Limericks about Isabela

I once met a girl with no pants,
and docked with her at every chance.
I dropped so much anchor,
it got me a chancre –
and gave her a bow-legged stance.

There once was a lass from Rivain,
whose breasts were too large to contain.
Her buxom physique
gave her shirts just a week,
before they would burst from the strain.

Isabela consumes ales and liquors,
and stumbles around without knickers.
As she heads to Hawke's pad –
fully drunk, semi-clad –
she gets many stares, sighs, and snickers.

The object of all my affection
has a lovely Rivaini complexion.
Though her face is alright,
and her arse nice and tight –
her busom's my favorite section.

When I see Isabela undressed –
Sweet Maker! I know that I'm blessed.
Though tales are oft told
of silver and gold,
there's no treasure like that pirate's chest.

My pirate queen's bountiful treasure
is simply too massive to measure.
Whether hid behind lace,
or held close to my face,
it gives me no shortage of pleasure.

Isabela is so well-endowed,
she always stands out in a crowd –
and the bronze of her breast
spills out over her vest,
like the sun peeking out from a cloud.

When my pirate's asleep in my room,
the position I like to assume
is to lie with my nose
near her sweet blooming rose,
so that I can enjoy its perfume.

Isabela impresses the gents
with breasts that are truly immense.
Her beautiful bust
will be deeply discussed
by Lowtown lads many years hence.

One night, as they tangled and trysted,
Isabela to Fenris insisted:
"Your Elven appendage
doth suffer from bend-age -
t'would be best if you magically fisted."

Her long leather boots both unlaced,
Isabela was nude from the waist –
so I smiled, and dove
towards her dark pirate cove,
and then treated myself to a taste.

'Bela's breasts are so beautifully cleft,
and endowed with such fullness and heft.
But the piercings she chose
always tickle my nose –
especially the one on the left.

'Bela's breasts are the greatest I've seen,
tanned and brown, with a salt-water sheen.
So much time have I spent
with my neck slightly bent,
contemplating the space in between.

A pirate can be such a cynic
regarding most matters hygienic –
but the first sign of burning,
and she'll be returning
to visit the Darktown health clinic.

"It's clear from the way you are walking,"
said Anders, his tone almost mocking.
"I'll give you a salve
for the chafing you have,
so that you can get back to your Hawke-ing."

Last evening, we'd had quite a row,
so I told Isabela to go.
In a show of irreverence,
she headed to Zevran's –
and now she is there eating Crow...

Isabela, my sweet buccaneer –
I've been longing to dock at your pier.
But if you're still aching
from last night's lovemaking,
then I shall attempt from the rear.

Isabela, my sweet buccaneer,
who is wasted, and smelling of beer –
it's such a cheap thrill
when you drink and you spill,
and your busom and blouse both adhere.

Isabela, my sweet buccaneer –
how gorgeous her breasts do appear.
If I perish too soon,
Maker, grant me a boon –
and bring me back as her brassiere.

Isabela, my Queen of the Seas –
below decks, she's quite eager to please.
She works hard expanding
my Champion standing,
until it brings her to her knees.

Isabela, my Queen of the Seas –
every person in Kirkwall agrees:
it's hard not to stare
at the corselet you wear –
all filled out, like a sail in the breeze.

Isabela, my Queen of the Seas:
your body is so fun to squeeze.
My hands always start
at your bottommost part,
and then wind up beneath your chemise.

Cried my 'Bela, "You should be atoning
for the favors that you've been postponing."
I kissed her and said:
"Then to Hightown let's head –
and I'll give you a nice Rigid Boning."

Isabela's the one I adore so –
when naked in bed, even more so.
As she's riding my crotch,
I can lie back and watch
the crest and the fall of her torso.

Isabela has courage and swagger,
and plenty of skill with a dagger.
But her greatest ability
is sheer flexibility,
which helps out a lot when I shag her.

'Bela's bottom is beautiful ballast.
I ride it so much, I get callused.
In the past, she could come
if I used just a thumb –
but now, she prefers to be phallused.

What a booty there is on my pirate –
I simply can't help but admire it.
Next time I go aft,
I'll give her my shaft –
again and again, 'til I tire it .

Isabela, my dear pirate captain –
this evening, my arms you'll be wrapped in.
I'll pull at, and play with,
and then do away with
that tunic your titties are trapped in.

Isabela has no inhibitions
'bout trying out different positions.
I've blown many loads
within her Deep Roads
while mounting my own expeditions.

I know a young lass from Llomerryn –
such wild drinking games we do share in!
We fill up on beer,
and the Lowtown folk cheer
as the streets we both run around bare in.

Isabela, I do love to straddle you –
so often, I might as well saddle you.
But for now I shall cease,
since your cheeks and your crease
still ache from the night I did paddle you.

Isabela's had lovers galore.
Her conch is so fun to explore.
When it's next to my ear,
I swear I can hear
the sound of the waves on the shore.

Isabela is widely renowned
for the number of shots that she's downed.
So tonight, I'll take note
of her cast-iron throat,
and have Little Hawke serve her a round.