What To Do When You Are Dead

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Chapter 1 - One Last Regret

This was probably the worst day to ever celebrate the ever-so comical day of "April Fools". Pranks would go haywire and everyone would at least get some fun and joy. Today was not the case. Gumball Watterson, a blue cat student had overdone a prank he did. He had set up a small solution, designed to only make a loud noise to scare the user, but the result was that a section of the school had exploded, and a fire ate up the rest of the building. Students and Staff were injured. The Wattersons were all sitting and discussing the matter with the school principle, Mr. Brown, in their own home, since his office was destroyed. The parents, Richard and Nicole were very depressed about one of their kids. Actually, everyone was. Mr. Brown started with a heavy cough as he sat down.

"Mr. and Mrs. Watterson, I am afraid your son, Gumball Christopher Watterson has done something unacceptable. We do know that today is April 1. A time to let out a series of pranks. However, I am disappointed to say that your son has taken this too far. And to make things worse, 164 of our students and 14 staff members are at the hospital, 5 of them at critical conditions. I also have information from the hospital staff that your son has also proven to be a bad influence to his younger siblings." Darwin and Anais sat as far away from Gumball, they had patches of gauze taped to massive wounds on their face. They had burn marks that had to be treated with cold pressure. Mr. Brown continued his speech.

"The school will not accept this as its responsibility. I'm sorry, but your son will be removed from this school." Nicole cried as Richard looked angrily at Gumball. "There is no hope for him." He added with pain. He got up and left the house, as the family was left to discuss this on their own. Nicole could not help it, but she had to brutalize Gumball for all this. This was something that was completely unacceptable. She got up, picked up Gumball and threw him to a wall. She grabbed him by his neck as she shouted forcefully at him.

"GUMBALL! WHY DID YOU DO THAT! I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU! YOU JUST CAUSED CHAOS AND INJURY TO A SCHOOL! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" she roared with rage. Gumball whimpered and cried as his mother was against him. Gumball tried to explain with his windpipe closed up.

"Mom, please… I didn't mean that to happen! Please listen to me!" Nicole released him and smacked him 4 times on the face. Nicole then grabbed Gumball by his arms, and gave him a punch to the face. Gumball cried hard. Richard looked at the scene from the stairs and told Gumball something that was unlikely to be heard by him.

"This is not funny anymore son. Not. Funny." He then got up the stairs and went to his bedroom, slamming the door shut. Darwin and Anais marched to their room, not making any contact with Gumball. Nicole looked at all of them and finally had let Gumball go. She took deep breaths before adding something that had cracked Gumball hard.

"Sometimes Gumball, I'd say that you were a mistake. You are not my son." Hissed Gumball's mom, as she followed the path to her room. She too had slammed the door shut, but it was much louder. Gumball slowly got up and headed up the stairs to his room. He turned the knob of the door, but it was locked. The door opened up, revealing an injured Darwin.

"You are not sleeping here Gumball." He said angrily. Gumball tried to push the door away, but the pain that his mom gave him made him too weak.

"Where am I supposed to sleep?" he cried pathetically.

"Go sleep in the garden, you asshole." Darwin said sternly. Gumball tried to consult him, but Darwin was just too hurt and angry from him.

"Fuck you." He added before kicking him and slamming the door. Gumball cried hard as he pleaded them to forgive him. Gumball was even more hurt that the only person to have cursed at him was his own brother. Gumball wept loud, until his mom shouted back

"SHUT THE FUCK UP GUMBALL, AND SLEEP OUTSIDE! NOW!" she screamed. Never before has his mom cursed at him. It made him even weaker. Double damage was done, as his two most loved family members have just dropped the f-bomb on him. He ran to the door leading to the garden and he heard the door lock from inside. The lights inside quickly turned off and he was left alone to cry in the cold dark outdoors. He cried harder, until he had fallen asleep.

The cat woke up, as the sun appeared up in the sky. His pain was still agonizing from yesterday. He looked at the door leading to the kitchen, but he didn't bother as he knew he was still not allowed inside. Or so he thinks, as he heard the door open up. He looked back to see his mother, who didn't make eye contact.

"Go get you breakfast. And eat down at the basement." She said monotonically.

Gumball didn't bother to eat. He was too depressed. Gumball was at the basement, armed with a pencil and loads of paper and a bag full of envelopes. He also had a razor right next to his pencil. As Gumball wrote a message to everyone he knew, he cut a part of his arms and dribble blood all over the page. He stared up at the ceiling wincing in pain. He spent hours writing everything until he finally finished the pack. But he had reserved the next 4 pieces of paper and envelope aside. He wrapped his bleeding arms with bandage as the 4 notes to be written were meant to be clean. These sets are for his family. He cried and sniffed and trembled, writing down the last things ever to his family, regretful of him. As he was done, he took out one specific letter and got out the basement, and out the front door. He waited for a dew minutes until the mailman arrived. He slowly walked to him and gave him a tattered letter.

"Please give this to Penny. I know you know her. This is only for her." He whispered miserably.

"Kid, what's wrong?" asked the mailman, noticing the kid's new personality.

"Me. I'm wrong." He replied dimly before getting back inside his house and back into the basement. The Mailman looked at the letter, and proceeded to drive off to his next destination. In the basement, Gumball tied up the bag and hid it near a corner. He took a written label and stuck it on the bag. It read;

"Give these letters to my friends accordingly."

Gumball was finally complete. There was only one thing to do now.

Take his life away.

At Penny's House

Penny had opened the front door to her house. The mailman who had earlier had an encounter with a brutally depressed cat had a letter for her. He had a very distinct cheerless face on him. Penny wondered why and she grabbed the letter and looked at the mailman.

"Mrs. Penny, this mail is for you. Gumball wanted this to be only for you." He said sadly as he quickly turned round wand walked away. Penny wanted to question him but she ignored it and went back in. Penny knew that her father would never forgive Gumball, after his disastrous prank had critically injured Penny's little brother. Penny ran to her bedroom and locked it, to make sure her father would see her reading this. She looked at the front of the letter. It read;

To my friend Penny.

My farewell to you.

Gumball Watterson.

Penny opened the letter hesitatingly and began to read the contents. Before she read anything, she noticed the condition of the paper. It was wrinkled and it had what looked like spots of red blobs. Her heart pumped as he began to read it.

I've let you down
Dragged you around
Wasted my money on messing my head up
I've watched you try
To figure me out
Take me back 'cause you're lonely
Save me
Even though we both know that you can't
Won't you save me
I'm gonna die tonight
I swear to god I'm gonna die
Can you save me?
Even though we both know that you can't
Won't you save me
I'm gonna die tonight
I swear to god I'm gonna die

Penny quickly dropped the letter; she knew what was going on. She was the only one to stop it. Gumball was going to commit suicide. And he was going to do it tonight, very soon. She quickly ran to her dad, watching TV.

"Dad, please drive me!" she yelled with dread. Her father turned down the volume as he was confused by his daughter.

"What? Penny what's wrong? What? Where?" he quickly responded.

"Dad, drive me to the Wattersons, I have to stop Gumball!" As he heard the name, her father turned the volume back on and sat back. Penney kneeled to him as she tried to persuade him again. This time her father replied strictly.

"Penny. No." Penny tried again, this time; tears were running down her cheek rapidly.

"Dad Please!" She was extremely desperate. Time was running out, and Gumball could be already dead.

"No. Gumball is a kid who is gonna mess you up." He said back.

"Dad, listen to me! Gumball sent me a letter, a FAREWELL letter! He's gonna kill himself please!"

"He's messing with you. This could be another prank!"

"DAD! LISTEN TO ME!" Penny's father ignored her and walked away to his bedroom, Penny followed him, desperately trying to persuade him. Her father pushed her away and shut the door and locked it. All Penny could do was cry. It was up to her now. She got on her bike and rode to the Wattersons with rapidity. Before it was too late.

Gumball woke up from his slumber down at the basement. He looked at his watch. 6:00 pm. The time he heard his mom say. The rest of the family had taken a walk outside. It was time. Gumball got up and removed the bandages from his arms, revealing very deep scars. He walked up the stairs into his parent's bedroom. He snatched the car keys silently from the bedroom, taking care not to mess around with things. He tried hard to not cry. This would be the last time he would see the room. He walked outside, and looked at the room for one last time, and had shut the door. He then went to his bedroom, where his siblings slept. He left the two letters respectively on the bunker beds as he cried on the floor. He wiped his tears and got out the room. He got out the house, turning off all the lights on the way. He got into the car and opened the garage door. He sat for a while in the car seat, speaking to himself. This was the last night he'd ever spend. And he was alone too.

"I'm stupid… I'm worthless… I'll be better off dead… I'm sorry everyone… sorry… Forget about me. Forget me. I'm nothing for you all. Goodbye, and never remember the stupid person that I am."

Without any other thoughts, Gumball clenched the steering wheel and turned on the engine. Remembering the simple actions for driving a car, he accelerated till the car was outside. He quickly closed the garage door and drove out the highway at massive speed, headed for a part of the road which was under construction. A patrolling squad car saw this and began a chase to the car turning on the sirens. Gumball heard the sirens but he didn't care. He then swerved to the right, driving off-road, causing some frustration to the police chasing him. Gumball then saw the cliff-face, where it would lead to the ocean floor. He headed closer and closer to the cliff-face. The cops desperately tried to overtake them to stop the driver from falling off. But Gumball drove faster.

"I'm sorry." He said lowly. He had the picture of the family pasted on the mirror. His own image was cut off the photograph. Gumball then sat back as he removed his hands from the steering wheel, while the accelerator was still stepped on. As each time went by, he held the photograph and held each of the faces in the picture with his thumb. His thumb focused on his mom.

"Mom. I'm sorry for being a bad burden on you. I am not your son. You'll be free." Gumball's thumb went over to his dad's face.

"Dad. I was probably the one to make you feel uncared for. I never treated you with respect. Everyone will respect you." His thumb went to his adopted brother.

"Darwin. I was never a good brother to you. I sometimes hurt you. Now you will be treated well." As the edge became more clear, Gumball quickly put his thumb on Anais.

"Anais. I was a bad influence to you. I never really was a good big brother to you. Now everyone will look after you." He then let go of the photo and had removed his foot from the accelerator pedal. The world seemed to be in slow-motion. Every second was now a minute.

"Goodbye world. May God forgive my soul." He said for the last time. The car flew off the cliff-face as the cops behind him quickly stopped the car.

"Oh shit…" said one of them silently. His partner got out the vehicle and lately responded.

"Fuck, we are so dead."

They watched the car fall 30 feet into the deep waters below…

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