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AN: This story takes place three years after the 4th shinobi world war. I think I'm gonna go with Naruto fighting and bringing Sasuke back and he's on probation or something. This story is focused on Itachi and Hana. It won't go into to much detail about other characters. To many times I'm reading a story and it starts into other characters lives and I'm thinking I wasn't looking for a story about these people. Although it'll have interactions and relationships (non romance except Itachi and Hana of course.) between Itachi and other characters. Also Itachi is still wearing the Akatsuki robe because simply said I think he's bad-ass in it.

"Stay behind me ok." Itachi simply stated at the small figure beside him. The small figure only nodded and hid behind him under his Akatsuki robe.

He never thought he would being doing what he was about to do. But things have changed, the worlds changed, and so has his priorities. He's no longer concerned with the honor of the Uchiha Clan. He only has one concern now. And that's why he's standing at the main gate of the Hidden Leaf Village. He stood there observing the reactions of the sight of him. They range from shock, fear, confusion, and helplessness.

Within a minute of his arrival what look like all the Leaf shinobi surrounded him including the Hokage.

"I don't know how your still alive or if your real but you have five seconds to state why your here!"

Itachi closed his eyes as he felt three familiar chakras make their way towards the confrontation. Tsunade was getting ready to command the shinobi to attack, but stopped when Kakashi, Naruto, and Sasuke appeared in front of Itachi shielding him. Which of course caused confusion to sweep across the faces of the shinobis.

"Do you three care to explain why you're shielding an S-rank criminal?"

"I believe Itachi is ready to explain everything." Kakashi answered stepping aside so Itachi had the floor.

Itachi opened his eyes "I've come to explain the reason behind the slaughter of the Uchiha clan."

"We already know why. It's because your a sic-."

"Granny! Will you just let him explain!" Naruto interrupted her earning a glare.

"Ok, say that we do listen to you. Why after all these years now you decide to explain everything?" Tsunade questioned causing the three in front of him to turn towards him curiosity written all over their faces.

"Because of her. Come on out Miko." Itachi calls out behind him.

They all watched as they saw something shift behind him. Then as little hands lifted up the bottom of his cloak and poked her head out tentatively.

"It's ok Miko, I won't let anybody hurt you." Itachi said warmly which threw everyone off.

At that statement Miko come out from his cloak and clung on to his leg scared by all the eyes on her. The little girl was light skinned and had violet eyes. Her hair was black and spiky, but long so it didn't stick up. A piece hung between her eyes it also covered the sides of her face and went to her shoulders.(AN:This is what I'm going for but younger. Also not my picture so credit goes to whoever made it. .com/user_images/M/MI/MIN/MINORI26/1307232520_6348_)

Then realization hit them the girl looked just like Itachi.

"Hey who's the cute kid?" Naruto asked squatting in front of her being the only one not to make the connection. Which made her cling to Itachi even harder causing him to do something his father would have never done. He picked her up and eased her fears.

Which again threw everyone off seeing the emotionless Uchiha being so caring.

"She's my daughter Naruto."

"Holy cr- Sasuke your an Uncle!" Naruto yelled stating the obvious. Sasuke just stood there mouth slightly opened not sure what to say or do.

"Uncle?" Miko looked up staring at Itachi face only inches away.

Itachi turned towards Sasuke using his hand to call him over like when they were younger. And just like when they were younger once Sasuke got within arms reach Itachi poked his forehead.

"This is my little brother and your uncle."

"I'm not little." Sasuke grumbled under his breathe again reverting to their old ways.

"Uncle Sasuke." Miko said testing out the thought of an uncle.

"Say hello Miko."

"Hello Uncle Sasuke. My name is Miko." Miko cheerfully said.

"Hello Miko." He responded with a slight smile on his face.

Kakashi couldn't help but shake his head at how easily the three Uchihas ignored the situation their in.

"We'll if your little family reunion is over I suggest you start talking!" Tsunade yelled getting down to the matter at hand.

"I think it would be best to have this conversation at more private venue. I'm sure you like to have a say in how this information is released. Also Miko is to young to know what I did." Tsunade nodded her head in agreement.

"Since you three already know what I'm going to tell them can you watch Miko for me?"

"Of course! Come here to Uncle Naruto." Naruto reached out for Miko causing her to again clutch at her fathers cloak.

"You idiot your scaring her." Sasuke reached out and took her niece.

Then Itachi closed an eye and made a hand sign then summoned a crow which put everyone on guard.

"Two weeks ago I received a letter that told me that Miko's mother died. And when I got to the town where she lived I was told Miko set out to find me. I took me a week to find her, from then on I refuse to let her out of my sight." Itachi answered their unasked question. "Miko can you be a good girl for your, Uncle, while I talk to the Hokage?"

"Yes Papa." Miko nodded her head eagerly happy to make her father proud of her.

AN:This chapter is shorter then the others will be but I want see how it goes over. Ideas for arcs or little in between moments are appreciated and considered.