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What best friends do: Cover-Up


"Oh Stan! Thank you so much! You're the best boyfriend ever!" Wendy said, strangling him in a hug before practically skipping away.

Stan grinned, slightly dumb-struck, and stands a few moments longer with his arms held in place to hold her. He finally sighs contently and watches her talk to her friends outside.

"He brought me flowers! Flowers! I can't believe he remembered our first-date anniversary!" Wendy practically shrieks, causing all her friends to giggle along with her.

But, then, it hits him. 'I didn't send her flowers… oh….wait… Kyle… he must've…'

Wendy carries on, excitedly, "AND! We've got tickets to go see-"

Stan grinned, ' …. He's such a great-'

"-Titanic tonight…. Together…. ALONE!" Wendy announces happily, blushing bright red.

'-asshole!' Stan's jaw drops, along with his mood, he swallows down the nausea… and this time the nausea's not triggered by Wendy's affection.

It's then when Kyle walks by his locker and leans over, "You can thank me later," he whispered into his friend's ear.

But, later that night…

"No, Jack. I won't let go!", Rose yells, drawing Jack closer to her.

Wendy sniffles almost silently, "This is so romantic!" she whispers, grabbing Stan's hand.

And, Stan's contemplating suicide just to spare himself this tedious ending, promised to beat up Kyle when he goes back to school tomorrow. Damn Titanic. Damn the whole movie industry. DAMN KYLE FOR MAKING ME WATCH THIS SHI-!

-but, that's what best friends are for, right?

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