Percy Jackson and the Hunters of Artemis


Chapter I

I Become Guardian Of The Hunt

Percy was walking down the street heading towards the Empire State Building. Nobody noticed that he had dry tears and puffy eyes from earlier. It's all because of stupid Patrick's fault.

****Flashback one week****

Percy was walking down to the beach to clear his mind because of what had happened the past couple of days. He finds out he has a new brother, Patrick Dolton. For some reason, people started flocking towards him like flies to honey. The only people who weren't attracted to Patrick were

Thalia, Nico, Grover, Clarisse, the Stolls, Katy, Will, Chiron, and Annabeth. Though over time, he noticed that Annabeth wasn't around very often. It seemed as if she was pulled towards Patrick as well. Percy arrived at the beach only to find out something that broke his heart three times over. Annabeth was kissing Patrick. Instead of running away, he listened to what they were about to say.

"Come on Annabeth, just break up with that my loser brother already, we've been going out for the past three days and he still hasn't figured it out" "I know I'll just tell him at the campfire tonight"

They kissed again. That was the last straw. Percy commanded a wave to crash into them. When it did, he came out of his hiding place and said,

"Oh, sorry was I interrupting you make out session?"

"P-Pe-Per-Percy what are you doing here, you're supposed to be teaching close-combat class"

"Chiron gave me the day off. So I figured to clear my head but I can see that it just became foggier"

"Percy I can explain" " EXPLAIN WHAT? THAT YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME WITH MY HALF-BROTHER?" Percy exhaled slowly before saying five words he thought he would never hear himself say "Annabeth Chase, WE. ARE. THROUGH."

With that he walked away heading towards the border not caring if Chiron or anybody else tried to stop him. Nobody did, not even his remaining friends or Chiron because of the look on his face.

As soon as he reached the top of Half-Blood Hill, he saw that his remaining friends had a look of sympathy towards Percy and a look of hatred towards Annabeth and Patrick. He sighed grateful that not everybody had forgotten him but he continued down the hill finally letting the tears loose not caring if any monsters attacked him, He was in short heart-broken.

****Flashback End****

Percy reached the Empire State Building and went in. When he reached the front person he said "GIVE. ME. THE. KEY. NOW". The person looked up and immediately gave him the key because of sheer terror.

Percy said thank you and headed towards the elevator and pushed the button and ascended to Olympus while listening to Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" When he reached Olympus, he didn't spend anytime marveling the rebuilt Olympus for it would only remind him of her.

He pushed the doors to the council room open not caring if they were talking about something.

All the gods turned their attention to the demigod who interrupted their important "discussion" Zeus then said "Perseus Jackson, you have no right to-."

"No, you listen hear Lord Zeus, I came here for one reason and one reason only."

All the gods were shocked to hear that Percy interrupted Zeus, a feat nobody had ever done.

Zeus was taken aback but then said "All right, why did you come here?"

"I came here to ask you if put me somewhere else."

"What do you mean by that?"

"What I mean is that I don't want to go see Camp Half-Blood ever again."

"Why is that, does that mean you broke up with Annabeth?" Athena questioned.

"HA! Me? Break up with Annabeth? Are you kidding me? She broke up with me!"

"Impossible, Annabeth would never do such a thing like that."

"Oh, she did alright, you can ask Aphrodite, and she probably sensed the love break up. You kept your promise, you're certainly messing with my love life."

"Aphrodite, what does he mean?" Poseidon questioned.

"A couple days ago, I sensed a new love, I looked at it and found out it was Annabeth and Patrick, your other son."

Poseidon looked downcast.

"Don't worry dad, it wasn't your fault"

Poseidon looked grateful. "Anyway, I saw that this kept going on for the next couple of days. Percy was oblivious to everything. Then today, I sensed some more love and looked hopefully it was Annabeth and Percy but again it was Patrick and Annabeth kissing. I couldn't look so I looked away, but then I sensed heartbreak. When I looked, I saw Percy looking at Annabeth and Patrick kissing. My body was in conflict, one half was happy for new love, but the other half couldn't ignore the heartbreak of one of my favorite pastimes." Aphrodite finished.

"Percy turned toward Athena and said,

"Now do you see what happened? Tell me goddess of wisdom, was Annabeth cheating on me wise? Was accusing me of cheating on her wise when my fatal flaw is loyalty? Answer me!"

"Do not speak to my daughter that way!" Zeus commanded and added thunder to scare him away. This only made Percy madder

"I can do whatever I want to Zeus!" By now, the sea was in turmoil. Tsunamis were happening everywhere, Earthquakes were hitting cities that shouldn't have them, and Floods were showing no mercy. Poseidon tried to calm it down, but he could only cut it down by half.

All the gods were shocked at the amount of power that this young demigod possessed. His eyes were like the sea at its worst: a dark green that thrashed around his pupils like they would be let loose any second.

Percy took a few breaths and calmed down. He looked at every god and goddess then looked at Zeus who was cowering behind his throne. Percy would've laughed if he weren't filled with anger, rage, heartbreak, and sadness. He then said,

"Again, where are you going to put me?" All the gods were shocked at this sudden change of mood.

Zeus then sat back into his chair had a mental conversation with all the other gods. They all nodded their heads agreeing except Artemis who looked angry and Poseidon who looked at his son in sadness.

Artemis looked at her father pleadingly but Zeus looked at her as if saying, it's final. She slumped down in her chair glaring at all the gods. And then hardened her glare at Percy, which made him flinch, both on the outside and inside. She smiled smugly and then turned back to all the gods.

Zeus then announced, "Perseus Jackson, we have decided that upon your request that we shall make you the Immortal Guardian of the Hunt. Do you accept?

Percy's POV

I'm pretty sure my mouth just hit the floor. Zeus expects me to become Guardian of the Hunt.

The Hunters of Artemis who despise men with a passion. The Hunters of Artemis led by Artemis who hates men more than the Hunters themselves.

Zeus expects me to agree to that? I ask, "Do you really think it's a good idea to put me with Artemis and the Hunters? I mean they'll probably use me as target practice or treat me like a slave!"

Artemis looks at me pleasingly. Crap. I probably just gave her an idea. "Yes we do." Zeus says. I plead, "Please, I'll do anything but that, please."

Zeus thinks for a moment and says, "No that is final." "But Father, he probably won't be faithful to his duty, I mean he's a man." She says obviously in disgust.

That really makes me mad. I say, "I swear to the all the rivers in the Underworld and by Chaos herself that I will serve Artemis faithfully as long as I live."

3rd Person POV

A second Percy had finished saying his oath a black hole came out of nowhere and a woman stepped out from it and it closed. Everyone stared. The woman in front of them was awestruck. He entire body was black except for the stars and galaxies traveling across her entire body.

Chaos then spoke, "Olympians, good to see you, as well as you Perseus Jackson, I've heard quite a bit about you." Everybody shook out of their daze and started to bow before Chaos said,

"Oh, please don't do that, it gets quite annoying. All righty then, who called my name?"

Percy raises his hand, "I did" he squeaks.

Chaos then laughed and said, "No need to be scared, I'm not going to hurt you. Anyway, you do understand what you're swearing to, swearing upon all the rivers and my name will make it truly an unbreakable bond."

Percy straightens up and says, "Yes I do and I will not back out of it."

"Good, now Artemis, do you accept this oath?"

Now Artemis squeaks out, "Yes"

"Okay, I decree this oath is now active. Oh, and here's a little present Perseus."

Chaos blasts Percy with black light and for a second he engulfed in it and the next, an entirely different man stands up.

He is 6'5" more muscular, flawless features, and has a more powerful aura than an average demigod. Percy looks around and see the changes that was done to him. "What did you do to me?"

"Oh, I simply enhanced your strength, powers, etc., etc. I also laced your bones with bronze so that they would be harder to break. I also have another gift for you.

She gives him a small dagger black as night, a pouch full of colorful marble, and a thermos of some yellow liquid. "Thanks, I guess."

"Those things are very unique and rare. The dagger can change into any weapon as long as you can hold it, otherwise it changes back to a dagger; but the dagger is outlined with Stompers' blood."

"What's a Stomper and what's so special about its blood?"

"To answer your first question, a Stomper is a monster is equal to the Chimera but the Stomper has a head of a rhino, the body of a bear, and the tail of an alligator. To answer your second question, its blood is special is because it is so hard to get because it cannot be harmed or killed like the Chimera can and the blood kill any living thing whether be animal, human, demigod, god, titan, or Primordial. The only thing it cannot kill is me since I created it. You can also touch the blade but no else can."

All the gods' mouths dropped to the grounded and scooted as far away as possible from the dagger.

"The pouch of colorful marbles are special because each marble can do one specific thing such as this blue one.

She throws it on the ground and it shatters. A couple seconds later an entire ocean rises from the ground even though they are hundreds of feet in the air.

"With these marbles, you can do things from controlling water to controlling anything but I would wait before you do that"

"Why?" Percy asks while controlling the water and then making it vanish causing a thick fog.

"You shouldn't try to control anything because you'll probably be knocked out for an entire month from exhaustion." "Oh, okay" Percy says while making the fog dissipate.

"The yellow liquid is a mixture of water and ground up Nowder berries."

"What are Nowder berries?"

"Nowder berries are berries that come from the planet Joluk. They can cure any kind injury, illness, etc., etc."

"Why are you giving me all these things to me?"

"Well to help you guard Artemis and the Hunt" she says and whispers to Percy, "And yourself"

Percy nods, "Thank you Lady Chaos"

"You are welcome and we shall meet again in the future."

After the gods came out of the daze they were in, Zeus said, "All right, now that is done with I say Council dis-"

"Wait! I have to give Percy something" Poseidon says. He then gives Percy a small ring with a wave on it. "This ring enhances your powers tenfold"

"Thanks, dad" "If that is all then-"

"Ooh, I have something to give to Percy!" Aphrodite exclaims.

"Uh oh" Percy says and tries to run away but is too late when a fog of pink mist surrounds him. When the mist disappears, Percy is hotter then before if that is even possible.

All the goddesses were drooling except for Artemis and Hestia at the sight of Percy. Percy looks at Zeus as if saying "Please make them go away"

Zeus clears his voice and all the goddesses pay attention and Zeus says quickly before anybody could interrupt "Council dismissed" and all the gods besides Artemis and Hestia remained.

Artemis came up to him and said "We are at Lolo National Forest, be there by tomorrow."

And she flashes out leaving Percy and Hestia alone.

Percy walks toward Hestia and sits down across from her and they sit in silence.

"So Percy, why have you come to me instead of rushing towards Lolo National Park?"

"Two reasons: One, I already know where the park is and I can fly there in like one hour. Two, I need to talk to you about something."

"What is it?"

"I know this is a weird question but here it is, how can you tell someone you love them and they can't love you back?"

"Well, in my opinion, you need to tell them that you love them but you can't be loved back. Why do you ask?"

"It's because I loveā€¦..

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