Ok, so here's the next chapter.


We were getting a brand new form tutor called Mr Hetherington that day. As usual I was five or six minutes late because it was a long walk from Elm tree. Mike did offer to take me to school in the minibus but I said that I'd rather walk than be seen with a bunch of primary school kids in a four wheeled dung heap. Liam, however, got chaperoned in his big brother's shiny Ford focus a week after he moved in with him and even he got laughed at by a bunch of year eleven kids. And as his arch enemy, it was my duty to tease at him too. He looked like he knew this was gonna happen because that day I heard him mutter "I knew this was gonna happen." And from that day forward he was seen walking to school.


I ran through the corridor, E15, my form classroom. I stopped to catch my breath. Man I was getting unfit. I knew I was five or six minutes late but Miss Graham would only give me a stern telling off, nothing more. I opened the door to reveal an old fashioned teacher, the type you would only see in cartoons, telling Elektra off. He didn't even notice I was there."You're late and you've got an innapropriate hair style. Not a very good first impression to make on you're new form tutor? Is it?" Crap, I forgot that I'd got a new tutor. "I'm giving you a double detention for tommorow, young lady.", The teacher continued. He then turned to me, finally realising that I was in the room. "Right, I suppose I'll have to give you a detention for being late." He look down at me. "Is that a mobile phone in your pocket?" I blinked. My old teacher Miss Graham allways allowed us to have our phones out at form time and she didn't care about Elektra's blue streaks. In fact, she said that it looke rather original. Not that Elektra never got told off becuase of her hair before, but she never got a detention for it. "Sir, I get home quite late, I need it incase -", I said but the teacher cut me off.

"Well why didn't you hand it in to reception then? You could have had it back at the end of the day!" , he said. Elektra was holding a sheet of paper that had SPELL DIS BAKWUDS: KCIRP. THATS HIM! written over it in big letters. I sniggered. "What's so funny?" The teacher asked me. Elektra immediately folded up the piece of paper and put it in her blazer pocket. "Nothing sir, I was just coughing." I said. I recieved a double detention that day for being late and not handing my phone to reception.

ok, the next chapter is set in detention the next day.