Futures Past

Part II

A.N Alrighty, I've named this part of the story Part 2 because we take the jump from post-Episode Two into what is my sorta Episode 3 time space, I've jumped forward a couple months and due to popular demand I may take some liberties with the timeline, making the Clone Wars (which were about three years long) a bit shorter for the sake of the story, after all, this is fanfiction, and its AU so try not to get upset because of that hehe. Sorry about the gap in updates, I needed to really get my head around planning this and get back in the mindset (I've been on a Pirates of the Caribbean high, so shoot me hehe).

This will be quite a few months after the last chapter, the Clone Wars are fully underway, Obi Wan has obtained his title of General during this time with deeds of bravery in the fight against the Separatists, and true to Yoda's orders he has had no contact with Padmé. Anakin is also in the Galactic Army, and he too has had no contact with his wife, due to orders of no outside contact, to risk the Separatists finding out the Republic Army's location. Padmé has been concerned that she has had no contact, but realises the security hazards. Palpatine has been continuing his evil scheming (insert evil laugh here) and he and Dooku are still plotting how to seize complete control of the galaxy and secure Palpy's ascent to the position of Emperor, manipulating the Jedi and controlling the Separatist supporters to plunge the galaxy into a state of disarray. The Jedi have suffered great losses in the many clashes with the Separatists, but large numbers of Clone Troopers have helped support their dwindling forces. So without further adieu, welcome to Part 2 of Future's past:

Chapter 1- Battle on Atraken

"Blue Leader, this is Red Leader, are you receiving me? Over."

"Red Leader from Blue Leader, I hear you loud and clear Anakin, what's your ETA?"

"We're a few miles out from your position Obi Wan, but I just received word from Master Yoda, another Acclamator troopship is on the way to back up the troops already here."

"That's good news, we suspect the Separatists are located in underground bunkers as indicated, but it would be arrogant to think that we have them on the defensive, I believe they are planning something far worse than we've encountered yet, can you feel it?"

"Yes, the Force is almost screaming at me. Sith!" Anakin exclaimed and fell backwards as a vibrant blue blast billowed up into the clear sky and rocked the transport he was currently riding in with an aftershock.

"Gas helmets engaged now!" He bellowed just before the aftershock rocked them, and the Troopers with him instantaneously locked down their gas helmets. He now knew why the Force had warned him so insistently, he just hoped Obi Wan had followed his intuition. The sound of his hollow breathing- amplified by the mask- echoing in his ears was unnerving, but he was glad he had the warning to allow him to activate it.

"By the Force, Obi Wan!" He remembered in a panic and tried to hail his former Master over the commlink.

"Blue Leader, Blue Leader, do you read? Blue Leader! Obi Wan, come in!" He growled as all he was met with was a static crackling.

"Jedi One, do you copy?" He called desperately, hoping to reach the ship that was just outside the atmosphere directing the battle and keeping in touch with Coruscant.

"Go ahead Anakin." Mace Windu's rich voice came back over the link.

"Master, did you see that blast?"

"Yes Anakin, it came from below the surface, we believe it was targeting the capital, New Atraken City, but the shockwave radiated out in a ten kilometre radius. From what we can tell…it was Dihexalon." His voice was quiet and sober.

"Dihexalon…they'd never survive." Anakin echoed. It was deadly to most living things, and if it was aimed at Atraken's capital, the inhabitants of the mining city wouldn't stand a chance, nor would anyone in the vicinity without protection.

"Obi Wan…" Anakin said faintly. "He was only a mile or so out from the entrance lifts to the city, there was no way he'd have been able to get clear…"

Mace was silent for a long moment.

"I will inform Master Yoda of the development, though he must have felt it. Anakin. If he couldn't get clear… He is with the Force now." Mace said quietly, reaching out with the Force to comfort the young Knight.

"No!" Anakin's barriers went up and he pulled away from the Force's connection with Mace. "He's not dead!"

"Master! Obi Wan, please answer me! Obi Wan!" He called out desperately through his Force bond, but received no reply.


"We've just received word that the beautiful planet of Atraken has been the victim of a devastating biochemical attack launched by the Separatist forces against the Republic's army, hundreds of Jedi Knights and thousands of Clone Troopers were onworld trying to liberate the planet from the Confederacy of Independent Systems' grip when a concentrated amount of Dihexalon was released on the capital city, the aftershock is reported to have stretched several kilometres above and around the city. No word yet on how many Jedi, Troopers and civilians were caught in the blast, but the mortality rate would be total. Our thoughts are with the people of Atraken, and the forces on the planet. More as we receive it."

The glass of water slipped from her hand and shattered on the tiled floor as the HoloNetNews broadcast closed.

"Milady? Padmé, what's wrong?" Sabé came out of the kitchen and caught sight of the news flash still on the bottom of the holo-displayer.

Padmé had sunk to the floor, a lost, faraway look in her eyes.

"By the Force." Sabé gasped and ran to Padmé, kneeling by her side as the Senator put a hand up and gripped Sabé's shoulder to keep from sliding fully to the ground.

"Obi Wan and Anakin would have been there…all the Jedi forces were heading towards that area because of the amount of Separatists…oh Sith." She gulped, stood on shaky legs and ran to the bathroom, emptying the contents of her stomach.

Sabé went to her and held back her hair, rubbing her back and offering a silent prayer to whatever higher powers there were in the galaxy that the Jedi were alright. In the other room the holo-player added to its report.

"Reports indicate a second and third round of Dihexalon has been launched against the Republic's forces…"


Obi Wan coughed weakly and tried to sit up.

He was aware of the protective gear covering his head and body, which he had insisted on his team wearing before they were to go down into the capital.

There was a great mist drifting around him in a haze, making it very difficult for him to see more than a few inches in front of him. He reached into a secure pocket in his armour and activated his lightsabre, which helped illuminate his surroundings somewhat.

Ugh, what happened? He wracked his brain to try and recall and felt a sliver of blood trickling down his forehead from bashing against something as he had fallen.

The blast! The realization hit him like a herd of Banthas and if he wasn't on the ground he probably would have fallen again.

He activated the built in scanners on his suit and ran a test for life-forms nearby as well as what the gas was.

Dihexalon, no… all the people in the city! He reached out to the Force to strengthen him, its presence calming him somewhat, and flowing around him to soothe his wounds. He glanced down at his radar and saw multicoloured dots still glowing, though admittedly missing at least a quarter of what there were before. He stood weakly, staggering slightly as he began to walk, his lightsabre brightening a path through the swirling gas. He reached members of his team, also scattered by the blast but safe because of the gear. Other teams had not heeded his warning and were not so lucky.

"Report Captain?" Obi Wan asked a nearby Trooper from his squad.

"The blast caused total devastation in the city sir, no survivors down there according to all scans, the blast originated from underground bunkers situated about a mile from the city. Additional blasts of Dihexalon were fired after the first attack, within five minutes of each other. These targeted the cities above ground that the Republic forces were currently near or inhabiting, anyone within fifteen kilometres without protection would be affected by the blast. I've been in contact with the other leaders to see what I could find out, we didn't know if you'd survived sir."

"It's alright." Obi Wan nodded, "What are our losses that you can gather?"

"We lost all of Orange squad sir, they were already in the city and even if they managed to get their gear on the force of the blast alone would have killed them."

Obi Wan closed his eyes, good men, colleagues had been dispersed through the groups, but they had joined the Force now, and this was not the time for mourning, he had to get his men to safety and try and salvage this operation.

"What of Gold and Silver groups?"

"As far as I can tell their missions are underway, before we lost radio contact because of the blast they were entering the underground bunkers, and the second Acclamator gunship arrived after the blast to back them up, if all goes as planned the Separatists should've had no idea they were entering the back entrance for an ambush, especially if they were preoccupied with the chemical attack."

The Jedi Knight nodded, "That's something at least, we'll have to hope radio contact can be re-established or we shall have no idea if they need reinforcements. Have you made contact with Red Squadron?"

"No, we only have contact with those in a mile or so radius, their last position was about twenty miles out from us, but they would have only got a shockwave sir."

"Right." He pushed worries about Anakin to the back of his mind and turned to the now assembled Blue squadron.

"Right team, we make for the nearest city, check for survivors, I need to make contact with Viceroy Organa and the other leaders, and we need to find a way to get a gunship over here to airlift the wounded and get us to safety. So on we must go, bring the injured, we'll have to come back for the dead, they aren't going anywhere." He said sombrely, and they were moving again.

"Gen…l K...bi, d… you…py…" A distorted voice crackled through his comm.

"Bail? I can't hear you, Bail, do you read me?" he sighed in exasperation as the comm. gave up, and he tried hailing Mace Windu in case the Jedi had repaired their lines of communication faster.

"Jedi One, this is Obi Wan Kenobi, do you read me?"  

"Obi Wan! You're alive!" He recognised the voice but it wasn't Mace.

"Siri, what are you doing up there?"

"They needed help to hold the fort up here… plus I missed the transport, that's not important, where are you!"

"Half a mile from the entrance to the capital city, my team is all accounted for, though we have some injured. I can't get in contact with Bail Organa, the line is damaged somewhat, but we're heading for Trilon City to check for survivors."

"Apparently they are trying to evacuate the cities, small amounts of the gas are being carried on winds and that can have a very harmful affect if not prove fatal, gas masks have been issued but there was no real need for them before today so they must be short stocked. Hang on, Master Windu is back."

"Obi Wan?" The deeper voice responded this time. "It is certainly good to hear from you, we feared the worst."

"Have you talked to Anakin Master?"

"Yes, he is fine, he was a safe distance and the Force forewarned him so his team is safe. I've established contact with Viceroy Organa, we'll have the Acclamator come to Trilon and help with evacuation. I have a feeling that Operation Katabatic will take some time, but from what I hear the squads have the Separatists matched, if not beaten, but it is too early to cast judgement. Just get to Trilon and get out, we shall have a meeting at the base when we've recovered the troops. Don't take any unnecessary risks Obi Wan. May the Force be with you."

"And with you Master." Obi Wan only hoped the Gold and Silver squads could defeat the Separatists in the bunkers, but even that wouldn't help the devastated Atraken or it's people.


Alright, I hope I didn't offend people for any reason in this chapter, I didn't mean to and I apologise if it was a little dramatic or insensitive to events or whatever, that wasn't the intention! This was basically a teaser to open up on the Clone Wars and show where everyone was, it was very crappy and unorganised but it serves as an adequate opener, I'm tryna take it like the movies and show lots of different viewpoints and events, we can't have it all about Obi and Padmé making out now can we? Well we could, but it probably wouldn't be a PG-13 rating and it probably wouldn't be as well rounded as I hope this is hehe.

The next chapter will be a little bit after this mostly about when our favourite Jedi are on leave from the army XD there will be Obidalaness, and a bit from Yoda and Palpy, and a bit more on Padmé's worsening condition… Sorry it took so long coming and that it's not all that fulfilling, but stick with me, I needed an establishing point! Review please *puppy dog eyes* the next chap will come before or at the weekend!