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However, all my ideas felt pretty darn screwy since the OVA left so much to the imagination. So I figured what the heck! I'd hook all my ideas onto my line, throw that line to the fishes and pray I'd catch a bite!

So I do hope you will forgive me since I've just decided to stick the story somewhere not too far off from where the OVA left us with an ambiguous ending. And also, forgive me if the story often switches in between actual "story-happenings" and character musings. Musings are what I'm known for. Not that I'm well known actually…

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'It's odd.' Yomi thought with confusion.

She knew just by a glance.

When her father wheeled in this small girl with long, tumbling blonde hair, in a white frilled nightgown, carrying a doll (named "Mary" if she remembered correctly) that this was not the same girl she'd known from her time in Germany just 1 year ago.

Yomi had been quite apprehensive from the beginning about seeing her old friend again, and those fears were confirmed when the girl looked into her eyes. There was… nothing in those eyes.

'Very odd...'

This girl with her fake happy smile, and empty, vapid gaze that glowed an almost demonic looking gold, was not, could not, be the Kagari Izuriha she'd come to cherish not so very long ago.

Yomi yanked at one of her wild dark brown curls and despite her nervousness, did her best to smile.

"Kagari, it's been awhile…"

Two weeks earlier…

Mr. Takanashi was not pleased. This was quite the strange occurrence since there were seldom few things that ever truly made him upset. As it was though, the paper before him, made him quite vexed.

It was a bill, a very large bill in fact.

He sighed and placed the paper down on the desk in his home office. How much longer could he afford to let this little problem go on?

The bill in question was the rendered total for rehabilitation treatments for Yomi's friend Kagari. Rehabilitation treatments that he hadn't learned until recently, were not needed anymore.

'Curse it all!' The Izuriha's were just robbing him blind weren't they?

Mr. Takanashi was a very rich man, but that didn't mean he enjoyed simply giving his money away! Admittedly he did feel some responsibility for the girl's condition; he had been the one to run her down by accident in his van.

He had negotiated with Kagari's parents that he would personally see that all of Kagari's medical needs were met. There was payment as well for mental and emotional damage. In exchange Mr. and Mrs. Izuriha would not go and sue his whole company out of millions worth in American dollars.

'Goodness, would that have been a mess!'

Not that this was much better. The Izuriha's had picked by far the most expensive types of treatment for their daughter. And it had worked too! The girl could most definitely walk again. She didn't need the super expensive treatment any longer, and yet, they insisted they had need of it anyhow.

On top of that, they had been charging him for psychotherapy sessions for their daughter, claiming she had suffered severe mental trauma when he'd taken away her only friend in the world. Certainly it wasn't his fault the girl refused to walk because she didn't want pick herself up out of her wheel chair and move on with her life, was it?

Kagari's parents claimed she'd become quite the reclusive, pitiable thing. Not only because of the accident but also due to the fact that, despite her efforts to stop Yomi's family from moving, they had left anyhow.

Mr. Takanashi rubbed the temple on his forehead and thought. Surely, there must be some way to make this problem disappear. He had other things to worry over, for starters, his own daughter.

Disappears for a week and when she comes back? Claims she can't remember what, or why it happened!

Was this some sort of cry for daddy's attention? Perhaps he'd been spending too much time with work and not enough time with his family? Well, thank goodness for that Kuroi girl for bringing Yomi back in one piece. What was the girls name again? Miko? Mado -something? Bahh! Curse his short memory!

Mr. Takanashi released the worried skin between his eyes and thought. His daughter... Perhaps maybe his daughter was the answer!

He mused to himself, what if he moved Kagari and her family out here? This was a nice, quiet town and Yomi and her friend Mato (Ah! that was her name…) would be here.

Kagari might see them interact and want to come out of the shell she'd been hiding in. Plus with another friend around, perhaps Yomi wouldn't feel so lonely she'd go pulling another Houdini on him.

Mr. Takanashi knew at this point he was basically using his daughter as a scape goat, but it had to be done. He was desperate!

Yomi had always been a well behaved, understanding girl, aside from her recent disappearing act. Surely she would understand the situation. Daddy's business was at stake!

Keeping all this in mind, he flipped open his cellular phone and dialed the number to deliver what he believed would be the salvation for everyone's predicament.

It rang for a moment…

Then two…


"Ah! Izuriha-san? Long time no talk... Yes, I've been great... Yes, I received the bill for your daughter's treatment. Actually that's why I called."

"I've got a proposition for you… One I think might solve all our problems!"

The American-owned book store in Mato's home town was really large. It had escalators, a café that served expensive cheese cake and books by the ton in all sorts of languages. On weekdays it became very crowded at three o'clock, when school let out.

Weekends in particular were also pretty crowed since it became twice as packed with children and adults that were off from work.

What was worst, this weekend in particular had a new book premiering. Kids were clamoring to get their hands on it! Mato was lucky enough to even be holding one of the few copies left.

The book in question was one that had been very popular over in the States. It was a picture book with a little white bird and rainbow wings on its cover. The book was aptly named; "Li'l Bird Li'l Bird, Colorful Colors."

Mato glared at the object before her not sure of how to proceed. She had definitely wanted the book when she'd first heard about it, but now she was not so sure. After taking a good look through it, she realized it was a children's book!

Mato contemplated putting it back on the shelf, and forgetting it was even there, but… it had such pretty pictures in it.

Mato gave the area around her a glance; there were a lot of girls from her school here. Would she be ridiculed for buying such a childish thing? She was the "first year (now second year) Ace!" That last thing she wanted was to ruin the popular reputation she'd garnered for herself, by buying something meant for a seven year old.

Mato had been standing there for almost a half hour; she had to make a decision. Would she buy the darn thing, or not? She'd left her little brother home alone and had been gone for too long now.

Mato's mother had left for work that morning, leaving Mato in charge… and, in extreme boredom.

Yuu had put in some over time at school to rally new recruits for their basketball club, Yomi was still grounded for taking off without a word as to where or why, and her little brother had been extra annoying that day. Enough had been enough.

Mato had given him strict instructions to not touch the stove, and/or microwave, until she came back from the book store. She then proceeded to leave the little kappa to his own devices, and took off.

She had to get back. If Hiro did something stupid and burnt down their house, she was the one who'd get blamed!

Mato sighed, took in a deep breath, and puffed out her non-existent chest. She'd just buy the thing, other peoples opinion be damned. And if anyone asked? She'd claim it was for her little brother.

Prriiingg! Prriiingg!

Mato smiled at the familiar tone of her cellphone going off.

1 new text message from Yomi Takanashi.

Mato felt her heart swell with happiness and flipped the phone open to read the message.

'Being grounded is no fun… Miss u. What r u doing?'

Mato proceeded to the long line at the checkout counter, while she typed out her reply.

'Miss you too! I'm at the bookstore. :)'

':P Not buying more manga I hope. U should spend Ur money on some study aids!'

'Ur kiddin' right?'

Mato shook her head and held back her laughter. It would be a cold day in Hades before she ever spent her allowance on school books.

Mato glanced at the children's book in her hand and contemplated telling Yomi.

'Ever heard of Li'l bird, colorful colors?' Mato waited.

'Yes! I own the German copy of that book!'

'I'm buying the Japanese copy now!' she texted back.

'Rly? Wish I could see it…'

Mato smiled mournfully. She knew Yomi was feeling lonely. She was feeling it too. Mato hoped Mr. Takanashi would be lenient soon and end Yomi's grounding, or at least started letting her have company over again.

Mato missed being in Yomi's big fancy house. She missed having Yomi over for dinner on the weekends. It was the one time a week when her mom bothered to break out the good china.

'German version is pretty, but hard to read. :('

'Show it 2 ya when Ur not grounded anymore. Ok?'

'I'd like that.'

Mato reached the counter and placed her book in front of the cashier. She opened her wallet and spied the cash inside. She sighed, and handed over the amount needed. In her mind's eye she imagined the book cracking its knuckles.

Mato heard the cash register ring as it opened and winced. The book in her mind made a fist and went BANG! A perfect K.O. hit to her already small allowance, nine-hundred-fifty yen down the drain. But, it would be so worth it. The book's art was gorgeous, and it was a book Yomi owned too.

Mato was handed a receipt and exited the store. Carrying a plastic bag with the store's logo in hand, she proceeded for home.

A/N - I would like to apologize once more for my far-fetched story telling skills. I wanted to come up with a more plausible reason as to why crazy-Kagari would be constantly held up in Yomi's home. My idea feels pretty dumb, but I still think it's more believable if Kagari's staying with Yomi, so Mr. Takanashi can protect his business. Rather than her just taking over everything because Yomi's parents "pity" her like the weak, spineless, idiots the anime made them to be.

Oh, and the horrible spelling while Yomi and Mato texted... you can chalk that up to my own horrible texting skills.

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