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My Ghost Named Merlin


Morgana finds herself shaken up by a worried Arthur who begins to bombard her with questions about her welfare. To be honest, she was a little touched by his concern. When he finally believes that she is alright he takes her back to the house where Morgana immediately slumps onto the couch. She is utterly exhausted from staying up all night.

Morgana looks downwards and analyses the red silk material on her right wrist. Her lips curve up into a small smile. She looks around and sees that there is no Merlin floating around bored, no Merlin sitting and reading the newspaper, no Merlin staring at her intently.

She feels happier – happier that her friend, her ghost, her ghost named Merlin is free.

"Are you sure you're alright Morgana?" asks Arthur, he was watching his sister stare blankly with a small smile on her face.

Morgana quickly shakes her head, clearing her thoughts and replies, "I feel great Arthur," she smiles at him, a genuine smile. "I actually feel fantastic. I have a feeling today is going to be a good day and I'm going to win this dressage competition."

Arthur nods slowly, trying to process his sister's mood swings. Yesterday she was depressed and pissed off as hell with the Alvarr bastard, and today she seems like she has seen the light. "Ok Morgana. I suppose you could get ready for that competition now then."

She flashes him another bright smile.

"Good luck Morgana." Gwen grabs Morgana into a tight embrace, "I know you're going to win."

"I do hope so," Morgana answers after finally escaping Gwen's now infamously heart felt, rib breaking hugs.

Her father and brother have already wished her luck and are standing where the other spectators are. Both of them are dressed impeccably suave with their crisp suits and polished shoes. Because after her competition is the horse race where Uther's and Cenred's (Morgana crinkles her nose at the thought of Cenred because of the association to Alvarr) horse, Nero, is racing in.

She walks to where Aithusa is and pats the mare gently on the neck, admiring her beautiful pale colour. "We can do this Aithusa," Morgana says to the mare who flickers her ears in response, "We'll make Merlin proud. We'll make Gwen and everyone else proud."

The horse gives out a short whinny and paws the ground with one hoof as if she agrees. Morgana grins and then she gets onto Aithusa and waits for their turn. Lastly after all the other competitors, Morgana and Aithusa's name gets called out and they walk into the arena calmly. She was the last contestant and sees that she has to get better than 8.9 to be in first place. Morgana sees Gwen, Arthur and Uther in the crowd, Gwen looking ecstatic as per usual. She also spots Alvarr, but quickly swats any thoughts and memories to the back of her mind like one would do to a fly.

Morgana and Aithusa reach the centre of the arena and salutes the three judges who were a thirty year old lady with startling blue eyes and red lipstick, a plump grandmotherly woman and an old man who looked like one of his eyebrows were always constantly raised. Her salute was simple, clean and effective. Merlin and Gwen had both made sure that she would perfect it. And then she begins.

Her and Aithusa were in synch, their manoeuvres were clean and precise, their pacing – even. When it comes to an end, she and Aithusa were in the centre and preformed the salute again. Then in that tiny fraction of time Morgana was really nervous of her score. And then it was called out, an aggregated score of 8.5.

Morgana's shoulder's slump a little and she saddens. She didn't achieve first place, neither did she do better than yesterday's mark. But she hears cheers from the crowd, her family and friends are cheering the loudest. She receives third place instead. They head back and congratulate the riders who receive first and second place. Morgana joins them to winners circle to receive their ribbons and she smiles.

Afterwards she meet the others, but before that she gives Aithusa a good pat, "We tried out best didn't we Aithusa?" She hugs the mare around the neck.

Arthur, Uther and Gwen are there to meet her.

"Congratulations Morgana dear," her father gives her hug, which feels weird after so long.

"Thanks dad," she replies, albeit a little glumly, "But I didn't get first place."

"Ohh that's a load of tosh," retorts Arthur, "You came third and look, a shiny ribbon to prove it."

"I agree," Gwen nods, her curls bouncing wildly, "We said we'll be proud with whatever you get as long as you tried your best. Which you did, didn't you?"

Morgana merely nods.

"Well, then I'm proud of you." The mocha skinned girl grabs in another infamous embrace.

In that hug Morgana remembers. She remembers as long as she did her best everyone would be happy - even Merlin.

They are waiting at the side of the racing track. Morgana is still in her dressage uniform and she is standing as far away from Alvarr as she is allowed. Arthur and Gwen are with her and then are giving him death glares which he snobs off. It doesn't appear that Alvarr has told his father what happened to his car. He's probably scared at what Uther would do in return. Morgana sighs, she really is daddy's little princess.

She watches the black stallion Nero with his jockey George be taken into the gates. George's uniform is bright red and gold, the Pendragon colours according to Uther. They wait in anticipation as the other horses get in the gates and then when all of them are in it is a silent moment where everything is still.

Then the gates fling open and the horses bolt down the grassy green track. The crowd is going wild, screams are hollered, arms flinging wildly and the horses are taking massive strides across the ovoid track.

She sees Nero in the middle, George flinging the whip in mechanical movements. Then Nero breaks to the side of the group and into the outside where he begins to gain speed and catch up the front half. Nero and George are right behind the lead horse so close to the front, but another horse comes from behind and another. They began to move inward, forcing Nero to the inside again and slowing him down. Morgana watches in horror because the main group catches up and it thrusts the black stallion to very edge, grating against the rails – and then Nero and George stop where they are, the rest of the mob dash off to the finish line.

Her father and Cenred's investment does not pay off.

She sees George get off Nero and checks his foreleg, running it down leg and bending the fetlock. The horse rears suddenly as if to trample his jockey.

It is after the race in the stables where they inspect the horse closely, standing limply in his stall. Morgana watches the backs of the grey haired vet and his black haired assistant analyse the horse's leg. Cenred is going crazy and George stands there taking the brunt of his abuse, whilst Uther does nothing to stop him.

Then the vet turns around, Morgana watches him separate George and Cenred from each other. Cenred looks like he is going to hit the jockey. "Mr Mercia, stop," he orders sternly.

Morgana realises that it was one of the judges from her dressage competition, what was his name again? She takes a moment to think to remember his name, it was Gaius.

"How is the horse?" her father asks.

"There is much strain on the forelegs," Gaius says wearily, "The horse is too inexperienced to race. It is true that a four year old can race well but if trained well and steadily. However, it appears that the muscles developed faster than the bone can cope with. This usually occurs when the training is very intensive in a short period of time."

"So what can we do about it?" asks Cenred.

"I believe that the horse will not be able to race again, or at least for not a couple of years until he matures."

"What?!" both Cenred and Uther reply, no longer looking calm.

"Do you know how much money is invested in this horse?" asks Cenred.

Gaius doesn't reply immediately, "I suggest you to start training your horses better then." The vet watches the two owners carefully.

Cenred turns to Uther. "I think we should put the horse down," proposes Cenred.

Morgana, Arthur and Gwen are shocked by the proposition. The horse just needed some tender loving care and it would be fine. There is no need to put a fine beast down. But Uther gives it a moment's consideration but he takes too long.

"It will be too expensive to look after otherwise," reasons Cenred.

"That's stupid idea. The horse is perfectly fine. It will heal in time," says the Gaius' assistant whose face remained unseen as he was focused on wrapping bandages around Nero's damaged leg.

"I agree," Morgana speaks out after she hears that and then she looks at her father with pleading eyes, "Daddy can I have the horse please? Aithusa needs a friend in the paddock when we go. Pretty please." It has been a long time since Morgana has begged in such a way to her father.

But she is Daddy's little princess and Uther answers, "Alright Morgana, for you dear," he smiles at her softly.

"Yay, love you Daddy." She hugs her father tightly. For once Arthur isn't disgusted by the exchange and the manipulative ways of his sister. She then lets him go so can deal with Cenred outside at the new change of events.

Gaius walks to her, "You're a good girl Morgana for doing that. That horse is a fine beast and I'm sure it will find itself with a fine owner. You did very well in dressage competition too; I was very impressed, especially after hearing that you have been riding for only a few months."

Morgana blushes, "Umm thank you Dr. Gaius."

"Not at all Morgana. Anyway best be off, I have a few other horses to check on. Emrys are you done yet?" he calls out to his assistant.

"Give me a second Gaius." Morgana turns to see his assistant finish tying up the bandage and get up from the floor and turns around.

Her breath gets caught in her throat; she encounters a pair of magnificent blue eyes and high cheekbones on a face that looks ever so familiar.

The End

Author's Notes

And we've made it to the end. You can interpret the ending however you want it to be :D. Wel,l I have to say thank you all so much for reading the entirety of the story. I am absolutely astounded that so many of you have made it this far. AlsoI have to say, the horse business was never actually planned but it cropped up, and I have taken drastic creative licensing in how dressage and racing works, with the help of Wikipedia. I hope it was true enough to those who know how to ride a horse because I have never ridden one in my life. Hoped you liked the ending, I did have an alternate ending (and a deleted scene) but I thought this was nicer in the end (and less complicated). But nonetheless, thanks so much and please leave one last review. Cheers dear readers and I wish that we can make it out to the other side with the ending of our favourite show.

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