disclaimer: disclaimed.
dedication: to Chloe, because we basically talked ourselves into this.
notes: basically literally all of my ships are in this accidentally. maybe. MY HEART GOES BANG BANG BOOM.

title: miss everything
summary: Something to believe in, lately. — Bon/Paku.






Celebration was so easy when they were all alive. It was an exhalation of relief, celebrating—there were so many ways things could have gone wrong, but they didn't, they didn't.

And Shura-sensei had insisted.

(They all suspected Shura-sensei was only in it for the booze.

In fact, Shura-sensei was already half-gone, leaning on Yukio-sensei and laughing into his shoulder, pink across the nose. He looked absolutely horrified. Someone smothered a giggle, and wisely thought it was probably good for him to be offended once in a while.)

And so they left True Cross Academy, dressed to the nines and it was short skirts and glittery shoes for the girls and ridiculous pants and ugly shoes for the rest. The three girls—three of them, Izumo and Shiemi and Paku—giggled as they clung to each other, tipsy on victory and life.

It was a short high, but a powerful one; all starry-eyed like fireflies trapped in cupped hands and glowing through fingers. It was the girls bouncing down the street as though the whole world were a dance floor, and Bon glanced at Rin out of the corner of his eye.

It was all him, the stupid fuck, it was all his fault.

He was getting pretty good at saving the world, accidentally or not.

Rin shrugged once, only once, and caught up to the girls. Looped his arm around Shiemi's shoulder, and Bon watched them sink into each other like it was the easiest thing in the world.

He quietly pretended he was bitter.

(Sometimes he really hated that the hero always got the girl.)

And so it was that he found himself trundling along between Konekomaru and Paku—Renzou was poking at a flushing Izumo and Shura-sensei was giggling hysterically into Yukio-sensei's throat, and Jesus Christ, why was he friends with these people?

"Are you alright?"

Bon looked down at Paku. She looked straight ahead, voice soft and questing and real, and nodded towards Shiemi and Rin. His jaw clenched, and her lashes lowered, like she knew the monster roaring in his chest.

He exhaled slowly.

"Yeah," he said.

She peeked up at him, a funny little smile playing around the corners of her mouth. Paku wasn't beautiful—she was in sharp contrast to Izumo's ice-cut beauty and Shiemi's accidental beauty, because she wasn't any of those things. She was simple and plain. Pragmatic.

But unapologetic, too.

And the night elongated shadows, pulled her eyes wide, dipped down to the hollow in her throat. He just needed something to believe in, lately. He looked down at the top of her head—Christ, she was tiny. Tiny and still human and maybe a secret thief, though he wasn't sure of that yet.

Bon reached down, and slipped his hand into hers.


"Yeah. Just fine."

She covered her mouth with her other hand to hide her smile. It was something, then, with the way her lips stretched across her face. It was too easy, and this was probably going to be complicated because he was always going to be doing stupid shit and she was—well, not.

Spare him the sob story bullshit, if you please.

But either way.

Bon felt just a tiny bit lighter.