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Fourteen months after Trunks's return from planet Namek, the Z-fighters were gathering in an abode at the highlands of now lively—and full of life—Mount Paozu. The Sons were celebrating the newest addition to their family: a two-month-old baby boy. It was a relief that they hadn't aged one bit in the Other World, so Chichi hadn't experienced any trouble during the labour. The wish came with a somewhat strange side effect, though: Trunks and Gohan were about the same age and Bulma was middle-aged now, while the others remained as youthful as they had been the day they died many years ago.

'At least everything else's back to normal, thanks to this awesome Porunga guy who didn't have strict restrictions on bringing people back. No time limit, no death count limit… and to top that, he thought only old age counts as a natural cause of death. And he also had some sense of humour… gotta love that Dragon,' thought Trunks. True, after Frieza, Elder Moori beefed up their Dragon to better cater for their needs in case something as terrible happened in the future. 'I guess that's why the Nameks guard their Dragon Balls with such great care and will use them in serious cases only. It's understandable that they'd rather lose their lives than let the balls fall into the wrong hands.'

Trunks's train of thought was broken by a squeal. It was Bulma; she had always been a sucker for babies. "Aww, so cute! What's his name?"

Goku gave that characteristic grin of his while scratching the back of his head, then said in a rather embarrassed tone, "Uh, well… we haven't given him one." The others gave him a strange look—two months and still no name? Did he want his son to be called Son Nothing?—which he swiftly countered, "But there's a reason for that! Chi, if you please."

Seeing her cue, Chichi stood up, the baby in her arms, and walked to the centre of the room so everyone could see her. When she was sure she had had everyone's attention, she took a seat and began. "Trunks, thank you for bringing us back to life, and the joys of life to us," she said looking to the youth who had fought so bravely for everyone, "For that, we've decided to give you the privilege to name this child."

The group gave a collective "ooh" in understanding. Trunks was surprised, but then smiled as though he had seen this coming. "As much as I'm honoured to receive the offer, Chichi, I'd like him to follow your family's naming custom," said Trunks respectfully. Goku and Chichi looked at each other before nodding to lilac-haired boy before them. "He will have the same surname, Son, and will get to keep the Go- part…"

Those present, even Piccolo, smiled in anticipation of what the boy was going to be christened as, except for Vegeta, who was… well, being himself. Trunks looked at Bulma, who gave him a knowing smile, then nodded and focused his attention once more to the boy who was watching the scene cluelessly from Chichi's arms, his obsidian eyes wide open. "I know that in another time and space, this boy has grown into a very fine, pure-hearted young boy. He's a true warrior who's had his share of saving the world, and at a tender age of seven, that's saying something. He witnessed a lot of terrible occurrences happen to his loved ones, and even experienced some of those things himself. No child deserves such a terrible life, but his unhindered determination took him a long way and, together with his friends, he finally succeeded in his struggle for peace." His words left the others in utter bewilderment since they had no knowledge whatsoever about time travel or the time machine, but they respected Trunks's heartfelt speech and made no attempt for an explanation; only the smiling Bulma knew what he was talking about and, recalling the time when said boy had been on the brink of death, she was very close to tears.

Trunks continued, "He's a very adorable kid, and is really an angel to those close to him. And I'm sure this boy will grow up to be like him," he stopped for a while. Everybody was waiting for Trunks to continue although they had no idea where his speech originated from. "A gift from heaven. Son Goten."

The child giggled at the words 'Son Goten', then attempted to reach for Trunks. Goku and Gohan watched in amazement, and Chichi gave Trunks a sincere smile. "That's a beautiful name, Trunks, and it looks like he loves it too. Thank you," she said while handing the baby to the youth, "Here, I think Goten wants you to hold him."

Goten became very excited as Trunks took him. "What's up, Goten? You like it?" he asked playfully as again and again he lifted the little baby, who responded by laughing in exhilaration, above his head. Everyone cooed seeing the adorable sight. From the corner of his eyes, Trunks saw Goku, Chichi, and Gohan embracing each other. He smiled and, feeling overwhelmed, let a drop of tear slip out of his eye.

"You're a blessing, you know that?" he said softly to Goten who again assumed that clueless look, "A blessing that never was. But now, you are." He smiled, lifted him high in the air to make him laugh again, and he did. He handed Goten back to Chichi and flashed a victory sign to him; surprisingly, the little baby stretched out his hands in an attempt to emulate the hand gesture Trunks displayed. Everyone chuckled at the sight. Trunks lightly poked Goten's forehead as he spoke very silently to him.

"Welcome back, Goten."

Post-note: In Japanese, the "-ten" in Goten's name, if written in kanji, can be translated as "heaven" or "sky". This hopefully sheds some light on Trunks relating Goten to a gift from heaven.

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