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Summary: He felt as though his life were over when he left her, with tears in her bright green eyes. But every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. And sometimes you'll find out that your new beginning has been right beside you all along. Graduate School AU NaruSasuNaru

Warnings: Adult themes; Adult language; Drug and alcohol use; Promiscuity; Non-detailed sex scenes (m/m, possibly m/f and m/m/f) not enough to warrant NC-17, but explicit innuendo.

So without further ado:

Chapter One

Uchiha Sasuke was in a club.

The strobe lights flickered alternately blue and red, briefly illuminating nameless faces shrouded in the haze of alcohol and drugs. The music thrummed, echoing somewhere inside Sasuke's eardrums, creating a space in which the confines of ones own self was lost to the greater mass of disambiguated hands and gyrating bodies—bodies in various states of undress.

To be perfectly clear, Uchiha Sasuke was in a sex club—that kind of secret, illegal, kinky sex club that you're about ninety percent sure only exists in books and movies. Yet here Sasuke was, mixed in with the blur of anonymous bodies, and it certainly wasn't the first time. If Sasuke were thinking about anything other than those lips and those teeth against his neck and the pair of calloused hands that was busy unfastening his belt, he might have assured you it wouldn't be the last either.

Indeed, twenty-four year old Uchiha Sasuke, prissy rich kid and economics MBA student extraordinaire, had something of a secret life inside the seedy underbelly of this sparkling city. If you can call something you do once a week a "secret life," that is. People often accused Sasuke of having something shoved up his rear. Little did they know that nearly every Saturday, Sasuke did in fact, get something shoved up his rear—or shove something up someone else's, he didn't discriminate.

It would have been relatively simple for a young man as attractive as this one to get laid after a visit to a normal club, but the truth was, Sasuke liked it here. He liked the simplicity of the hook up—no exchanged names, phone numbers nor empty promises. He liked belonging to something perverse, the drugs and the sex, and the thrill of doing something terribly illegal.

He let his eyes scan the room, searching for the telltale flash of red hair that would let him know that he was here. He'd developed a bit of an infatuation with one of his fellow patrons of this establishment of ill repute. Well, he'd developed an infatuation with his cock. To be fair, he didn't know much else about him. Tonight would be the night, he decided. He did know he would be playing with fire, that guy liked to push boundaries, even for kinky people, but tonight that was exactly what Sasuke wanted.

His roommate had been mulling over the prospect of finally proposing to his girlfriend after four years. Perhaps it was fitting to consummate this most dangerous affair as those two considered engagement. It was his roommate after all, and that damnable girlfriend of his, who first pushed Sasuke into the wicked embrace of this place four years ago. Sasuke swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat and pushed a pair of big blue eyes out of his memory. Tonight he definitely needed to push his boundaries.

His heart briefly stopped as he caught just a splash of red in the flickering light. He frowned. Just Karin. She grinned at him and yanked her boyfriend toward him by his long, silvery hair. While this place wasn't exactly designed to foster relationships, it did create some sort of a kinky sex community. You went home with people sometimes. Learnt the occasional faces and names of people as freaky and perverted as you. Karin and her boyfriend, Suigestu, formed something of a major hub of the network.

"Hey there pretty boy." Karin purred. "Looking for someone else?" She teased.

Sasuke just smirked dangerously.

"Can we play?" Suigetsu's voice was slippery as his hands snaked around his girlfriend's hips to rest on Sasuke's.

Sasuke shoved his hand into his pocket and procured a condom. He heard a growl behind him.

"Hey now, new kid." Suigetsu chastised the boy. "Play nice or don't play at all."

The Uchiha felt a pair of eyes boring into him from across the room. A triumphant smirk stretched across his face and he snatched the condom out of Karin's hand.

She scowled. "What the hell?"

"I have something different in mind tonight."

Sasuke tilted his head toward an imposing man—tall and muscular—who was eyeing him from one shadowy corner of the club. He pulled away from his group. He felt a hand snagging his jeans.

"Not a good idea, Uchiha." Suigetsu warned.

Sasuke had yet to break eye contact with his dangerous infatuation.

"Seriously, Sasuke," Karen hissed, yanking his chin to hers. "Be careful."

"Don't worry." He gave them a bored expression. "I've got a mean left hook."

He swayed across the club, coyly, allowing countless hands to stray across his body. A delicious mixture of fear and anticipation sparked in his gut, lighting a fire that spread to the very tips of his fingers and toes. It could have been the alcohol.

"I can see why they call you pretty boy." A large hand gently swept Sasuke's bangs away from his eyes.

The Uchiha just smirked.

"I'm waiting to see why they call you a demon. You don't look so dangerous to me." Sasuke lied.

"I have a bit of a split personality." The other man admitted. "If you're lucky, you'll get to meet the bad one."

Sasuke quirked one thin eyebrow with interest. "Your reputation precedes you. Let's hope you don't disappoint."

"Rules?" The other man asked.

"Condoms." Sasuke replied.

"That's it?" He asked, surprise and interest flashing in his lust darkened eyes. "Drugs? Gags? Handcuffs?"

"Don't make me OD." Sasuke commanded flatly. "And I need a safe word."

"Fine, but you'd better not fucking use it."

The man spun Sasuke like a rag doll and shoved him against the wall. He forced a bruising kiss onto Sasuke's lips, passing something into his mouth. Sasuke choked on the burning drink that slid down his throat. He felt it the mixture smouldering in his stomach. A pleasant haze pressed against his eyelids.

"I don't intent to."

"Do you suppose he's alive?"

Sasuke awoke feeling as though someone had shoved an entire roll of cotton gauze into his mouth. The light chatter echoed inside his head like the toll of church bells.

"I don't know, let me check if his heart is beating."

He felt a warm weight settle in the middle of his back.

"Uzumaki." He growled. "If you don't get off of me right now, it will be your heart that will stop beating."

"IT'S ALIVE!" A voice called triumphantly.

And very loudly, Sasuke would add with a pained grimace. Naruto Uzumaki was not known to be particularly quiet.

Sasuke hissed as he attempted to turn over. His whole body ached.

"Fuck." He cursed under his breath.

The fat gray tabby that had been sleeping behind his knees cursed too.

He glanced down at himself. He could swear the light attacked his eyes with the intensity of thousands of those stabby little cocktail swords and Sasuke quickly replaced the pillow that had been over his head.

"Fuck." He repeated.

He was on the sofa. Still in his clothes, shoes and all. No wonder that idiot had been concerned.

"Are you OK, Sasuke?" A gentler, quieter voice asked.

Check that. The idiot and his fucking girlfriend. Great.

Sasuke grunted.

"Aww… does Sasu-chan have a wittle hangover?"

Little did not begin to describe the pain that ricocheted through his every fibre, but he remained silent on the issue, gently flexing his toes – as though that would help his body wake up.

"What time is it?" He grumbled, ignoring his roommate.

"It's about two." The girlfriend replied.


Sasuke jerked in surprise. He instantly regretted the sudden movement as his muscles and bones groaned in protest.

"Jesus Christ." He muttered.


"Is that your phone?" Naruto snickered.

Sasuke could hear the delight in his flatmate's voice. He didn't have to look to see the utter bliss reflecting in his big blue eyes.

"Fucking Suigetsu." He cursed.

He made no move to reach for the phone. He figured whoever it was could wait for the room to stop spinning.

Naruto, apparently, had other plans. He snagged the blaring device from the coffee table.

"Um… Sasuke…" He began, hesitation evident in his voice. "Someone called 'Skanky Slut Cunt' is apparently calling you."

"The fuck?" He muttered, blindly groping for the phone from behind his pillow.

"Hello." It was more of a demand than a question.


Sasuke nearly dropped his phone.

"Fuck! Volume control!" He hissed.

"Hey pretty boy, we're just calling to see if you're OK." A female voice drifted over the line.

Sasuke sighed deeply. Karin and Suigetsu didn't often call to check on him after their nights out. He pressed the backs of his hands to his eyes, trying to capture the fraying details of the end of the previous night.

"I'm OK." He answered after several moments of contemplation. "Feel like shit though."

"You look like shit." Naruto commented.

Sasuke didn't feel like peeling back the pillow to see if he looked as worried as he sounded. He settled for flipping him the middle finger.

"Who was that?" Karin asked, in Sasuke's not-so-humble-opinion, far too chipper for two in the afternoon.

"My roommate."


"I only have one roommate." He answered dryly.

"HI SUNSHINE!" Those two called in unison over the phone.

Sasuke sighed, as the noise ricocheted inside his skull. Quieter friends, he promised himself. Quieter friends. He pressed his free hand against his temple and slowly pulled back the pillow.

"My friends say hi." He muttered in the direction of his flatmate.

"Oh hey!" He heard an excited Suigetsu call. "We're friends now!"

"These people I hate that I sometimes hang out with say hi." Sasuke corrected without a second's hesitation.

He ignored the protests drifting through the airwaves.

"Did they just call me sunshine?" Naruto asked, cocking his head to the side like a confused little puppy.

"They like to make up nicknames for people." Sasuke responded with a sigh. "You can't protest. It only encourages them."

"Do you have a nickname?"

Sasuke ignored him.

More importantly: "Sui, why did you name yourself 'Skanky Slut Cunt' in my phone?"

"Oh shit," the man giggled, "this is Karin's phone."


Sasuke snorted and let his phone rest on his chest until the cursing and slapping sounds subsided. He toed off his shoes and let them fall to the floor with a thunk.

"Hey, so that guy last night, his name's Juugo, but the way, is pretty OK." Karin suddenly interrupted her own string of curses. "You were kind of out of it after a while, and he asked us how to get you home. He looked pretty worried."

"Demon, my ass." Suigetsu muttered.

"I appreciate you bringing me home." Sasuke mumbled, a bit embarrassed.

"No problem. I'm surprised you remember."

Sasuke shrugged, aware that the gesture was lost over the phone.

"OK pretty boy, you get your beauty sleep."

Sasuke grunted.

"See you next week?"

Sasuke grunted again, hanging up and tossing his phone to the other end of the couch. With great effort he managed to pull himself into a sitting position. His bottom screamed with protest, sending shooting pain all the way up his back. He hissed.

"Rough night?"

It was Naruto's girlfriend, Sakura Haruno. His roommate had mysteriously vanished from the room while he'd been on the phone.

Rough night indeed. Thoughts of lechery drifted through his foggy brain. A rough night he would, in fact, care to repeat at his soonest convenience.

"We were actually kind of worried." She added, paying no mind to his silence.

Sasuke sighed. He hated this girl, but he shrugged anyway. Naruto would be pissed if he was too rude to his girlfriend.

"I mean it's not normal for you to pass out on the couch like that."

She was chatting nervously. She fiddled with her hair in the same coy, little-girl way she had done since she was eight years old. His lip curled in disgust.

"I suppose I've had worse." He said flatly.

He didn't look at her, just idly stroked the cat and wondered where the fuck Naruto had gone. His question was answered momentarily, when his sunny roommate emerged from the hallway clutching a large glass of water and a bottle of aspirin.

"Oh fuck, thank you." He muttered, trying not to drink too greedily.

Naruto just grinned at him in that way that always made his heart stop. Sasuke choked, apparently having taken a breath mid-gulp. Lovely.

"Easy there." Naruto teased as he flopped down on the couch next to him.

The movement caused his body to jerk and he hissed at the renewed pain that burned from the base of his spine upwards.

Naruto squinted; worry creasing his brow.

"So Sasuke has secret friends that he hides from the rest of us." Sakura hummed thoughtfully.

Did she honestly think he went out alone every Saturday?

"Forget secret friends…" Naruto mumbled, cocking his head.

Then he grinned, pulling locks of sticky black hair off of Sasuke's neck. "Uchiha Sasuke, is that a hickey?!"

Sasuke clapped his hand immediately to his neck.

"Holy shit!" Naruto was laughing with that big, obnoxious laugh of his. "You finally got laid!"

Sasuke snorted. Finally?

Sakura's eyes were wide. "You have a girlfriend?"

She sounded upset and Sasuke sent her an ugly glare. Naruto simply stared at Sasuke's neck, clearly pretending not to notice his girlfriend's infatuation with his best friend.

"Yeah, why didn't you tell us?" Naruto's laugh sounded forced.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "I don't have a girlfriend."

"But you did get laid." Naruto pressed.

"It's casual."

"How casual?" Naruto was practically bouncing. "Will you see her again?"

Sasuke closed his eyes, snippets of his night flashed behind his eyelids. Strong hands gripped his hips with bruising force. He could feel his breath hitching with every thrust, hazy-eyed pleasure settling low in the base of his stomach. And his wrists… fuck… That guy… Juugo hadn't been kidding about the handcuffs.

He wouldn't have been able to stop the lusty smirk that split his face if he'd tried.

"I certainly hope so."

Sasuke's voice came out in a low husk he didn't anticipate.

"Fucking hell man!" Naruto threw his arms behind his head. "Must have been a hell of a lay."

Sasuke gave an affirmative sort of hum.

"So do I get to meet her?"

Naruto bounced in his seat.

"No." Sasuke stated dryly.

"Why not?"

"It's casual, idiot."

"At least tell me what she looks like." The blond implored.

Sasuke sighed. "I don't know. Tall. Athletic. Red hair." He replied cryptically.

"I didn't know you were into gingers!" Naruto snickered. "She sounds hot!"

Sasuke just shrugged.

"I don't know how you did it." The other boy marvelled, still clearly way too amused by the latest development in his friend's sex life. "Whenever I have too much to drink, there's no way I can… you know… perform."

"It takes practice." Sasuke mumbled absently.

A pair of black eyes widened in panic.

"I can't believe I just said that."

He turned to face his roommate hesitantly. He looked something like a surprised fish.

"Holy Shit Uchiha!" Naruto sputtered after a moment of uncontrollable gaping. "I can't believe you just said that either!"

Sasuke stared blankly at the wall, wondering where talkative Sasuke came from, and wishing he'd go hang himself.

"Well if you two are quite done discussing your conquests," Sakura suddenly snipped, "I need to get going."

"Aww Sakura, I was going to take you out for lunch." Naruto whined, standing up quickly.

"It's after two. I have to study."

"You can study here. We can get take out?"

Sasuke's lip curled as he watched the pathetic idiot fawning over his girlfriend.

"Naruto, I can't concentrate. You know I like to study in the library."

"Can I bring you dinner?"

The conversation was muffled as the two disappeared into Naruto's bedroom.

Sasuke sighed and looked at his cat. She had fallen back asleep, her fat, shaggy underbelly exposed.

"It's hopeless, ne Yugi-chan?" He muttered, poking her soft, supple belly.

She growled tiredly and glared at him with one green eye.

"I'll call you tonight?"

Naruto and Sakura returned to the living room.

"Fine, but I can't talk long."

Sakura fussed with her shoes.

"Goodbye, Naruto. Bye Sasuke." She waved from the doorway.

Sasuke said nothing.

"I love you." Poor idiot sounded really pathetic.

"You too." Sakura gave Naruto a chaste kiss on the cheek. "I'll talk to you tonight."

And with the metallic click of the latch, the two were alone—alone with Sasuke's cat, that was.

Naruto flopped back on the couch, giving the door a wistful stare. Sasuke hesitated, and then placed his hand on Naruto's bicep. The other man looked at him like he'd grown a second head.

"That's the closest thing you're going to get to a hug, idiot."

Naruto's eyes glinted with something disturbing before he launched himself on Sasuke. It was more of a tackle than a hug, but he supposed that was par for the course with Naruto. The cat squawked and fled, leaving claw marks on both of them.

"Idiot. Get off." Sasuke wiggled, trapped beneath the oppressive warmth of his roommate's larger body.

"Oh come on, asshole. I know you're secretly cuddly."

"I'm not cuddling with you, dumbass. You're holding me down so I can't move."

"Same difference." Naruto responded with a winning smile. "Besides, I've seen you snuggle with your kitty. You speak in Japanese and give her kisses."

In horror, Sasuke fought the blush that flashed in his cheeks. He wiggled for a few more moments, then sighed in defeat.

"Are you OK?" He asked after a still moment. He nodded his head toward the door. "You and Sakura? I mean… I'm sorry she…"

Sasuke trailed off, no idea what to say. He'd never been very good at this comforting thing.

Naruto deflated. "She was mad at me all night."

Sasuke raised his eyebrows.

Naruto apparently knew that meant "go on" in Sasuke-speak, so he continued.

"You know how she always goes to her family's house on Fridays?"

Sasuke actually didn't know that, but he nodded anyway.

"Well this week she went out with Ino."

Sasuke raised only one eyebrow this time… sceptically.

"I mean, I don't care if she goes out with her friends. I just felt like she was hiding it from me." Naruto paused. "I tried to tell her that, but she got mad and said I was trying to control her or some bullshit."

"Do you have to know where I am at every moment?" The man squeaked in a crap imitation of his girlfriend.

Back in his normal voice he said. "No, but I just like to know what she's up to. It's not about trust or anything, I just…"

"Give her space." Sasuke wrinkled his brow.

He sighed, not completely understanding why he was trying to help the idiot with this girl.

"She thinks you're smothering her."

Naruto pouted.

"But I love in a smothery sort of way." He protested.

"I know that. Just… let her be for a while."

Naruto chewed on his lip. "You're probably right…"

He trailed off, a distant forlorn look casting a rainy grey into his bright eyes.

"You think I'd be good at relationships… as a psych student…" He mumbled when Sasuke didn't say anything.

The blond rested his chin in his hands on Sasuke's chest. "But you are good at this stuff… figures, you're good at everything."

Sasuke cocked his head in confusion.

"So Mr. 'It's Casual,' how do you seduce a girl?"

Black eyes blinked a couple of times.

"Oh come on, what's your first move?"

Sasuke sighed. Naruto was changing the subject.

He mentally shrugged. He didn't know how to deal with a mopey Naruto anyway.

"I almost never make the first move." He admitted after a moment's thought. "I make them come to me."

Now it was Naruto's turn to look sceptical. "You can't be that good."

Sasuke let a dangerous smirk slide across his lips. "Wanna bet?"

His roommate's eyes sparked playfully. "Give me all you've got."

Sasuke closed his eyes and inhaled. Twice. He let his lids open slowly, lingering momentarily on those baby blues before drifting to his lips and back again. Sasuke caught just the edge of his own lip on his teeth and tilted his head, leaning forward just enough to feel Naruto's breath fanning across his lips. He gave the blond a half-lidded stare, the coyest, most sultry look in his repertoire. His eyes were demanding… daring.

Uchiha Sasuke expected his roommate to punch him playfully and tell him to stop. He maybe even could have foreseen a 'hey, that's pretty good.' Uchiha Sasuke, however, did not expect to feel the quickening of his roommates heart against his, the slight hitch of his breath nor see his pupils dilate. When he licked his lips, Sasuke could almost feel them brush against his own. Naruto swallowed and let his gaze drop to Sasuke's parted lips, and for a fraction of a second, Sasuke swore that he was going to…

"Holy shit, Uchiha!" Naruto jerked backwards. "Quit that!"

Sasuke smirked, feeling bold. "Afraid you'll like it?"

"Yeah, kinda!" The blond looked away, shaking his head. "Jesus Christ, you could charm the pants off a snake with a look like that."

The Uchiha shrugged.

"You… you…" Naruto was still sputtering. "Don't do that! And you need a shower, you totally reek!"

Sasuke sniffed his shirt experimentally. His eyes bugged. He trudged to his room listening to his flatmate muttering something about febrezing the couch.

When the door to Sasuke's bedroom shut with an echoing click, Naruto stilled. He sat back on the sofa staring blankly at the wall. He placed a shaky hand to his heart, which was still beating erratically.

He had literally been millimetres from kissing his best friend.

What the fuck?

And Sasuke… Sasuke's daring black eyes stared back at him from the blank wall ahead, like he was playing chicken or something. Naruto sighed, allowing his head to clunk against the plaster behind him.

Games aside, Sasuke would have punched him in the nose!

He snorted and stood, forcefully pushing any lingering anxiety out of his mind. He made a mental note not to challenge Sasuke to any more stupidity and skipped to his room without giving that moment a second thought.

On the other side of the wall, Uchiha Sasuke was also staring blankly ahead. Something unfamiliar was bubbling inside of him that felt strangely like hope.

There was no mistaking those signs of arousal, however brief and unexpected.

He scratched his cat behind her ear and hummed. "Maybe it's not so hopeless after all, Yugi-chan."

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