Infinite Stratos

-The Alternative World-

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Infinite Stratos, or any name & tech that will be mentioned in this story, I'm just another guy which also an anime fan, posting his fanfic.

So here I am, this is my first fanfic I ever made and I intended to make this a continuous story instead of oneshot. ENJOY!



Nero POV

In another dimension..

"Dammit! These guys are relentless; they keep coming like a disease!" I cursed while I took aim at one of the mobile armor that is coming right at us with my sniper rifle & pulled the trigger, destroying the target. One down.. What, maybe several hundred more to go? Although our technology is far more superior than they are, there are just four of us, excluding the mother ship of course. While they have FREAKIN' TENS OF THOUSAND OF THEM! With more than million at their disposal, ready to be deployed at any time. We are clearly at disadvantage here.. And I don't think we can last any longer; not to mention my Zabanya don't have any much particle left, which means I can't execute the Trans Am System. And I'm sure that the other three is also facing the same situation as I am right now. Dang it, I'm so frustrated that even though we have that special feature, we can't use it just because of that one, stupid reason..


"Huh? Did I just hear someone call me? In the mist of the battle?"

"Dammit, Nero SNAP out of it!"

"What the- Oh, it's you Tieria.."

"What were you thinking, spacing out like that in the middle of a war? You have a death wish or something?" Tieria exclaimed.

"Sorry, sorry. I won't do that again, I promise." I assured to him.

"Good, because we're going to assign you a new mission, so be prepared green horn."

"A new mission? At a time like this?" I asked.

"No time to explain, so just do as we told you green horn."

"Hey! Stop calling me green horn you pretty face!" Seriously, when will he stop calling me by that? I'm no longer a green horn considering my previous achievement so far.

"I will if you stop calling me that too, you idiot!" Tieria yelled, not backing down.

"Both of you shut up! This is not the time to argue amongst yourselves you idiots! Suddenly, a female voice came from our comm link with a stern voice, aimed at the two of us.

"My deepest apologies, Sumeragi-san." Tieria apologized to the woman.

"M-Me as well, Captain Sumeragi." Man, that woman can be so scary sometimes.

"Apologies accepted. Now Nero, I want you to listen about what I'm going to say and you must promise me that you will comply without any objections." Said Ms. Sumeragi.

"O-okay.." Wow, she's being lenient today, I wonder what is this mission is about..

"Remember the program that we installed to your Zabanya?" Asked Ms. Sumeragi.

"Yeah.. But you never told me about what's the installation is about." I replied.

"It's a teleportation device."


"It enables you to travel through time and space, making the dimensional jump possible." Ms. Sumeragi explained.

"Why did you installed it to the Zabanya?" I asked, not sure if I like the answer.

"So that you could escape."

"What? Why would I do that?" I can't believe it! I'm a soldier, a member of the organization called Celestial Being even, and she told me to just run away? That's ridiculous!

"Please, be a good boy and do as I say." Ms. Sumeragi pleaded.

"No! I refused to! I'm not going to leave my family behind fighting the enemy while I saving my own skin! I'm not a coward for God's sake!"

"Is that so? Then you leave me no choice but to do this."

"W-what are you going to do?" Not sure what's she going to do, but I have a feeling that I'm going to hate her for the rest of my life if she insists on me leaving them behind.

"Chris, connect the Ptolemaios II's mainframe to Zabanya's AI." Commanded Ms. Sumeragi to one of the ship's crew, Christina Sierra.

"Affirmative. Accessing Zabanya's mainframe. Access granted. We now have access to Zabanya's AI."

"Thank you Chris"

"You're welcome, Ms. Sumeragi."

"H-how did she-"

"HARO-1, Commence the teleportation program, commencing code: 00XX00CV, initiate countdown sequence. HARO-2, disable Zabanya to ensure pilot's survival when the jump is activated until the unit reached its destination. Commencing code: 00XX09NERO, commence emergency shutdown" Ms. Sumeragi commanded to Zabanya's AI

To my surprise, two AI suddenly appeared onto my interface screen.



Suddenly my unit stopped moving, leaving only my life support system and my comm device online, I was paralyzed.

"What the- You can't do this BIG SIS! Please, I beg of you!"

"Which is why I MUST do this, you're the only little brother I had and I don't want you to die in vain."

"NO! Please.. Don't do this!"

"Good-bye, Nero." Said Tieria.

Enemies began to circle our surroundings.

"GODSPEED, Nero." Said Setsuna, our team commander.

They aimed their weapon at us.

"Hope we'll meet again, Nero." Said Allelujah, Hallelujah, and Marie in unison.

"NO!" Tears started to run down my cheek.

"All units, initiate Code ATA." Setsuna commanded.

"I love you, Nero.."



Moments before I was sucked into the wormhole, I saw all of them, including Ptolemaios II self-destruct themselves before they were shot down, providing me some cover so that the enemy won't know that I teleported and survived their attack.


A/N: And that's it, my first fanfic.. And before you guys say anything, yes the story is kind of side-tracked, but only this part because I wanted to crossover the Gundam 00 and Infinite Stratos. Zabanya is the name of the Gundam from Gundam 00 The Movie: A wakening Of The Trailblazer. Not sure if the name is correct though.. In this fanfic the Zabanya is not the giant mobile suit like in the anime. Instead, I scaled it down to the I.S's size to suit this story better. Code ATA, or Ash To Ash is a self-destruct system from the Super Robot Wars Original Generation. In this story Sumeragi Lee Noriega have a younger brother, the name is Nero Lee Noriega (No such person existed in the real Gundam 00 anime, I just made that character up.) So, R&R! Minus the Flares of course.. ~_~