Reshaping History - Prologue to Rise and Fall

Chapter 4

Clark and Lana walked to the loft in almost complete silence but it wasn't the uncomfortable silence that Lana thought it would be considering everything that had happened recently. As she glanced over at Clark she thought he would at least be a bit angry at her for some of the things she had recently said to him but to her surprise he seemed to be ok. Thinking back on everything that has happened over the past few months between her and Clark she felt a bit guilty over how she had treated him.

The more she thought back on what J'onn had shown her the more guilty she felt as she now new that all Clark had tried to do was protect her. He had sacrificed everything for her safety and she had thrown it in his fact. She also realised that Clark wasn't jealous of her relationship with Lex like she thought he was but angry because of what had happened. She had died and Lex had been responsible for that and Clark saved her life and did what he always did, put others before himself. It was a sad truth she realised that it must have hurt Clark more than anything to watch her end up with the person that killed her. God that is just so confusing…I died and but I'm still alive. She thought to herself and in truth she was still trying to wrap her head around that idea.

Just getting to the top of the stairs in the barn Clark glanced over at Lana and could see her lost in thought. He wasn't surprised by this as he knew that what she had learned had been a lot to take in. Walking over to the couch he told Lana to have a seat which she did while he stood by the window looking up at the sun for a few seconds before turning to face her. "How are you coping with everything"

Lana looked at Clark for a second while trying to put what she was feeling into words "I don't know…It's a lot to take in and I don't mean the whole Kryptonian thing" She said before standing up and walking up to Clark "I saw some of your memories and felt what you felt…You give up so much to protect me and I threw it in your face" Letting out a sigh she shook her head slightly before looking back into Clark's eyes "I feel like such an idiot…Everything you did to protect me and I've treated you like crap"

"Lana that wasn't your fault…You didn't know" Clark said back trying to reassure her. "From your perspective I can understand why you felt what you felt"

"It doesn't change the fact that I know you Clark" Lana told him before letting out another sigh "Despite what secrets you may have kept I know you…I could see it in your eyes when you told me you didn't love me anymore…I could see you were lying but I didn't call you on it…Maybe I should have but at least I now know why you did what you did"

"It wasn't an easy decision at the time but despite how everything turned out…It was the right decision" Clark said back knowing that he and Lana were never meant to be. In his timeline things between them had never been easy and he knew they were never meant for each other. "Some things are just not meant to be and you and I fall into that category"

"I still love you Clark…Knowing who and what you are doesn't change that" Lana admitted and it was true and that had been why she was always angry at him. She couldn't stop loving him no matter how hard she tried but now she knew something else that she didn't know before. She had seen some of his memories and seen what it was like to live his life and it was hard from what she could tell. Knowing about Clark is one thing but to experience what he has was something completely different and she knew he was right. No matter what they felt for each other it wasn't meant to be. "It will never work will it" She finally asked.

"No" Clark answered knowing what Lana was referring to before going over to the couch and sitting down with Lana following behind.

"For what it's worth Clark I'm sorry for what I said yesterday" Which was true she didn't mean to say what she said to him but she was angry and wanted to hurt him slightly. Looking back on it now though she felt like an idiot.

"Don't worry about it" Clark told her before deciding to ask her another question. "What are you going to do about Lex"

Lana looked at Clark and wondered how to answer that question because in truth she tried not to think of Lex that much as it was confusing "I don't know to be honest…I mean I saw your memories and he killed me" She let out a sigh and fought back a tear as she remembered what it had been like for Clark to live through that "I mean he didn't actually kill me but he was responsible….God how do you wrap your head around that" She said in frustration as she stood up and paced around the loft a bit before coming to a stop and looking at Clark "It's just that I remember how things have been between Lex and me over the past few months but now I know how obsessed he is with you and it freaks me out…I also saw what happened here last night between you and Lex…He's the one that attacked you despite the fact you seemed to know that the only way to stop everything from happening was to kill him but you didn't"

Clark stood up and walked up next to her before placing his hand on her shoulder "Lana what you have seen and what you know doesn't really matter…The only thing you have to do is ask yourself where you want your life to go"

"I honestly don't know" She responded which was true she didn't know where to go from here but she knew no matter what she would never betray Clark "I will never betray you Clark…I hope you know that"

"Lana my reasons for not telling you about myself was never about trust…It was about my fears…I was always afraid that you wouldn't except me if you found out the truth and then the day of the election when you died I realised that our relationship was doomed but I was afraid of letting you go even though I knew I should"

"I don't know what I am going to do about Lex and it's going to take some time for me to figure things out" Lana admitted before the two of them sat back on the couch. As they sat down Lana decided that maybe they should have a nice chat and get everything out in the open so she asked him could they not talk about Lex or anything else for now as she wanted to talk about them and where they go from here.

Clark said that perhaps this is a conversation that they needed to have so the two of them sat there in the loft and for the first time in her life Lana Lang had a real and open conversation with Clark Kent.


Lex opened his eyes slowly before shooting up and realising he was in the mansion. Standing up he looked around the room and the first thing he noticed was that the windows had been gone. He stood there for a good minute turning on the spot looking at room and came to a stop as he saw a foot deep almost circular crater in the middle of the room and he couldn't help wonder what had happened. Then as he thought back he tried to remember how he got here but he couldn't. The last thing he could remember was a very loud and very painful shrieking noise in his head that was telling him to go somewhere but that was the last thing he could remember.

As he continued to look around the room he noticed that the safe door had been ripped off. Walking up to it he looked inside and was immediately greeted but the back wall with a massive indent in it which again caused him to ask what the hell was going on. That was when he thought about Lana and he quickly looked around in the pockets of the clothes he was wearing for his cell phone but he couldn't find it. Walking over to his desk he picked up the house phone and dialled Lana's mobile but there was an automated message telling him that the cell network was down.

Letting out a sigh the only thing Lex could do was ask what the hell is going on but then he heard the voice of someone he hated "Hello Son" the voice said.


Back at the farm both Lionel and J'onn had left leaving Martha there alone with Raya. In truth Martha felt a little apprehensive with the idea of another Kryptonian being around. Even more so as this Kryptonian was female and an attractive one at that and she couldn't help but notice the way Clark had responded to her in the barn earlier. He was comfortable around her and perhaps a little too comfortable and it made her feel a little uneasy. Deciding to brush those thoughts aside she knew that Clark was going to have the Kryptonian female stay at the farm for a while so she wanted to get to know this woman better. "So Raya tell me about yourself"

"Well before Krypton fell I worked for Jor-El as one of his assistants" Raya said with a warm smile remembering Jor-El as he had been almost family to her. "He recruited me straight out of the science academy and I worked for him for about six of your years"

Hearing Raya worked for Jor-El didn't sit to well with Martha at all as he had been the cause of many problems for her son and their family "How did you survive…The destruction of Krypton I mean"

"Just before Krypton fell Jor-El sent me to the phantom zone in the hope that I would survive" was Raya's response as she fought back the memories of her time in that hell "I had hoped that Jor-El and Lara would come with me but he wouldn't stop trying to save Krypton and Lara wouldn't leave his side" As those words left her mouth a tear run down her cheek before she wiped it away. "Sending Kal-El here to Earth to protect humanity was Jor-El's last act"

Hearing Raya sat that Jor-El sent Clark to Earth to protect humanity wasn't what she had expected the Kryptonian female to say. In fact everything that she knew about Jor-El had left her with a bitter taste in her mouth "What do you mean Clark was sent here to protect humanity" She finally asked.

Raya give Martha a small smile before responding "Jor-El came to Earth when he was younger and he saw that humans were a lot like Kryptonians despite the technological difference between us…Obviously there are also some cultural differences but Jor-El saw humans as equals to us but he also saw that the human race was on a path that could lead to it's destruction"

"What do you mean…Jor-El believes that we are going to destroy ourselves" Martha asked sceptically as she didn't believe for a second that Jor-El was a person of good nature as he had put her family through hell.

"Well if you look at your history the answer to that is there…In the past hundred years you have had two world wars one of which you unleashed a weapon that not only killed many thousands but irradiated a large area slowly poisoning the people living close to that area…I believe you call it a nuclear bomb" Raya said in a matter of fact tone before letting out a small sigh "Like I said humans and Kryptonians are not that different…But the path that humanity is on will lead to it's destruction at a far younger age that what Kryptonians were….That is why Jor-El sent Kal-El here…He knew the powers Kal-El would possess and it was Jor-El's hope that he use his powers to become a symbol of hope for humanity…A beacon or example to inspire the human race away from the path you have started down"

"I must admit that that isn't the Jor-El I imagined…He has caused a lot of problems for Clark growing up and put him through to much" Martha said still sceptical.

"Kal-El told me about some of his life here as well as some of the things Jor-El has put him through" Raya said before standing up and looking out of the kitchen window. A few seconds later she turned back to face Martha "What you need to understand is that the AI in the fortress may have Jor-El's memories and maybe even his personality but it is still a computer system that has pre-programmed directives that it must follow and it will do anything to ensure that its mission is complete…From what Kal-El has told me Jor-El has been trying to get him to sever his human ties but I do not believe it is for the reason of getting Kal-El to turn away from his humanity"

"What do you mean" Martha asked curiously hoping that she might get a small amount of understanding on Jor-El's motives.

"Jor-El programmed his AI to get Kal-El to embrace his heritage and from what I can tell despite some of the things Jor-El has done the AI is trying to get him to embrace being Kryptonian and believes that the only way Kal-El will do that is to cut him off from the people he cares about" Raya then sat back down next to Martha and looked at her for a few seconds. "I do not agree with the methods Jor-El has used but I understand the need for Kal-El to embrace his Kryptonian side as he is Kryptonian…But that doesn't change who he is"

While Martha and Raya were talking Clark and Lana were just coming out of the barn and heading towards her car. The last few hours and certainly been interesting for the young brunette and over the past hour she and Clark had a completely open conversation for the first time in her life. It amazed her to see the difference in how he talked to her now she knew the truth. Where as before she could see him holding things back this time she could tell he wasn't and it was a great feeling. The downside to this whole knew open and honest conversations was the fact that she knew now that she and Clark never had a chance despite what she felt about him. They weren't destined to be together and despite how much that hurt she was strangely alright with it. She had also finally gotten the answer to a question that had been bugging her since Clark was shot as well. She had spent months since Clark was shot wondering if she was the reason he was pulling away from her. For a long time she thought there was something wrong with her and finally after months of uncertainty she had her answer. Clark had pulled away from her out of fear of her getting hurt and even though he had hurt her in a way she finally understood that Clark was doing what he always does, he protects her.

As they got to her car she opened the door and got in before closing it behind her. Turning her key in the ignition she opened the window and looked at Clark. "I will see you in a few days" She said knowing that Clark was going away for a few days. He hadn't gone into details but he had told her that the place made of ice she had seen in his memories that he called the Fortress had been damaged and that he had to go and repair it so he would be out of town for a while. He had promised her that they would always be friends no matter what and she had also promised him that she would never tell anyone about him. She also admitted that she needed a few days as well in order to think about where her relationship with Lex stands as she needed to process everything she now knew.

"I'll call you when I come back…We may not be meant to be together but I do know that we were always meant to be a part of each others lives" Clark said giving her a warm smile.

"Thanks Clark" She said before reversing her car and turning it around before driving off.


The Year 3010 – Fortress Of Solitude

Rokk, Garth and Imra stood near the main control panel in the Fortress as Brainiac explained to them about the disruption that had been detected in the timeline. To say all three were completely confused would be an understatement because as far as they knew Kal-El's timeline was heavily monitored by not only them but several other advanced Alien races as well as the Lantern Corps. This brought up a question of how the timelines could have shifted so dramatically and why there were three different possible timelines coexisting at the same time. It was as if time itself was waiting for an event in the past to happen before it decided how things would turn out. All three members of the Legion also had to agree that they hated this whole cause and effect thing. Or in this case possibly effect proceeding before the cause. They were really starting to hate time travel.

"Is there anyway to find out what has happened to cause this fracture in the timeline" Rokk asked hoping that that there was someway to fix this current problem.

Brainiac looked at the current leader of the Legion for a second before shaking his head "No…Unless the cause of this disruption is revealed to us there is no way of knowing…From what the Fortresses sensors have recorded two of the possible three timelines would result in the creation of the timeline we are living in now or at least close to the existing timeline…The third however is of great concern…From what the sensors recorded by the year 2027 the entire Justice League save Kal-El were completely wiped out and as far as I can tell most of the Meta-Human population had also been killed"

"There has to be someway to know what happened" Imra said as she was getting a little frustrated. She didn't like the thought of what the world would be like if the League had fallen.

"Unless we can speak to someone who lived through those events without travelling through time there is no way of knowing" Brainiac responded as he knew they couldn't risk going back in time until the timelines stabilised.

"Why cant we go back and have a look ourselves…I mean we have all gone back before and met Kal" Garth said not really understanding why they couldn't go back.

Brainiac looked at Garth for a few seconds before responding "All three timelines seem to be existing at the same time…If we go back we may end up in the wrong timeline and until the timelines stabilise the risk is to great"

"There must be a way to find out what's going on" Rokk insisted before a thought popped into his head "What about going to Oa…The Lantern Corps may be able to help us figure out what is going on"

"That is a possibility and the only thing I can think of at this time" Brainiac conceded.

With that the four members of the Legion decided to return to their headquarters before going to Oa.


After Lana left Clark went back into the house and saw Raya and his mother talking. For a few minutes he just stood there watching as he remembered that his mother hadn't had chance to meet Raya in the other timeline. As he watched he could tell that his mother wasn't that comfortable around Raya and in all honesty he wasn't surprised as his mothers encounters with Kryptonians in general hadn't been good. Deciding to cut in on the conversation Clark walked into the kitchen and sat on a stool next to Raya before turning his attention to his mother. There were things that needed to be said as he was leaving for a while and wouldn't see her as he knew she would be spending a lot of time in Topeka as she did in the other timeline.

After a short conversation Clark decided to tell his mother that he was leaving for a while. To say she wasn't happy about the idea was an understatement and he ended up explaining to her that the fortress had been damaged when Zod was released and that he and Raya needed to repair it. That brought on the question of if Raya could fix it but he knew that even if the damage was severe he was the only one that can effect the systems in the fortress so he had to go in order to give Raya access.

Martha wasn't happy about the idea of Clark going up to the fortress for two reasons. Firstly she hated Jor-El and every time Clark goes there she was afraid that he either wouldn't come back or he would come back as Kal-El. The second reason was the blond Kryptonian who was currently sitting on the stool next to her son. She hadn't missed the way Raya had super sped in front of Clark in the barn and she hadn't missed the way Clark touched her arm. While she didn't believe there was anything going on between the two of them she knew that they were both Kryptonian and the last of a very few. That thought brought the question of weather or not they would develop a romantic relationship with each other and she didn't like that idea at all. Perhaps it was simply because Clark had been raised human she had never considered the possibility of a female Kryptonian coming into the picture and the other reason was that she was afraid that he would loose the parts of him that make him human should he pursue a relationship with the young woman. She knew she shouldn't be thinking along these lines but for some reason she couldn't help it.

After about an hour Clark said bye to his mother before he and Raya left heading towards the barn to get some things before going to the caves. As Martha watched Clark go with the Kryptonian woman she couldn't help but let out a sad sigh as thoughts of loosing her son started to come into her mind.


Arriving at the daily planet Lana walked down the stairs to the basement hoping Chloe was still there. After everything she now knew she needed to talk to someone who quite frankly was human, someone who could see things from her perspective. She had always valued Chloe's friendship and the blond had always been there when she needed someone to talk to and in truth Chloe was the sister she never had.

Arriving at the basement Lana looked around for a few seconds before spotting Chloe talking to some guy that she didn't recognise. Walking up to the blond she called out her name to which Chloe turned and looked at her.

Chloe was chatting away with Jimmy who was an old boyfriend from when she interned at the planet a few years ago. In truth she wasn't expecting to see him at all but apparently he had been offered a job as a junior photographer for the people working in the basement. As they were talking she was brought out of the conversation when she heard someone call her name. Turning around she saw Lana walking towards her with a small smile on her face. Turning back to Jimmy she asked him could he give her a little while to go talk to her friend before they go out for something to eat to which he said no problem and left. Once Jimmy had left Chloe walked up to Lana and hugged her grateful that her friend and roommate was ok.

Lana hugged Chloe back and asked if she was alright to which Chloe said she was fine and thankfully from what Lana could tell she was. After a few minutes of general chitchat Chloe seemed to notice that Lana needed to talk to someone and asked her what was going on.

When Chloe asked her what was going on Lana sat there for a few seconds thinking of someway to tell Chloe that she knows about Clark. After a few seconds she thought the direct approach would be best "I know about Clark and need someone to talk to that also knows about him"

Chloe stood there for a second as realisation of what Lana said sunk in. Quickly glancing around she noticed that one of the offices where available and pulled the brunette into the office before closing the door and turning her attention to Lana "What do you mean you know about Clark"

"Clark…Krypton…Kal-El…Intergalactic Traveller as he calls himself" Lana said back in a matter of fact tone.

"Oh" Was all Chloe could say for a few seconds before she asked the next obvious one "How did you find out"

"I went by the farm looking for Clark since he knew about what was going to happen to Lex…Anyway when I got there a few minutes later he showed up before going to stop Zod which he has by the way"

"Is he alright…And where is he…I haven't seen him since last night" Chloe said still trying to process the fact that Lana knew about Clark. In fact knowing that Lana knew about Clark made her wonder if her two friends were going to get back together but she decided not to ask that question for now.

"Clark's fine and from what he said he beat Zod easily and made sure that nothing was left for Lex to get his hands on…As for where he is I think he's gone back to…What did he call it…The fortress…Apparently it was damaged somehow and don't ask me how I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole thing" With that said Lana sat on one of the chairs and looked up at Chloe "I need some advise about this whole thing and since you're the only one other than Mrs Kent that knows everything I thought it would be easier talking to you"

Chloe also sat down on one of the chairs and looked at Lana closely for a few seconds and could see that she was trying hard to come to terms with everything. Letting out a sigh she give Lana a small smile "I'll help with whatever I can Lana…Just ask what you need to and I will try and answer things the best I cane"

"Thanks Chloe" Lana said back with a small smile of her own before the two fell into a fully open conversation about their favourite farm boy.


As Clark and Raya arrived through the portal to the fortress they both found it hard to see the last piece of their home in such a state. The crystal columns had gone from their normal white and semi-transparent colour to a black that made it look like the fortress was decomposing for a lack of better terms.

Clark could remember the fortress going like this on a few occasions before he took flight in the other timeline. Zod's release was the first time then there was the incident with Brainiac and doomsday when said machine was absorbing the fortresses knowledge. Back then it hadn't bothered him that much as he hated Jor-El and was still fighting against who and what he really was. Now though after spending a lot of time in this place in his timeline he had thought of the fortress to be as much of a home as the farm and the apartment he had in Metropolis and seeing it in such a state saddened him deeply.

As Raya looked around the fortress she couldn't believe how lifeless the now black crystals made the place feel. Her home on Krypton was always so white and well lit and to see the one place in the universe where a piece of Krypton still existed so lifeless made he feel a sadness she hadn't felt since the destruction of her world.

Looking at Raya, Clark could see how saddened she was by the state the fortress was currently in. Walking up to the main console he reached out with his right hand and grabbed a large thick crystal that was in the middle of the console before turning it slightly and pulling it out.

Raya watched as Clark pulled out the crystal and was curious as to why he would pull out a crystal since the fortress was essentially dead "What's that"

"It's the crystal that houses Jor-El's AI…Since I am using Brainiacs power core to restore the fortress I don't want to risk it being corrupted" Clark said back as he pulled out the power core from his jacket pocked and placing it on top of the control panel. After a few seconds Clark moved a few crystals around while pulling others out completely to which Raya again asked him what he was doing. Clark explained to her that he was removing all the archive crystals just in case there was some part of Brainiac still active. He knew that Brainiac would love to get his hands on the database and he wasn't going to risk it as that much knowledge couldn't be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. After all the archive crystals had been removed Clark pressed a few buttons on the power core before placing it back on top of the console. After a few seconds the power core lit up and started spinning before the main console started to glow.

Clark stood there for a few more seconds before he waved his hand over the console and a holographic display appeared before him. On the display was a readout of the fortresses current power levels which at the moment was reading zero point four percent. Knowing this was going to take a little time he moved over to a large flat piece of crystal that stuck out from the floor about a meter looking like an odd sort of table and sat down before looking at Raya "It's going to take some time for the power cells to fully recharge…I set the absorption rate a lot lower than needed but I didn't want to risk anymore damage at least until the auto-repair system is functioning again"

"How long will it take for the fortress to become operational" Raya asked Clark as she sat down next to him.

"It will be about thirty minutes before there's enough power to bring the auto-repair system back online…Once it's online I can increase the rate of the energy transfer…Once that's done I can run a diagnostic and if everything is ok reinstall all the crystals…Then if you don't mind I want to put you through some training" He told her to which he got a confused look from the other Kryptonian "Just some cultural stuff as well as geographical data that will help you fit in on Earth better…I also want to put you through some training on the use of your powers…I spent years trying to learn how to use mine growing up and Jor-El could have taught me everything I needed to know within a few days but he believed that I should learn about my powers on my own but I think it will save you a lot of time to go through the training"

Raya sat there for a few seconds thinking over what Clark had just said to her and she knew he was right. She had never been on a planet with a yellow sun so she had no idea of how her powers worked or what she was actually capable of doing. There was no doubt in her mind that she could learn to use her strength and speed easily but there were a few other abilities that needed a subtle approach to control them. "I think that would be a good idea as I do not know what to expect when it comes to the powers I now possess" She finally answered and that was when a thought popped into her head something that she had been wandering about on and off since she saw him in the Zone fighting the phantoms. Turning to face him she asked "Kal-El…How did you have your powers inside the Zone…I helped Jor-El create that place so I know that it should be impossible for you to do what you did yet you had all you powers"

Clark looked at Raya for a few seconds thinking of the best way to explain how he still had his powers "Ok this is going to be a long story but bare with me" He said before letting out a small sigh as memories of how he discovered how to do what he does comes back into his mind "About twelve years ago from my perspective I fought a creature that Zod engineered called Doomsday" As the word Doomsday left his lips he could see recognition appear in Raya's eyes and he wasn't surprised that she knew about the creature. It was after all a weapon that was meant to be the ultimate destroyer but it was never released on Krypton. "Anyway I managed to defeat it but I was badly injured in the process…So much so that everyone thought I was dead" At that Raya asked him why everyone thought he was dead to which he just give her a small smile before speaking "Well my injuries were so severe that my body shut itself down in order to keep me alive…Everything shut down…My heartbeat…Brain activity it all shut down…I didn't even have a bioelectrical field so not even the fortress or Jor-El was aware that I was still alive" With that said Clark took a deep breath before letting it out slowly "Anyway I was buried and from the recordings it was a nice funeral but I'm getting off track here…I was buried for about a month and a half from what Kara told me before she discovered I was still alive"

"Kara" Raya asked cautiously as the only Kara she knew was Zor-El's daughter and from what Jor-El had told her Kara refused to believe that Zor-El had ever done anything wrong.

"Yeah Kara…My cousin…She's on Earth at the moment currently in suspended animation aboard her ship" Clark answered before he noticed a look of worry appear on Raya's face. It took him a few seconds before he realised that Raya didn't know that Zor-El had altered Kara's memories removing anything that would allow her to see what kind of monster her father really was "Don't worry about Kara…There is a reason she was so loyal to her father…Every time Kara caught Zor-El doing something that he didn't want her to know about he would erase her memories…That's why she was so loyal to him because from her perspective he had never done anything wrong…It broke her heart more than she would ever admit when she learned the truth about who Zor-El really was…Speaking of which I am going to have to get Jor-El to restore her memories when I release her from her ship" With that Clark stood up and paced a little before turning back to Raya "As I was saying after Kara realised that I was somehow still alive she brought me here to the fortress and Jor-El discovered that my body had shut itself down in order to keep me alive despite my injuries…What was interesting was the fact that my body shut down the part that absorbs and converts solar energy and for over a month after I woke up I was powerless but during that time Jor-El was monitoring me and he discovered that the part of my brain that regulates our solar energy function had shut down as well…Anyway as time went on that part of my brain came back online and my body again started absorbing and converting solar energy and my powers slowly came back online…During this Jor-El was constantly monitoring me and was also running hundreds of different simulations one of which was a way to counteract a fatal weakness that empowered Kryptonians have"

Hearing that she had a fatal weakness that came with her powers disturbed Raya greatly because as far as she was aware the powers she now possesses should make her pretty much unstoppable "What is this weakness"

Clark sat back down next to her and started to tell her all about Kryptonite and it's effects on Kryptonians. He started off telling her about the green K as Pete used to call it and told her about how it causes severe pain as well as literally causing their blood to boil. Then he told her something that he discovered about why Kryptonite effected them the way it did. He told her that their bodies don't just absorb and convert solar radiation but also various other forms as well, but it was only solar radiation that give them their powers. Then he went on to tell her that Kryptonite effected them because their bodies couldn't convert the radiation and that for a lack of better terms it was like food poisoning but taken to the extreme. After that Clark went on to explain all about the other forms of Kryptonite he knew existed Red, Blue, Silver and Gold as well as their individual effects on Kryptonians. "With Jor-El running these simulations he decided to expose me to blue Kryptonite for a few seconds without me knowing and analysed the results…What he discovered was that the Blue K not only suppressed my powers but also caused the part of my brain that regulates our ability to absorb and convert solar energy to shut down…Then he starting running simulations on how to get me to consciously override my energy absorption ability…After a few months Jor-El with the help of the archive was able to come up with a way for me to consciously control my ability to absorb and convert solar energy"

"That doesn't explain how you still had powers inside the Phantom Zone" Raya said to him as she didn't understand how the ability to turn off their energy absorption ability would allow him to maintain his powers.

Clark give Raya a look that told her that he hadn't finished explaining yet "Raya…The phantom zone emits a form of radiation that shuts down our abilities…It shuts down our abilities by disrupting our absorption and conversion ability but if we are not absorbing that radiation to use it then the radiation inside the zone has no effect on us"

"So you are saying that turning of our energy absorption ability protects us from the effects of the radiation inside the zone" Raya asked as understanding started to come to her.

"Yes…Simply put just like under a red sun our bodies cant process the radiation and it causes our bodies to revert to their natural un-powered state…But if you stop our ability to absorb and convert radiation you become protected from the effects…The only downside is that you have limited power as our bodies act like a battery that only stores so much energy…Once you use that up you loose your powers" Clark answered hoping that Raya understood what he was saying.

"So that is how you still had your powers inside the zone…You shut down the part of yourself that absorbs and converts radiation" Raya asked now understanding how he still had his powers when he was in the zone.

"Yeah but like I said there is a downside and that is that you only have a limited amount of time before you use up your powers" Clark said in response to Raya's statement before he added something else "For me I can go weeks without needing to recharge my powers…And possibly years if I don't use my powers that much…But obviously the more you use your powers the quicker you use up what your body has stored…It also takes a long time for our bodies to reach a full charge…Under normal circumstances it takes an adult Kryptonian about two hundred and seventy days to fully charge here on Earth…The closer we are to the sun the quicker we charge though, but there is a limit to how quickly we can fully recharge as our bodies can only process so much"

Raya sat there taking all this new information in and was curious as to how she could learn to do what Kal-El had done. But at the same time taking into consideration what he had said about how long it takes to reach a full charge she wondered if it was worth it at the moment. Perhaps once she has been on Earth long enough to reach a full charge she would ask Kal-El how to do what he does but for now it wasn't worth the hassle. Before she could say anything else she suddenly noticed that some of the black crystal columns had started to turn white while others were starting to light up.

Clark noticing the same thing turned to Raya and told her that he was going to see if there was enough power to bring the auto-repair system back online. With that said he went up to the console and pulled up the holographic display and smiled slightly as he saw the readout saying there was enough power. Accessing a few of the fortresses systems via the holographic display he brought the auto-repair system back online before remotely accessing brainiacs power core and running the Kryptonian equivalent of an anti-Virus program to make sure none of brainiac was inside the core. After a few minutes he was pleased to discover that brainiac was essentially dead and increased the rate of power transfer. Within a few seconds the blackened crystals returned to their natural white colour and the fortress came fully back to life.


In a large office complex in Star City Oliver Queen sat behind his desk looking over a few of the reports that he had been given in the last few hours since the global virus had been removed. What was peeking his interest though was that some of the symbols that were displayed by this virus he had seen before. He didn't know what they meant but he did recognise them from his parents Veritas journals. In truth he hadn't really looked that deeply into those journals as he didn't really understand what they were going on about. From what he could tell though was that his parents along with a few others believed that a child was going to come to Earth from the stars. Someone who this Veritas group called the traveller and that this traveller was supposed to be the saviour of humanity. In all honesty he had questioned his parents sanity after he first read the journal but after seeing some of the symbols from this virus he was starting to wonder if there might be any truth to it.

Setting another report down he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes for a second before there was a knock on his door. Sitting back up he pressed a button on his desk and the door opened to reveal a man standing there. After a second the man walked straight to Oliver's desk before extending his hand that had a folder in it. "Our satellite system was still online and fully functional despite the fact that our link to them had been severed…I thought you might be interested to see what our tracking systems uncovered" The man said as Oliver took it from him and opened it. As he opened the folder her was greeted with several images but there were only a few that peeked his interest. One was a picture of Lex who was apparently flying to and from his mansion in Smallville. The second was a picture of some kind of weird ball of light that appeared in the sky for a few seconds a few hours ago and the last one was a group of photos that showed this ball of light shooting out another ball of light that struck the ground somewhere in Smallville. As Oliver looked at the last group of photo's he could see the ball of light strike the ground before fading away leaving what looked like an impact crater behind. What peeked his interest more than anything though was the sight of two people standing in the crater. Leaning back in his chair Oliver looked at the man on the other side of his desk for a few seconds "I think it's time I see about opening a new office in Metropolis…As soon as the Air traffic has resumed normal operations have my Jet ready to take me to Metropolis"

"Understood Mr Queen" The man said before turning around and leaving the room.

Oliver sat back in his chair just looking over the photo's wondering who those two people in the crater were. Knowing that that was going to take some extra digging around he decided that his main focus should be Lex. His old Classmate had somehow come into powers far beyond that of any he had seen before. He knew Lex was experimenting on people with abilities in what was called thirty three point one but he had no idea that Lex had found a way to give himself powers. This was bad beyond anything he had expected and he knew that Lex had to be stopped soon. He also knew that he and his team were the only ones that stood in Lex's way.


Looking down at the blue and green planet he called his home Clark's mind was filled with the thoughts of what had happened recently. He had travelled back in time twenty one years in the hope that he could save the world and his friends from the dark future that was to come. By saving Raya and getting her out of the Zone without any of the others escaping he had already changed so much that even he couldn't predict the outcome. Without the Zoners running around on Earth it would set Lex's Ares project back some years but he knew Lex all to well and knew that his former friend would find some other way to create his army.

Of all the simulations he had run there were only a few that worked in his favour but only one that had the potential to work without heavy loss of life. He was left with two options when he came up with his plan to go back in time. First was the option he didn't want to take and would never take and that was to take over the world and he knew he could do it. With his ability to stop the effects of Kryptonite he knew he could bring the Earth to it's knees fairly easily if he wanted to, but that went against everything he believed in and would never cross that line. The second option was more tricky and that was to tell only a few people the truth about where he was from and hope that together they could make small adjustments to prevent that dark future from coming true. This way was harder as he would have to lie to a lot of people and keep even more secrets than he wanted to but it was a necessary evil and one he could live with.

The truth was though despite the fact he had travelled back in time he had already changed a lot in the last twenty four hours. To much to be able to predict the outcome. So he would watch and wait and hope that this new future would be better than the last.

There drifting high above the Earth he turned towards the sun before taking one last glance at the Earth. Closing his eyes for a second he opened them and looked directly at the golden orb that give him his powers before shooting off towards it with a small smile as he felt a small piece of hope for the first time in what felt like years.

The End.

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