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A/N: This is set during the first movie, though before they completely rebuilt their house. Please enjoy, and no flames please! Reviews are greatly appreciated however :T

"Meega na seepa, Gantu?"

"No, I don't see the Big Dummy. How about that werewolf?"


Lilo sighed, lowering her arm and interlocked the fingers of her small hands again, so that they both rested atop her stomach. The small Hawaiian girl had been banned from helping with the reconstruction of her previously destroyed home, primarily by Nani, until the base had been set down, and every plank of wood nailed in place. Stitch had been sent to keep her preoccupied, despite the immense help he would've provided. Even now, she could hear the group just a few dozen feet away as she and the blue experiment laid on a patch of grass that had somehow made it through undisturbed amidst the explosion, the pair facing opposite ends, trying to form images out of the fluffy clouds passing by overhead, standing out starkly white from the cobalt blue sky.

She sighed softly, craning her head around to lock eyes with Experiment 626's own ebony orbs. "What wrong?" he questioned worriedly.

"Nothing," Lilo quickly assured, her gaze flittering past her best friend and onto the forms of her 'ohana currently rebuilding her—their—new home. "I just wish I could help a little more."

"Lilo helped!" Stitch was quick to remind, unfolding his clawed hands (having been folded just like Lilo's) and began gesticulating enthusiastically. "Stitch stay because of Lilo— because of 'ohana!"

The Hawaiian felt her usual smile return. "Yeah…I guess you're right." She couldn't help but add mischievously, "Not to mention we get to have some fun when they get the paint buckets out!"

The alien let out a laugh that was bordering on maniacal, but Lilo joined in his mirth. Once the two had calmed down, they returned to their previous activity. Chocolate brown eyes scanning the sky, the girl brightened, and pointed heavenward once more.

"Hey, doesn't that look like a giant caterpillar swallowing a guy?"