His Lordship, Harry Potter

ARC 01

His Private ASS.

Chapter 5


Potions class went along quickly. Neville had a little trouble with the potion, but Harry's quick hands and wits prevented the culdron from exploding.

Up next was Charms, with the small professor standing on a stack of books. As the students filed in, Harry frowned. "Professor? Why the Books? Would not a stool be better?"

The Ravenclaw Head of House smiled, "Mister Potter, I can see how you might think that a stool might help, but with all the accental Magic, the Power surges, of wizards in training, nothing really holds up. But these tomes, by their very nature, are protected, just as stable, and if they are Damaged, they can repair themselves."

Harry nodded. Settling Hooktooth between himself and Neville, Harry sat on the bench in the first row.

Next was lunch. a selection of sandwhiches, many that Harry just wrapped in a napkin and dropped into a pocket.

As he was colleting his things to head out to Transfigureation, Ron drapped an arm over his shoulder. "Hey Mate, I was wondering, if you could help out with a minor favor." he looked around. "My brothers, fred and go..." He abruptly ducted his head as a pair of twined redheads entered the room, singing some ditty about the Founders. "Them. they were asking questions about you, and the rumors about what happened in our cabin on the train. Percy, the Prefect also has questions. Heads up." Ron returned to the Giffindor table.

As he passed the bushy haired witch, "Library, after last class." he whispered in her ear, "Be there, we have to talk."

Hooktooth trialed at his heel as he swept from the hall.

Neville found him in McGonagal's classroom. Harry and Hooktooth were sharing sandwhiches from his pockets, as they spoke in hushed tones as they watched the tabby cat on the desk.

a scuffed stride brought all heads about to face him.

"Ah, Neville, join us." Harry turned back to face the cat, "We were just talking about this fine animal."

Neville frowned as he joined the two 'ravenclaws'. "Feline, at first glance, one would say cat, but do to the strict poster, the keen intilect in its eyes... First guess would be kneazle, but in truth, I say Ani-magi."

"Ani-magi?" Harry Potter asked, his brows furrowed.

"Animagus or Ani-magi, A wizard or witch who has either the gift or nack to change into an animal." Neville dropped into the seat behind Harry. "From the stories Lupin told us, your Father was one."

Just then, the two houses that were sharing this lesson arrived. between girls chatting about this and that, mostly clothes and fashion, and the guys, boasting of things first year males boasted about, there was too much noise to continue their dailog.

Finially the bell rang as the students found their seats. Hanna Abbot and Susan Bones flitted in. Susan's robes were wet, and Hanna's were torn.

Harry, glancing at the cat on the desk, stood and turned to the girls. "Problem?"

"Snakes firing hexes at us in the hall." Bones tone was clipped, "Fourth years, i believe. I got hit with a water spell as you can see, but the snarltoothed git threw a cutter at Hanna. If she had not ducked when she did, it could have been bloody, or worse." She looked about, as she placed her book bag next to the only open seat, right next to Harry's, Hannh claiming the seat next to Neville. "Where is the Professor? I was hoping to beg a charm or two fix us up."

Harry grinned as he turned and nodded at the cat, "I do believe that she is not too far from here." Pulling his wand, he waved it over Susan's Robes. Muttering under his breath, her clothing dried, and her hair was even fluffed.

"What was that that spell?" the huff adjusted her robes. "I am dry, to the skin, and refreshed!"

"A charm of my mother's." Harry answered, "Mister Lupin taught me, while he was tutoring me in potions. You saw how ... gifted Neville is at potions." Harry grinned at his friend to remove the sting from his words. Motioning for Hannah to stand, he waved his wand, mending her robes. "Another charm, this one, from my tutor." his wand sliding away home, as he slide into his seat.

The cat stood, streached, then pounched. in mid jump it morphed into the Professor. "Well done Mister Potter, you have taken two spells, from the best of my former students, and cast them with with great skill, percision, and style. Five points to Ravenclaw. Your move to help, comfort, and support your classmates, even when they are of another house." her pinched mouth, tighened. "Five points. Deducing my little test, solving the riddle, and not sharing the answer with your classmates." she drew herself up, her mouth souring. "two points Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff." her next words held a minor sting, "Next time, try not to flaunt your father's traits. He too walked a line between hellion and wild child."

From there the class trailed into turning a match stick into a needle. thanks to Lupin, Harry got it after about twenty minutes, Bones and Abbott got five minutes later.

as the bell rang, Professor McGonigal summoned the needles, and match sticks. Having them align on her desk.

"Class Dismissed." the Exidus was deafening.

Harry found the first year gryffindor Granger sitting in the Library, pooring over some thick tome, its dust, collected over the years, billowing about her bushy head.

"Maybe asking you to meet here was not such a good idea." harry dropped into the seat acroosed from her, tucking his bag in close. Hooktooth scrambled into the chair next to him.

She chuckled, as she closed the tome, causing more dust to billow, "Just some light reading. What can i do for you."

"You are Muggle-born, correct?" he pulled a text book from his bag as Hooktooth set up her notes. "My Father had a tutor from his year, helped him over the small hurddles that he could not get over on his own. there was some accounting enrichment, plus i can offer an instuctor during the summer monthes. this also include access to the Potter Library and a minor book fund." he paged through his book.

"What are you talking about?" Miss Granger asked as she leaned closer.

"Master Potter is offering you an option, a small monthy fee plus expences in exchange for a weekly meeting to review the classes you have attended that week, and the weekend just prier to your finials." Hooktooth peered over small rimmed glasses, "As you are under the age of consent, female, and Muggle-born, you have little to no protection from certein laws in play. Taking this option, allows Master Potter to shield you, and by extention, your family, from the more ... unpleasent members from our society." she grinned at the human girl, "With your parents' permission, we can offer you money, access, and backing for the projects that you might find interesting. As a single female, I too am at the mercy of boys being boys. As a gob, the humans look down on me, in more ways then one. But Under the option offered me, I am given protection from those who would intend me harm. In his service, i live like a minor lord, and all I have to do is keep his daily calander, his non personal mail, and such. When school is over, i will be in charge of his life on the most mundane matters, seeing that his life runs as smoothy as possable. He is offering you the same, only on an academic front. If you so choose, there are options including Law, Research, Medicine. Potter is an Ancient and Noble House."

the muggle-born frowned, "What is the time on this thing?"

Harry grinned, "I need to know by the end of the week, so I can get the paperwork out of the way." he frowned, "To sweeten the deal, I will include a personal owl." He looked to the gob at his side, "Get two for yourself as well, I have hedwig for my personal mail, you should have one for your personal use and one for my offical use."

"You are just throwing your money around." Hermione glared at the boy.

"Yes and no. the money itself has little value, but what i can get with it..." he closed his book, and looked her in the eye. "Now that has value. My mother was muggle-born, so i know something about the inter-magic reltaions. My coffers overflow, so I can make investments like you and what I am offering you, now. You say no, and we walk away, you say yes..." he let it trail off.

"I will have your answer by lunch on friday." Hermione picked up her tome, disappearing into the stacks.

Dinner for Harry and Hooktooth centered around a roast with potatos, mixed greens, etc.

a few notes were made, and Harry signed an order for three owls, to be paid from his accouts, a selection of books; a Birthday gift for the bushy haired Grif, and some minor sweets, including a big box of sugar quills.

While Hooktooth did the writing of the orderforms, Harry signed them, then walked with her to owlery. Hedwig as sent out with the important issue, the owls and the books.

a burly Eagal Owl was sent for the sugar quills, while a barn owl took a note to Lupin to ask him to seek out the Granger's Practice. As the wizard was a good friend of Lily's, he knew something about the muggle world.

he then lead the way up the stairs to the commonroom. as he stepped forward the knocker spoke up, "As i was going to St. Ives, I met a man with Seven wives..."

"the Answer is one. good base logic, seven wives, seven sacks, seven cats, and seven kits. the math is impressive, those who can do math have great minds, but only one was heading to St Ives. the man and his wives were met on the road, and most would not include the kits and cats.

"I was going to use Kneazles, not cats." the small metal face frowned, "But your position is a sound one. well played." the doorway swung open as if on silk.

As they entered, Harry patted the gob on the head, "See you in the morning." before turning and climbing the stairs to his room. He did this in front of the whole room, trusting in his house to keep her safe, tonight...

The next morning, Harry was shaken awake by a prefect. As he stumbled down the stairs he saw three witches, none of them first years, with freaky hair and funky robes. Across from them stood Hooktooth, with a angery snarl, and a frowning Head of House.

"Hook?" Harry asked, "You okay?"

She thrust her chin at the trio across from her, "These ..." the word she spat was goblin, "... attacked me and my belongings. their new looks are from them attempting to raid my trunk. they also spent the night hanging from the rooms ceiling, silenced. One of my roomates awoke early, for what ever reason, and screamed when they saw them hanging there."

"They say they were just having a bit of fun, but when i scanned the trunk in question, i noticed that the 'charm' work was rather nasty."

"They should be." Harry spoke calmly. "Lupin and a Goblin Rune-crafter helped us with the basics, and then we found a few things at the Zonko's Joke shop." he straightened his tie. "Now what is happening?"

"I want that little bug..." the youngest witch started screeching, but Harry's wand twitched, and she fell silent. no one even saw him draw it.

"Professor, I doubt that I have to tell you about Goblin views on ownership and theft." Harry looked at Flitwick, "They also have a narrow view on privacy. Those three should tuck thier tails and run."

"What do you mean, tuck and run?" the oldest witch spoke in a calm voice.

"You just assualted a member of House Potter, and a profitable member of her Klan." Harry did not even look away from the Professor. "If push comes to shove, this will get messy, and House Potter hass deep Vaults." he turned his glare on the trio, "Vaults and Connections that could shift the standings of many Houses."

"Are you threatening us," asked the third witch.

"No, threats are the tools of the snakes. Ravens deal in facts and figures. take your time, do the math." Harry's grin would have made a goblin proud, "with her Klan, any debts floating, will be called in, any payments owed to your houses, delaied. then there the favors called in..."

"All over some little 'gold muncher'?" the middle witch asked.

"First she is a member of my House. She is Family in all ways but blood. Second, she is a friend, I faced being named Huff because of my loyalities to friends and those who earn my trusts. I was difficult to place, I have strong traits for all four Houses. I was named Ravenclaw because my logic is cold, and I burn for knowledge. I am willing to prove all the major traits, just push."

"And if we just walk away?" the eldest asked.

"That depends on the Professor, you three, and Hooktooth." he looked back at the short teacher.

"I can offer you two the Headboy's chambers, if you have no ojections to sharing the room. Next year, you might have to make a few changes, we will see. I will have the elves pull the bed in there, and replce it with two from the dorms. your things will be moved in by dinner." the short teacher frowned at the trio. "i think that a simple three weeks of detention will do for punishment, I do not think that House points need to be brought into this."

"Three weeks?" hissed Hooktooth.

"Three weeks, of detentions." Harry spoke to the angery gob, "Three weeks of demening, mind numbing work, for testing our security." Harry smiled, "plus their hair styles and the rumors; they were stuck to ceiling for most of the night, I am willing to go to war for you, and use my goblin conections. All this spoken here, in front of the Prefects, the Professor, and we never asked this to be kept quiet. At least one of those watching us is a gossip. Word of this is going to get out, and we want it to get out." a wink to the Professor, who grinned in a goblinish manner.

"And what about our hair?" the oldest girl asked.

"The colour will take time to wash out." Hooktooth relaxed her snarl and glare, "Everything else will come out in the first wash. the colour stays as a warning. Mess with those of House Potter..."

"Deal!" said the two witches that could speak, and the three bolted from the room.

Hooktooth frowned as she ran the numbers, connected the dots, then her grin bloomed. "Okay, but about this room we are getting..."

"This way," the short man pushed past the fifth year prefect and walked to the Marble Statue between the stairs. "Hey Roeweena, I am going to need the Head boy's room."

The stone came alive, "Now Professor, why would you need the room?" she smiled down on him. "Are my little ravens causing trouble?" she waved her hand and bookcase slid to left, reveiling an arched passage. turning her head to Harry, "The bookcase is touch sensitive. middle shelf, under the third book from the right, both of you, touch the spot." as the student and his goblin companion did as instructed. both felt a surge of magic that echoed deep in their core.

The short Professor led the way down into the small room. first there was a sitting room, a desk, a small fireplace with a cosy chair, and a small window, large enough for all but the largest of owls. the next room had a queen sized bed, a walk-in closet and a small bathroom.

"Okay." Harry nodded "Two beds, and three owl perches." Harry turned back to the Professor, "Of course, you, Sir are welcome to check in to make sure that we are not abusing any of the trust you are placing before us."

The Professor nodded. "Breakfast is in two hours." Turning his head as if to yell over his sholder, "Yurkie, Miki." two female elves popped into the room. "This is Harry and Hooktooth, they are being placed here in the head boy's chambers. I need the bed pulled and two dorm beds placed in here. A request for preches for three owls have also placed." the elves nodded before popping out.

"thank you, Professor." Harry bowed his head to the Professor.

That friday night at the teachers meeting

Snape's snarl was leading, "whats this I hear about you giving Potter the Ravenclaw headboy's room?"

"It was more to remove the temptation from the older girls, to keep them from pissing off the Goblin." Flitwick bounced on his cushion, "She had protective charms on her trunk, these were just trying to open it, there were nastier charms and jinxs that would have hit if they had forced the lock." the short professor adjusted the cushion he perched on. "The older girls can be a bit unfair in their treatment of their underclassmen. if i am required to get involved it could really get messy, both in-house and outside these walls." he bounced twice more, "The simplist thing was to try to remove the problem."

Word spread quickly, first among the Ravenclaw, then among the rest of Hogwarts, about just what House Potter was willing to do for its friends, willing to do to its enemies. Even the snakes were taking notice.

No one did anything but talk or whisper, that week. that weekend there was Broom Flying lessons...the one thing Lupin could not really teach.

Harry joined the twenty or so students as Madam Hooch boomed up and down the Quiddich Pitch. While everyone was learning how to mount and hold a broom, Hooktooth sat in the bleachers.

When Longbottom ended up losing control of his broom, and falling a good twenty feet, landed on his arm, Hooch bustled him off to the Hospital wing.

Malfoy found the Druid's remembral. Ron challanged him more because of the whole lion vs snake thing. as both rised into the air, harry just sat on his broom, hovering just above the ground. Malfoy chucked the glass sphere, and ron in a clumsy move, caught it, before it smashed into a window of the castle. Ron gave the ball to Harry to give to Neville.

No sooner was the glass sphere in Harry's hand, did McGonogal appear and drag Ron off. Malfoy smirked, until Hooch returned and asked, "Where is Mr. Weasley?"

"His Head of House came and got him." Harry spoke up. "He was trying to rescue a found item from impacting into a window on the castle tower, there, " Harry pointed.

Hooch turned to look. "I see. Well, shall we try again? Places everyone. On the count of three we kick off. one ...two ..."

by the end of the hour, Hooch had everyone there flying circles around the pitch. Harry even stopped and picked up Hooktooth for a couple circits.

the whole of the class returned to the great hall for lunch, while Madam Hooch called the brooms to follow her back to their shack. as they tromped into the great hall, Ron was sitting, bracketed by his Brothers, the twins.

Malfoy sneared, before braying "Last meal before being shipped home 'Weasle'?"

Ron opened his Mouth to retort, and the twin on his left stuffed an appple home, while the other replied, "Just waiting for our Mother to show up..."

"...you know how she likes to yell in person..." the first chimed in.

"...no, you wouldn't would ya, your mother would never care enough to embarass you in public." the second spoke as he stood, making sure the apple was in place, he stood and approached Harry, dilipertly turning his back to Malfoy.

the blond Slytherin could not let that stand, and went for his wand, only to be hit with an 'expellermus'. the wand went flying, landing under the teacher's table. the next second a full body bind jinx hit the blond, only there was a green vine holding him, rather then just cords twisted from magic. As the blond toppled to the ground, face down, the whole hall turned to see Neville standing at the doors to the hall, his wand pointed at where Malfoy was standing.

Harry turned to look back at the downed Malfoy. "Not bad, Druid. I see your gift is awakening." he poked the downed Snake with a toe. "Better write your Gran, and Lupin. Gran, so she can mark the growth of your gift. Lupin, so he can decide how best to take your gift to the next level." He grinned at his chubby friend, "I would say no flying for you either." " he slid his wand home, "the brooms just do not like you."

the Longbottom heir chuckled. "that is true."