Disclaimer: Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn belongs to the wonderful Amano Akira-sensei. The author does not gain anything in writing this fanfiction, well, except having fun sharing ideas to others. (^Δ^)v

Summary: Because in the world of the mafia, there's no room for forgiveness.

Author's Notes:

Before you start reading, I would like to emphasize a few things:

This is originally written in Filipino. I thought, it would be a pity if the others could not read this because as weird as it is, I really like it. Though, I don't know if this translation made any sense. So, if you find it a bit weird, that may because I didn't translate it well enough. So, forgive me.

For any Filipino reader who stumbles on this fic, check out chapter 2! Yun yung orig! Sapalagay ko, mas maganda yun!

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A gunshot. And another. A scream.

Sounds that shattered the deafening silence.


The unrelenting gush of the red liquid was testament of his deed. As if creating a red sea that wanted him to drown; accusing him of a promise that will never be fulfilled.

A sin that he could never conceal and would never regret.


The sound he heard from the lips of the man he trusted the most. The man who was the reason why he had friends, had a family, had a purpose in life. His mentor who he had secretly considered as a father.

The same man who was before him now, bloodied and was on the edge of death.

"Why did it have to come to this?"

The man smirked and said his final words.

"Looks like you've understood Tsuna. There's no room for forgiveness in the mafia world."


The only thing he could give to the mentor that he had killed with his own hands.

Because every sin has an equivalent judgement.