashed before his eyes what looked like instructions. "Wakata!" he said as he bashed his fist together making the symbols grind against each other. Then the two symbols then connected and opened like a door and in a flash he pulled out a weapon. "Yeah!" he said as he pulled out a large oversized Metal Bat "EH?-!" he said looking at the Bat. "A bat who's idea of a joke is this?" ZER0 said as the Nega-Shocker soldiers came closer. He then blocked there hits with the bat and slammed it against several of them making them fall back. He then blocked the attack from the leader.

"Lethal force authorized." he said as he pulled out two machetes that are curved. With all the others doing the same. ZER0 blocked there hits with his bat. He then clashed with the Commander. They metal weapons clashing making sparks fly.

'A bat what a good idea for a weapon.' He thought as he traded blows with him. 'What can a Bat do besides hit people upside the head.' Then his bat started to spin the large head like a drill. He then hit it against the Commander making his sword fly out of his hands. "Now that's more like it!" he said as he hit several with the spinning bat making sparks fly off each hit. He then struck it into the chest of one making sparks fly off him like rain as he fell down twitching. "I wonder what else this thing can do?" he said looking over the bat as it stopped. Then it started to spark electricity "Wow cool!" he said as he slammed it into his enemy's making then twitch from the shock. He then smashed into the metal bleachers making electric energy surge throughout them making them all fall back from the shock. "I bet that was a shock." he said as they all got up and pulled out automatic rifles. They all then fired lasers at ZER0 as he blocked them with his bat. 'Now I need a long range weapon, Gloves don't fail me now.' He then tossed the bat at one of them making him fall into the others. ZER0 then smashed his fist together making his symbols appear. He then pulled out a sawed if Double Barrel Shot gun about the size of a hand gun. "Why couldn't you come out firs?" he asked with a sigh. He then aimed it at the soldiers and fired blasts at them in rapid fire succession, much to the shock of the soldiers. They all then fell back in a rain of sparks. "Oh yeah!" he said as he fired several more shots at them making them fly of the bleachers and into the field "Sayonara suckers!" he said as he shot them all again making them all explode. ZER0 then let out a sigh of relief as he spun his gun around. But he was rest was premature as He stopped a sword from cutting his head in half from there commander with his gun that proved to be very sturdy. "Looks like you can go for a another round." he said as they walked in a circle. He then pushed him back and fired several shots at him making him stagger back. He then flipped up his bat And held it in his free hand. He then charged and smashed it against there commander making more sparks fly off him. His bat then started humming. "Take this!" he said as he slammed his bat into him sending a large blast of Energy that sent both back with a loud boom. "OW! That hurt!" he said holding his hand. "Man who's idea was it to make a gravity bat?" he said as he got his gun and went for the commander. At that Time Tachibana was driving by in his car when he saw a familiar figure.

"No way that's…" he said as he saw ZER0 and the Commander circle around each other gun at the ready.

"You dare to defy me even more importantly Nega-Shocker!" he said as he loaded his gun.

"Yeah I dare, I know that you guys are just some evil terrorist group with a lame name." he said as he flipped his gun around. "ZER0 Ikuze!" he said as he charged forward. (insert song Zero by AAA) ZER0 jumped over his shots and fired several of his own making him stumble back, he then delivered a reverse round house to his head making him stumble back when he looked up, ZER0 then shot him several more times making him fall back again. ZER0 then got back with his legs bent ready to jump. "Rider Jump!" he said jumping high into the air. He then flipped in the air and twisted him self into right legged side kick. "Rider Kick!" he said coming in with a flying side kick that hit the commander sending him flying back. He then hit the ground with a large thud as he started to get up he exploded violently in a large fireball screaming as he faded from existence. "Now embrace the darkness in your heart and rest in piece!" he said with a thumbs down (end song). He then fell to his knees his armor fading in a white light as he fell to the floor. Tachibana then came in worried.

"Hikaru-kun!" he said going to the young now rider. "So I guess its always my job to care for these kids huh?" he said looking to the skies.

"Hello welcome to the ZER0 Rider info corner." Tachibana said to the audience. "Today we see Kamen Rider ZER0 and his first transformation." he said as ZER0 appeared in front of everyone. "ZER0 changes via his 0 crystal belt it gives him incredible power through the Nuclear power it holds it can recharge by absorbing direct sun light.. It activates his powers but he can only access a hand full at the moment." He continued as Three screen showed ZER0 holding his two weapons and fighting off the Nega-Shocker grunts."ZER0 mainly uses hand to hand combat but if that's enough he has the ZER0 Bat an overgrown Baseball bat that can rotate at several thousand Rpm, generate Electricity, and release one time shots of Gravitational energy that can destroy most things but if used incorrectly it can cause a major recoil that can send ZER0 on his but. His second weapon is his ZER0 Double Shot. A Double Barrel shotgun the size of a hand gun, with a limitless ammo through the use of Nano Mechanic creation, where he create more ammo on the spot. ZER0 got the idea for his name from the Minion Commander who called him Project 0 his designation as one of Shockers most powerful weapon. But the Double rider saved him and gave him the powers of all the riders to use against the strongest Shocker branch off ever. He supposedly has the powers of all the Rider including the Heisei riders as Ichigo said "to give him more variety" I think they just did it so they can all go on vacation." he joked as Ichigo appeared behind him.

"What was that Oya-san?" he asked.

"Oh Hongo good to see you." he said flustered. "I was about to talk about ZER0's techniques shown today. Today he used the Rider Jump and Kick to destroy the much more powerful Commander." he said as it Showd ZER0 doing his kick.

"Yes his form is quite good but a little sloppy but not bad." Ichigo said. As he stopped Tachibana from leaving. "Have you finished it yet?" he asked.

"No its almost done." he said.

"Well then get to work then Oya-san." he said as he left with him. Than Tachibana came back.

"These riders are so picky." he said covering his moth from the side.

"I heard that!" Ichigo said off screen.

"See you next time." he said leaving.

Next time on Kamen Rider ZER0

"Greetings Project 0." a shocker cyborg said,

"Kisama!" Hikaru said laying on the floor.

"Hikaru-kun!" Tachibana shouted.

"I wont lose to a stupid bug like you!" ZER0 said as he faced the monster.

"Hurricane Z-3000 is ready!" Tachibana said moving the tarp.

"ZER0 Ikuze!" he said revving his bike.