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Inui and eiji were outside a fast food restaurant, they couldn't get inside for the fear of being seen by their kohai.

"momo-chi and that sengoku guy are taking so long in there, when will they ever get out?" eiji was slightly annoyed because he don't even know what momo and sengoku were doing in that place.

He turned to inui who's currently contacting their teammates.

"Inui! Are they coming?"

"calm down eiji, I already contacted them except for tezuka" inui explained.

"GET OUT OF OUR WAY!" they heard familiar voices nearby then inui and eiji turned their heads where the voices came from.



Oishi and taka stopped running when they reached their redheaded teammate and the data collector.

They both panting because of exhaustion.

"Sengoku is raping our momoshiro, is that true?" taka asked.

"Sengoku is forcing momo to transfer in yamabuki? I couldn't hear your call very clearly"

"Inui! What did you tell them?" Eiji frowned at the data collector.

"Ooops, they must've heard wrong" inui answered with nonchalance.

"tell us what's going on" oishi demanded.

Inui and eiji then explained to them what's really going on.

"so that's it" taka said.

"maybe we shouldn't interfere on momo's date, he might get upset when he finds out that we're stalking them" oishi suggested.

"nya but oishi, we still need to make sure that that yamabuki guy won't do anything perversive to momo-chi"

"we also have to make sure that they will not do 'it' yet before they're on the right age" inui added.

Oishi's thoughts floated imagining censored images of sengoku doing naughty things with momo.

"Gah!" Oishi gasped "we can't let that happen, momoshiro is still too young and innocent!"

"I agree on young, but innocent? Please, you haven't seen the stuffs in that horn dog's room yet" eiji commented with a mischievous grin.

"what's in momoshiro's room?" inui asked with curiosity.

"I'll whisper it to you" eiji gestured for inui to lean closer.

The data man obliged and let the redhead whisper the answer on his ear.

"I never thought that momoshiro is such a... Ii data!" inui then took a green notebook, don't ask where it came from because nobody knows. Then he began to scribble in it.

"we really need to keep an eye on those two" taka reminded them.

Oishi nodded then turn to inui who just finished writing in his data notebook.
"have you contacted tezuka and fuji?"

"I keep on contacting fuji but he doesn't answer and... I'm not sure if I should contact tezuka, he might hang up on me again" inui remembered the last time he contacted tezuka and the brunette just hung up on him.

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