We've been down this road before

As always the feeling came quickly, the utter freedom of the rooftops. Up here there was no thinking, no hesitation, just endless fluid motion. Kylar cleared another rooftop without slowing and continued running, he ran for another mile leaping from rooftop to rooftop until he was almost to the largest house in what used to be the Warrens. When he was two blocks away he extended a shadow-crafted arm and gripped a chimney to his left and used his talent to swing himself around onto a single story house. He landed with a roll and slid over the side, he dropped into the alleyway below without a sound. He checked both ways and continued on. A few moments later he emerged behind the house of his former master and his deader, Durzo Blint.

This wouldn't be the first time he'd tried to kill his master, he'd even succeeded once, that seemed so long ago now. He pushed those thoughts aside, now wasn't the time to reminisce, he had work to do.

A soft glow was coming from a first floor window, Durzo's study. Kylar scaled a wall and was perched outside a second story window, he checked for traps and found a simple poison needle trap that was one of Durzo's personal favorites. He quickly disarmed it and triple checked for any other traps. Once he was certain all traps had been removed and a mute put over the frame he used a trickle of talent to unlock the window and opened it silently.

He dropped into a small guest room with little furnishing other than a bed and a night stand. The door opened on well-oiled hinges, he didn't even need to mute them. He smiled to himself, Durzo was making this too easy.

Kylar soon found himself crouched against the wall outside his former master's study, the door was open and there was a soft crackle of a fire, Durzo was in an arm-chair with his back to the door. Kylar drew a poisoned knife and slid into the room, he took three steps towards the chair before hearing the Wolf in his mind. ~You should probably dive soon.~

The Wolf was Ezra the Mad, who could communicate with the owner of the black Ka'kari and Kylar had learned the hard way that when he gave you advice you should take it immediately, he dived to the left and rolled into a crouch, his knife at the ready. There was a dart stuck in the ground where he had stood only a fraction of a second before. Durzo dropped down from the ceiling with a dagger of his own, a smile at the lips. "Tell Ezra to quit helping you out, it makes my life difficult."

~Oh, but what would the fun be in that Acaelus?~

Enough of this, Kylar charged Durzo head on and made a stab at his chest, Durzo parried the blow and spun around low bringing his knife up towards Kylar's gut, Kylar lunged clear and kicked off the wall to soar over Durzo's head, he threw down a dart of his own but Durzo was too quick, he was already rolling out of the way before the dart left Kylar's hand. He hit the ground anticipating a strike but instead was met with a flying dagger that he managed to sidestep by a hairsbreadth. Kylar looked to where the knife came from but there was nothing, he turned to find Durzo's knife barely a foot from his chest, he brought his own knife up and blocked it. Durzo smiled, "seems like you've gotten a little faster" Kylar was straining to keep Durzo's knife from digging into his chest but managed a smile, "or maybe you've just gotten slower, old age getting to you?"

~Bad move.~

Durzo forced Kylar's knife aside and dove into him with his shoulder. While Kylar struggled to retain his balance Durzo quickly disarmed him before slamming a palm into his solar plexus. Kylar didn't even remember hitting the floor.