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"Life Is A Fairy Tale"

Chapter 1: A Real Life Princess.

The sky had always fascinated her, it hovered about everything you can see, from here to beyond. It was like a huge background for the reality that is your life. It was as if God kept on reminding you that even though this may be your reality, your life is just a little story within a ball floating on the palm of his hand.

Now, it is not that you are insignificant, people are only as big as they thought themselves to be. Rather, it is just a fact and a loving reminder that you don't always have to be engulfed within your life. It means that you only need to look up to realize that your everything isn't really everything.

But right now the sky she could only look up to in the past was within reach and she's even on her way to go beyond it.

Her name is Cagalli Yula Athha, the younger sister of the Royal Athha Twins and the most precious princess of the neutral Orb Kingdom. Though, only sixteen, she has already long realized the importance of her role in her Kingdom and that is the reason she's currently sitting on a spacecraft that would take her to the Plants.

She and her older brother, Kira Yamato Athha, were tasked to escort the respective representatives of both the Plant Supreme Council and Earth Alliance to the World Summit which would be centering on the maintenance of the newly acquired peace.

After the Bloody Valentine Tragedy and the Fall of Junius Seven [1], leaders of the world have finally decided to set aside their differences to prevent further loss in the war and to lead humanity to a brighter future. Orb, being the most prominent and powerful of the neutral nations, became the mediator and now the head of the United Triumvirate governing the world.

Keeping peace would certainly prove harder than gaining it. Cagalli sighed as she gazed out of the window, watching listlessly as clouds passed by, they were nearing the Earth's Atmosphere.

But at least, Kira was the one who got sent to the Atlantic and not me. She let a small smile form on her lips as she imagined what kind of nightmare her brother must be going through right now, considering that most noblemen from that part of the world were quite a handful to say the least.

She stretched her arms upward as she took a peek at Kisaka and Erica behind her, who were assisting her in this trip. Kisaka was sleeping peacefully while Erica was reading something in her laptop.

I hope they won't get mad for what'll happen later... She silently prayed for the safety of all the passengers and the people who would be present in the spaceport when she arrives.

She took out a small piece of paper from her pocket and read its contents again. Then, she whispered to herself. "Better get this over with."

"I am so excited!" Dearka was grinning from ear to ear when he heard that their latest assignment was to watch over the Princess of Orb during her stay there.

"You don't say." Yzak commented as he stared at the tan blond through half-lidded eyes.

"Come on, guys! We're gonna meet a real living princess! That's just so freaking awesome!" Dearka was so enthusiastic about it, everyone in the lounge were almost laughing at him.

"Well, I guess that is true. Even I, am actually looking forward to meeting her." Heine agreed with Dearka as he took a seat near the window.

"I'm excited too... but not to the point of jumping up and down." Nicol agreed as he sweatdropped at Dearka.

"Same here." Said Martin [2] as he handed drinks for the rest of the guys.

"I wouldn't keep my hopes up that much if I were you Dearka. After all, none of us here knows how she's really like." Rusty tried to tone down his friend's enthusiasm when it comes to girls.

"Yeah, for all we know she can be a spoiled brat." Miguel muttered before sipping his drink.

"I wouldn't say that." Shinn interrupted even before Dearka could think of a retort.

"Oh yeah, you used to live in Orb, right Shinn?" Martin remembered.

Shinn nodded. "Yeah, and my sister had always been such a big fan..."

"So, how was she like?" Dearka pressed.

"Hmm... well, it's kinda hard to explain. But to put it in simple terms, everyone loves her... no matter what she does." Shinn said thoughtfully. "I haven't heard anything but good things about her and even if there are some cases that she seemed to bring about trouble, it always ends up being for the good."

"Bring trouble? Like what?" Rusty grew curious as well as everyone else in the table.

"Hmm... For example, there was this one time when news came out that she was kidnapped because she went missing. But the truth is, she was actually leading an infantry in the mountains against rebels." Shinn explained.

"Say what?" Dearka was almost spraying saliva on his face because of that.

"She was leading an infantry?" Shiho who didn't show much interest in the conversation earlier, is now getting into the topic as well.

"Yeah, the media was going wild and then the King was mad and then everyone else in the Palace was in great panic. It was... such a big scandal." He finished while lightly shaking his head before heaving a deep sigh. "With the princess, you can always expect the unexpected."

"Now, that's awesome. I can't believe I'm getting excited too." Shiho giggled.

Yzak rolled his eyes. "Women."

"I gotta agree though, if that wasn't awesome then I don't know what is." Rusty smiled as everyone's expectations grew.

"I guess that is pretty cool of her. What do you think Athrun?" Nicol turned behind him where Athrun was lying on the sofa, he hasn't said anything since the mission briefing.

"I'm not really interested." He quickly dismissed it as if it was nothing. When he heard about the news of an escort coming from Orb, he was kinda hoping it would be his long-time best friend from before the war and not his sister.

"Pfft! Don't tell me you're already thinking that she's gonna fall head over heels in love with you at first sight? So, you wouldn't need to bother about her, just like all the rest of the girls around here." Dearka pouted, he was a known charmer with good looks and all, but he just can't beat Athrun when it comes to the ladies and the worse part is that, the bluenette isn't even trying, at all.

Athrun rolled his eyes. Girls, that's all he ever thinks about.

"Princess Cagalli isn't like that either, you know." Andrew suddenly popped up out of nowhere and tried to correct their twisted thoughts. "She's never had a boyfriend before and never did she once showed any interest on having one."

"Commander!" They all shot up and saluted.

Andrew chuckled, he was the one taking command of the ten boys for this assignment, since he's been down on Earth often and has become good friends with the prince and princess themselves. "Come on, boys. We gotta go." With that, he turned to leave.

"So, she's not interested in guys?" Rusty continued with the thought as they all moved to follow their commander who has already left the room.

"If that's the case, then things should prove to be interesting." Miguel laughed and walked out.

"No, it isn't like that. It just means, she has yet to meet the guy who can sweep her off her feet." Dearka dramatically posed. "And that's gonna be me."

"Dream on, pal." Rusty patted him on the back before each of them went on their way out, leaving Dearka to his fantasies.

The vessel carrying the princess of Orb finally landed on the spaceport. Erica saved her document before closing her laptop and waking up her seatmate. When she saw him stir, she decided to inform Cagalli that they've managed to arrive safely. She stood from her seat and walked towards the princess when she noticed, there was no one there.

Panic instantly shot up her senses as she realized the princess wasn't sitting on her seat. She went back to Kisaka and tried to calm herself down first before yelling at him. "Cagalli's missing!" Okay, that was very calm.

Hearing that, Kisaka's eyes flew open and wide as both of them started looking around them for any chance to find the princess but there weren't any.

"Have you seen the blond girl sitting in that chair near the window?" Kisaka frantically asked the first flight attendant he could get his hands on.

"Uhmm, she went to the comfort room earlier, sir." The woman was quite taken aback but was still able to give him a reply.

"Thanks." Kisaka nodded and then ran off to the rest rooms, Erica followed quickly.

When they got there, they checked every single cubicle but she wasn't there. The princess was nowhere in sight.

"This is terrible, I can't believe we lost her." Erica shook her head, still in great disbelief that Cagalli would pull something like this up in an important time like this.

"Think we should notify the authorities?" Kisaka asked while they move in great haste.

"But we can't announce that she was here now, what would happen if people found out that she was already here even before the arrival of Orb's private shuttle? We have to find her before the shuttle arrives!" Erica wasn't so sure herself on what they have to do but one thing's clear, they have to find her soon. After all, they'll be fetched by Andrew later and they'll be welcomed by the representatives of the Council when they get to the Hotel.

Another flight attendant approached them when they went out of the rest rooms. "Uhmm, excuse me Sir. Most of the passengers have already boarded off—"

"My niece is missing! She was just sitting there before we enter the colony and now she's gone!" Erica faked tears as she buried her face in her hands and sobbed.

"What? All right, then. We'll alert the management. Please stay calm and come with me." The male attendant quickly made his way out of the vessel.

"Good call." Kisaka commented on her acting as they followed the attendant.

"Shut it! Go look for Andrew and tell him what happened! I'll make sure the spacecraft doesn't leave the port, she might still be in there." Erica yelled as she dashed through the crowd.

Kisaka nodded and ran to the direction of the waiting area.

Andrew thought it would be more practical to split into teams, considering the possibilities and the circumstances, they should be ready for anything just in case. Athrun, Shinn and Nicol were sent to be on the lookout at the second floor. Dearka, Yzak and Shiho were told to standby near the West gate. Miguel, Rusty and Heine on the East side. And Martin would stay with Andrew in the front waiting area of the North gate, the two of them should remain visible in the eyes of the other three teams.

"I wonder what's taking them so long...?" Martin muttered to himself since they've been standing there for over fifteen minutes now.

"Hmm, something doesn't seem right." Andrew responded as he caught sight of a frantic Kisaka making his way out of the crowd.


Meanwhile, upfront the second floor.

"Our position here is good, we'll be the first to see the princess once she walks out from the gates." Nicol said with a smile as he looked at his two companions. Shinn was leaning over the railings beside him and Athrun was leaning on the pillar beside Shinn.

"Don't tell me, you're expecting to see a grand entrance, Nicol?" Shinn asked while resting his jaw on his hand.

"No, of course not. She wishes to arrive here in secret after all." Nicol was about to redirect his eyes on the gates again when he saw Athrun moved near them. "Is something wrong, Athrun?"

"I saw someone suspicious, I'll tail him. You two report to Commander once something happens, okay?" He swiftly made his way towards the direction of the stairs.

"All right. Take care." Nicol stared his figure until he disappeared in the crowd.

"Hey, Nicol. Remember when I told you guys to expect the unexpected?" Shinn asked, keeping his eyes on a certain man.

"Yeah? What about it?" Nicol was never the one to jump into conclusions and he certainly wanted to welcome the princess in a pleasant way.

Shinn frowned. "It's happening now."


At the West gate.

"This is weird." Yzak commented as he still can't believe what was happening while realization slowly dawned him.

"What is?" Dearka asked.

"Commander Waltfeld told us to watch out for a civilian flight but it was supposed to be a private shuttle from Orb that's carrying the princess here." He stated, though his eyes showed a little bit of irritation.

Dearka raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to ask when it hit him. "But she's the princess, she can't be on a civilian flight!"

Both Yzak and Shiho looked strangely at him.

"Dearka, you weren't paying attention on the briefing earlier, were you?" Shiho crossed her arms in front of her chest.

And the tan blond could only laugh sheepishly. "Funny you should ask..."


On the East side.

"Who's that guy talking to Commander?" Rusty asked no one in particular as the three of them continued to watch a tall and dark man yelling frantically at their Commander's face.

"Looks like trouble." Miguel answered.

"This doesn't look too good, we gotta move." Heine took charge as they went around the crowd on their way to the North gate, they plan on meeting the other three teams there.

Cagalli walked in wide strides, she had her hair up inside a black cap and was wearing sunglasses. Her outfit consisted of a dark green jacket, white shirt, black pants, sneakers and a long red scarf. She swiftly made her way through the crowd as she tried to find the way to the security office. She needed to get there fast if she doesn't want anyone to be put in danger.

When she turned into a corner, she felt as if she hit a wall when she bumped into a man in red uniform. "Sorry!"

"It's okay, it was my fault." He waved her off.

She gave him a light smile before continuing on her way.

Athrun just stared and watched as the figure walked off, turning at the end of the corridor.

When she arrived at the security office there was only one guy there, sitting in a chair in the middle of the room in front of a lot of monitors showing every scene and view the hidden security cameras were recording. She smirked. This is going to be too easy.

"How could you have lost her?" Andrew yelled in a loud whisper. He isn't normally that strict but considering the circumstances, there was a reason the Plants had agreed in having the princess board the civilian vessel.

"She was just gone! Now, just help me find her!" Kisaka retorted and they move in haste.

While approaching the North gate, Heine suddenly appeared amidst the crowd with Miguel and Rusty behind him. "We'll save the introductions later," Pertaining to Kisaka. "..for now we focus in looking for the princess." Andrew instructed as they met with Yzak's team and what's left of Athrun's team.

"How are we supposed to look for her when we don't know what she looks like?" Yzak snapped.

"Right, a little description please, Kisaka." Andrew turned to the tall and dark man.

"She has amber eyes, she's blond with her hair length reaching just above her elbows and she's wearing a green halter dress." Kisaka answered.

"Isn't there a more distinct characteristic? Something that would separate her from all the other blond girls in a green dress?" Heine clarified.

"Well, she also has long red scarf." Kisaka added. [3]

"That isn't gonna help at all, there could be thousands of girls matching that description." Miguel argued.

"It doesn't matter, just find all girls who look like that!" Andrew commanded.

Dearka sighed, this wasn't the fateful meeting he had in mind. "By the way, where's Athrun?" He asked while looking around.

"He said he saw someone suspicious and went to follow him." Nicol explained.

"Hah?" Dearka raised an eyebrow.

Cagalli swiftly sneaked inside the office, tapped the shoulder of the guard and then punched him hard, knocking him unconscious. She then proceeded into looking for the most uncrowded and unguarded places. After narrowing down the options and selecting a few points, she started tracing all of the flights from Coppernicus [4] and searched for anyone suspicious coming out from said flights. After marking certain individuals as potential targets, she proceeded into checking the time interval for every person. Then, she hacked into the spaceport's mainframe.

And now, all she had to do was to wait for the arrival of the decoy.

Finally her wait was over, the private shuttle from Orb which was announced to be carrying the princess, has already reached the port. Cagalli immediately shut down all systems and electricity in the entire port.

"What the fuck?" Yzak cursed upon being engulfed in sudden darkness, they were now nearing the north gate.

"What the hell's going on?" Shinn muttered aloud as they watched people starting to get restless.

Cagalli also, set off the fire alarm, activating all of the sprinklers. All of which helped in racing panic amongst the passengers, attendants and everyone else inside the port. Everyone started running off to the nearest exits, including the attendants and people from the management since she has successfully shut down all systems earlier.

Everything was smoothly going according to her plan, except for one thing, the shuttle from Orb wasn't showing any signs of slowing down. It looks as if it was going to crash too. It seems evacuating the civilians first proved to be the right decision after all, she smiled, knowing fully well that she was the only one in control of the entire situation.

Cagalli then turned back into watching the suspicious individuals she marked earlier, it wasn't so hard now in figuring out which of them are the real culprits, considering that all the civilians though suspicious, would only want to get out of the port. But a few remained inside and didn't bother about the black out or the water showering down from the sprinklers, it's like they were telling her that they are the ones responsible for the instability the shuttle was going through right now, also considering that they even went towards the north gate after all that's happened.

With a loud explosion, the private shuttle of Orb blew up in great flames, came crashing down and smashing into the North gate. Cagalli was a bit shocked but they already expected that, she then thought about Kisaka and Erica whom she left inside the nearby spaceport, thankfully, that spacecraft was stationed in a distance from the North gate. She breathed in relief, now all she has to do was catch the culprits and look for Kisaka and Erica.

However, when she turned around and was about to make a run for it, she was met by a gun in point blank. It was that same man that she bumped into on her way there. I didn't even notice him.

"Put your hands up." Athrun commanded. "I know you're the one responsible for all of this."

Cagalli gulped, this was not according to plan. Maybe, I should just tell him that I'm the princess, he is a soldier after all... But would he believe me when I look like this?

Athrun walked closer to her, the gun not faltering, when he got near enough he removed her sunglasses and was stunned at the golden eyes intensely staring straight back at him. He was awestruck.

"You're a girl..." He silently muttered to himself before lowering down his aim.

She decided to just tell him the truth but before she had a chance to open her mouth, she saw one of her targets, entering the room and pointing a gun at the bluenette in front of her. She didn't think twice, she held his right wrist with her left hand and twisted it so she could get his gun. Then her right hand held onto his left shoulder and she pounced on him, landing them both on the ground.

Athrun was astounded, he even lost his presence of mind when he realized they were in such a compromising position. But he was quickly shaken back into awareness when she swiftly took his gun and shot the man who was caught in surprise due to what she has done to the soldier, she fired two shots which hit the target on his hand and thigh.

"He tried to shoot you." She said then, immediately got up and made a dash, this was her chance to get away. Explanations can wait, for now the priority is to capture the other culprits fast or at least before they met up with Kisaka and Erica.

Athrun was left breathless, not just because of the shock of what just happened but also because of something he found really hard to explain. He suddenly blushed, remembering the position they were in earlier and how hard she was pressed onto him. Shaking his head, he tried to gain and maintain focus. He couldn't believe the girl could do things like that of a professional soldier, judging by her moves, she's been in the military just like him. He got up and saw the man whom the girl said tried to shoot him, the man was wincing in great pain but Athrun knew that the wounds the girl gave him was never meant to take his life, that was made obvious by the points where she shot him. And she's got great caliber.

Cagalli ran as fast as she could to the North gate but she was caught in great shock when she got there, she saw some of her marks lying injured on the ground, along with some soldiers, she figured they were the ones who were supposed to escort her, she felt guilty.

She looked around and found Andrew with Kisaka, they weren't severely injured but the impact was enough to knock them unconscious. She held Kisaka and felt for his vital signs, he was fine. She did the same to Andrew, then she turned to look at the other men and surprisingly, some of them have started stirring up.

"Who are you?" Nicol weakly asked as he couldn't even get up, the pain of turning his head to the other person's direction was bad enough.

"Don't worry, I'm not an enemy." She smiled and approached him. "Can you try to get up?"

"Stay away from him! We don't know who you are!" Yzak tried to stand up with the help of Shiho as he warned Nicol.

Miguel was already standing up as well, he tried to get his gun from his pocket but Shinn stopped him when the latter yelled. "Don't! She's not an enemy!"

All of them was startled, but not because of Shinn telling them that she's not an enemy. Rather, they were a bit stunned at how he referred to the person as a 'she'. With the help from the water sprinklers still raining on them, it became a little evident to the rest of them when her clothes started sticking to her figure.

"He's a girl?" Dearka murmured from where he was lying, he still couldn't get up.

"You know her?" Miguel looked at Shinn.

"Not exactly but I assure you, we can trust her." Shinn turned from lying on his back to his stomach as he faced the girl.

"So, you knew?" Cagalli asked him with a small smirk as she stood.

"No one can cause bigger trouble than you," Shinn paused to let a little snicker out, he can't believe he's actually gonna say it right now. "..Your highness."

At that, everyone's eyes widened. No one could believe the fact that Shinn was trying to insinuate. They all looked dumbfounded at one another, still trying to process the information that smacked them without warning. She was Orb's princess?‼

"A long red scarf..." Shiho suddenly remembered the description given to them earlier as she stared at the person in front of them, wearing the said item.

"Everyone! There are fifteen bombs planted in this place! We need to find and deactivate them all!" Athrun came running to their direction, he was told of the information by the guy who tried to shoot him when Cagalli saved him. He also found the marked places Cagalli selected earlier and found out the bombs were planted there.

"Actually, there are only twelve remaining." Cagalli cut him off. "The crash of the shuttle was supposed to detonate three of the bombs here in the north gate which would follow setting off the rest, so I took care of it before heading to the security office earlier."

Athrun abruptly stopped at that and regarded her for a moment. Great disbelief written in his face but there was also this unexplainable feeling telling him that he can trust everything she's saying, especially after she saved his life.

"I don't really get what's happening but I think she's good." Dearka let out as he forced himself to at least sit up.

"The rest of the bombs shouldn't be a problem anymore since they're not timed and there's nothing here that can set them off anyway. The shuttle has already crashed, systems are all down and everything's soaking wet." Cagalli sighed as she turned to look at the men she marked scattered all over the place, she then directed her attention on Kisaka. Maybe we should get moving already, wouldn't want their injuries to get worse...

When she moved to get back to Kisaka, she suddenly fell down with Athrun on top of her, he lunged at her while a shot was fired. They then noticed one of the other men lying on the ground tried to shoot her and Athrun saved her this time but she was still grazed by the bullet in her right arm. Miguel thought fast and tried to shoot the guy but Cagalli moved faster than him, shooting the man and shocking all of them.

"That was fast... please tell me she didn't just shoot him." Dearka asked as he stared at the scenario playing on front of him.

"She did... and she's supposed to be the princess." Heine was up as well and he was obviously amused and amazed at what he just witnessed.

The man was already shaking in fear as Cagalli slowly stood up and approached him, he was the only one conscious out of the rest of the culprits. Once Cagalli was already towering the guy, she removed her cap and let her hair fall down. Everyone stood in awe, it was really the princess!

"My name is Cagalli Yula Athha, I am the princess of the neutral Kingdom of Orb. If you still wish to kill me after all of this then you are free to come at me whenever you like, I'll take you on any day." She smirked.

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Fic Facts:

1.) The war is already over here but there are still several rebellions. Also, there was no second war, just the Bloody Valentine Tragedy and the fall of Junius Seven.

2.) Martin DaCosta is also a greencoat like Miguel, right? So, I thought I'd include him here since I like him too...^^ By the way, for those who didn't bother knowing the more minor characters like Rusty Mackenzie (redcoat) and Miguel Aiman (greencoat), they were both killed in Heliopolis.

3.) I don't know why but I wanted her to keep the long red scarf...XD

4.) Why Coppernicus? Because that's the nearest neutral city in the moon where the Lunar base of the Earth's Alliance is also stationed. *cough-hint-cough* If that wasn't obvious enough, I don't know what is...XD