Author's note: I've waited for 9 years for something like this to come to life! Since 2002, I've been a big fan and supporter of the Roy Bromwell & Tiffany Lords love team ever since I started playing Rival Schools back when I was still a 5th grader!


Setting: Some time passed after the events of Rival Schools and Project Justice after Roy Bromwell and Tiffany Lords returned to the United States of America.


It was a snowy day outside Tiffany's neighborhood. Although the weather outside is cold, she's only wearing a dark blue shirt and pink shorts. Looking around her room, she saw her old cheerleader uniforms, lying on the floor; one from the events of Rival Schools and the other from Project Justice. She took hold of one of them and stared blankly at the ceiling, reminiscing the good old times she had with Roy back in Japan.

That moment she's reminiscing about is when she, Roy and Boman graduated from Pacific High School. She had a flashback during that day before they parted ways and returning back to the U.S., leaving Boman behind since he decided to stay so he can learn more of Japan.


After the graduation ceremony

"You looked very beautiful the first time I saw you"

*blushes* "Umm… thank you Roy Bromwell"

"I hope we'll see each other again in the future…Tiffany Lords" he caressed her hair

"I really hope so also… that we'll see each other again…"


Done reminiscing, she sat on her bed and looking outside the window, she hugs her giant teddy bear, allowing her mind to wander around her thoughts.

She's been always a cheerful, bubble-headed and funky girl during her stay at Pacific High School along with Roy and Boman, but in this case, she's a little lonesome just thinking of that moment. *sigh* "It's been a long time already, a long time since I've seen Roy. I miss him so much" she thought as she tightens the hug on her stuffed toy.

"I hope I get to see him again someday… we knew each other when we attended the same school together here before going overseas for Pacific; I've fallen in love with him ever since then. The Strong-Armed football player, Roy Bromwell, he's like the perfect guy among all the other guys I met in here and in Pacific."

She had another flashback, this time it was in a football game. Roy and his teammates playing against another team while Tiffany and the other cheerleaders are cheering for them. Every time Roy makes a touchdown, not only are she and her fellow cheerleaders cheering but also his many fan girls.

Continuing to look at the snowy environment outside, she saw a young couple walking together and holding hands by the sidewalk. Staring at the two lovers made her imagine them as Roy and herself.

"Roy Bromwell…" she mutters her name. "Why won't you know my true feelings for you?"

It is very unusual for her to be having the blues at a time like this.

Feeling so blue, she lied down on her bed, facing the wall, letting go of her stuffed toy. On the wall are pictures containing memories & moments of her with Roy at random places. One photo however is an exception, it shows her with 2 people she became close friends with, Hinata Wanabe of Taiyo High School and Natsu Ayuhara of Gorin High School; the photo shows them hanging out at a dance club, just one day after they graduated. Looking at the photo, she remembers the good times she had with them, especially when they found out about her crush on him.

Sitting in one corner and having a conversation while having some drinks.

"You enjoy going to dance clubs, huh Tiffany?"

"That's right Natsu. Every weekend, I never miss the chance to get my groove on!"

"I can see why, you're dressed up in a very seductive manner"

"I know right!" *giggles*

"I'm just curious about something, Tiffany"

"What is it?"

"Is it true that you have a crush on Roy?"

*blushes* "Yeah how did you know that Hinata?"

"Well every time I see you with Roy, you always have a romantic expression on that face of yours"

"Well I…"

"I gotta hand it to Hinata, you enjoy being with him"

"Yeah, he's the only boy in school my heart belongs to"

"How did you two first met?"
"Well, way before we studied in Pacific, Roy & I attended the same school in the U.S.A."

"No kidding! What else?"

"Then when we studied at Pacific, that's when I realized I've fallen in love with him"

"Aww… such a sweet and cute love story!"

"Ha-ha, thanks Hinata"

"What are the things you like about him, anyway?"

"Well, aside from being so good-looking and handsome, he's also very strong and helping"

"Oh well, you picked the right guy for your heart!"

"I really did, didn't I?"

"I'll be honest here Tiffany, you and Roy are a perfect match"

"You really think so!"

"I really do, I'm not even lying! Him being the strong-armed football player and you as the sexy cheerleader, it's the perfect love team!"

"Thanks Natsu, you're the best!" Then both the Gorin volleyball player and Taiyo student sang something to her.

"Roy and Tiffany sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Ha ha ha, wow some way of flattering me there!" They all shared a laugh.

Remembering the fun time she had with Hinata and Natsu, she feels as if she's homesick or somehow nostalgic. She had a long face just thinking of that moment; this isn't like her since she's known to be a cheerful and funky girl.

In front of her bed is her desk. She got up and opened one of the drawers; inside it is the Pacific HS Yearbook. Eager to look at it, she took it out and began browsing it.

Aside from pictures featuring her, Roy, Boman and other Pacific students, she looks at the page featuring photos from various school activities. Some of the photos feature her and Roy at a sports event which consists of not only Pacific but also the other schools: Taiyo, Gedo, Gorin and Justice. Looking at the photos made her, unsurprisingly, miss him even more. Closing the Yearbook, she let out a sigh.

On one corner of the desk is a picture frame which consists of the two of them at a resort.

"Will there ever be a day and time that we can see each other again, so that I can tell you my true feelings?"


Snow also surrounded the villa where Roy lives all by himself. This is actually one of two villas he stayed in, the other one is from Japan during his stay there. During his spare time, he took an interest in music and practiced playing the guitar; after some time of practicing, he's now a master guitar player. Also in his spare time, he also formed a 6-piece rock band he named "HTMLL" which is an acronym that stands for "How To Meet Lovely Ladies" the name was suggested by one of his friends' brother who is a web designer. The band consists of himself and 5 of his Pacific High School buddies, with him as the lead vocalist and guitarist, 2 bassists, another guitarist providing backing vocals, a keyboardist and a drummer. Their band's music style is reminiscent of The Beatles, Chicago, Journey and The Eagles.

Sitting on a beanbag, the American football player is enjoying playing the Guns N' Roses classic hit "Sweet Child O' Mine" with it.

"This song kind of speaks to me…" he stops playing for a while to clears his mind for a bit, then resumes playing, finishing it.

Having finished playing the guitar, he puts it back in his room. "What to do next?" he looks at the clock "Oh right, there's a game on right now."

Remembering what to do, the former Pacific student is just relaxing at a couch, watching an NFL game on his widescreen television.

"I hope they win so they'll end up in the finals" he thought as he's rooting for his favorite team.

While watching the game, the doorbell rang. "Who could that be? Must be my buddies"

Getting up from the couch, he peeked through the door hole and realized it's his band mates behind the door. "I knew it was them, that reminds me, we're gonna rehearse today. We haven't rehearsed for a long time due to all of us being busy with other things"

"Hey guys right timing! Come on in!" They entered the place and are surprised by his place's appearance's beautiful design. Looking around, their eyes couldn't believe how cool the place is.

"Some place you got here!"

"Thanks dude, it's my dad's holiday villa"

"Cool dude…"

"A little FYI, he has another villa in Japan and I enjoyed my stay there as well"

"I always thought you hated Japan?"

"I used to hate it, but I grew to love that country and I regret all the bad stuff I said about it"

"You've changed a bit, I noticed that…"

"Yeah, it's for the better for everyone and for me"

"That's good to hear" one of them turned his attention to the widescreen television. "Nice, is that thing Hi-Def?"

"Indeed and there's an NFL game right now"

"No kidding!" another one of his pals exclaimed "As in right now?"

"Yeah, feel yourselves at home guys!" Roy suggested. With that, all 5 of them sat on the couch with their eyes focused on watching the game.

"Now this is a true and awesome NFL matchup!" another one of his buddies cheered on.

"Yo Roy"


"We're gonna rehearse today right?"

"Yeah why?"

"Can we do it after the game? The two teams in this match are so strong"

"Sure, no problem; I have the same thing in mind anyway"

"Thanks dude, you're the best!"

"Anytime man! I don't wanna miss the game too myself"

While they watch, Roy is checking the fridge for some snacks

"What do you guys want Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew?"

"DR. PEPPER!" they all answered in unison. "Heh, same here!" he took out two plastic bottles of Dr. Pepper from the fridge.

"Who's up for some pizza?" Unsurprisingly, they all answered "YES"

"Wait lemme rephrase that, there are 2 pizzas, different flavors too!"

"EVEN BETTER!" one shouted.

"Let your empty tummies wait, I'll just put them in the toaster" Placing them 2 pieces at a time in the toaster and setting the time, he grabbed 6 cups.

Minutes later, the pizzas are all toasted up and ready. "Here comes the pizza, guys!" Roy placed it on the small table near in front of the couch.

"Damn, they both look juicy!" one of his buddies complimented.

"It sure is, very mouth watering"

"Can one of you help me with the drinks?"

"I got it!" one came to assist him, holding the bottles of soda.

"Got both of them. I'll place them near the pizza"

"Appreciate it dude, thanks" Roy then placed the cups near the bottles. With everything ready, all they did is relax and enjoy watching the football game. All of their attention is directed at the game; they cheered on to the team they're rooting for.

The game lasted for several more minutes. Now on the final quarter, both teams are on each others' neck with the scores very close to each other, with their favorite team down by 8 points and the opposing team up by 20 points. With the exception of Roy, his buddies are feeling really tense right now.

"This doesn't look good at all!" one of his buddies got worried

"I feel you dude! They're down by 8 points!"

"Calm down guys, the quarter's not even starting yet"

"But they're down by 8 points! They'll never catch up to 20 points!"

"Relax man, our team's gonna win"

"Don't be so full of it Roy!"

"I'm not man" *chuckles* "Just wait and you'll find out"

With nothing more to say, his pals have no choice but to watch anxiously for the perceived results

After the first 10 minutes passed, the tables are turned on their team's favor, creating touchdown after touchdown, much to their favor. "Whoa did you see that? They're catching up right away!"

"I know! KEEP IT GUYS!"

"Ha-ha, they're forgetting the fact that I myself am a pro in football!" Roy thought, taking a sip from his cup.

The opposing team couldn't make a single touchdown due to the team's sudden uprising. With the remaining 10 minutes, the score's are neck-on-neck, with their team scoring 15 points while the opposing team's score remains the same.

"Damn, what a game! Our team's gonna win this thing!"

"I hope they will because the scores are very close"

"Keep watching guys, you might be surprised by the conclusion of the game"'

"Is this a replay? Because you sound like you've watched-"

"This is not a replay; I'm trying to predict their moves and strategy"

"So you say…" The final quarter is nearing the end and the action is still very tense. 3 of Roy's pal's are so tense that they stood up from the couch to focus more on the game.

"I notice that you 3 are too excited!"

"We know Roy, besides; it's just a cool game!"

"Don't get too excited or too tense or else you guys might crap your pants! Ha-ha"

Now under the last remaining 2 minutes of the game, all 6 of them are on their feet, really hyped up about the football action they're watching now.

"THIS IS IT GUYS! The final 2 minutes of football action!" one exclaimed, almost spilling his drink on the couch.

"Whoa dude, keep it down. And that's an expensive couch. You better not spill your drink there!"

"I won't Roy, sorry" for safety reasons, he drank all the contents inside the cup and placed it on the table.

Everybody (except Roy of course) has their fingers crossed and has tense expressions on their faces

"Come on, man you can do it!"

"Don't let 'em put you down! We're counting on you!"

"Go! Go! Go! Go!"

Down on the final minute, the score is now even, emotions are really running high. The star quarterback of their team is making one final touchdown for the possible win. Final 30 seconds left, the quarterbacks from the opposing team each fail to take him down. The quarterback sprinted like a wild animal, finally reaching the mark, making the winning touchdown, with the final scores 59-56. The team celebrated, so did the crowd in the jam packed stadium celebrated as their hometown heroes earned a victory.

Minutes of anticipation finally paid off, Roy and his friends celebrated and start going nuts to their team's victory.

"They did it! Yeah!" two of them gave each other a body slam while the Roy and the other 3 had a group hug and began jumping on the floor with the other 2 joining in for the fun.

With the game over, they decided to take a rest first due to having too much celebrating; they passed the time by watching a movie they barely even know

"Oh man, that game was awesome!" one muttered, taking a sip.

"Yeah; Roy, how did you know that they we're gonna win?"

Roy smirked "How I did it? Some question, you're forgetting the fact that I'm a football pro!"

"Oh right!" *face palm* "How can I forget? Sorry dude!"

"It's alright dude…" *chuckles*

Consuming what is left of their snacks, the gang rested for several more minutes to cool down their tummies. Having well rested and feeling energized and ready, the gang went to a newly built recording room that Roy added in his villa. The room is like a recording studio and the walls are mostly covered with many posters of famous rock bands and music icons.

Since Roy is the band's front man, the instruments are always stored here for sessions mostly; the other members have their own instruments at their respective homes

"Damn, some snazzy recording session here" complimented one of his pals

"I know right? I love hanging out here when I need to think of lyrics"

"I like the atmosphere here; I can stay here all day!"

"We all do! Alright let's start" They assemble themselves and decided to play a few instrumental solos to keep them pumped up and prepared.