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Chapter 1:

"So… Kate Denali," my brother said, whistling through his teeth. "I still don't know how you pulled that shit off."

I splashed on some aftershave and smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I knew exactly how I pulled it off. I was pretty.

"She couldn't resist me, bro, you know how it is. She was playing hard to get."

He laughed. "Really? For how many years? I think you just wore her down, or Mom paid her to give you a pity date."

Honestly, I didn't really care what her reasons were. The fact was that I finally had a date with Kate Denali and I wasn't going to listen to my stupid brother.

I'd had a thing for Kate for as long as I could remember. She was perfect; beautiful, smart, funny, and sexy as hell. She had a great body, long luscious blonde hair and the fact that she pretty much ignored me for most of my life just made me want her more.

We reconnected at my parent's holiday party. I'd brought a date, but she was long forgotten once Kate started flirting with me. I couldn't believe my luck. She dragged me underneath the mistletoe, and I knew I had her in my trap.

I made a big deal about spending Valentines' Day together. I knew girls loved that stuff, all the romance and flowers and shit, so I wanted to make sure I had her just where I wanted her. She wouldn't know what hit her, but once she figured it out, she'd be mine.

I was taking her out to dinner in one of the nicer restaurants in the area—which wasn't saying much. I would have much rather taken her somewhere in the city where I could really impress her, but she had obligations closer to home, so I had to improvise. Thankfully, my parent's had the perfect solution.

Their cabin.

I put the finishing touches to my ensemble, and grabbed my keys from the countertop. "Have a good night by yourself, loser," I called to Emmett over my shoulder.

"Be sure you wrap it up, sport. Dad will kick your ass if your ass if you knock up his partner's daughter."

I laughed, and then patted my jacket pocket—just to be sure.

My dad would kick my ass—I'd kick my ass. I may have wanted to fuck her, but I didn't want to marry her, and there was no doubt that my father would make me do just that if I was stupid enough to get her pregnant.

I sped away from the house, eager to get to the cabin and get it set up before I went to pick up Kate. It was only about a half an hour away from her house, and completely secluded. We'd be alone without any disruptions for twenty-four solid hours.

The things I was going to do to that girl in the span of a few hours…

I couldn't wait to peel away the sexy, over-priced dress that she'd most likely be wearing, and hopefully discover a naughty pair of lace panties and matching bra. She was that kind of chic—expensive lingerie and pretty packages.

I turned up the radio and floored it when I reached the highway. I couldn't wait another minute to get to the cabin. The closer I got… the closer to getting my hands on Kate.

But, then, I heard it. The clack, clack, clack sounds coming from my car. I let up on the gas and slowed down, realizing that I had a flat tire. I pulled over to the shoulder of the road and got out to take a look.

Sure enough, I'd run over something and my tire was trashed. Slashed. Whatever. The damn thing was fucking flat and I was going to be late.

I pulled out my phone and growled when I saw that I had zero service. None. Zilch. What did I expect? I was in the middle of Butt Fuck Forest. I kicked at the car; like it was going to do a damn bit of difference, and leaned my head against the door jamb.

"This is not happening right now," I said to myself, kicking the car once more for good measure.

I slammed the door shut and decided to walk until I found a gas station, or something, somewhere I could use a phone to call a tow truck to fix the flat, and to let Kate know I was on my way. She wasn't the type of chick to handle being stood up, and she made it clear more than once that she had back-up dates lined up if I didn't deliver.

Fuck my life.


I pulled my legs into a jog. I wasn't giving up a shot at Kate just because of a stinking flat tire. Edward Cullen didn't go down like that.

I'd gone about a mile or ten—it felt more like fifty—when I saw a big red building and an even bigger, brighter red sign.

Quickie Mart

I'd never been so happy to see a crappy convenience store in all my life. I quickened my jog into a full-blown run and rushed the place.

"Phone," I said quickly, out of breath and desperate.

I leaned down and held my hands against my knees as I tried to catch my breath and when I looked up, I found the place empty. Quiet. Weird. It was completely vacant, and I didn't see a phone in sight.

"What the fuck?" I cried, throwing my hands into my hair and pulling at the roots.

This was not… not happening to me.

I could hear music, so I followed the sound into the back of the store, to a half opened door. I pushed it open and nearly choked at what I found dancing around in the small stockroom.

She was ass and hips and long silky brown hair… and ass. An ass like I'd never seen in my life—full, soft, round, and the way she moved…

Holy shit.

"Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks
Lick on these nuts and suck the dick
Get the fuck out after you're done
And I hope in my ride to make a quick run..."

And then I saw it… the tiny strip of fabric that protested against the exposed skin above her waistline. There wasn't a man alive that wasn't turned on by the sight of a g-string, and just knowing that it was strapped to that ass… I felt like I was going to pass out.

I was seconds… milliseconds away from grabbing my junk when she turned around, her face flushed, eyes wide, and her tits… bobbing all over the place in the barely there tank top.

"What the hell?" she yelped, jumping back and slamming her hand on the radio, silencing it instantly. "What are you doing in here?"

I gulped, knowing that I had no freaking idea how to answer that question. In the back of my head I knew I had a reason for being there, but at that moment all I could think about were her boobies.

"I'm flat…" I blurted out.

Her eyes flittered down to my crotch and then back to my eyes. Her hands went on her hips and she cocked an eyebrow. "Not anymore. Enjoy the show, fancy pants?"

I nodded because I was an idiot. My brain was dysfunctional as all the blood had travelled down to my Johnson. "My car. I have a flat. I need a phone."

I spoke slowly, probably sounding like a complete freak, but I was mesmerized by the little tease of red sticking out from the top of her tank top, and the shiny orbs underneath. I'd never seen anything like it in my life, at least, not in person. She was almost too much woman to look at.

She was all over the fucking place.

It was hot… suddenly, I was on fire.

She sauntered over to me and I was lost. I felt like one of those bobble heads, my eyes were everywhere at once. When she moved, she moved. It was sensual and exotic and so freaking distracting.

She strolled past me, letting her arm brush against me as she did. I groaned at the contact, a brief, yet intense wave of lust rushed through me as our skin touched.

I followed behind her, completely under the spell of her hips as they swayed back and forth as she walked. The jeans she had on were so tight that I was surprised she could even breathe. I wasn't complaining—the view was fantastic, but they definitely defied the laws of physics.

The white tank top she had on was practically transparent, and I memorized every inch of her bare shoulders and the red bra she wore underneath. She had some ink on her shoulder, a rose, I think, and some kind of writing running up the side of her arm.

I wanted to read it.

I really wanted to lick it.

She hopped on the counter and pulled herself over the top, landing on her feet and flashing me a devious smile.

"So, Slick, where's your car?"

She leaned on the counter on her elbows, giving me a fantastic view of her bulging chest and winked. Winked. The girl was killing me. As many girls as I'd met in my life, I'd never met anyone like her.

She made me nervous as hell.

"Down the road, I don't know… there weren't any signs."

She rolled her eyes, like I was an idiot, and shook her head. "Don't you have some navigation or somethin' in your fancy car? What are you doin' all the way out here, anyway? You look a little out of place, fancy pants."

That was not a lie. I was fucking lost. I felt like I'd landed on another planet, where sexy, scantily clad girls danced around in shitty Mini-Marts to Gangster rap and sang about sucking dick. In my world, I had to wine and dine girls to get the action, and suck and dick never came into the conversation. It may have happened… okay, it did happen, but I don't think one of them would have admitted to it.

I just shrugged. I had no answer for her. It wasn't like the GPS would do me any good when I couldn't drive the car. She was looking at me strangely, and it was unnerving. I just wanted a phone, a tow truck, and my non-scary date. I wanted to get the hell out of there, immediately.

"We have a pay-phone out back, but them damn kids stuff it full of gum, so you can't use it. You're gonna have to wait 'til Jake shows up. He'll get you a tow."

I felt my jaw slack and I shook my head slowly. "You don't… I don't… I can't… Fuck!"

I pinched the bridge of my nose and breathed heavily. "You don't understand. I have somewhere to be… someone…"

For some reason, I didn't want to tell her I had a date. It was stupid, but I just couldn't.

"Oooh, somebody has a hot date," she said, giggling. She was smacking on a piece of gum and it was starting to drive me insane, until I heard that laugh.

I looked at her again, really, really looked at her. I hadn't even bothered to see her—I was rendered stupid by the ass on her, and her boobs weren't helping—laying there on the counter like a filet mignon.

She had the brightest, brownest eyes I had ever seen—deep and dark, but light and alive. Her lashes were impossibly long, curling around her lids like a shield. Her skin was smooth, creamy and fair with adorable freckles scattered on her nose and cheeks. Her lips were full and pink, and she had a set of endearing dimples stamped into her cheeks when she smiled.

I really liked it when she smiled.

"Well, I did have a date, but I'm pretty sure I've fucked it up."

I was pissed—so many years I'd worked on Kate Denali, and a freaking flat tire ruined it. I didn't even want to think about what she'd do when she saw me again. No one screwed over Kate Denali. She got what she wanted—always.

"Well, I could give you a ride, you know, if you want. I get off in about ten minutes, and I could drop you off."

My brow furrowed. I looked back at her, and watched as she picked at her nails and swayed back and forth on her long, slender legs. Her tank top was flashing—like a huge billboard—two candy hearts, one on each boob, with the words, Eat Me.

"Don't you have a hot date? I mean, it's Valentines' Day. You don't even know me. I don't want to ruin your night."

Even though I was desperate to get to Kate, to get a piece of ass that I'd lusted for since I was old enough to get a boner, I wasn't about to screw over someone else to get it. I'd sweet talk her somehow, and she'd give me another chance.

"No I don't have a date, okay! Just… do you want a damn ride or not? You can wait around for Jake for all I care!"

I stared at her in shock, surprised by her sudden hostility. I wanted the sexy flirty girl back; the crazy screaming girl was a little awkward.

"Whoa, I just asked. Sorry. I just didn't want you to waste your night. I'll figure it out."

She huffed and leaned her hip against the counter. "Don't mean I couldn't get a date, just so you know."

She kicked at a drawer under the counter and I watched as it slid open. It was full—I mean, full of brightly colored chocolate hearts. There must have been a hundred of them.

"Those are all for me. I've been gettin' them for a week. I don't even like chocolate, makes me all backed up, if you know what I mean. Stupid boys don't know jack shit about what a woman wants."

She kicked it shut, disgusted and leaned back against the counter.

She looked sad—disappointed. I didn't like it.

"Well, I'm sure they meant well," I said, shrugging my shoulders. I thought back to the two dozen pink and white roses I had in my car, and the five-hundred dollar bottle of champagne. I began to wonder if I had a clue about what I was doing. The girl was throwing me for a loop.

"Oh, don't get me wrong! I love all my boys, they know it. They just ain't Valentines' material. I believe in real romance, not some cardboard box. It's the thought that counts and all that jazz, I just ain't interested."

It made sense, and suddenly the spicy little wild girl from the back room morphed into a girl—just a girl, a pretty girl that wanted a boy to fall in love with.

It made me think about Kate. She would have been bragging to everyone about all the Valentines' she received, comparing and calculating her take. It was like every minute I spent with this girl, the less desirable Kate became.

But, I still had a date, and I wasn't about to spend Valentines' day alone. The chick was nice and all, but she was a hick, just some crazy girl with a fat ass and a body for sin. I'd fuck her, no doubt, but I wasn't sure I would let a shot at Kate go for it.

"Well, if you're sure, I guess I'll take a lift."

She smiled and nodded. "Jake should be here in a few, he's droppin' off Leah, and she's my replacement. We can use his radio to get you a tow, or he can fix your tire. If he doesn't have one that fits, I'll just take you where you need to go, and he'll hook you up later. He's good like that."

She had a warm smile on her face and I decided that I didn't like Jake. Something about that guy made her smile and for some reason, it made me frown.

I picked around at the items on the counter, and pulled a red, velvet rose from a tall cardboard vase. It was the last one, and I chuckled to myself, thinking about all the poor women that would likely receive one as a Valentines' gift. They were so tacky—the epitome of white trash, cheap bastard garbage.

"Seriously, these sell?" I asked, rolling it around in my hand.

She snagged it out of my hand, a hurt expression covering her face. "Of course they do, stupid! They're gorgeous. I always wanted one. It's the last one, so leave it alone. This one's mine."

I held my hands up in surrender. "Got it, shit. Why don't you put it away so you don't bite the heads off poor fuckers that don't know any better?"

She slipped it back in the cup and rolled her eyes. "You don't get it because you're just a stupid boy. I'm not explaining it to you, Jackass."

She was a moody one, and I wondered if they had contaminated water in the backwoods, redneck town. There was something off about her… she was unrealistically beautiful, almost too perfect, and yet, she was as flawed and fucked up as I'd ever seen someone be.

An enigma.

"What's your name, anyway? I can't be cartin' you around and not knowing if you're like, a creepy serial killer or something. Those guys always have pretty faces, you know, like they use their charms and smarmy smiles as bait."

I laughed. She was ridiculous—gorgeous and so fucking deliciously ridiculous.

"Edward. Edward Cullen."

She barked out a laugh and shook her head. "Of course it is. Edward."

I scoffed. She was making fun of my name… what the hell!

"And your name… you know strange things happen in these sleepy little Deliverance towns where there aren't any functional phones or cell phone reception. You could be some crazy bitch that lures attractive men back to their torture cottages and cuts them up into little pieces."

She gave me a sexy smile—the kind of smile that made me want to turn her around and bend her over that damn counter and rub myself all over her and her little red g-string. "You're kinda full of yourself, aren't you, Edward? I didn't say nuthin' about you being attractive. I said you looked like a serial killer. I think anybody that wears a suit outside of a funeral or a wedding is a weirdo."

I looked down at what I was wearing and I thought I looked pretty damn good. I knew I looked good. The suit was a gift from my parents for graduation, it was a fucking Armani. I looked sick.

"And what about you? Who wears a shirt that says Eat Me?"

She looked down at her top, and then poked—POKED, at the pink hearts that covered her tits. "It's Valentines' Day. I thought it was cute. They're candies, you know, like Sweet-Tarts. They're my favorites, the kind with the lil' sayings. I pick out the ones I like the best."

I blinked rapidly, trying to expel the vision of her fingers on her boobs and shook my head. "You're something else…" I trailed off, a little irritated that I still didn't know her name.

"I ain't telling you my name. You don't get to know me, fancy pants. You're on your way outta here and you'll forget all about me. If I tell you my name, you'll never forget me and it'll ruin your life."

But she was wrong. No matter what, I'd never forget her.



There will be more to come…

LOve you all with all of my heart :)