Nearly a month after the memorable day that they've finally wed together in holy matrimony, the couple went on an expensive cruise for a honeymoon trip to Europe.

During their stay at the ship, the 2 watch and relax at the breath-taking view of the sunset in front of them

"Isn't the sunset lovely today?"

"It sure is, it's very beautiful, just like you"

"Thank you dear, I love you…"

"I love you too…"

They're first destination on their European honeymoon is Paris, France. Upon their arrival, it's already snowing everywhere

"Wow, we're finally here, the fashion capital of the world" she exclaimed, gazing continuously at the beautiful surroundings of the lovely city

"I've always dreamed of visiting Paris!" she begins taking pictures everywhere

"Me too darling and since we're here, let's make it memorable…"

The couple kicked off their French honeymoon by visiting the Eiffel Tower, gazing at the beautiful horizon of the city below; the floors are nearly jam-packed with a lot of people, both locals and foreigners alike, including the 2 of them

"It's such a wonderful view from up here" she complimented, being in awe at what she sees

"Wonderful indeed, it's so breathtaking" he added as they hold each other's hands

"Say we take a picture of us together here?"
"Of course…" he took out his digital camera and aimed it at themselves, clicking the shutter

"We look so sweet here!"

"We'll always look sweet together…" he kissed her forehead "Love you, Tiffany…"

"Love you too, Roy…" she smooched his lips "My camera next!" she took it out

"Say cheese!"

"You look so cute here" his compliment made her blush "I've been cute since the day I was born!" they both shared a chuckle

"Hmm, I've got an idea, wait here" he has something in mind

"Where are you going?"

"I won't be far, just stay put" he then disappeared in the big crowd of people

"I wonder what's he gonna do?" while wondering what he's about to do, she continues to gaze and take photos of the iconic French monument

Roy approached a French couple about their age and asked them to take a picture of him & Tiffany with his camera; he conversed to them in their native language, albeit fluently

"Excuse me, hope I'm not of an interruption to both of you but I hope you won't mind if you would take a picture of me & my wife using my camera?" Surprised by the American's fluency in their native tongue, they gladly accept without hesitation

"Sure thing, sir!" the young Frenchman happily said yes while his fiancée smiled with delight as he handed them his camera

"Where is your wife by the way?" the fiancée asked

"Oh she's over there" he showed her where she is

"Wow, she's beautiful and young"

"Why thank you…" he then returned for her

"Sorry if I took long"

"What did you do?"

"I asked a local couple to take a picture of us here"

"Oh, how thoughtful…" they posed as they have their picture taken by the local lovebirds; looking at the photo, they smiled with delight

Again in French, he thanked the couple while his wife, unable to speak French like he does, just smiled and done a slight bow as the two couples part ways

"Why didn't you tell me you know how to speak French?"

"I wanted to surprise you…"

"Oh you…" *giggles* "Say, I have an idea myself…"

"You do?"

"Yup" she whispered to his ear so no one would hear it

"You took the words out of my mouth, dear" she just giggled


"I'm always ready" she readies her camera, aiming at them both

"3, 2, 1…" *flashes*

The picture shows them locking lips

They both looked at the picture with satisfied looks as they exchanged glances to each other with a happy look on both their faces

Satisfied with their stay in Paris, they're next honeymoon will take place in London

"London, England, such a glorious town"

"Sure is, even I dreamed of travelling here"

"Wow that makes two of us…"

"Let's enjoy ourselves, shall we dear?"

"Of course, honey…"

Like in Paris, they visited the many famous places and monuments of the country

"Wow, Big Ben really is big from here…"

"Yeah, it's no surprise that it's been featured in many movies"

"Oh Roy"

"Yes dear?"

"Smile for the camera, darling" she stands near him

"I really love this shot of us, Big Ben's in the background"

"It really adds up to the picturesque beauty of the photo" The two also walked on the famous Abbey Road crossing

They decided to take a tour around the city by having a ride in one of the country's iconic double-decker buses, specifically at the top deck

Relaxing comfortably at their seats, they feel the breeze from the cold London wind

Sitting next to each other, they continuously gaze at the wondrous buildings of the city, with her resting her head on his shoulder

To conclude their English honeymoon, they had lunch at a high class restaurant, bought some souvenirs (they did so also when they we're still in Paris) and spent a few nights at a luxurious hotel

Almost a month in their European honeymoon, they boarded a ship, returning home to the U.S., leaving the continent happy and satisfied since it's their first honeymoon together as an officially married couple

Now back to their native country, they returned to their normal lives…


Already in their seats, HTMLL are just relaxing and watching the game from front row seats

"Boy, this is the life…" muttered one "Watching football in front row seats"

"I know right? The best seats in any sporting event there is!" another added

"True story, too bad Roy's not here so the fun would be complete"

"I know, he's probably still enjoying his honeymoon with Tiffany in Europe"

"Did someone mention me?"

"Speak of the devil, look who's here guys!"

"Hey dude, long time no see!"

"Right back at ya!"

"I thought you're still in Europe!"

"Ha-ha, you thought only! You really think that I'd miss an opportunity like this?" he sat next to all 5 of his buddies

"So how did the European honeymoon of the newlyweds go?"

"Oh man, it was awesome dude, we visited a lotta cool places, here look" he showed them the photos from his digital camera

"Whoa awesome pictures man…"

"Hey ain't that Abbey Road you two just crossed on?"

"The one and only…"

"Cool stuff…"

"We can look at the others later, the game's about to start…" Roy told them

"Heh, you're right, it is about to start" now all 6 members of HTMLL are watching the football game, cheering and supporting their favorite team


"Oh it feels so good to be back here…" she thought as she enters the building

"It's so fun teaching here…"

Once inside, she's immediately greeted by her fellow dancing instructors

"Look who's here, the newlywed!" greeted one

"Ha-ha, thanks"

"How did the honeymoon go?" another asked

"Unforgettable and full of memorable moments"

"Is that so?"

"You betcha, see the shoes I'm wearing now? I bought them from Paris!"

"You're kidding!" her colleagues looked at the French footwear

"It's so pretty, I wanna go to Paris someday"

"You should, it's a great country and we also visited London" she showed a picture of them together

"Awww, you 2 look so cute here!"

"You and your husband are SO meant to be together…"

Her face blushed "Why thank you!"


A football game was held at the very same stadium where HTMLL attended to watch a game; it was a match between the L.A. Pacifics & the Miami Riders.

After an exciting long period of time and between rounds, the Pacifics won the match as the crowd roared with delight and the millions watching at home cheered on

A day after the game, a flotilla parade was held in Los Angeles to celebrate and congratulate their team's victory

Cheers, whistles and confetti fill the scene as the crowds gather to see their hometown heroes pass by the road, being showered by confetti and getting cheered by their fans, some holding signs; some lucky fans get to hold the hands of their sports idols; the team shows off to the paparazzi and news anchors their trophy

One of the team's star players, is none other than Roy Bromwell, waving to the crowds and to the camera; likewise, sitting next to him is none other his wife Tiffany Lords, also waving hi to everyone as well. Moments later, the couple showed the crowd their 2 beautiful children, 4 year old son Chad and 3 year old daughter Naomi; the former being held by their mother and the latter being held by their father

The family proudly showed their wonderful kids to the camera, which makes the front page in several sports magazines


Sitting next to each other, they watch with delight as their 2 children play with other kids happily. She slowly placed her hand on top of his, which he responded by holding it in return.

Exchanging glances, they smiled and locked lips, knowing that they're now finally together not only as a couple, but now as husband and wife in a happy family

Author's note: Well there you go, almost a decade of supporting this couple really paid off! =)