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Like Family

Akemi was worried.

She had known this moment was going to come. Had she not? Of course, she had. It was why they trained. It was why they practiced every day, morning until very late at night.

To reach this one goal, when they would be given their first mission as fully-fledged ninja.

So why was Akemi so worried? It couldn't be because of Kurenai's skills because that would have been ridiculous. The older, red-clad female was a superb fighter and there was no questioning any of her abilities. To even think it, was an insult in the younger girl's eyes and she would never dare offend the woman she so admired.

...but that still did not stop the worry from creeping in like an icy chill.

So naturally, when Akemi tumbled out the trap door from the roof above after watching her best friend's progress throughout the coal-mining town, she simply had to voice her concerns and give Kurenai whatever help she could.

"Be careful…I have a bad feeling about this."

Call it paranoia or pure fear; it did not change the instinctive feeling in her gut that made her think something was irrevocably wrong about this entire mission.

"Don't say such things." Akemi had heard Kurenai murmur as she once again ascended into the roof and disappeared among the shadows. She could almost hear the silent 'You shouldn't be so concerned about me...'

Kurenai didn't seem to understand, the young girl thought with a tint of sadness.

It is because they were like family…Sisters even. Akemi could not help but worry.

Only when the Noh puppet master was drowning in his own blood and Kurenai seemed safe, did Akemi breathe a quiet sigh of relief.

For now, her big sister would be alright.

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