Infinite Stratos

-The Alternative World-

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-Chapter 2-

Nero POV

"Huhh... I made it…" I said with relief.

I, Nero Lee Noriega, have just finished the atmospheric reentry without any problem. I was kind of worried if the GN Field won't hold up due to the fact I never attempted this kind of action before.

Now the problem is where to land and recharge the GN-Drive.

"HARO-2, use the setting I made before (refer to chapter 1, Nero POV) code number: XX89*790, commence setting.


Just then, a bright light began to wrap itself around me. I can feel the armor shifting all over my body, and when it was done, the light dissipates, revealing another form of battle suit.

Its name is Cherudim.


Five months before they were attacked.

"Sumeragi nee-san, why do I get the feeling that my suit is different than others?" I asked.

""Oh that? Yes, your suit, the Zabanya IS different from other Meisters's. Actually, I inputted all other suits data into your Zabanya's database. And you can deploy them anytime."

"Why would you do something like that?"

"Can't you guess?"

Huh? What's Sumeragi nee-san was trying to say?

"Hmm… Because Veda predicted something? I replied seriously.

"Go on.." She asked again.

"Something bad? Like, about our future?

"…..Close enough…." Onee-san answered back with a satisfying smile.


"As expected from my ototo and future leading engineer of the Celestial Being, you're pretty sharp as always. Not to mention that you're a promising, talented pilot too." She says that while patting my head.

"Err… That has nothing to do with what we're discussing, right?"



"Think of it as insurance for our future plan."

"What future plan..?"

"Nothing… I'm just talking to myself… Well, off you go… You have a meeting with the people from the development staff, aren't you?" Nee-san says while signaling me to go.

"Oh yeah, right then… I'll see you later then, nee-san." I replied while preparing to leave.

"Um. See you later…"

"Love you, sis…"

"Mmn…Love you too…"


"I never knew what that meant until now…"

Yes, she knew that this will happen sooner or later, that's why she gave me these data, and she believed that I will take a good care of the Solar Furnaces…

That the GN-Technology will not be lost forever…

"I understand now, Onee-san… I promise you that I will prevent the GN-Drives from falling into the wrong hands."




"WHAT THE-! ALREADY? I'm too weak to fight right now! Cherudim didn't have much more particle left… Even if I wanted to fight, there's a chance that I might lose…"


"Tch… Guess I have no choice then… HARO-1, I'll leave the evasive maneuvers to you, HARO-2, take care of the Shield Bits for the defensive action, I'll manage the GN-Particles Limiter and the sniping. Operating in power-saving mode."




Then, the GN-Drive started humming and boosting me towards the enemy…

Cecilia POV

"This is unexpected…"

Clad in our IS respectively, Ichika-san, Shinonono-san, and I have already deployed from the outpost, currently flying toward where the unknown is supposed to be.


"Orimura, Alcott, Shinonono, Change of plan. You guys are to sortie in 20 minutes."

"What? It's not even 0600 hours yet! Why's the sudden change?" I asked.

"The unknown have passed the inner atmosphere and descending with such an outrageous speed." Orimura-sensei explained.

"How fast?"

"If the calculations were correct, it should be descending at the speed of at least Mach 7."

"7 times the speed of sound! That's impossible!" There's no way that an IS can hold up with that speed, not after what it experienced with the atmosphere first hand!

"It's a fact, whether you like it or not." Orimura-sensei's stern voice snapped me back to the reality, prompting me to focus on what's important.

"How about the unknown's status update?" I asked after calming myself.

"It's trajectory remains the same, it'll still reached the Japanese airspace, only it will be there earlier than expected."

"Exactly how many minutes?" Ichika-san asked this time.

"In less than hour." Yamada-sensei replied.

"Right. No time for chitchat, get prepared, you've only got 15 minutes left before sortie. Move out, on the double, everyone!" Orimura-sensei ordered.

"Hai, Sensei!" We answered in unison.

"Ichika." Orimura-sensei called Ichika-san suddenly from behind.

"Yes, Orimura-sensei?" He answered back.

"Don't die."

"I won't, Chifuyu-nee." Says Ichika-san with a smile.

So Orimura-sensei DID care for his younger brother after all…


Back to Cecilia POV

"What kind of an I.S is that anyway?"

"Cecilia! Why are you spacing out like that?" Houki shouted suddenly from the private channel.

"Eehh? N-nothing! Ahahaha…"

"Pay attention Cecilia, we need you as our eyes right now, this isn't a practice!" This time, it's Ichika's turn scolding me.

'Uuu… I can understand why Houki-san was angry all the time, but Ichika-san too? They can be really mean sometime…' I thought as I switch the hyper-sensitive camera online.


"What? Did you saw something?" Houki asked.

"I see it… Its… Green? Seriously, what's with people's taste lately?"

"Concentrate Cecilia!"

"R-right… Sorry… Okay, let's see… Scanning the suit… Huh?"

What? Did you found something?" Ichika asked.

"On the contrary, no. I can't seem to scan the suit, my access was denied."

"I see… Well then, forget the interior, what's it look like?"

"I can see some kind of gun… probably it's a sniper rifle... As for the shoulder parts, there are 2-3 Shield-like things protruding form both of it. My guess is it's the BIT weapon."

"Mid to long range type, huh?"

"What should we do, Ichika? Shall we intercept it?"

"Yes, we'll go for a closer look… If it's an unmanned drone just like we thought it would be, we'll take it down by all means necessary."

"Sounds like a plan to me."

"Alright then… Infinite Stratos Independent Force Interceptor Unit, beginning the interception!"

-End Of Chapter 2-

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