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"Life Is A Fairy Tale"

Chapter 10: The Pauper And The Dark Knight.

Flay was already standing in front of Kira's door and was about to knock when she heard something unexpected.

"Prince Kira, please don't!" A very scared feminine voice almost shouted through the door.

The redhead could only raise an eyebrow, what could Kira be possibly doing with that girl inside? They couldn't be doing something stupid, can they? Kira's definitely not like that, but then again, that would be pretty interesting.

Without further ado, she kicked the door open and entered, placing a hand on her hip. "I hope I'm disturbing something."

Kira greeted her by raising an eyebrow, before answering her with a deadpanned expression. "Well, unfortunately for you, you're not." As it turns out, Kira was merely trying to stand off his wheelchair and the pinkette was only trying to stop him, since his ankle was still pretty much dislocated.

Flay imitated his half-lidded stare and turned to the pink-haired girl beside him. Lacus immediately curtsied upon catching her gaze and the action caused the redhead to raise an eyebrow again. She looked at Kira with questioning eyes but the brunette merely shrugged, finally taking his seat on his favorite office chair.

"Flay, this is Lacus." He said, addressing the redhead before turning to the pinkette beside him. "Lacus, that's Flay."

Flay merely rolled her eyes on the introduction, it was supposed to be unnecessary since she knows who the pinkette was and expects her to know her back just the same. Regardless, she approached Lacus and shook hands with her. "I'm the appointed Vice Foreign Minister of the Eurasian Federation, I'll be handling Public Affairs for the entire Earth's Alliance through the duration of this entire summit."

"Oh, it's an honor to meet you." Lacus smiled brightly, all the while gently keeping hold of her hand.

Flay raised an eyebrow yet again. "No position?" She looked at Kira.

"She doesn't need it." Kira didn't even look at her and kept rummaging through the papers on his table.

"Public Influence?" Flay followed up.

This time, Kira looked at her with a smirk. "You have no idea."

Flay returned her attention back to Lacus.

Lacus merely blinked innocently at her, before breaking into a beam. "I'm a singer."

"An icon." Kira continued with a nod.

Flay frowned but it shouldn't matter as long as the girl was effective, she nodded. "Power without obligation, nice." The words were quite bitter and was never answered, silence then engulfed them as she took her seat in the opposite couch from Lacus.

Kira sighed at the comment as he watched Lacus take her seat in front of Flay, he knew what the redhead meant and he just hopes that Lacus wouldn't end up being like them all. They really have to do something, and fast.

"What the hell is he doing?" Dearka commented as he entered the room and took notice of a certain bluenette.

The touring groups were finally able to leave. Dearka, Nicol, Shinn and Mayu were left with Canard and Prayer until the two decided to follow Flay in Kira's study room. They didn't have much to do for the day so they just decided to hang around and relax, then again, how could anyone relax when they're sharing the living room with Athrun as he is now?

"He's been staring at that thing since she left." Shinn commented on the bluenette's actions shortly after Cagalli left with the touring groups, she went with them on the way out since she already informed them that she would visit him.

"Just what is it anyway?" Nicol asked, staring mindlessly at Athrun who sat in the corner of the room.

"It's that tracking device he put inside Haro." Shinn answered, remembering how Athrun used his phone to locate Haro when they were looking for her back in the Plants.

"He hasn't taken it out yet?" The greenhead furrowed his eyebrows.

"Why would he? If you ask me, he should've put a camera along with it too." Dearka carefully cradled his cast before slouching in his seat.

Shinn raised his eyebrows. "He's not a pervert like you, Dearka."

"I didn't mean it that way!" The tanned-blonde snapped, then thought back and smiled to himself. "But now that you mention it, I'm a genius."

Shinn rolled his eyes, while Nicol and Mayu could only look at each other and sigh.

Suddenly, they were disrupted by Athrun's winning answer in the debate he's been having with his inner self for quite a while now. "That's it, I'm going." He stood abruptly and went for the door, not paying heed to any of them.

"Where are you going?" Nicol asked, worried. But the bluenette didn't even answer and just stepped out, the greenhead then turned to the remaining occupants of the room. "Shouldn't we stop him or something?"

Dearka shrugged. "Why? He's got all the rights."

"Yeah, and besides... it's better that princess Cagalli realizes things sooner than later." Shinn exchanged looks with Mayu, they were both very well aware of the kingdom's protocols.

Mayu spoke for the first time after the princess left, looking down on her lap. "Princess Cagalli would be fine, right?"

Nobody answered.

"I'm kinda scared."

That was the first thing that he said as they continued to walk the long and seemingly endless hallway, the last time he felt like this was back in the war. But this was different, he was just afraid of what might happen, not to themselves but to those who might get involved. The war was over, noone should die, and yet somebody did. He was never close to Tolle but, he knew him and that was enough.

Now this, everyone was coming together and the stage is set. They would all have to give this show their best performance, regardless of whether they were forced to participate in it or not.

"Aren't you even worried?" He asked his only companion.

"Nah... they can all just die for all I care." Canard merely shrugged.

"Please don't say that." Prayer sighed.

"Don't worry about it too much, if they attack us then we'll fight back, it's that simple. All they have to do is show that they don't care about peace and it'll be enough reason for us to take them down, because then they wouldn't be our allies anymore." Canard kept a straight face, as a coordinator who once served for the Earth's Alliance, it wouldn't matter to him who he was up against. He would fight, that's it.

"But now that the United Triumvirate's being established, both the Zaft and the Earth's Alliance are our allies." Prayer reasoned.

"Don't think that you would have to kill an ally, instead think of the enemy, those who stand in your way and want to kill you." Canard finished, stopping to stare at the door in front of them.

They finally reached Kira's study.

Canard raised a hand to knock but before he was able to, Mayu suddenly came running towards them. "Prayer! Canard!"

Both of them turned to look back. "What's wrong, Mayu?" Prayer asked, as she met the girl halfway.

Canard then took notice of Shinn, Dearka and Nicol following after her.

"We've got a big problem!" Mayu yelled to Prayer but before Prayer was able to ask, they heard another girl yelling. This time, from inside Kira's study.

"Just who the hell do you think you are?" It was Flay.

And Canard who didn't move from the door, instinctively opened it right away for all of them to see. Flay was standing with her fists formed at her sides, she was glaring indignantly at Lacus who was merely sitting in her place, Kira had his eyes closed, resting his chin on his clasped hands as he quietly sat behind the table in the middle of the both of them.

"Do you seriously believe that just by spouting crap like that, people would just gather altogether for peace?" The redhead continued to glower over Lacus.

Noone even payed attention to the door opening and the six people standing behind it.

"Didn't you even consider that if things were as easy as that, we would've done it long ago? Don't make us sound so cheap! The lives of those who continue to die out there are not cheap!" Flay panted, she was so infuriated at the girl, although she knew the pinkette didn't mean it that way.

But Lacus didn't say anything, she just listened intently to Flay's every sentiment, and Kira did the same.

Flay looked down, as if accepting her defeat. Silence truly was a better speech. "Pacifism would only bring false peace, that's why people continue to die even after we claimed that we have attained peace. But that's also good on another perspective..." She nodded and looked at Lacus straight in the eye. "It's a show."

Lacus's expression turned drastically into that of a horrified one, she never have expected that Flay would imply something like that. What could she mean by that?

At this, Kira opened his eyes to look at Lacus, and then at Flay. He sighed.

Flay closed her eyes tightly and heaved a breath before opening them again. She took a folded envelope from her pocket, walked over to Kira and placed it in his table, pushing it towards him. "I only came here to give you this." With that, she turned and walked to the door. It was then when she noticed Canard, Prayer and the four coordinators standing outside. She refused to meet their gaze so she closed her eyes as she walked past, she shouldn't care.

Canard sighed after Flay was gone, he knew that she wasn't talking about ordinary soldiers, she actually meant the 'weapons'. The extendeds, which was another issue to deal with after all of this. He stared at Kira, he knows about it too.

"I'm sorry about that, prince Kira." Lacus uttered silently.

"Don't be, it's not your fault, she just took it the wrong way." Kira gave her a reassuring smile. "Besides, I think she likes you." He waved the letter Flay gave him around.

"Eh?" Lacus was a bit dumbfounded, she didn't quite understand what he meant by that.

Canard rolled his eyes at this, while Prayer sweat-dropped with a light chuckle.

Finally acknowledging the six people by the door, Kira sighed. "But she had a point, the mere fact that our princess carries a gun serves as a clear reminder for everyone, that there is no such thing as peace... even here, on the land of peace." He said a bit bitterly, then proceeded to open the letter and read it's contents. Noticing that everyone went silent due to his last remark, he looked up at them and changed the topic. "Do you guys wanna know why Flay didn't come home with me the time I got ambushed?"

"Let me guess, she was in search for blackmail material." Canard snickered and sat on the same couch Flay sat on, Prayer followed him there while Mayu sat beside Lacus as Shinn, Nicol and Dearka decided to stand behind the two girls.

"Uhh, not quite but close enough." Kira nodded before taking the letter's envelope in his hands and showing them the seal on it.

"That's... from the Kingdom of Scandinavia." Prayer was the first to recognize, that was definitely the seal of the kingdom inbetween Orb and the Atlantic.

"Yep, she had to take a little detour on her own way back." Kira said with a cheerful smile.

"What for?" Prayer inquired, Flay had no connection with that Kingdom whatsoever. "What's in the letter?"

Kira snickered at himself but he didn't answer, instead he offered the letter to Lacus. "This letter's actually for you."

Lacus was surprised and skeptical but she accepted the letter anyway.

"As it turns out, Miss Lacus here, is of noble birth." Kira started as Lacus also started reading the contents of the letter. "Your father, Siegel Clyne was born as a nobleman in the Kingdom of Scandinavia [1], your grandfather being a Count. When your father was sent to the Plants to study, he decided to stay and live there, did you know that?"

Lacus finished reading and looked up at Kira before shaking her head disbelievingly. "Father never mentioned anything regarding this before."

"Of course, he wouldn't. When he became the chairman of the plants, he was stripped off of his birth right. He was becoming the leader of another nation, after all." Kira explained.

Amidst the silence, it was Dearka who broke it with a somehow inappropriate remark. "Cool."

Kira chuckled. "And that letter stands as our proof, it certifies that you are indeed a noblewoman and would remain protected by the laws abided by the kingdoms, which includes..." He trailed off as let his eyes do the talking with such mischievous glint.

"Eurasia." Canard concluded, it wasn't that hard to figure out, especially if you used to work for the said federation.

"But why is there even a need for something like this?" Lacus was still a bit confused.

"Cagalli and I were ambushed, even when we're both from the Kingdom of Orb. You, being one of the representatives of the Plants and being Chairman Clyne's daughter, kinda have an even bigger potential to be a target, don't you think?"

"He's right, lady Lacus." Nicol agreed, everything the prince said made perfect sense.

"But if my father was stripped off of his rights when he became the chairman, then why would the Kingdom of Scandinavia be willing to protect me under their laws now?" Lacus understood everything the prince said but there were loopholes in it, some thing's didn't add up.

"That's simple, " Kira placed his elbows on the table, lightly clasped his hands and rested his chin on it. "It's politics, it's always politics."

"Damn it!"

Athrun cursed as he got out of his car, he got a flat tire and he had no spare. He's been sitting there doing nothing for almost an hour now and although, he had a bit of an idea of his whereabouts, thanks to the tracking device, there was noone in sight. It was as if he was on his way to the middle of nowhere and all he could see was a vast field of the countryside?

He sighed as he looked up at the sky, just what has he gotten himself into? Did he seriously need to chase after the princess? What for? It's not like he could just tell her that he was her fiancé, right? And even if he could, why would he? Should he?

He closed his eyes momentarily and rubbed his forehead, he could already feel the impending headache. Why the hell did he even thought of going after her in the first place? Seriously, why?

"Shit." He honestly didn't know why, all he knew was that he wouldn't be able to put himself at ease if he didn't. It was mixed feelings of worry, frustration, fear and guilt. Wait, guilt? But he didn't do anything, so should he have done something then?

"Ugh!" He looked at the flat tire and mindlessly kicked it as if it would feel pain, which it didn't. Suddenly, he heard a kid chuckle nearby, he looked behind him and that's when he saw him. A kid with dark skin and messy brown hair.

"Need help?" The kid said as he got off his bike, he was wearing a worn-out plaid shirt, worn-out denim jumper pants with a lot of holes in it, muddy worn-out boots and a worn-out straw hat. Everything on him looked pitifully over-used and judging by the his entire appearance, he'd probably be working on a farm or something.

Athrun blinked at him, he seemed kind. "Thanks, but what do you have in mind?"

"Your choice, do you want to push your car until we get to my grandfather's garage? Or leave it here and ride with me in my bike to get a truck to pull it to my grandfather's garage? Or I'll walk you to a nearby phone booth near my grandfather's garage? Or maybe, you should just go back to where you came from."

Athrun stared. The kid had this innocent and serious face while talking that he just didn't know if he should be amused, pissed or freaked out. He seems harmless though, maybe I could trust him. It's just a car anyway. "Uhmm, I don't need the phone booth, I have a cellphone and I can't go back without the car so I'd like to get it into your grandfather's garage, but I don't want to push it or ride that bike." He glanced at the bike and grimaced, there's no way he's hitching a ride on that.

The kid frowned as if thinking and then smiled. "You think your car can make it to my grandfather's garage without the tires blowing up on us?"

"How far is it?" Athrun crossed his arms, the car wouldn't really be a lost to him since it wasn't his, but honestly he still wanted to go after the princess.

"Just a few miles or so." The kid shrugged.

Athrun frowned, he might not have much of a choice after all. "Fine, put your bike in the trunk and get in, we'll see how far this thing can take us."

Both of them got into the car and rode off, Athrun wasn't really interested in anything about the kid but since he was willing to help him, he felt the need for casual conversation at least. Unfortunately, the kid beaten him to it, which was kinda good for him since he wouldn't need to be the one to initiate but what the kid said surprised him.

"Are you a soldier?" The kid asked, staring mindlessly out the window.

Athrun spared a glance at him. "How did you know?"

"Soldiers often come to this place." The kid merely shrugged.

"Really?" Athrun narrowed his eyes, there was something there that he wasn't letting out. "What for?"

"What are you? New or something?" This time the kid faced him and casually let the words flow. "Didn't the palace sent you to search for the princess?"

Athrun's eyes widened, was it really so normal for the people to know of the princess's crazy escapades? "Yeah, well you're right." If they think it was normal for a soldier like him to chase after the princess, then this shouldn't be a problem, technically he wouldn't be lying, there was no need.

"Hmm, but why would they send only you? Normally, it'd be a team or something." The kid stared at him as if scrutinizing, but he quickly brushed it off as he noticed their nearing destination. His grandfather's garage was in sight already and it wasn't that far after all.

Unfortunately, when they got there, noone could be found. The place was the only structure in sight near the road in the middle of nowhere, it wasn't big but it had the tools they needed and so, they proceeded to replace the flat tire themselves. The kid was surprisingly very helpful, a bit talkative but also very sensible. He was a nice kid, Athrun concluded.

Still, there was something that irked him. He was very much an exact opposite.

"Well, we're done. That was fast." The kid commented, putting away the toolbox with a smile.

"Yeah, thanks for everything. So, how much do I owe you?" Athrun motioned to the back of his pants to reach for his wallet, but the kid merely laughed at him.

"You really are new, aren't you?" The kid placed both of his hands at the back of his head and proceeded to stretch. "There's no need for any payments, everything you see here from the mountains to the sea are owned by the palace. Therefore, noone accepts payments here from the palace."

"Oh." Athrun seriously didn't know what to say after hearing that, he wasn't from the palace so he should pay, but if he tells him that he wasn't from the palace then he shouldn't be looking for the princess, right? He would be suspicious. Then again, he was currently staying in the palace, right? So technically, he still was from the palace, right? Right. Athrun decided, but it still wouldn't feel right. "So, tell me what's your name, I gotta know that at least."

The kid smiled broadly at him with a mock salute. "Ahmed El-Fahsi, at your service."

Athrun nodded. "Nice to meet you then, Ahmed. I'm Athrun."

And they shook hands.

Flay walked the empty hallways as she heard Lacus's voice echoing inside her mind. "I'm sure if we talk openly to all of them, we would all come to a clear understanding. Peace isn't really hard to achieve if we're all willing to compromise and that would be a good start."

"As if it was that simple." Flay mumbled to herself. She clearly understood where the pinkette was going, but things were far more complicated than that and she should know, she was the one with connections to the Blue Cosmos and Logos after all.

"She's just gonna die if she keeps on believing crap like that." Then again, she too, used to believe in ideals like that. Keyword: 'used to'.

She sighed, ever since her father died and after she was almost killed in the war, she stopped believing in those kinds of things and proceeded to rely on her own schemes. She knows, next time noone would come to save her.

Lacus was just one of the lucky ones.

Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks as she noticed someone coming her way. She looked in front of her and her eyes widened. "Milly.."

Prayer said they gave her a forced leave, so what the hell was she doing here? Flay sought for her eyes but her bangs were covering them, she didn't really look that bad but Flay knew too well. It's only been three days since Tolle died, it wasn't hard at all to make guesses.

Flay frowned, she doesn't like what she was seeing. "Milly?" She called out to the brunette but was simply ignored, Milly walked passed her as if not even noticing she was in the same hallway. Judging by the direction she was taking, it was obvious she was heading to Kira's office, what could she want from him?

"Milly!" Flay yelled this time as she watched the back of her friend, but was again ignored. She pouted with a humph and turned away, but she understood, she felt that same pain once.

On the other hand, Milly continued her way like one of the walking dead. She hadn't gotten enough sleep in days, still unable to accept what happened to them after practically attaining the so called 'peace'. But she was a soldier too, she accepted things like this could really happen out there, long before it actually did. And still, it hurts.

So, what was she doing here now? She lifted her gaze towards the long hallway leading to a solitary room, the notice she received served as a wake up call for her to get back on her feet, she was not gonna turn her eyes away from this fight, not when Tolle died in it. She decided.

She knocked three times before proceeding inside, her eyes focused on the man seated behind the table near the balcony. Everything else came unnoticed, she didn't even realize Kira wasn't alone in that room and whether she was interrupting something or not, she didn't care.

"So how did Flay get that letter in the first place?" Shinn was the one who asked, but was never answered as they noticed a brunette heading straight for the prince.

"Milly." Kira muttered softly as he watched his friend make her way in front of him.

"What the hell's the meaning of this?" Milly showed him the notice she received just yesterday.

Kira guessed it was the notice sent to her about the issuance of her forced leave, and since she was here she probably didn't like it. "A little vacation won't hurt you, just take a breather."

"I don't need it." Milly tried to be as calm as she could, but her control was faltering. She was just so upset.

"Yes, you do and there's nothing more you can do about it, the order's been filed." Kira tried dismissing her as soon as he could, he didn't want Lacus and the other occupants of the room to witness things like this.

Milly merely stared at him, took the letter with both her hands, then started tearing it in pieces before throwing it all on his face. Kira fell helpless, and the thought never left him that he practically looked so pathetic right now.

"I'm seeing this through, even if it's on my own." She said with determination, she would fight.

"But—" Kira tried to reason but quickly shut up as Milly unexpectedly stabbed the table with a dagger, inbetween his fingers. He paled and everyone else was shocked.

"I repeat, I'm seeing this through. Is that clear?" She sneered.

Kira couldn't speak, he just nodded.

With a satisfied smirk on her face, she backed away and went for the door, the dagger in hand. "See you later, prince!" She faked cheerfulness as she stepped out of the room.

After the door closed, Lacus ran to Kira's side and the rest also looked worriedly at him as he gasped, holding his left hand with his right. "I almost died!"

Canard rolled his eyes at the failed attempt for a joke, he knew Kira resorts to these kinds of things to decrease the tension and their worry. "Is it really okay to just let her go like that?"

Kira looked at him, back at his hand and then back to him again, before sighing exasperatedly. "Don't worry, we'll be there."

"But did she really have to scare you like that?" Prayer wasn't sure if it was funny or sad.

"Yeah, are all the girls from Orb like this?" Nicol sheepishly smiled at Kira who merely shrugged.

"On a side note," Dearka interrupted their train of thought as he gave off a goofy grin. "I think I'm in love!"

Shinn slapped his forehead and Mayu rolled her eyes, while Canard broke out in a laugh.

Lacus shook her head at Dearka as she watched them with a small smile, they all seem to be getting by just fine. She then returned her attention to Kira when he spoke. "That reminds me, where's Athrun?"

"Oh, yeah! I almost forgot!" Mayu jerked forward and ran towards Kira's desk. "Athrun went after the princess!"

"What?" That was all Kira could manage to utter.

"And to think she left to go on a date with her boyfriend too." Shinn said shaking his head, things were getting really troublesome.

Kira got up from his seat, Lacus stood after him in worry that he would stress his ankle again. He walked towards the balcony and looked up at the sky with a deep sigh. He knew Athrun was supposed to be Cagalli's fiancé and he also knew about Ahmed as well, but he never thought things would turn up the way they did, he never expected Athrun would actually end up liking her to that extent. And who knows how much Cagalli likes that kid? Just how the hell were they supposed to fix this?

He sighed again. "The sky seems higher today than usual..."

Ahmed led Athrun in a cottage on the middle of the valley, saying that his grandparents were probably there somewhere. And when Athrun asked where the princess was, the kid merely pointed him to a vast field of freshly raked soil, it was as if someone had been working there. So then, Athrun is now left on his own, walking around the middle of the field for the slightest sign of the princess.

Athrun stared at the sight before him, it was such a huge field it would be quite impossible for only three people to handle on their own. Ahmed said only he lived here with his grandparents and if that was true then he could just imagine how hard those three worked to maintain this place as it is right now, and to think that his grandparents were probably old enough to retire.

Then again, it might not be as bad to live life like this, so simple and yet fulfilling. The valley was overlooking the bayside while the mountains were on the other side, it was such a peaceful sight.

"No wonder princess Cagalli liked this place." He muttered to himself as he turned around and took in everything he could see, and that's when he noticed a person with blond locks at the far end of the field. He narrowed his eyes to try and get a better look but it was just too far, so he started walking. Getting nearer, it didn't take long for him to recognize who the person was, the girl he was looking for.

And yet again, he couldn't believe her. She was on the ground digging for dirt.

Athrun approached her from behind and with a slight chuckle commented. "What're you doing?" He just had to ask.

Cagalli suddenly yelped and turned around to him him with her little shovel, but he was such a professional soldier to be caught off guard. He held her by the wrist.

She stared at him and blinked for a couple of times before exploding. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"You really need to learn some manners." Athrun released his grip before continuing. "I was just asking what you're up to."

"It's your fault! You surprised me!" Cagalli regained composure as she slumped back into the ground.

"Sorry, didn't mean to." He crouched down near her. "So, can you tell me what you're doing now?"

Cagalli rolled her eyes. "Isn't it obvious? I'm digging on dirt!"

Athrun resisted the urge to react in the same manner. "I can see that but why?"

She regarded him for a second before showing him what she was looking for. "This."

"A rock?" Athrun raised an eyebrow.

"No, it's a potato! [2] It's just covered in dirt, see?" Cagalli rubbed the soil off with her hands and showed it to him again.

"Hmm, you're right." He softly mumbled as he took it and cleaned it up some more.

Cagalli watched him, he came from a wealthy family and was sent to the military ever since a young age. It isn't surprising at all that he was able to retain a little bit of innocence with the most simplest things, then again, it wouldn't be right to call him innocent as well, after all the people he's killed. "So, what the hell are you doing here?"

Athrun looked at her and tried to contain his laughter, forcing a smile. "So... this is supposed to be a date, huh?" Bluntly saying it this way would divert her attention from 'why he was there' to 'if this was really a date'.

She instantly got the implication and blushed of utter embarrassment, going the way he wanted her to. "Shut up!" She turned to her back and quickened her pace in collecting a basket full of potatoes.

He smiled in delight, this was definitely not a date. But he wouldn't ask any more, whatever her reason is, it doesn't really matter as long as this wasn't a date. "So, why're you exactly harvesting potatoes, huh?"

Cagalli spared him a glare and turned on her back again. "It's for lunch."

Athrun blinked, but didn't say more as he decided to help her.

By the time they were done filling up the basket, both of them were covered in mud and dirt, they were almost unrecognizable. They have it all over their clothes, their faces and even some on their hair, the mud fight wasn't a good idea after all. But he didn't mind, it was the dirtiest and the funnest thing he's ever done in his sixteen years of living. He stared at the back of the girl he played with, and smiled.

He is liking her more and more and more every time.

Suddenly she turned to look back at him, he was caught staring and smiling! He turned his head to the side, a slight pink hinting his cheeks.

"By the way, while we're here I want you to call me 'Callie', got it?" Whether she noticed or didn't care he wouldn't know.

"Sure, but why?" Athrun regained composure.

"They don't know I'm the princess." Cagalli looked seriously at him and glared. "So if you screw this up for me, I'm gonna kill you." Then, without even waiting for his response, she walked off.

Athrun was stunned as realization slowly dawned him. "The palace sent you to search for the princess, right?" He remembered everything Ahmed said when he met him earlier. So then, that means...

"He knows."

I just noticed, noone seems to be updating nowadays... I wonder what happened to everyone else...? Well, if you guys are wondering, I actually updated to let you know I'm still here...XD

So, I hope this was worth the wait...^^

Author's Notes:

1.) In the series, Siegel Clyne was actually born in the Kingdom of Scandinavia but Wiki never said anything about being a nobleman, that's just my own twist...XD

2.) For some weird reason, potatoes have been such a famous 9gag reference, ne? LOL!


Oh, it's friday the 13th... Keep safe, guys!^^