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"You think we can get somethin' to eat on the way, sugar? My belly is just havin' a hell of a time dealin'."

I looked over and frowned at the discomfort on her face. She rubbed at her tummy in light circles, and looked like she was ready to hurl. "Are you all right? You don't look so good."

She shook her head. "I don't feel good, baby. Pull over."

I did, thankfully we were pretty close to the next exit. I pulled into a gas station and jumped out to help her. "Are you going to throw up?

She shook her head. "No, I just feel… woozy or bumbly. I don't know. I feel real weird."

I didn't like the sound of that at all. "We're going to the hospital. I'm not taking any chances."

Plus… that'd get me out of a weekend at her mother's.

"Oh, now… don't go doing that! I just think it's the bumpity bump of the ride. Maybe we can take a break and grab some grub to snack on."

I sighed. "Fine. We'll take a break and eat, but if you still feel bad, we're going to the ER. If anything is wrong…"

She crooked her finger at me, so I kneeled down so we were at the same height. "You know how damn perfect you are? I just love you so much I could burst. Kiss me some…"

I kissed her, pecking her a few times on the lips before getting back in the truck. "What do you feel like eating?"

I'd gotten pretty good at asking before doing with the pregnancy. Her food mood changed so fast that there was no way I could ever keep up. Her other mood swings had improved, though. Mornings were rough, and after dinner she was sappy and tired. Right before bed she was snappy until she got comfortable. I learned fast—I had to in order to keep my balls.

"Maybe just some French fries would be good."

I went through a drive-thru and French fries turned into a double bacon cheeseburger, curly fries and a large half chocolate, half strawberry shake.

She was happy, and that was all that mattered. She ate voraciously as we drove and my stomach got tighter and tighter the closer we got.

By the time we got to La Push, Bella was asleep. She looked so adorable with her head thrown back and her mouth wide open. She was incredibly, imperfectly beautiful. A fucking mess to be honest, but it only made her more enticing.

She couldn't button her little jean shorts anymore, so she had the waistband flipped over and pulled under her belly. Her top had folded up and over her ever growing bulge and she just looked like a little butterball.

I shook my head and chuckled. She was comfortable with herself no matter what. I loved that about her. No matter what she wore, or where she was, she was just Bella. Funny and crazy and gorgeous.

Pushing her hair out of her face, I leaned in and kissed the flush of her cheek. "Pretty girl… wake up. We're here."

She groaned and then stretched like a grumpy cat. It pushed her tits up in her barely there top. They were freaking fantastic. I never would've thought they could have gotten any more glorious, but Jesus… I just wanted them in my mouth all the time. I craved her like air and I was constantly suffocating.

"We here?"

"Yeah. Come on. You should go lay down."

She groaned again. "My mama ain't gonna let me rest. She'll be too excited."

I grabbed her hand and brought it up to my lips, kissing it twice. "You let me deal with Nay-Nay. You need some rest."

The slap of the door stole my attention and I looked up to see Nay-Nay waving at us from the porch.

I laughed. "Your mom is a trip."

It was nearly four in the afternoon and the woman was still in her robe and curlers—all nine-thousand of them. It looked like she had tiny piglets nesting in her hair.

"There y'all are! I was fixin' to call ya."

I got out and walked over to help Bella out of the car. "We made a pit stop. Bella's not feeling well."

She came flying down the rickety steps , flailing her arms around like a chicken. "Well, 'course she ain't. My poor darlin' girl! All those babies in there just givin her hell!"

I helped Bella climb out and kissed her on the top of the head. "You okay to walk, or you want me to carry you, princess?"

She snorted. "Hardy har har, fancy pants. I don't need you throwin yer back out. I'm just fine. Ain't a cripple, just heavy."

Nay-Nay sniffed. "Ain't you just the perfect man. Yer gonna make her a fine husband—not that I wondered none. Boy, I knew you would."

She pushed by me and embraced Bella, kissing all over her face. "Let mama get a good look atcha, baby. I missed you somethin' terrible!"

"Missed you, too, mama. Can you believe how big I'm gettin'?"

She swirled her hand over her belly and smiled. "You sure are. Healthy as a horse."

She looked over at me and gave me that trademark Nay-Nay smile—the one that bordered on inappropriate. "Look at you, handsome. I'd say becoming a daddy is suitin' you just fine."

I smirked. It did.

Aside of being exhausted and worried about Bella all the time, I was really happy.

"And boy, you're just gonna look like a million bucks in a suit standing up there with my baby all in white and hitchin… I can't believe my baby will be a bride in two days!"

"I can't wait. And I really can't wait for the babies to get here," I told her, hugging my soon-to-be-wife tight.

Nay-Nay threw her head back and laughed. "Oh boy… you just wait. You say that now, but them babies are gonna wear you out. Don't you worry—Nana's gonna be there to help you."

We went inside and I bit back the urge to laugh. She'd already decorated the new trailer within an inch of tacky. It was fine, though. It was here and I was just glad we'd gotten her a place of her own so she wouldn't have to rely on stupid men anymore.

"You go put your feet up, baby girl. I got supper almost done and you can get some food in your belly."

Bella gave her the sweetest smile. It kind of made my heart hurt that she missed her mom so much. It didn't mean I was willing to move or anything, but I did feel bad.

She sat down on the couch and grabbed the remote for the TV. Sitting down next to her, I pulled her feet into my lap and took off her flip-flops. She moaned and smiled as I rubbed the ball of her foot. Rosalie told me that pregnant chicks liked their feet rubbed, so I did that for her every day. I loved it too, taking care of her.

She turned on some dumb kid's show she loved, but I didn't mind. I was happy to just sit there and touch her for a little while. That was until the heel of her foot brushed against my cock. Once, then twice and when I looked over at her, the look on her face told me she was ready to go.

"Baby," I warned. "Your mom's right there." I motioned toward the kitchen and she smirked.

"We got our own room… let's go."

I chuckled and moved her feet out of my lap. I didn't get up, though because I was already hard as fuck. She climbed up on her knees and pushed me back. "I'll just hump you right here on this couch, then. Damn, yer so pretty. I can't help myself."

I looked up at her and into her wide excited eyes and decided—fuck it. I sat up, wrapped my arms around her and carried her into the back room. I didn't bother saying anything to Nay-Nay. I knew she was smart enough to figure it out.

I laid her down on the gaudy bedspread and shut and locked the door. She giggled when I flopped down on the bed next to her.

"You have to be quiet, okay? I'll feel weird if your mom hears us."

She giggled again. "You're so cute, Fancy. You ain't gotta be shy. My mama knows we have intercourse—obviously," she said, motioning at her belly. "Duh."

Knowing and hearing were two very different things.

She started going bananas—climbing on top of me and grabbing at me, so I took both of her hands and pinned them to her sides.

"Calm the fuck down. Let me make love to you, pretty girl."

Her face softened and she got that sappy look on her face. "It just makes me melt inside when ya talk like that."

Her idea of pillow talk never ceased to amaze me. If I'd talked that way to some girls, they'd have climbed off and left. Not my Bella.

I kissed her hard and strong, loved her lips and rubbed myself against where she ached. "Why can't I ever get enough of you?"

She arched her back and I moved my lips to her breasts where the soft creamy skin just called for me.

"Hurry up, Fancy. I'm just squirmin' out of my skin."

I was a little disappointed, actually. I was really in the mood to just kiss each and every inch of her body. There was time, though. We were going to be alone for two whole weeks. No parent's, no friends, no school. Nothing. Just the two of us on our honeymoon, and I planned on taking advantage of every minute of it.

Was I a little disappointed that we weren't able to go on a luxurious trip somewhere tropical or romantic? Hell yes. But, under the circumstances, it was just out of the question. I didn't feel good about traveling with her in her condition. I did promise her that once the babies were born and were old enough to travel, that I was taking her somewhere special. Rose and Emmett agreed to go with us to take care of the kids, so we could enjoy our time together without the constant distraction of three little babies. I figured by the time they were old enough to travel, she'd be good and ready for a vacation.

I did what my girl wanted. I wasted no time taking her clothes off, removing mine next and entering her, falling into heaven once again. Her legs wrapped around my back and she rocked herself into me as I moved inside of her. I held myself up on my elbows and held her face in my hands. I had to look at her when we were together that way. She was just my angel, my everything. Just knowing she was about to be my wife, legally and forever was intense.

"You ready to marry me?" I asked her.

"Yes," she cried out. "I've been ready since the day you walked into my store."

Flashes of that night bounced around behind my eyes. The way her ass shook in that back room, the way her eyes looked so sad when she talked about not having a Valentine, and how much I wanted to kiss her before I started to walk away from her forever.

"Fuck, baby," I whimpered.

I sat up, pulling her into my lap and holding her against me. "I can't even think about what would have happened if my car hadn't been trashed. I would have never known this… all this love. All this happiness. I almost, almost missed it," I whispered.
I held her hips, setting the pace against my thrusts. I loved the way we moved in that position. So close that almost every single part of our bodies touched. Chest to chest, forehead to forehead, breath on breath.

"I'll love you forever, Bella Swan."

Her body quaked as she came, clinging to my shoulders and crying out into the otherwise quiet room. "You were always my forever."

I finished shortly after and fell back against the mattress, exhausted. "Woman… you wear me out."

She giggled and pulled the sheet over herself. "Well, I gotta do somethin' to make sure you stay home where you belong. Can't go breakin' your knees can I?"

I growled and went to tickle her, but stopped when she yelped. "No! You can't be ticklin' on me! I piddle!"

I burst out laughing because the shit that came out of her mouth sometimes was just too much. "What the hell does that mean?"

She blushed a little, and then scowled. "I gotta pee all the time, and sometimes I'm just not no better than a little pup. Peein' when I don't even know I gotta go."

I gave her a little pout. "I wasn't trying to make fun of you… honestly, I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "piddle" before."

She kicked at the sheet with her feet and huffed. "I'm damn near starvin'. You think mama has that dinner all done yet?"

I smiled and kissed her on the nose. "I'll go find out. You want to eat in here?"

She wrinkled her nose and shook her head. "Nah. I wanna talk to mama a little bit more. I have lots to do before your mama and daddy get in town tomorrow. Hey, you sure yer daddy knows how to hitch up that camper?"

I laughed. I could just imagine my dad toting that pink camper behind his Range Rover. I almost wished I could've been there to watch him try to figure it out.

"I think he'll figure it out. What I'm worried about is my mom… she's gonna end up with hives after sleeping in a camper over night."

She giggled. "She's little miss high and mighty ain't she. Boy… we'll break her into country in no time. Now, go keep my mama company while I get some clothes on so she ain't blowin' a gasket."

I did as she asked and went into he kitchen to check on Nay-Nay. She was sitting at the table, smiling and blowing into a cup of coffee. "Well, sounds like you two are having a good time in there."

She winked and I groaned. "I… yeah, um… sorry about that. Sometimes we just get carried away."

She waved her free hand at me and shook her head. "Young love is a good thing, sweetie. Ain't nothin' wrong with a little passion in a relationship. Y'all are gonna be just fine so long as you love each other like that forever."

I smiled and let out a deep breath. "The pregnancy…" I said awkwardly.

She laughed. "I was the same way, 'cept I didn't have a handsome man like my Bella. Her daddy left until after she was born, and then he left again. I never did know an evil man from a saint. He was darn good-lookin', though. Lended me them good genes to make such a pretty baby girl."

I looked toward the bedroom and smiled. "She sure is."

She looked lost in thought, and then sighed. "You just love them all. You love them and take care of them, that's all I ask. Bella… that girl was meant to make somethin' of herself. Let her be somethin' Edward Cullen."

I looked her straight in the eyes. "When I make those promises in a couple days, I will mean every one of them. I'll give her the world."

Nay-Nay smiled. "You already have, son. Now… let's talk about that bachelor party of yours."

My eyes bugged out and I stared at her. "My bachelor party… I don't… I mean, under the circumstances… I mean, we might just go have drinks at a bar, or I don't know… we hadn't really talked about it."

I hadn't thought about a bachelor party. Most of the people I'd invited were only coming to La Push the day of the wedding, so having a party was kind of a dumb idea.

"Oh, honey… you kill me. You'll have a bachelor party. Your new mama has taken care of everything. You just sit on down and I'll get y'all some dinner."

I had a very bad feeling about Nay-Nay taking care of anything. Especially anything that included alcohol.

Things were just about to get interesting with our wedding. I could just feel it.

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