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[A New Year, a New School]

Mato took her eyes off Yomi for a moment, to glimpse other first year girls on their way to class. Some of them looked even younger than her. There were a few that looked familiar from her junior high days, but none immediately recognizable, and all of them in the same uniform as she.

The halls were long and fancily decorated for the new arriving students, and the floor looked freshly polished too. Mato's eyebrows quirked curiously, when she looked down and saw her own reflection in it. She gasped in shock when she realized… the floor reflected what was right up her skirt!

Mato clamped her legs closed as she walked, panic breaking out on her features. Why hadn't she worn a pair of shorts today? Her head swiveled left to right, eyeing the other girls as they walked and chatted obliviously. Was she the only one who noticed it?

Mato felt her face heat up, and embarrassment flared. 'The floor! It's so shiny I can see.. right up…'

A light bulb lit and Mato grinned, an evil idea popping into her head. Silent as a ninja, Mato slowed her steps until she was just behind Yomi, and looked down. She leaned in close…



Mato yelped and grabbed her chest in pain, as Yomi elbowed her. Mato rubbed her heart for a moment before sending Yomi a quick glare. The condescending smile Yomi sent back had Mato shivering.

"I don't know what you're up to, but don't even think about it, pervert." She stated simply before walking into their assigned class.

Mato grumbled, "Tease…" following after her.

("Can it be? My prodigal child returns to me after so many years?")

The woman sat forward moving into the light. Like the dragon she sat upon, she had golden colored eyes, filled with mischief intent.

She wore a lace black top underneath a black bolero with white straps across her chest, her hips dressed in a black skirt that was ripped, revealing a fringed petticoat.

On her right hand she wore a black gauntlet, on her left there was a gold ring. Atop her long black hair, sat a regal crown, worn askew and to the side.

The woman narrowed her eyes at Rock, a sinister sort of smile on her face.

("Welcome home my daughter, my Black Rock Shooter… Mummy missed you.")

[With New Problems,]

"An arranged marriage? Why would you- HOW COULD YOU GO AND DECIDED SOMETHING LIKE THAT WITHOUT EVEN ASKING ME?" Yomi exclaimed, slamming her hands down on her father's desk.

"Now Yomi, just listen-"

"Listen? TO WHAT? To how my father suddenly thought it was okay to sell me off to the highest bidder? You treat me like some sort of commodity!" Yomi's cheeks turned red as she shouted.

"That's not true Yomi, I love you very much! That's why I'm doing this. I'm not trying to treat you like a commodity; I just want to make sure you're taken care of!"

"So you can't just shoot me yourself then?" She inquired, rolling her eyes.

"Young lady, I'm getting tired of your attitude! Don't speak out of tone to me aga-"

"-Or you'll what?" Yomi demanded putting her hands on her hips, staring her father down. "I'm sixteen now! You can't treat me like I'm a kid anymo-"


Mato backed Yomi against her bedroom wall, and smirked slightly. She moved her face in close, and Yomi shivered from the raw heat Mato's body gave off.

"Are you sure that's what you want, Yomi?" She whispered, placing one hand on the wall next to Yomi's head, and the other on Yomi's stomach, rubbing gently. Yomi stood there frozen, biting back a moan. Her shoulders shook, as Mato's chocolate laced breath made hot tracks down her neck.

Mato's hand traveled father down to her thigh.

"You can't change your mind afterwards, and I won't be apologizing when I'm done…" Mato's hand rubbed small circles around the inside of Yomi's left leg.

Yomi let out a shuddered breath and shivered. Everyplace Mato touched on her body burned with a passionate fire. Mato's fire… She took a deep breath and steeled herself.

"Yes. Do it Mato! Break the shell of the old Takanashi, Yomi! MAKE ME A NEW REBEL!"

Kagari sipped her coffee and sighed.

"I just don't know, about them anymore. It was obvious they had a lot in common when they were younger. But, their differences are really starting to show now. Yomi's becoming a lady, she like a…a…"

"…A high-tea in a rose garden, sort of girl?" Saya supplied for Kagari.

"Yeah! And Mato's nice and all but she's a…"

Saya grinned. "She's a spice coffee in a doughnut shop, sort of girl?"

"Right! That's exactly what they're like." Kagari nodded in agreement, taking another sip of her coffee.

"Well, they say opposites attract in the best of ways! I speak from experience…" Saya said with a grin staring down at her engagement ring.

"Yeah, but there's still no way Yomi's dad is gonna allow their relationship to continue, when he finds out about it. It's surprising they've been able to hide it from him this long." Kagari muttered, staring into her half empty mug of coffee.

Yuu sobbed on Mato's shoulder, hot tears streaming down her eyes.

"Mato… What do I do? She can't..! Saya just can't marry that man! I can't lose her to him!" Yuu sobbed hard, her small frame shaking in agony.

Mato wrapped her arms around Yuu in comfort but remained stoically silent.

"Please tell me what to do! How am I supposed to cope with this? How am I supposed to watch Saya walk down that aisle and abandon me?" Yuu began to sob harder.

[New Friends,]

The young man leant down and gently kissed Yomi's hand. Yomi tried her best to ignore how it made her heart beat faster. He looked to her and smiled.

"Lovely to finally meet you Takanashi Yomi, your father's told me a lot about you…"

Yomi stared and blushed. "Uhh.. I wish I could say the same." She murmured looking away bashfully.

The gray haired girl took Mato's hand in hers and smiled brightly. "My name is Takako. Your dad is engaged to my mom. So, I guess… I'm gonna be your new step sister!"

Mato's eyes slowly widened in shock.

[And A New Enemy…]

The hooded girl flicked a white rook across the table and sat down. The rook rolled to the floor to join four pawns that had also been tossed down.

("Well I certainly hadn't been expecting this… No matter, they're all expendables anyway.")

She dangled a black queen between her thumb and index finger, and grinned.

("You're the only one I want most… Black Rock Shooter.")

Gently, she held the black queen to her lips and stuck out her tongue. Tenderly, she licked the queen's crown, her saliva leaving a trail as she departed...

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