Pairings: Billy/Oc

Summary: It's always good to have a prickly thing.

Author's Words: Short but sweet.


"Happy Valantine's Day, Billy."

He rose a brow at the object in her hands, then at her smile. He came closer to her before coiling an arm around her waist, lips finding her temple. He was careful not to prick himself on the miniature potted cacuts.

Honestly, it was the last thing on his mind for an outcome. She waited until he woke up and then bounded out of bed to run into the kitchen, then she jumped back into bed with the plant carefully cradled in her hands. Her dark eyes were sparkling with anticipation, his reaction.

It's pot was black and he could see she painted words there, 'Little Billy', it read.


"Where'd you even get this?"

Neferet grinned a bit, "A friend," She turned in his arms and leaned away so she could hold the cactus in front of her, "It's hard to shop for you, but when I saw it- I thought, 'Hm, that could work'. And here we are."

Billy didn't smile but he didn't frown, Neferet wasn't sure how to take his expressionless gaze. His eyes drilling deep into her face, finally, Neferet looked away.

"Y-You don't have to put it in your office or anything, I just thought...ah, we can keep it here. Or on the nightstand-but one of us may be pricked..." She rambled aimlessly, just wanting him to say something.

Her mouth finally stilled when lips were tenderly pressed agaisnt her own. Happily (but gently) sitting the cactus down onto the nightstand, Neferet pressed back egarly.

She pulled away after a second and asked him, "So, you like it?"

"It's good. Thanks Cupcake." He broke out into a smirk before kissing her once more.

It's always good to have a little prick around, he supposed.

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