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She looked out to the beautiful sunset, with an emotionless, almost bitter smirk on her face. She watched as the sun dropped below the horizon, hearing the birds chirping their last, sweet melodies, melodies she despised because they were happy and she was broken, ohsobroken.

She sat, one pale, slim leg pulled against her chest, the other swinging casually out from the ocean, pulling her short skirt up to dangerous places that perfectinnocentsweet Lily Luna Potter shouldn't be exposing, blowing out a cloud of wonderfully poisonous smoke that purevirginallovely Lily Luna Potter shouldn't be tasting. But she dropped that ridiculous label in 5th year, thank goodness, because Merlin was it tedious keeping that reputation, especially when no one appreciated it, not even the one who had your heart.

'Soon, very soon,' she thought with a wry smile, 'it'll be here. The moon will be here, taking its place in the sky, sending people inside to sleep when they all should be watching it, soaking in its beauty, loving it like it deserves. But no matter, it doesn't care. The moon doesn't need their worthless emotion.'

And yet again, like every other sunset she watched, she knew it wasn't the moon she was talking about, but like every other sunset, she pushed it away because after all, she was fine, definitely not broken.


As she looked on to the horizon, he looked on to her, regret playing across his features like dolphins playing across the water but it wasn't nearly as pure and innocent but was ohsopainful.

'She used to be the sun, a spitfire, a bright bundle of joy. What happened?' he thought, as he did every other night. And like every other night, he knew the answer, feeling it tickle his conscience, but fought it, fought it hard until it burst into his mind, taking him to his knees in sweet, agonizing despair.

He was the cause. He did it.

He did this to her. He turned her into the moon, the icy, cold, untouchable yet beautiful, feared and admired by all, approached by none.

He gasped in pain, his eyes filling with tears.

And like every other night, she turned, her fiery red hair dancing across her milky white shoulders, her greengreengreen eyes no longer filled with smoldering passion but rather a frosty tunnel of pain and sorrow.

And like every other night she says "Hurts, doesn't it Teddy? Hurts like a bitch." in that alluring throaty voice of hers, and like every other damn night, he knows, he knows that he's lost her. Because of what he did.

He doesn't answer as he stares at her, into her lifeless eyes. He doesn't have to for he knows the pain of being broken because seeing her like this, a cold lifeless whore who fucks anyone she can, breaks him every day. And yet he comes back because he's a masochist, a sadist, a person in love with someone who's lost, shattered, a train wreck.

Never in his life did he think he would see innocent, pure Lily Luna turn into an adulterous, m-rated show of poisonous cigs and burning firewhiskey and too-short skirts and blood red lips. Never in his life did he think the fun loving, spitfire of a girl turn into an ice queen that doesn't care, and Merlin he regrets his drunken mistake with his worthless life, cursing Victoire to the very pits of hell for the millionth time.

And like every other night, she smirks and turns back to watching the sun and smoking that damn cigarette and he grimaces and closes his eyes, knowing what he's done, knowing it can't be forgotten.

"Hurts doesn't it Teddy? Hurts like a bitch."