Hi, everyone-I'm Lulu and here is 'Tis My Duty.

Disclaimer: Yeah, I don't own this stuff.

Like it said in the summary, this is a tribute to our beloved house-elves. This is going to be an...eight-shot, I suppose. The "chapters" aren't supposed to be separate, but I thought it'd be awfully confusing if I didn't break them up. I'm posting all of the story at once, so it doesn't really matter. All the Parts happen during different places in the Harry Potter timeline, and I'm fairly sure you'll be able to generally pinpoint when. However, the elves' separate stories do commence, even if their bit in the 'Tis My Duty are all split into two.

Confusing, but not really once you read it? I hope.

Please enjoy, then R&R! It would mean a lot :)

Kreacher loved Mistress. Kreacher loved Mistress.

Dobby twisted his cleaning rag around his fingers, huge ragged ears flapping. His tennis ball-sized eyes were clouded over with thought.

Winky frowned, her attentions far from the kitchen where she stood.