Letters From A Special Edition: A Valentine From A

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Sara Shepard.

Time: None

Date: February 6, 2012

Ah, isn't air lovely today? There is such a loving atmosphere around today. Everyone is telling each other how much they truly love their lover? The candy stores are sold completely out of those little, chocolate hearts and things like that. The flowers stores have no more sweet smelling flowers in stock. All of the cute large and small stuffed animals are gone. Little cards asking people to be their valentine are popping up everywhere.

Ah, isn't it wonderful?
What have my pretty little liars got on this day of love? Hum, anything you want to share? Or are you lovely ladies all alone on a Valentine's Day? Oh, please tell me that you are?

Girls, girls, girls. Only on the ugly ones are alone on this holiday. You girls are such beautiful young ladies. Why are you alone? Well, I can tell you why. Although you may be pretty and think you have it all, you do not. In fact, you are ugly. People know better. They see through your little tricks and your little games. Wonder who is responsible for that? Raises hand. Oh, me. Yeah, thanks, to me people know not to trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret. To use slang, you girls got baggage. See, I am down with the cool kids.

Oh, wait, I am the cool kid.

Sweethearts, listen here and listen close. NO ONE loves you this Valentine's Day. So, you might as well go home and eat a big carton of your favourite type of ice cream. You will not be receiving any of those wonderful and delightful gifts as I described above. No, the only Valentine's Day present you receive will be from me.

So...Here it goes.

Emily, will you be my sweetheart?

Hanna, will you be my valentine?

Aria, will you be mine?

Spencer, will you love me?

See, I can be nice. Wasn't it nice of me to send you this on the day of love? Of course, I do not really mean those things, but it did get your attention.

Ah, I can see you looking around wondering how your secret admirer really is. Guess what? You will never know. That is why it is a secret.

So, go on and open those boxes of chocolates I sent you. Go on...See, how the heats are broken. Those are the hearts and lives that you girls have ruined. Laughs...

I will see you around my pretty little liars. I am not still not gone.

A Valentine from your favouritest person,